Asus ROG Phone 3 Unboxing & Review: Spec Monster!

Published on July 24, 2020
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This video is brought to you by rain shadow legend while challengers may come and go 100g gaming phone is in a league of its own boasting of unmatched power speed and battery life now on its third iteration the asus rog phone 3 has built both a following and an ecosystem but do you really need a gaming phone and is it your gadget match this is our ROG phone 3 unboxing and review alright let’s start with the unboxing just like the previous two ROG phones the ROG phone 3 comes in this hexagonal box internally we lovingly refer to it as a large Toblerone box now I really want some chocolate for the uninitiated ro G stands for Republic of gamers it’s a similarly shaped box as its predecessors and as always this box is a challenge to figure out ah this time you slide it out let me set this part aside first cuz tucked away in here is the ROG phone 3 alright on one side of the main compartment is the arrow active cooler v3 and to get into the rest of the box you pull on this tab for those who dare some goodies a black bumper case and you’re not gonna get much protection from this folks a sim ejector tool shaped just like in ROG logo and some stickers digging deeper into the box there’s also a USB C 2 headphone jack adapter a USB C 2 C braided cable replacement port covers and a 30 watt hyper-charged adapter one of the biggest things that sets the ROG phone 3 apart from its competitors is its a rich ecosystem of accessories from snap-on covers to game pads so when aces set out to design their new ROG phone 3 they were intent on keeping it the same size and shape so it wouldn’t break Pat ability with the older accessories where Asus did make changes however is by paring down its design gone are the cutouts that mimic and rog computer instead its back is a single sheet of glass with a transparent window that shows off its aerodynamic cooling system the rog team tells me this is inspired by a supercar i’m assuming like the mclaren 720s and the lamborghini aventador which both have back sides that let you peek into their glorious engine okay I’ll be honest I know nothing about cars so I had to phone a friend Chris Davies who happens to know a lot about backsides the iridescent circuit accents are still there but are a bit more understated but it’s still very much recognizably in ROG phone with a similarly shaped camera module and a logo that glows up with RGB lighting the glass finish is a bit of a smudge magnet though I wish they went with the matte finish like last year’s ROG phone – Ultimate Edition buttons and ports are in the same places but you know what isn’t there yep the headphone jacks been removed as a consolation the bundled Aero active cooler still has a headphone jack on it more on that later when we talk about cooling now all of these changes are a welcome improvement when aces first launched the original ROG phone it was clear they wanted it to reflect the brand’s aesthetic which is loud and badass the ROG phone 3 retains some of that but is more mature and that remains consistent when you flip the phone around not much has changed here either but the copper accents are gone the dual front-facing speakers are still there and the phone still has a forehead and chin so you don’t cause any accidental taps when holding the phone this way [Music] so what makes the ROG phone 3 a gaming phone for me it’s five things maxed out performance power long-lasting battery life gaming centric hardware special gaming related software features and an ecosystem of gaming specific accessories while I’d love for you to watch this video from start to finish we’re also making it easier for you to jump to the content that you are most interested in so those five things that make the ROG phone at gaming phone are also outlined as chapters which you can jump to by clicking on the chapter markers below also while you’re at it consider subscribing to this YouTube channel it’s not a lot for you but it means a lot to us and it will help us get closer to our goal of 1 million subscribers on paper the ROG phone 3 is the most powerful smartphone in the market today it has the best and the fastest of everything including Qualcomm’s new snapdragon 865 + processor which delivers all the power one can expect from snapdragon 865 but with an added GPU boost among other improvements Asus has ensured the processor will deliver 3.1 gigahertz of raw power there’s up to 16 gigabytes of lpddr4 am and up to 512 gigabyte of u FS 3.1 storage both currently the fastest types of memory and storage there’s also a 6.6 inch OLED display was a 144 hurt to refresh rate and who can forget the massive six thousand milliamp hour battery which we’ll get into later in a way you could say they spared no expense where they could make things bigger faster or more powerful they did and I’d like to say that in practice the experience backs it up in the two weeks that I had it I played a lot of games on the ROG phone 3 racing games like asphalt 9 Real Racing 3 and my longtime favorite Riptide GP turn-based RPGs like raid Shadow legends fighting games like Marvel contest of Champions battle royale contests like pub G and old favorites like bright rich and Leo’s fortune the phone took everything I threw at it again I’ll be honest well I do love gaming I’m not really that much of a hardcore mobile gamer luckily I have a friend who is his name is enna ba and he runs a YouTube channel called bored at work and he’s here with us today hi my big question is do all these big high-end specs really make a difference in terms of mobile gaming performance that’s a really good question is your high-end specs actually make a difference well I don’t know if it helps you field gameplay but I think it does help in improving the gaming experience overall because it allows for developers to make better games higher performing games and also taking advantage of the system as gamers we like to see that so taking advantage of the 144 to display some games who support it some do not but I like the fact that’s there and also even the touch sampling making for just a smoother feel while gaming so those things are really really important when you’re looking at mobile gaming experience thanks see for more gaming coverage on the ROG phone 3 you can click over here to watch ana bongs video or click on the links in the description box of course with all this power and the phone constantly being pushed to its limits cooling is much more important on a device like the ROG phone 3 then any other phone to solve this Asus bundles the arrow active cooler 3 with the ROG phone this attachable fan draws hot air from inside the phone via the small vent on the back cover on top of that the heat sink on the ROG phone 3 is 6 times larger than last year there’s also a redesigned 3d vapor chamber and a large graphite film by the way the new arrow active cooler 3 now features a kickstand you pull it out like so so you can prop your phone down while watching videos or using it with the kunai controller the ROG phone three packs a massive six thousand milliamp hour battery which will easily last you two maybe even three days with average use of course continuous gameplay will consume more power asus is promising over nine hours of pub G asphalt nine and Call of Duty surprisingly it doesn’t take a long time to fill up the bundle 30 watt hyper-charged adapter will fill the battery up halfway in 30 minutes and 85% or 5100 milliamp hours in an hour now to preserve the life of your battery the phone will automatically slow down after this point a full charge took me 1 hour and 41 minutes which is still pretty respectable like its predecessors the ROG phone 3 does not support wireless charging reps from Asus tell me that a wireless charging module would of course have required more space meaning you’d either get a thicker phone or a smaller battery let me know which compromise you would rather have a thicker phone a smaller battery or no wireless charging you can join a poll by clicking up apart from the obvious power-packed spec sheet this phone was designed with gamers in mind and some of the hardware choices reflect that one example is it’s 144 Hertz display with a fast 270 Hertz sampling rate I know these days phones with fast refresh rates are the norm but back in the day it was only found on gaming phones because this is most critical to gamers who are engaged in fast paced gameplay the screen needs to keep up with the fast movements of a player being able to quickly turn around to shoot someone behind you for example touch sampling rates on the other hand means how fast the display response to your taps when you for example pull a trigger these differences are calculated in milliseconds but in the world of competitive gaming every millisecond counts for me the ideal way to play any game is via a controller and even then in the competitive world there are controllers like Microsoft’s Xbox elite controller that lets you customize controls to the extreme because inputs on your phone are limited by this sheet of glass Asus developed air triggers that mimic the feel of a physical controller when held horizontally the right side of the ROG phone has built-in sensors which allows you to assign controls so you can tap them to fire gun in pub ding for example and now with ultrasonic sensors on ROG phone 3 you can do more like swipe to mimic a swipe of the screen simulate duel triggers 2 on each side and trigger multiple clicks with a continuous press of the sensor because most games are played horizontally asus has designed the phone to be used this way one small change that goes a long way is the addition of a second USB C port over here it’s used to attach some of the accessories but also lets you stay plugged in and charging while in the middle of a game session isn’t that smart there are many other things like for Wi-Fi antenna so that you can get the best connection for microphone so that you get the best audio for discussing strategy before going into battle even the placement of the bezels and dual front-facing speakers are intentional so that your palms don’t get in the way of gameplay and or cover up speakers like you normally would on phones with bottom firing speakers while there’s definitely a lot of buzz about the phone’s high-end specs its these quality of life features designed specifically for gamers that I appreciate the most [Music] beyond what the phone can do hardware wise the ROG phone 3 has gaming specific software tricks up its sleeve there’s an app called armory crate where you can customize fan speed RGB lighting and game controls you can even go in and customize how much power each core of your processor consumes if you’d like to learn how to do that you should definitely check out my friend David Cogan the unlock errs excellent video in fact I have him here with me today hi David you’ve used the phone for a week now what is your favorite software related gaming feature yeah but I think it has to be the customization options in game genie while playing a game you can set up the new air trigger options to add physical like controls to the touch screen adjust the refresh rate performance settings and notifications that can come through or not all without leaving the game I think game really does really appreciate that stuff yep I think they will – you should definitely check out David’s video you can click up here or down here to access game genie just swipe in from the left when you’re inside a game coincidentally when I was shooting this video David sent me this message and turning off notifications were a quick tap from here you can also do other things like pull up a browser to quickly get hints about a game you’re playing or you can record gameplay with the nieuwmarkt clip feature it allows you to record short game clips to share on social media and for those streamers out there you can also connect to YouTube and stream directly from the game and for those upgrading from last year’s ROG phone Asus has removed twitch streaming because twitch hasn’t fixed issues with their API now this next bit isn’t necessarily a feature but since we’re talking about software to make the phone really feel like a gaming phone there’s also custom ROG skins in black and white from wallpapers to icons it’s very in keeping with the gamers aesthetic and if you purchase the optional lighting armor case putting it on for the first time activates another exclusive theme of course if you’d like a more stock Android experience don’t worry Asus gives you that option too it’s a clean non intrusive version of Android that most users will appreciate some new accessories launching alongside our G Phone 320 view dock Persian 3 is similar to last year’s model except that at second screen also has a 140 for her – refresh rate the kunai gamepad also gets an update in version 3 the bumper is slimmer buttons and triggers are overhauled and now what was once the kunai holder has been split into two the kunai charger and grip so now you can use them in three ways the conventional handheld mode all-in-one mode and a new lower profile mobility mode there’s also a new accessory coming this year called the ROG clip which lets you connect your ROG phone to an already existing controller there are three included clips that support the Xbox controller 3 a ps4 controller or a stadium controller just clip it on like so doctor phone and it connects via the bundled cable [Music] if the ROG phone – had two cameras the ROG phone three has well three a 64 mega pixel wide angle camera a 13 megapixel ultra wide-angle camera and a new 5 megapixel macro camera I think the question most of you might have is the same one mo she asks gaming phones sometimes have a tendency not to have great cameras has it improved I’ve got good news and bad news the good news is compared to the RG phone – the camera has indeed improved and that’s both the wide-angle and the ultra wide-angle but is it good enough to go head-to-head with these Samsung Galaxy S 20 or the Huawei P 40 the answer is nope and that’s the bad news don’t get me wrong during the day it’s fine but in low-light situations it still struggles to compete as can be seen in this example and that macro camera doesn’t seem to justify its existence take this comparison for example it didn’t allow us to get as close as we needed – does it matter is it a deal breaker well if you’re still watching this video it means that you are a hardcore gamer and the reason I point that out is because the ROG phone 3 is a niche phone for a niche audience and maybe I’m wrong but for this audience I don’t think it matters as much but for everyone else looking for a kick-ass phone which can do everything it’s an Achilles heel so to speak maybe next year the team from Asus can bump it up higher on their priority list before we wrap up it’s time for some rapid-fire Q&A dual-sim yep if the global version is dual SIM IP rating nope the RG phone 3 is not officially water and dust resistant how is the under display fingerprint scanner it’s pretty decent no complaints here no 1 terabyte model not right now currently ufs 3.1 storage maxes out at 500 gigabytes the team from asus tells us that once a one terabyte ufs 3.1 drive will become available then they’ll roll it out and the all-important question price the RG phone three starts at 999 euros for the 12 gigabyte 512 gigabyte model if you want the fully maxed out model that one will set you back by 1099 euros which converts to about 1250 us not that bad actually the Samsung Galaxy ultra retails for just under 1,400 in some areas asus is also selling the rog phone 3 Strix Edition which only runs the non plus snapdragon 865 that phone will retail for 799 euros before we wrap up let me talk about our sponsor raid Shadow Legends a game that’s all about building a team of strong warriors and leading them into battle versus AI or real-life opponents I was immediately drawn to the game because of its production value that commits to realism showcasing graphics that make the most out of phones just like the ROG phone 3 it’s free to play and is available for iOS Android and PC and you can download it now by the links below now you know me I’m extremely competitive so most of my time has been spent levelling up my champions so that I can dominate the new tag team arena a challenging series of three back to back to back 4×4 battles where special rewards await those who finish atop the rankings rate has 16 different factions my favorite are the Dark Elves because they want to take over the world and I can relate to that join in and challenge me if you dare new players who sign up using my link below will get 100,000 silver and a free epic champion but act fast as these rewards will only be available for the next 30 days all this treasure will be waiting for you here so is the asus rog phone 3 your gadget match for those who want the utmost in mobile gaming this phone delivers where it matters power performance battery life and an ecosystem of accessories that set it apart from anything else in the market today in terms of gaming phones the ROG phone 3 is still the gold standard for that we give it the gadget match seal of approval if you’re not a hard or gamer but still want a phone with top-of-the-line specs is this a phone to get as long as you’re okay with an average camera and low-light photography isn’t a priority go for the ROG phone 3 it’s a spec monster if you’re an Asus fan you might also want to wait for the zenfone 7 rumored to be coming real soon of course we will have a video if and when that phone does arrive so to make sure you don’t miss that subscribe to our YouTube channel that’s Bell icon so that you get notified as soon as we post that video and many more like it follow us on social media for all the behind the scenes fun stuff and as always make gadget mass comm your daily habit until the next video I’m Michael Josh thanks for dropping by.
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