Asus ROG Phone II Review After 2 WEEKS of usage

Published on November 6, 2019
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Asus rog phone too many people heard about it have seen its fans he looks but is it any good let’s check that out hi guys I’m Nicola I’m Grady Tech and in this video I’ll be reviewing the issues are ready to phone after two weeks of usage I haven’t done a dedicated unboxing video for this phone so I’ll just wrap it up in a minute so here’s the box and this is how it looks all around and this is how it looks on the back inside the box first we have a small cardboard box with a SIM card ejector followed by a plastic case which looks pretty fancy by the bee and finally we have some IME number stickers next we have the phone itself let me just put that aside finally we have an 18 watt power adapter along with a USB type-c charging cable now the base we did that’s priced at 38 thousand rupees comes with an 18 watt power adapter this one comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage now if you get the bigger variant which is priced at 60,000 rupees put 12 gigabytes of RAM and find it in 12 gigabytes of storage you will also get a 30 watts power adapter considering the base variant is at 38 thousand rupees the next variant prices at 60,000 rupees is definitely an overkill as of now none of these medians are in stock there’s definitely a huge demand for these phones but Asus needs to refill the stock as soon as possible anyway we will talk about that later now these are the complete specifications of the phone so this is the issues ROG – just have a look at its back it looks as if it’s a very futuristic phone it is definitely the most coolest looking phone I have ever used on the back it has a curved glass with a mix of copper exhaust winds cool patterns and a backlit ROG logo with Ora RGB lighting effects again a cool-looking design no matter who looks at it everyone will be amazed by the design but the guy who actually uses the phone knows the problem this phone has a massive display and a massive battery add in a new 19.5 Easterns an aspect ratio and now you get a phone that’s abnormally long kind of thick and pretty heavy this phone has a thickness of 9 point 4 8 mm and weighs 240 grams phone in hand tells slightly towards the top side which is not an issue but that weird weight distribution is mildly annoying we usually don’t expect such a thing from a phone that has almost everything now the entire form factor definitely makes sense but hardcore gamer but for an average user like me who just wants to use it like a regular phone it’s pretty bad phone is super slippery even with the stock is that we get inside the box phone is still slippery as of now they aren’t any good cases for this phone either even the official or which case isn’t available so throughout my usage I had to deal with a very long and heavy phone which was very hard to use in a single hand so guys that’s the design it looks cool but not very comfortable for regular usage now in the hardware department this phone comes with all the belts and results has all the sensors also has an LED notification light that most phones are missing these days has a pretty fast based on lock feature it’s not as fast as the oneplus 70 but still pretty fast and usable in all lighting conditions it also has an in display fingerprint scanner once again it’s not the fastest in the world it is slightly slower than the oneplus 70 and some of the latest Oppo nvo phones but still way faster than the Samsung phones overall it works it’s pretty fast and it’s definitely usable now this one also has a really good haptic engine in fact it has two happy engines or two haptic motors Asus calls it the dual zone vibration and it can cause vibration in X Y and z-axis overall this new haptic engine is supposed to improve your gaming experience for me haptic feedback was delivered like flagship level good notice for gaming even for regular usage I could notice the haptic feedback now you might have already known about the a triggers this one has the new ultrasonic a triggers – I have tested them with asphalt 9 and pubsey and they to work flawlessly they are kinda addictive as well we also have the squeeze feature seen in the pixel phones we have two actions short squeeze and long squeeze I’ve configured the short squeeze for Google assistant and long squeeze to toggle the torch and you can also configure the squeeze force and just like on the pixel phones we also get NFC which is like a truly flagship feature and FM radio as well which is usually missing on most black ships so in the hardware department I have no complain it has everything and everything works pretty well now the display on this phone is the most attractive thing about it it has a true 10 bit HDR AMOLED display with just full HD Plus resolution but with 120 Hertz refresh rate as it’s an AMOLED display there isn’t anything to complain about it’s bright viewing angles are great and the display fields super smooth like not just for gaming even for wrigley usage all the animations and transitions were very smooth there’s definitely a huge difference between this display and at Ziggler 60 Hertz display when compared to the oneplus 70 difference is kinda small but it’s still noticeable survice display on this phone is just fantastic but Asus isn’t doing anything to improve the overall experience if they add some cool animations like the pixel phones or the Samsung’s one UI it would have been much better when this phone was launched I was really tempted to buy it mainly because of the display but I hesitated thinking about the cameras and overall performance now the cameras on this phone up pretty good on the air we got a dual cameras hitter with a 48 major pixel primary camera with F 1.79 aperture with Sony I am xy8 6 sensor seen on most black ships these days that’s followed by a 13 megapixel ultra wide-angle camera with 125 degree field of view with up to point 4 aperture for selfies it has a 24 megapixel camera with F 2.0 aperture we can record video in 4k resolution even at 60fps it supports electronic myth stabilization and slow motion at 240fps in 1080p resolution and 480 fps in 720p resolution now these are some sample shots they all look good colors pop up a lot especially the sky dynamic range is decent even the wide-angle charts look pretty decent selfies have good skin tones and good exposure control over all cameras are good but there’s no wall factor to a camera interface looks pretty outdated but it’s definitely more responsive than something like a su 60 or 5c so overall cameras are good but they’re not the main focus point now my next concern with this phone was performance and in this department issues just nailed it everything was super fast thanks to the 8:55 plus processor 8 gigabytes of lpddr4 X RAM and ufs 3.0 storage memory management was also pretty good most of the applications that I used were still in memory and were exactly the same place that I left them earlier so performance is definitely as good as the one place phones and for gamers it’s even better I have played a sport mine and pubsey extensively and I didn’t have any issues with visuals graphics and there was no lag at all overall gaming experience was better than 1 + 70 and even some of the Samsung flagships thanks to that 120 Hertz display and stereo speakers more on that later on extensive gaming that’s like more than 20 or 30 minutes of continuous playing games phone gets pretty hot phone is still usable and I didn’t notice any throttling issues but that heat was kind annoying or normal usage there’s no heating issue now when it comes to software it’s just like a regular esos flagship but with two extra themes and anomic rate which bundles cool features to tweak the RGB lighting on the back and tweak the CPU and GPU to further improve performance you also get something called ex mode which can push the phone to its limits and give you the best gaming experience we also have game genie which gives you some cool shortcuts while playing games we can change the display brightness block alerts log brightness any low disable a triggers we can also record the screen and stream it directly to YouTube and twitch we can also check out CPU load CPU temperature and framerate information now that’s all the information and control a gamer really needs right now this one is still running Android 9.0 with other security patch and updates are going to be a bit slower Asus did say they’ll push out updates frequently but we have to see about that we also got the new navigation gestures just like on Android 10 you can swipe from the bottom to go home swipe in whole recent apps and swipe from the left side or right side to go back there is no gesture for Google assistant but we can always squeeze the phone for that so even though this phone is running Android 9 we are not missing out on too much now the speakers on this phone are insanely loud most people prefer to use headset especially games but with this phone you won’t need that stereo speakers on this phone are super loud and pretty clear its louder than some of the mini Bluetooth speakers I have seen it also has a dedicated order mode which can further increase the speaker loudness at the cost of quality personally I am never used order mode even outdoors now these speakers also support DTS X Alto virtual sound and they do sound better than other phones with regular stereo speakers usually I use earphones a lot specially while watching videos but with this phone for the past two weeks of usage I didn’t even touch my ear pods these Pickers are just that good even the audio experience while the headset was pretty good [Music] [Applause] now finally battery life on this phone is once again awesome it has a huge six thousand million per battery but a normal user without gaming or even with light gaming it can easily last you more than a day even if you’re a hardcore gamer it can easily last you an entire day now you might expect too much of battery life because this phone has the huge 6r milli ampere battery but that’s not really the case this one also has a 120 Hertz display so it’s gonna drain the battery slightly more faster than your regular display so battery life is good but don’t expect too much for the base variant inside the box you get a regular 18 watts power adapter if you get the high ingredient which I wouldn’t suggest you will get a 30 watts hyper charger I’m pretty sure you can buy it separately as well but once again can’t say about the stop so overall if you’re using the default 18 watts power adapter you can charge this phone completely in about to us which is pretty decent considering the battery size now aces will also be selling gaming accessories for this phone which can be used even for the upcoming ROG phones once again even these are not in stock and Asus is trying to bring them to India pretty soon so guys to conclude you might wonder is it a good phone and answer is yes but not for everyone if you are a hardcore gamer or you just love playing games you should definitely buy this phone it’s the best phone for gaming period but for a normal user say like me I suggest you to look at the phone in person hold it in your hand and use it for about 10 to 15 minutes continuously and then decide I get that it’s a gaming phone it needs a bigger battery for that 120 Hertz display but as a wriggly user or non gamer I just wish it was slightly smaller thinner and lighter if issues could add in wireless charging it’ll be even better so guys what do you think about this phone do let me know by commenting below this video and if you are planning to buy this phone use the link in the description it always helps the channel if you have any questions about this phone or want us to make any specific video reach out to us with hashtag as we take on Twitter and we will try to make it as soon as possible I’m Nicky from Grady Tech signing off have a nice day.

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