Alcatel 3V Review: Not a lot of pros come with this one!

Published on December 27, 2019
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Hey what’s up guys Tech time here and I am back again with a brand new video so before I begin this video as always I want to thank you all so much for watching this video if you enjoy my content if you’re new make sure you’re subscribe and leave a thumbs up dried down below the subscribe button so yeah I really do greatly appreciate anybody who’s been watching me so we’re coming towards the end of the year and I’m trying to launch as many videos as I possibly can I want to start off even next year strong I want to make this channel go to higher places and I will be making a dedicated video towards the end of the year to round up the best budget phones of 2019 so thumbs up if you’re excited for that for sure and yeah follow me on my Instagram for more updates and if you want to see sample shots of different cameras from different phones definitely follow me there I will follow you back to why not if you have any questions to just go ahead and DM me there I respond within the hour probably less than that so without further adieu let’s go ahead and get started with today’s video and today’s video we’re going to be reviewing the Alcatel 3v now this is Elka tells budget phone so supposed to supposedly so it’s supposed to compare with the the LG style of five and the galaxy a 20 and one thing that I do have to say I’m disappointed I’m disappointed for few reasons so let’s go ahead and get started with the review and starting with the design so it’s made out of plastic all the way around that’s alright I mean they say that then at the end of the day this is supposed to be a budget phone so plastic is a good place to start when it comes to making a budget phone but I wish they would have just put like some sort of anything that would make it stand out like you know house this table 5 has this metal brackets around the a20 has the teardrop bezel this one’s just straight out plastic display here you go but I’m not I’m not I’m not hitting too hard on the design I get it they had to pull some shortcuts to make it a budget phone and on the bottom of the phone you do get your USB see kind of a symmetry for speakers but only one of them is actual speaker unit and on the back you have your 16 mega pick so camera as well as your five megapixel camera and your LED flash and I did do a separate camera review I’ll leave a link below you have your fingerprint sensor and on the right hand side you have your power button and your volume up and down and one complaint I do have about them will to complaints one they’re kind of mushy and not as tactile as I would like them to be to I kind of mistake the power button for the volume up and down a lot so I wish they would have just put in just anything any indicator then this is the power and this is the volume up and down okay so let’s talk about this display so this is obviously a huge display and this is kind of its main marketing scheme this and the fact that it has two cameras on the back but we’ll talk about them in a little bit so the display is a sub is a sub 720p panel it’s definitely bigger than the cool pad Legacy’s display it comes in at a whopping six point seven inches and it is still a sub 720p panel so I’m kind of disappointed with the resolution so yeah and on the front you also have your N megapixel camera no the bezels are shrinking down so plus for that they’re not bezel-less by any means though okay so I did do a couple of benchmarks so let’s start with that so let’s start all done okay so let’s start with Geekbench and here are the scores now obviously these are some really really really low scores 154 for single core and 818 for multi-core let’s see what this compares to so these are your top notch phones your high-end phones the s10 the note 10 +5 GEDs 10 the STA the s10 plus and all the crazy high end phones remember this is 150 for the lowest on the list which is the galaxy s 8 from few years back is 358 so definitely take the galaxy estates single core cut it in half that’s your single core performance on this phone as far as multi-core it’s 818 so it doesn’t even come close to anything else so the SI it has 14 39 for comparison and even the style of five and the 820 they crushed this phone when it comes to performance so when it comes to normal day-to-day tasks like the phone so it takes extra second to load up apps the contacts the messaging even the day-to-day apps I don’t know they’re kind of slow to load up gaming set it at low settings and just push your luck with it that’s really all I gotta say for that now when it comes to so we talked about the performance for a little bit but let me cover up on actual stats and paper and I have my antutu benchmark app let’s see so actually so as far as actual on paper specs so you have a 7 to 1440 by 720 so again sub 720p display the RAM you get 3 gigabytes of RAM available right now less than one so there’s that 32 gigabytes of storage let’s see so you do have 8 cores on here 12 nanometer architecture but they are so there are some really low budget processors and it is 160 PPI so resolution is not great in comparison the iPhone the iPhone 10 R which people make fun of its resolution has 326 so basically double what this point has with its massive six point seven inch display okay now I may it may sound like I’m hating on this phone but I don’t know when you’re putting when you’re putting it against these stylo five in the 820 you’re definitely not getting what you deserve one thing that this phone has infrared though is the better life the battery life on here is fantastic it’s a huge four thousand milliamp hour battery and unless all day easily it’s not heavy at all either so it’s it’s not the lightest phone but it’s definitely manageable it is a huge screen again so if you’re into that then this phone is for you so a better life it’s it’s definitely it’s number one Pro there’s the second one it has to be not the display but there was but the size of the phone so I’ll give them that and as far as everything else goes like I say its specs they’re not really the greatest so if you’re buying this phone strictly for its processor its Ram it’s not it’s not it for you there are better options out there check out more videos on my channel if you want to see what your options are so as far as the speaker quality let you guys listen to it and I’ll leave you with some final words [Music] hey what’s up guys dick time here and I’m back again with a brand new video so before I begin this video as always I want to thank you all so much for watching this one if you enjoy my content make sure you leave a thumbs up my video and follow me on my Instagram and will also be linked in the description last week I did do a ok so when it comes to speaker quality it’s just fine it’s not the greatest it distorts really really clearly at highest volume so you can definitely hear there as there are some quiet so there are some so there’s definitely a noticeable distortion when it comes to highest volume but this speaker does have a neat trick that I actually like about this phone and the fact that it usually uses the ears the earpiece as a secondary speaker okay you can call it you can call it the iPhone 10 R trick or the iPhone seven or eight or whatever so it uses the earpiece as a subwoofer and as there’s a single speaker on the bottom that works together and it sounds fine like I said just keep it don’t put it in at highest volumes because you will definitely hear some distortion so other than that I did do a camera test and it’s linked below to the first link in the description and basically the story with the camera if you guys don’t want to watch that video is that it’s it takes pictures that’s really all I can say for it it doesn’t take great pictures it takes definitely below okay pictures video quality is choppy it’s not really that good but there’s extensive I did an extensive review of the camera linked in the description so overall as a package I would not really recommend this phone and I was hoping that Alcatel would do better I was kind of fooled by this phone to be honest I thought it would be better than what I expected but I will definitely use it more and more and if I change my mind a month two months later I’ll do a follow-up video but I so as of right now there’s definitely better options out there so they can cut the price down which the price I believe it’s like 150 for it so if they can cut the price down because right now it’s competing with this table 5 in the 820 and those two are definitely much better option than this one so yeah the camera of the two biggest things that this one has going forward is the battery and the screen size design it’s you can call it basic but it’s it’s not bad I’m fine with the design you have a fingerprint sensor on the back so you can use that too and with all that being said what do you guys think do you think that this is worth the buy or not so leave your comments in the description leave your comments below make sure you like this video like I said subscribe to the channel and with that being said I will catch you guys in the next one thank you for watching this video.

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