2019 Blackview BV9700pro 6GB RAM 128GB ROM night vision Unboxing and Review China Wholesaler

Published on July 17, 2019
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Hi guys let’s leave out the new alive Oh 2019 collectible PV 9700 polo luck phone it is the flagship lakh phone of Platteville in 2019 and it is also the 2019 indestructible flagship luck phone he has the phone it is only one color the pellet color and to worsen standard package ovation and my recent camel operation I make videos only for my company P to be the business my company’s support small order and small business also we a set sample order for on one pieces global send then we have the best price we have almost 10 years of colobus Endon and international trading is Billings since 2010 we can deliver the lock phones to your forwarding address in Hong Kong Shenzhen Kanto or audacity in China it is a six point a four inch you not display the solution is two thousand two hundred eighty pixels by 1080 pixels he supports till now no simcha or one nano simcha and one micro SD car pool 128 gigabyte by microSD card it’s safe for you is MDK hero P 70 o m TK 6 7 7 1 ottawa 2.1 kick-ass and cystic a pile and 120 a kick a balloon they foam have fully cameras its selfie from camera is cysteine the McAfee soul and it’s Lily cameras assisity in the macabre soul and ADA makeup it’s all cyclical by layin 100 on the a kick a balloon it supports and it’s Bethel II built-in is four thousand three hundred eighty million per hour badly built in eighteen watt fast charger and the phone supports fast charger wireless charging NFC you can pay the you can pet Allinger the payment why the Google pay and it is a food net con it supports the Globo fdt LTE connectivity its approach being the one been to a bear Philippe m4 m5 and a7 been a okay another features of the platform is approached my recent Kamla and its approach air detection and hard laid detection really good quality NFC wireless charging okay let’s take a photo to see how correlated details okay let’s continue to check what in clue in the calaboose and the PB 9700 is support nervous and Kamala Autolite sent satisfy an AI detection heart late detection well it could quality they film supports heart laid and support fingerprint okay let’s continue to check one by one here’s the niacin camera let’s have a try the cameras working let’s have a try my recent camera okay let’s move it away you can see it night vision camera okay let’s continue to check what include in the calaboose the phone supports air detection and supports Hart late detection he has heart related to detection is here okay let’s continue to check what include in the color pause let’s have FFA 431 cleanse okay let’s continue to check okay let’s continue to check what in cool in the color post if you come one pitches screen Plata one pieces menu one pieces 18 watt fast charger one possessed type seed headphone one purchase type CD USB cable one purchase type C – longer hi Percy – just adapter that’s odd

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