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Published on August 7, 2019
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Alright guys what’s up and right now I’m talking about a more budget-friendly device that you guys could buy and during the fall every single year it feels like smartphone season that’s when most blacks with smartphone companies are coming out with their brand-new devices that cost more than a thousand dollars and it’s gonna take forever to pay it off it’s really pricey now a lot of these devices are coming out by Apple coming out by Huawei Sam son they’re super pricey they’re in like the $1,000 mark and even Oppo you guys probably never heard of it but it’s this budget-friendly Chinese company in China and they just busted out a $1,000 phone so you kind of get the idea like literally budget-friendly smartphone companies are launching four-digit number devices so today I will be talking about this affordable version of Apple’s iPhone that you could buy that’s so good honestly I’ve been using it for like a year or two and it’s actually my most favorite devices to pretty much play with and wait for it it’s the iPhone 10 original 2017 version this device is actually really good so let’s go over the deals before we die any deeper to the overall device and give you my experience of using this handset for a year to two years it’s actually really really dope so definitely stay tuned so pretty much if you go shopping on Google you can find a bunch of really good deals of the iPhone 10 you do get like a really new feature which is the face ID it’s actually really easy to use and a lot of people actually really really enjoy it it’s actually one of the smoothest security features I have ever used it’s actually better than in-display fingerprint scanner all my Samsung Galaxy S 10 which I also really like and has this really good cinematic view but of course if you’re a major OS person and if you’re considering the iPhone 11 think again the deal is for the iPhone 10 are really really good if you want to get a used you should probably spend about 600 to 700 dollars if you want to get it pretty much really really cheap there’s a lot of areas out there like wish Macari ebay they could sell that stuff for less than $500 I’ve seen iPhone tens being sold for like four hundred fifty four hundred eighty dollars and if you get it cracked you can actually get it a lot cheaper like three four hundred like if you’re actually out in the market looking for the iPhone 10 even you want to get it used there’s a lot of areas where they sell it for dirt cheap it’s actually really really nice and that’s pretty much it there’s actually a good amount of deals out there so definitely check out Best Buy definitely check out like Amazon cuz when the iPhone 11 drops in September that prices won’t be cut again don’t get another 100 to $150 price cut it’s actually really really nice and I’m really impressed by Apple’s iPhone 10 and how new and fresh and vibrant it’s getting usually when smartphones hit like your – it’s getting all crusty and stuff but not the iPhone 10 it’s so really fresh it’s still really nice I’m really impressed by what Apple is doing here and pretty much using the overall handset is really really nice and one of my favorite things about the override device is simply the screen first thing you’ll notice about the new iPhone and super or harder miss is the new screen it blazes it your eyeballs and it’s really nice it has a really premium amount of features and the 5.8 inch OLED display is quite simply the best thing Apple has ever put into an iPhone so it’s really nice and it leaps ahead of other major Android smartphone companies out there and it’s also really bright it’s vibrant the OLED technology means you be getting deeper blacks and better whites and everything from the website to photos actually looked a little bit better it makes all the difference watching movies it becomes even better and of course if you want to get the latest iOS 13 which is made for the iPhone Levin I was 13 actually works perfectly on the iPhone 10 so definitely do that it’s well worth the money iPhone 10 well it does have the OLED display so always 13 could easily turn off the black pixels and making you save about one to two hours of battery it’s pretty nice and it’s actually really great beautiful and the overall device is so to use I could navigate apps and also different websites so easily and it’s just really nice it’s a really nice feeling of the smartphone the overall design is even better it has a stainless steel finish that goes around the smartphone 360 degrees and not only that you are getting a glass back which I did crack because I dropped it from a table so be very careful for the overall back the thing is even though the back is cracked you could still use wireless charging on this device which makes it really really nice and pretty much the front display is nice you do get that big bulky notch which many people are like this is ugly but it is packing a lot of different features sensors face ID which lets you unlock your phone simply by looking at it it actually tracks your eyeballs that is how specific and good this is it’s actually the best face vomiter security in the world no other smartphone beets apples face ID people have tried but they failed Apple puts a lot of emphasis and this new security feature and they made it so safe to the point that you could use Apple pay with it that’s insane and pretty much you do get a really nice feel for the overall phone the side vessels are really nice and they’re really consistent throughout the overall device no crazy curved displays no crazy like bezels or anything just a nice simple knotch and even though it is a slight hassle when I’m watching movies because the notch is super annoying it’s still a really good phone so let’s look at the overall benchmarks you may be wondering yeah it’s a two-year old phone it’s probably really crappy there’s probably not much to it think again if you look at the geek bitch benchmarks which is one of the biggest independent sites for pretty much the power of phones you can see the multi-core score of the iPhone 10 is 10,000 points this is really good and if you make it ranking against the other iPhone models you can see it’s only slightly below the iPhone 10s and the tennis max by only like a thousand points this is awesome not a lot of smart this old are this good look at the iPhone 7 in the iPhone se look at how drastic those numbers are it nearly doubled those older generation phones and then if you look at the Android benchmarks you can see the same thing galaxy X 10 which a lot of people really like including myself scored only around ten thousand five hundred points it’s around the same as the iPhone 10 the iPhone 10 launched in late 2017 whereas the Samsung Galaxy S 10 launched in early 2019 so with the benchmarks about the same you bet this smartphone is still really fresh and good to use especially with all those really good deals out there so pretty much iPhone 10 it’s a really good device it’s actually really really fresh and easy to use it’s a vibrant and really nice smart phone now cameras actually take some really good cameras on the override device and it’s actually really really good and it’s actually better than most Android smartphones out there and it’s actually really fresh really vibrant but taking pictures in low-light environments are really crappy and it’s pretty grainy so I wouldn’t really recommend this for low-light photography it was also dubbed by one of the best cameras on the market by DX Oh mark which is one of the biggest independent sites for camera testing they do amazing jobs with the overall cameras and also when you take a picture on the iPhone 10 it delivers stunning shots that are really rich in detail and it’s not like the best smartphone camera on the market but of course the pictures look better on the intense OLED display than any other display so it’s actually really nice and the feeling of just holding this device is really premium Apple is like one of the first companies to really introduce a truly bezels design with a glass and stainless steel feel instead of your regular plastic design it’s actually really nice it’s not even that heavy you may think the over on display and size may be too big because they’re typically iPhone step or 5.5 inches or giant this phone is really small it fits my hand perfectly and I barely even drop it because apples to curve display is really really nice I love it it’s just a great device it’s really simple to use there’s not a lot of gimmicky features it’s a real true smart phone if you need security there’s face ID if you want to charge a smartphone there’s a lightning cable and a wireless charging it’s really easy OLED display great for watching movies a good camera a good overall device and also speed there’s nothing wrong with these overall phones now of course some of you guys might hate Apple but you can’t really do not the fact that Apple does make some really strong devices lately and the iPhone 10 is actually really good even though it does have an extremely extremely controversial design which some people really hate that knotch and some people even got used to it so anyway thanks for watching comment below how do you feel about the overall device would you be getting the iPhone 10 this fall it asked you will be getting a lot more price cuts and the overall devices pricing it’s gonna be a lot more cheaper we could even be seen at getting a $500 price cut from the original $1000 price tag which I’m hoping what happened because that will be awesome key imagine that a $1000 iPhone being cut to $500 that’s something you don’t see every day so that’s pretty much all I have for guys today thanks for watching comment below would you guys be getting the iPhone 10 sounds kind of crazy but the phone is packing a lot of power so thanks for watching

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