Published on November 12, 2019
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Hey you guys welcome back to my channel so today I’m gonna doing after 30 days review of show me me 90 Pro and before we begin if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet please do subscribe [Music] I have made an unboxing video of show me me 90 Pro before there’s a link down there go check it out if you haven’t watched it I bought this phone from nazarova beans there you guys you can see on your screen the price has birthed an offender 2019 and I put some confession too on it you Rho USD Indian rupee Indonesian Rupiah the first thing I really like from this phone is it’s blazing fast 855 Snapdragon processor it is very fast even after many days with no reboot and it can handle no matter what you throw at it gaming video record and then video editing it stays of us after 30 days of usage I have never experienced any underperformance guys and up until I make this video guys this phone is still the cheapest phone with SD 85 five out there correct me in the comments section below guys if I’m wrong okay and these are the results that I ran in my immunity Pro you have no idea of us the eight five five snapdragon s next thing that I like is it has 3.5 mm headphone jack for me it is a really good thing here I’m gonna show you the jack see there you go as you can see [Music] okay next thing that I really like is it has a modulus Super AMOLED screen let me show you the screen there you can see it no knowledge only a thin bezel since I’m a big fan of not jealous phone so I really like this oh yeah and fingerprint scanner – it is really fast here let me show you see there you go boom boom boom well I know it is not the fastest finger print scanner out there but still I really like it and then we have a durable 4000 mAh battery seriously gasps it it is really durable I’ve tested play games like mobalage and babji roblox Chioda mobile it can literally last for five to six hours depends on your graphics setting and here you can view what apps use the power mode what drains your battery faster everything you can see in here [Music] [Music] and it has great 4k 60fps video wait for those on the video recording here I’m gonna give you an example of how the 4k 60fps looks like you go to video go to the setting and then there you go make sure it’s 40 40 60 of years now let’s try to record some video there you go as you can see it was really good quality but one thing that I realize it if you use this 4k 60fps mode your video recording for more than 5 minutes the device does get overheated [Music] now kid so that’s all the things that I like after 30 days of usage guys the process or Jack the screen scanner the battery and a video [Music] hey guys moving on to the things that I don’t like after 30 days of usage is the versus the ad skits I cannot show you the example of the ads that’s showing on my phone because I don’t want them to reappear again but I’m gonna tell you how you can disable all of them so basically they come within all the pre-installed apps or the system apps like the file manager movie and music here I’m going to show you in the file manager and then go to the settings there you can see the recommendation I already turn it off it used to be on now let’s try in the music app go to the settings and then go to dead fan settings and then see in the bottom there’s receive recommendations make sure to turn it off now do all those steps to another ABS until it’s really clean of ads guys that’s it moving on another thing that I don’t like from this mean and the pro is it has only a single loudspeaker okay let me show you guys there as you can see it’s only one single loudspeaker usually resolve the problem forming us but if you put the volume to the max it distorts [Music] and then we have a really long and time-consuming face unlock procedure case ok let’s try to activate the face and look first there you can see a with the password you don’t have any guys now you know my password then let’s try it now this if you use the fingerprint scanner that’s how fast it is and now the face unlock see you have to swipe up first make the pop up camera pops it got a scan your face straight one more time this is the fingerprint and this is the reason lock it’s taking too long but don’t get me wrong guys the face unlock itself is super fast but the procedure is kinda taking too long well I think it’s not only immunity progress I think it’s the general weakness of every phone with pop-up camera it is really slow procedure both face unlocking let’s thing that I don’t like from this phone is it is hard to find the cursor here in my place because it’s small city so I bought this the accessories online is another the tool and I have made an unboxing video about it check the link below go watch it if you haven’t watched it [Music] so that’s all the cons things that I don’t like from the meaning the pro guys after 30 days of review I mean after 30 days of usage yeah I’m gonna put the brush tool and the cons side by side so you can see [Music] and many of you asking me for ever experience goes touching in my phone up until now so far I have never experienced ghosts touching in my phone [Music] alright guys that’s my after 30 days review of Xiaomi me 90 Pro I hope this video can be useful for you guys and please do subscribe if you haven’t subscribed hit that like button if you like this video and leave a comment below thank you and thanks for watching.

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