Asus Zenfone 6 – “Real Review”

Published on August 18, 2019
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Yo what’s up everybody should boy floss back again but another video and today we’re gonna take a look at the Asus zenfone 6 now you can pick this up on Amazon I’ll put a link up in the description the price on this one 600 bucks now it comes in two different colors you got midnight black and Twilight silver alright so let’s go through a little specs now this is a gsm-only phone so if you got HMG or t-mobile you’re good to go as usual if you got Sprint or Verizon you ask them now for the display you got a six point four inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2340 and that’s 403 for the PPI Patrol you got Gorilla Glass 6 on the front and when you watch the videos you’re gonna watch them in the nineteen by five by nine aspect ratio for the processor you got the qualcomm snapdragon 855 with the adrenals 640 GPU what does that mean flagship specs bro flagship specs now you got six gigs of ram with either 64 or 128 gigs of storage and you also got the big boy 8 gigs of ram with 256 gigs of storage both feature a micro SD card slot with expandable memory up to one terabyte now the phone is running android 9 VIP with the Zen UI skin 6 on top for the battery you got a non removable five thousand milliamp battery that features 18 watt fast charging via quick charge 4.0 i repeat five thousand milliamp battery now aces claims you could go from 0 to 50 percent and 30 minutes for the cameras this is another one of those flip up pop-up cameras alright so no camera on the front on the rim you got a double setup so you got a 48 megapixel f 1.8 that’s your wide-angle lens and you’ve got a 13 megapixel f 2.4 that’s your ultra wide-angle lens now on the side note there’s no optical image stabilization but you got electronic image stabilization we’ll put it to the test now you also get bluetooth 5.0 you got NFC you got an FM radio USB type-c charging you got a fingerprint sensor on the rare you get face unlock you got dual speakers and you get a headphone Safiya so if everybody’s saying the Galaxy Note 1008 a headphone jack to put in the big battery hey sue says hold my beer so what’s missing for my flagship checklist three things no IP rating so the phone is not water-resistant no wireless charging and no always-on display all of that for 600 bucks let’s see what it is now on the side note the price ranges from five to six hundred bucks depending on the seller now when I bought mines last week I paid five hundred and fifty bucks but when I went on Amazon today I see the price jumped up to 600 I’ll leave the link in the description for the cheapest one in that seat okay so here we go first things first shout-out to white shoes back in the field in white shoes calm down all right here we go Asus zenfone 6 like I said I paid 550 bucks on this one let me grab a little unboxing knife got spider-man on deck here we go okay let’s get this plastic out of here alright here we go hey soo zenfone 6 okay so let’s see what you can decide okay flip camera alright I like that so far we’ve got a nice presentation alert everything looks clean okay now this is gonna be your now when I say usual books and shit this is a novel alright so it comes with a nice little novel file that to the side two paths let’s pluck them and follow and you get a little case now this is just a hardshell case we’re all your cutouts to you can wear your fingerprint sensor no protection on the top on the bottom no rigidity this is just a basic standard case see what else you get there’s your device we’ll save that to the last last minute and let’s see what else you get okay now this is a nice presentation got a USB type-c charging cable I let white shoes review that got some different sized ear tips for the headphones now to give you a set of headphones let’s check the quality on these the first thing I always look for shoes first thing always look forward to see if they have a play and pause here it is I see you got a playing pause button my shoes I need you to scoot scoot these are what the headphones look like not bad I’ll test them out I like when they throw in their headphones that’s a nice touch here’s 18 watt fast charging brick okay and that’s pretty much it now for the coup de Gras just get this plastic out of here plastic controller okay one more sticker and here’s your device I choose I need you to arm just scoot scoot a little bit but people want to see the phone here it is Asus zenfone 6 let’s power this up now choosing rare forms and I got to put the safety net up let’s see if we got any juice on this one alright there it is on one side you got your smart key alright we’ll talk about that in a minute you can actually remap this but by default settings when you press this it’s going to launch your Google assistant you got volume up and down there’s your power button on the front no not all right this is 100% screen on the bottom a little bit of bezel but that’s minimum another side there’s a SIM tray lettuce features dual SIM sluts but you can also drop an SD card in there if you want on the top you got a little mic there’s your pop up camera actually flip up camera on the back got a little fingerprint sensor on the bottom USB type-c charging headphone jack headphone jack let’s say one more top headphone jack Samsung Apple pay attention headphone jack and a five thousand milliamp battery they said it couldn’t be done you’re looking at it right now anything else this phone does have dual speakers let’s get a little wipe down so yeah I can’t really see what it looks like okay and of course I got to do the smell test why not this smells like midnight black hey this is the midnight black version it definitely smells like midnight black I like that blue a sous trim on it too real sexy all right so I’m gonna pause the video I’ll drop some of my information in we’ll breeze through over the OS but first thing but before I do that I want to show you how to pop up camera so let me set this up real quick and I’m also gonna file white shoes to decide alright so I’m in the process of setting up all my information then I’m gonna run to the gym and do my usual errands but before I go let’s take a look at the flip up camera and see who did it better Samsung or a soos alright so here’s the a soos ya hear that mechanical sound I love that nice and fast that’s pretty sick now here’s the Samsung version both of these are dope which one yeah I think looks better in my personal opinion I think the Aces one is way better and that’s really for one reason check this out not only does it work as a flip up camera but it also works for face unlock balm you can’t do that with the Samsung anyway let me go ahead to my business we’ll be back with the rest of this review talk amongst yourselves all right Josh we’ll be back in now I’ve been using this phone all night long and I gotta be honest with job my initial impressions is this phone is a major major go for 600 bucks the way it performs and all of the features that it has this is a win now on the side note if you could find this for 500 bucks my advice would be buy this immediately now look I said this before and I’m gonna say it again and I’m gonna keep saying it the days of having to spend a thousand bucks for a flagship phone it’s over don’t let the price fool you this is definitely a flagship phone now granted it is missing a few flagship features no wireless charge no quad HD display no IP rating no always-on display a few things missing but performance wise this is a flagship phone now the thing that usually separates a flagship from a mid-range phone is the camera and this one is no different the camera on this phone is pretty good but it’s not a galaxy it’s not an iPhone it’s not a top-of-the-line camera it’s not a pixel alright but it’s pretty good especially for the price now before I get it to this let me answer a couple of questions follow my pop up camera squad number one if I had to choose this phone the zenfone 6 or the Oppo Reno 10 times zoom which would I pick me I’m going with the Oppo Reno 10 times zoom better display right you got the AMOLED panel now this is subjective alright I don’t know anybody that likes IPS better than I am allayed panels but there might be some people out there me personally I like the AMOLED displays better this pop-up camera it just looks better this more sleek it looks like it’s gonna be easy to break and not to mention the camera the camera and the Reno literally destroys the zenfone 6 in every aspect alright so if I had to choose I go with the Reno but the Reno is gonna cost you a little bit more next zenfone 6 or 1 plus 7 Pro again personally this is just my opinion I’m going with the 1 plus 7 Pro performance wise and really nothing touching this display is much better fingerprint sensor on the front works flawlessly again the camera less mechanisms to break nice and smooth this phone is an all-around beast but it’s gonna cost you a little bit more and one last one zenfone 6 or galaxy a 8880 this one I’m going with the zenfone 6 alright you got a better processor better GPU the camera works for your face unlock and speaking of camera I say the camera is a little bit better now with the AAT I love the build quality that’s one of the things I love about this phone it’s a big heavy phone I love the build quality on this one I love the way it feels I love the way it looks but that drawback of not being able to use the flip camera for face unlock that kills me like that literally kills me and on this one the fingerprint sensor is semi trash alright it’s not it’s not trash full-blown trash is semi trash you know when you take your garbage outside the first night that’s trash after it’s been sitting outside for three nights that’s real trash I had the first night at semi trash after it’s been sitting for three nights that’s full trash this is like taking your garbage out for the first night it does work but the fingerprint sensor is finicky it’s working right now of course because I’m on camera but if I wasn’t on camera sometimes its fingerprint sensors just a little bit annoying and it’s a little bit slower so if I had to choose I go to the zenfone 6 not to mention the zenfone 6 is a little bit cheaper better processor better GPU dual speakers a bit of bigger bigger battery faster charge it’s a better phone all right so let’s break this one down first things first now let me say this also all right let me say this also I had no intentions of buying this phone because a friend of mine bought it and he told me that he didn’t like the camera it was a little bit loose it was a little shaky let me try to get my chance stop squeaking it’s a little bit loose a little bit shaky so I wasn’t gonna bite but after getting it I don’t see that problem now maybe it’s quality control maybe he got one of the earlier units but my camera looks flush it’s been working fluently it hasn’t got stuck and it rests flat now a lot of people were saying when you put them on the table you hear some sound now of course this is a cloth table but I didn’t hear it but I tried this upstairs on a wooden table the thing is this is one of those phones that you got to be careful with because if you notice when you let your phone flat down like this you’re gonna lay it right down on your camera lens now take it from me after having a thousand and one phones I could tell you this if you scratch your camera lens you might as well throw the phone in the garbage I once you get a little scratch on that camera lens all your pictures gonna look like trash the phone is worthless alright now one of my biggest concerns with this phone is the same concern that I got with all of these phones with pop-up cameras durability now I got a bunch them I dropped a few of them I never had a problem with it but this is just one more thing that you got to think about alright if you somebody that got butterfingers and you constantly dropping your phone do you want to get a phone that has all these moving working parts now normally you drop your phone the only thing that’s gonna come your mind is oh shit then I break the display that’s the first thing that’s gonna come in your mind now most people thought screen protector most people rocket case should really care about the back too much in the corners but this phone you’re just gonna have to be extra careful because if you drop this phone and you break that camera mechanism that’s it it’s over for your front facing camera it’s over for your face unlock all right so durability is an issue we’ll have to come back to this after a couple of weeks and see how it lasted but as of right now it’s working nice and smooth I haven’t had any issues build quality the build quality on this is a 1 let me get a little wipe down for that dramatic effect oh look at this I love that little blue trim all right this kind of looks like you know a some state known for computers this kind of looks like something you’ll find on a computer on a PC alright I love that little hint of blue of course I gotta say it feels so good in the hands ladies you know the procedures now it’s not water resistant alright so you can’t go deep-sea diving with this one Gorilla Glass 6 on the front glass on the back this is a heavy phone me personally I like phones that have a little bit of extra weight to them and this one is no different definitely not the lightest phone on the market now when you slap the case on it I’d advise you to get a case maybe a bigger bigger one than this one because your camera’s still gonna be a little bit flush with the table so you might want to get something that’s rubberized has a little bit of raised everything around that camera protect those lenses next there’s a couple of different ways you can open up the device you could double tap swipe up put in your pin in your pattern you got your fingerprint sensor in the rear now this fingerprint sensor is amazing alright it works 100% of the time it’s super fast super fluent I got no issues with that now some people like the fingerprint sensor better on the back I’m starting to get used to orange green fingerprint sensors especially after using the oneplus and using xiaomi phones and on the Galaxy v g5 gangster phones that have an onscreen fingerprint sensor on the front that actually works super fast that’s gonna make you love it but if you get a phone that has a fingerprint sensor on the front and it’s kind of iffy right semi trash that’s gonna make you hate it but if you’re old-school you just like having a fingerprint sensor in the back this is one of the best ones and lastly you got your face unlock now I’m gonna look down at this let’s swipe up that’s pretty fast alright that’s pretty fast of course it’s gonna take a little bit more time because that camera has to flip up but that sound and that feel that you get when this flips up you talk about feeling like a boss feeling like James Bond you want that innovation that’s part of the reason why you buying this phone you want something you want something unique you tie to everybody seeing you with an iPhone everybody see you with the galaxy you want to be that dude with something different this is the way to go look at this oh and one more thing I wanted to mention you can actually change the sound of the pop up camera I’ll play the different ones so far the xiaomi has the best SEP pods the best are different sounds that you could choose from but this one has a few nice ones too I hope the developers make an app for all these pop up cameras that you could put your own sounds I would love to have a star track sound or something really crazy but this one has a few I’m so face unlock on this nice and fast only thing is you got a smite buff now that’s that’s another thing too you’re gonna have to swipe up you can’t just pick up your phone hit the button and use face unlock you got a swipe up to activate that camera and it pops right open I am feeling that now just for comparisons here’s the oneplus look how fast that is yo this one plus 7 Pro is so sick let me look at it let me look at it closely this is just dope that camera pops open nice and fast and look at the Reno die the Reno the shark fin this is my favorite one you see that shark fin bro look at that now I’m not looking let me look at it that ring that goes around I love that one and I love the Xiaomi one that has the little light in it it is what it is the AAT what a disappointment I what a disappointment imagine if every time you open the phone you see miss it’s a little bit slower but bro you paid for that you pay for that mechanism and that pop-up camera you want to be able to flex it you can’t really flex too much with the AAT this phone you’re getting a lot of flex I the Flex factor on this one through the roof all right anyway the display now it’s IPS LCD personally I don’t like that now I know somebody’s gonna say all the reason it doesn’t have always on display is because it’s an LCD panel that’s not true and if you don’t believe me all you got to do is go out and buy an LG g7 IPS LCD display always-on display so the technology is there is possible right now as far as longevity I had my g7 I still as a tracfone no problems with screen burnin on none of that nonsense that’s fake news I hashtag fake news the display on this one let’s put on max brightness which it actually is outside this is not the brightest display in the world it’s not the brightest but when you’re inside and if your douche like me and you leave it on max brightness you’re gonna love it all right it’s almost getting to the point that you really can’t tell the difference between IPs and AMOLED but if you got a trained eye like me or you used to using AMOLED panels the thing that’s gonna give it away is the blacks when you’re looking at all the colors they all gonna look vibrant and all that but the AMOLED panel the blacks look much darker and the colors pop a little bit more now you could go to settings and play with the color gamut on this one but it’s never gonna be like an AMOLED some people think AMOLED actually looks too cartoonish but I like that I like me personally I like that I don’t know why I keep saying me personally why can’t I just say me me I like that that’s a bad habit I got me personally all right whatever we’ll work on that all right back to the let’s go to the settings real quick now this has this phone is running the Zen UI 6 now I haven’t had a Zen phone in a long time so I haven’t been familiar with there you are the last one I had is a lot of gimmicks on it it’s a lot of unnecessary stuff this one seems like they toned it down a little bit but it’s still packed with features all right if you wanted those boobs I like to customize your phone to the tee this is one you’re gonna like now take a look at the toggles I chose you got your screenshot scream record I should add that to my checklist and all of my phones need to have a screen record button let’s see what else you got you got your audio wizard FM radio when you plug in your headphones NFC you got your nightlight outdoor mode alright when you put on outdoor mode it’s gonna make the speaker sound a little bit louder but you’re gonna lose some of that bass I got your camera retract you could do that physically let’s go to a matter of fact let’s uh let’s go to see little to see what else they got on deck alright so let’s see blah blah blah blah blah blah battery saver mode you got screencast you got multi window alright let’s leave that on matter of fact I’ll leave that in the top ok let’s see what else you got like I said screencast you got your memory cleaner we’re gonna need that too I’m actually gonna use this phone let’s say you got your scan mobile manager your great scale for your digital being monitor your scumbag tactics you got gloves ooh and you got a camera button now you don’t need to have the camera button up here because you got your worldstar gesture DoubleTap on the volume button that activate your camera all right so let’s take it over the sentence let’s breathe through this real quick okay so of course you got your mobile hotspot your private VPNs and your private DMS all right so if you’re streaming videos you won’t get busted let’s go to connections you got NFC you got screencasts you got printed in and all your basic stuff absent notifications on we don’t even need to see that let’s go to sound a vibration that check this out dual speakers on this and they sound loud not the most bass in the world but definitely loud all right now look oh that’s another thing when you buy those flagship phones you’re buying them for the dual speakers 600 bucks really 5 to 600 bucks will get your dual speakers I know quad HD display audio wizard all right so now if you want you can change the sound profiles you got custom vocal pop-rock this is DTS X I so play with that if you want throw your headphones and go crazy let’s see anything else ah here it goes flip effects now check this out here’s his first one speed let me put it next to the mic see I can hear his speed that’s when you open and recess the camera his sci-fi and his dynamic I rather I would like to have seen a few more but I’m a go at sci-fi I like that one let’s say you got your screen lock sounds blah blah blah blah I fibration intensity it is what it is let’s go to storage of memory now I’m broke so I got the 64 gig version but like I said it goes all over the 256 gigs 6 gigs of RAM on deck only for you so far and I’m running heavy let’s go to our battery ok 46% on deck you got battery optimizer you got a Power Master adaptive battery plenty of settings you can have your battery percentage if you want and on the side note this does have a notification LED let’s go to a matter fact let’s go to display real quick okay so you could turn the depth of brightness on and off if you want I’d like to leave it off because I like max brightness I would have shoes I’d you got to night light ice and when you read it in the middle of the night let’s see let’s go to uh here’s your color gamut change that if you want i’ma leave that on stock wallpaper sleep blah blah blah okay status status icon manager and have those on if you want navigation bar now if you want you can have full swipe gestures very iPhone is very Google picker pixel ish me personally I said it again me I don’t like that I like to have the old-school stock Android phones I’m keeping their drug the life all right I don’t want my Android phone to feel like my iPhone when I pull out my eye for my Android I want a back button a home button and a recently used apps button that doubles that split screen now this one you can actually customize this button and have it take screenshots and do whatever you want matter of fact we on that page right now you can have a show your recent activate multi window attach app and hold to take a screenshot so by default it will set the screenshot and I kept pressing it and taking screenshots that’s actually pretty cool but there’s a screenshot toggle so you don’t need that let’s see lift the check phone so this is your ambient ambient display so if you got your phone in the table and you get a message lift it up you’ll see that notification new notifications will brighten up the screen I’ll leave that on and like I said LED indicator let’s see anything else let’s go to advanced okay smart key that’s the key on the top you can actually customize that if you want now by default it’s gonna be set to Google so if you customize it press it once that’ll change your sound mode press it twice for flashlight and press and hold for the screenshot so again there it is press it twice let’s see there’s your flashlight for twice and the first one for Google private listening I guess is kind of cool if you turn that on say you listening say you watching an Instagram video and it’s some hood shit some you know people cursing going crazy and you right there and join it and somebody walks in the room once you put the phone to your ear it’ll change the sound from coming out of speakers to you same thing if you listen into a voice recording or message and somebody sneak up on you put the phone to your ear they won’t be able to eavesdrop that’s private listening you got your game genie alright so if you game it on your phone got your game toolbar settle your different profiles up twin apps I fall ya’ll scoundrels out there with your trolled accounts you got to Instagram to Facebook’s to messengers to whatsapp to youtubes alright for the palate boys to YouTube accounts twin your apps up this way you got to keep logging out logging in do your thing you got your safeguard that’s your SOS emergency status don’t get jacked got your optiplex alright no need to go toilet if some of the stuff is kind of gimmicky you got a few gestures alright so you got a lift to check the phone kind of went through that you got your fingerprint gesture swipe down check your notifications let’s see you got our hands up lifted if I see an answer calls a man automatically so say you got your phone on the table and you start getting a phone call lift it to your ear and I’ll automatically answer now I leave that off just in case you don’t want to answer any unnecessary phone calls double tap to turn off this way double tap to wake displayed swipe to wake up so you got your phone table swipe it’ll wake up and you got your dark gestures now this is actually cool right so you got a feel you got double W to launch the weather as to launch your camera that kind of worldstar so I’ll turn this off why it’s dark draw the letter S right to the camera alright that’s not bad let’s open this back up okay so wait was realize you got a few I’d so you got our s4 cam the s4 the cameras for the fort you could draw C to launch the regular camera app Z the gallery V to launch your phone it’s pretty cool you got a screen recorder you got screenshots alright enable screen shot sound leave that off right you’ll need to get busted taking pictures of the bunch let’s see flip camera features now this does have fold detection I did test it but the camera is pretty slow alright but at least it’s there so if you drop your phone from three feet back cameras are red but if you drop it from five feet by the time it hits the table the cameras gonna reset I think I might do a little demo alright now you can also control the camera manually you got pocket mode and you got gloves move let’s see anything else you got accessibility alright so if you’re hearing a visually impaired you can still rock out use all of the features you got your digital well-being alright monitor your scumbag activities get you ass off the phone if you’re on your phone on Instagram for five hours a day check your digital well-being get out into the real world after Google services language support system lets go to system real quick Android 9 VIP now I do have an update on debt I’ll do that later Zen UI 6 Android 9 VIP so far though snapdragon 855 performs just like it should on paper no lag on this no hiccups this phone is buttery smooth alright if this phone had an AMOLED panel whoo it’d be a lot of problems right now I’ll bet for one plus I 1 plus still holding on with that AMOLED panel let’s check the web browsing speeds go to nice and fast full website silky smooth now of course you’ve got split screen multitasking let’s um split that in half let’s go to anything safe we got YouTube on the bottom alright so we could go to Amazon on the top and have YouTube on the bottom now I’m just playing around let’s split that again let’s um open up YouTube okay white shoes Perrin is putting me to sleep let’s go to Anna’s okay it’s taking my you get the idea iPhone is trolling matter of fact let’s go to YouTube let’s take it over YouTube let me get fullscreen on this this way you can see the display and listen to the speakers I just beat black bars full screen 1080p resolution it looks beautiful [Applause] let’s go Alex hold on I gotta see who win this one this is dico vs. Alex Alex bye oh yeah old-school cat yeah no alex is from my dunes no no not like this let’s check the bottom speaker you can still hear sound coming from the top bodied hi this is Evo 2019 what you see me for yourself the display does look beautiful and the sound is nice and crispy but like I said just not the most bass in the world let’s keep it moving alright now for the camera let me clear this out now before I show you all the camera features let me show you how to spoil detection works so if you notice the camera is open now I’m gonna drop it from about 3 feet you see it still open I’m gonna try to catch it if you notice the camera closed up now that’s pretty good so if you drop it from your waist level or drop it off a table it’s gonna close before it hits the floor but you never know how you’re gonna drop your phone so again just be careful alright so let me show you the camera features and here’s your WorldStarHipHop gesture double tap on the volume button down while the screen is off launches your camera alright let’s go through all the different modes alright so you got your time-lapse you got slow motion you got your motion tracking ISO if you want to take a picture of a little kid being cute or if you can’t playing with a little ball use the motion tracking you got video you got photo you got your portrait mode panoramic shots you got night mode and you got pro mode alright let’s go back to regular shots all right now from the regular shots you got HDR HDR plus actually and you got HDR enhanced now I’ll show you some camera samples with all of them get all your different filters does your timer let’s take it over to settings alright so maximum resolution in the camera 48 megapixels now this is kind of like a lot of these phones coming out with the 40 megapixel camera it’s kind of gimmicky alright when you take a picture with 48 megapixels and you take it with 12 megapixels it almost looks the same and a lot of times it looks better with 12 alright that’s a nice little gimmick on paper but in the real world you don’t really see it I forgot you’re a I scene detection that pretty works basically the computer is gonna pick the best settings for your camera let’s see our camera sound turn that off for your clandestine activities get your smart kid you can use it as a shuttle and that’s pretty much it now you do have super wide angle by actually ultra wide so here’s regular and it’s ultra wide now I’m gonna show you some pictures that I took and on the side note a lot of people keep asking me why do I keep taking the same pictures it’s the same reason why I use the same music when I do Bluetooth speakers and so this way you can compare it to other phones so if you’re thinking about getting this phone or the Galaxy AAT gonna look at my 880 video look at the cameras they’re all gonna be in the same settings unlike taking pictures in the supermarket because the lighting never change none lighting never changes all of the colors there’s the supermarket is one of most colorful places you’re gonna find it’s just easier for me to do plus I can test the video walking up and down the house most of the video that you take when you’re walking around it’s the same thing you’re looking for stabilization alright so when you watch these pictures look for the stabilization in the video and a lot of the pictures you’re gonna see me take the same picture twice so wanna be a regular picture and then the same picture again in wide-angle lens and with the night shots you see a regular shot and then I’m going to activate night shot and try to look for the difference check [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so you’ve seen the pictures for yourself they’re pretty good but like I said earlier that’s the difference between these mid-range to high mid-range phones and flagships the pictures are good on this phone but if you get a galaxy and iPhone or pixel the pictures will be great I so that’s the difference between good and great now is that worth almost an extra four to five to six hundred bucks that’s your call overall on a scale of one to ten this phone is a major major go and like I said for six hundred bucks it’s worth every penny and if you can find it for 500 bucks jump on this immediately now of course you I know they call me petty Roosevelt so my little petty gripes no quad HD display no IP rating no always-on display no wireless charge and personally I prefer AMOLED over night PS display but it is what it is you getting a five thousand milliamp battery that features quick charge 4.0 that’s gonna last you all day long you’ve got the latest processor the latest GPU the performance on this phone is buttery silky smooth the build quality is excellent right the camera is badass that pop-up feature all right you’re looking for the James Bond factor you got it on this one not to mention if you have you into selfies or you have into making videos doing vlogs or doing whatever you do you get the beauty of using your rear camera as the front camera now that’s gonna be appealing to a lot of people especially y’all young cats out there that’s taken a thousand selfies a day now you’re taking your selfies with your main camera instead of the rear camera or instead of turning your phone around and having to take a thousand pictures so you could get the right shot that would be one of the best benefits of this phone is having the rear camera as the front not to mention no knotch I know tear drop no George Jefferson not 100% display you got a headphone jack on deck the headphones do sound good now the headphones that came with it they I hate ddy day I but I plugged in my regular headphones and I played with some of the EQ settings this is a go I had headphone jack on deck it’s a go you got expandable memory too I you scumbag microSD cards do your thing I’m impressed it’s overall like I said this is a double major go if I were to pay 500 bucks I would have said this is a triple major go so like I said again if you can find this for 500 now when I got it I paid 550 if you go on Amazon right now you can find it for 600 this got anything matter of fact let me say it like this they got it a lot cheaper on other sites like gearbest and Alibaba but me personally I said it one more time me I don’t I don’t rock with those sites because any time I’m spending over 300 bucks I like to shop on Amazon because I got that a twosie warranty so if this phone when it came damaged or just I maybe I didn’t like it if anything no questions asked I could send this back and I’m guaranteed to get my money that’s why I don’t mind spending next to 50 or 100 bucks like when I bought this Apple Reno even though I bought it with the Chinese ROM I hit the sell up and he was willing to take it back but I kind of fell in love with it so I kept it that’s one of the main downsides and I look I’m well the review is over I’m just ranting a little bit one of the reasons why I didn’t review this the full review is actually two reasons number one I got the Chinese ROM on it and it was my birthday weekend so I was kind of being lazy I didn’t feel like downloading and complaining with all the settings and switching everything over to the US version which you could do you can easily do that I just didn’t have time to do that took it to Vegas took a thousand won pitches the camera on this phone is amazing then I lost the phone and I lost it come to find out I had to hold him up in my suitcase and went in that little hole and I didn’t I didn’t find it again until I was taking my next trip so I got it back now if y’all want to see a full video on this I know I keep saying it but I could do it I could do it this phone is so dope I had the real build quality I loved it as far as one plus seven Pro again I usually I usually skip the pro and do the T version alright because this one I’m pretty much I think I pretty much covered everything in my unboxing which was pretty long I pretty much covered everything I didn’t really just give you out my full opinion so I’ll give it to you real quick I love this song hey this phone is so sick this phone has one of the best displays you’re gonna find now I’m not talking about as far as the resolution and all that the 90 Hertz refresh rate Oh was 90 Hertz 128 I think I think this one is 90 I think that’s the ROG phone with 120 whatever I might quarter brain freeze just now whatever the refresh rate is I don’t care on paper in real life it’s sick this phone does not lag you can’t make this phone lag I love the way this phone feels I love the pop up camera this is a beast right in this color right here to almond me wipe it down hmm the almond you need this that you need this and I think this one is right now 750 700 so is this worth an extra hundred over the SEM phone six of course and of course and if you port the Google camera on this one scam over all right so like I said I take both of these over the six but the six six hundred six the six for 600 bucks off you can find it for 500 bucks who it now if you get this for $500 bro you are winning now you are definitely winning pass on the 880 I’m sorry yeah I know how I rock with Samsung you know in a day Dave my dudes but pass on this one I think I actually paid more for the AAT then I paid for the zenfone 6 and this one has a worst processor worst GPU worst battery worst camera but this has that build quality the color and I could do without but it is what it is anyway hit me up in the comments let me know what I think about the zenfone 6 but I’m feeling this one shout out to everybody rocket will be on Facebook Foursquare Twitter Google+ shout out to all the Google gangsters I see a holding down a Facebook page shout out to everybody getting me up on boxer and a special shout-out to everybody rocking with me on Instagram yeah I know that’s why I’m at full time 100% full throttle and a special shout-out to everybody rockin with the new extreme on Sundays yall already know extreme gangsters on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys are left [Music] oh yeah special shout out to everybody follow with me on snapchat Flossie underscore Carter that’s where I’m at and a special shout out to the notification squad I see out in the comment section early hashtag salute [Music] easy one more thing I almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y’all haters all y’all trolls close your eyes a picture me rollin your boys closer man Spock one to beam up.

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