Alcatel 3V VS Moto G7 Power (Speed Test )For Metro By T-mobile

Published on February 25, 2020
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Hello and welcome everyone to right stick and we back again for another speed test video today we’re gonna put in the test the Alcatel 3v for metro by t-mobile by the way both phones against the Moto G is seven just to see which phone’s gonna perform all the tasks faster than the other and by the way if you guys be interested to see a full comparison video between these two phones this video should be available soon on the second channel variety stick to so go ahead and subscribe you guys gonna find a link on the first comment in the video now without any further ado let’s find out [Music] first let me explain to you the main specifications for both phones are starting with Alcatel v3 the one on the left side it will comes with the mediatek processor of the model will be 67 65 with a 3 gigabyte of RAM and 32 gigabyte for internal storage where the Moto G a7 has 632 Snapdragon with 3 gigabyte of ram and 32 gigabyte internal storage now also let me explain to you how the speed test comparison is going to work in this video we’re gonna do five different stages in the age stage we’re gonna give the winner a point and these stages are booting tests we’re gonna put both phones just to see which one’s going to be faster and then we’re gonna check the fingerprint region in each one since both phones support fingerprint to unlock the device and then we’re going to visit some website using the Chrome browser and see which one I’m going to be able to be faster to load these websites and then we’re going to open games and apps at the same time just to see which one is going to perform faster to open these games and the final stage we’re going to check the RAM just to see which phone of these phones is going to be able to have more applications on the RAM of the phone so that will tells us which one has better RAM management than the other round number one we’re gonna do the booting test and by the way both forms are came with Android 9 for the operating system so let’s go ahead and do this I know that the motor g7 power was able to load the operating system way faster than the Alcatel 3v and of course we’re gonna give the first point in this match to the Moto G seven and the pocket of still loading the operating system and finally the Alcatel was able to done the test round number one the winner is Moto G seven one point to the g7 zero to the our kettle round number two we’re gonna see the fingerprint reader in each phone and which phone’s gonna be faster and both fingerprint located on the back of the phone so let’s go ahead and do it I just noticed that the motor was faster do that again the motto is absolutely faster here you go let’s do this and use the slo-mo as you guys can see no doubt the Moto fingerprint reader is faster than the Alcatel so round two is gonna go to the Moto G seven power to bring the result to zero one three as you guys can see we hope in a chrome off I clean all the history and we can start visit some websites and the first one I would we’ll be GSM Amina yeah no doubt the Moto G 7 was able to load the GSM Arena faster than the Alcatel so we’ll try another website and we’re gonna visit CNN and by the way if you ask me both on support 5g Wi-Fi or 5 gigahertz whatever you wanna name it let’s check CNN know that the motor g7 was also faster to load our CNN we will try another website let’s try phone arena now phone arena calm again the motor g7 power is faster than the Alcatel so now the motor g7 will gain another point to bring the result 3-0 round number four we’re gonna open apps and games at the same time just to see which one is gonna be faster and let’s go ahead start with the apps cpu-z faster on the Moto G 7 power YouTube application and I clean the history by the way we just only have the app we just opened and and was faster born Alcatel which is weird when I try Facebook app more to g7 allows a little bit faster Robles doors ding try one more time faster on more the g7 and my term to it is faster on demo to g7 way faster actually there you go try to open games starting with the asphalt No [Music] as for my already hoping on the Moto G 7 so moto G 7 blowfly is the winner so far to try and temper RAM several also was faster on the Moto G seven and then it will be shark simulator also shark simulator goes to the motto g7 power sonic boom as expected the want to g7 power we’re gonna try the last game Winston fighter faster to load the game on the motor g7 let’s start the game oh yeah this the moto is actually killing the are architour round and most of the previous rounds as well so now the result is 4 is 0 prong 5 and the final round now both forms came with 3 gigabytes of RAM and we’re gonna go to the recent app that we just opened we’re going to try to take randomly some games and apps that we just open just to see if any differences before their performance so if at formants let’s go ahead try Facebook both did pretty good actually and let me try an adult ab c– puz it looks like loaded on both phones let’s try or West gunfighter both get this invited so both right now it seems performance [Music] – or sonicboom looks like both get the game on the background so so far so good for both phones I’m gonna go ahead and check if asphalt 9 make a difference asphalt 9 so both loaded the game so both actually didn’t do a good job just go ahead and try something else seems to me both doing the same performance let me try temple run both also reload the game again so it seems to me here no difference in the rom performance for both phones and for because if it’s actually the same thing we’re gonna give each phone a point so that will be five to the Mott to g7 power and one to the ark until 3v to bring the results on and the final result 5:1 now as you saw the Moto G 7 power blow the Alcatel 3v away actually and got five points to one point so absolutely the Moto G seven is the winner in this video that video was only a BuzzFeed test I didn’t talk about other things but generally speaking the Moto G seven power is way much better phone than the Alcatel the only things or the main advantage to the Ocotillo over maybe the g7 power would be the size of screen as you guys can see if we put these phones together you see the side screen here is way much bigger and if you like a bigger screen maybe Alcatel the way you go but that was very much it for that video which you guys enjoy and find this video helpful also help you to decide which one you want to buy leave a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos here on variety stick thank you so much everyone for watching as always guys we’ll see you around in the next video.
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