CC9 Pro Premium Edition vs Mi Note 10 Initial Review – 8P Lens Worth It?

Published on December 26, 2019
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Hi guys it’s Frankie from Frankie tag good to see you guys again and I’m here with my initial review of the shamming CC 9 pro premium edition and I guess I’m also here with my initial review of the Xiaomi Mino 10 now I’ve decided to put these phones together here to do this initial review we’ll be going down in a quick take format here just talking about my initial thoughts of these phones and clearly as you know the question that I want to answer for myself is which phone will I keep long-term there’s a lot of benefits to having that p8 lens that higher capacity RAM and storage options on this CC 9 Pro Premium Edition but then you also have the cons of it being the China version of this from being the global Mino 10 which has a lot of benefits to it as well now guys I have not done my full camera shootout with these phones yet I just got this last night so I will be doing that full camera comparison in a separate video stay tuned for that but for now let’s talk about these phones and get started so talking about design we have the same dimensions on both the CC 9 Pro Premium Edition and the Mino 10 and you can tell the major difference here is the color scheme where we have this gorgeous green kind of turquoise green and then the Mino 10 version you can distinguish it because it is the white version glacier white to be exact nine point seven millimeters and 208 grams these are pretty hefty phones but the reason being they both how’s that 5260 mill ampere battery it is incredible one of the largest capacity shamans ever put in one of their regular size or kind of larger size phones looking at the bottom same features here 3.5 millimeter headphone jack USB see you got an absolutely clean edge on this side IR blaster and mics in the same spot and volume rocker and power buttons as well with the sim tray at the bottom and here it’s really a matter of preference personally I think that this me no ten in this gorgeous glacier white is the most striking of the two colors but I also think for you guys who love green or this type of deep green color that a lot of China OEMs have been doing this may be the more attractive option as you can see also the CC line Pro does have a much cleaner back there’s no wording here and I do appreciate that the Meno 10 has some of this kind of stuff that just makes it a bit more of an eyesore I really wish they hadn’t done that on this Meno 10 and I’ve changed the background of the CC 9 Pro Premium Edition just keep in mind that this kind of blueish purple-ish wallpaper is the CC 9 Pro and this is the Meno 10 in this kind of nice orange wallpaper great wallpapers from Xiaomi UI 11 and I would say the inclusion of me UI 11 out of the box is what makes these phones also feel so much more fluid and better to use as you can see from the front displays we’ve got a very similar white point and the colors just pop now this is a little bit darker just because I’ve lowered it a little bit but you have essentially the same gorgeous six point four seven inch AMOLED panel you do have a curved edge on these the bezels of are tiny I know you know taters not a huge fan of the knotch but both of these phones are essentially identical when it comes to design display and will go into performance in a second now I will say that just because this phone has a very special thing to it in terms of display DRM info a major deal here l1 versus l3 so imagine you’re paying more for the China version and went wow unfortunately you’re gonna have HD Netflix capability on the Mino 10 version of the phone so when it comes to watching content or HD content in those cases this may be the better option overall I think in terms of design display it’s pretty much though equal and it really will come down to just personal preference which color you like the most and here’s some quick YouTube play back on these phones now I was asked a question is there Dolby Atmos I don’t see any mention of Dolby Atmos and I do also think it is just a single bottom firing speaker it is definitely a single bottom firing speaker in this case they can’t these phones really do look like flagships in terms of appearance and design but I’m sure there are some corners they’ve had to cut and that may have been one of them but the audio quality experience just from watching content seems pretty good and once again a very identical experience if you do like having a completely notch less display then maybe this isn’t the phone for you and this not I’m not as huge a fan of it over let’s say something like the one on the oneplus 70 but it’s all a personal preference it’ll still suit your needs for watching content and so now let’s just quickly spend some time on performance so both of these phones are running that Snapdragon 730 G which I tested on the real me x2 the regular version and these scores are pretty indicative of that with a 2500 single and around almost 7000 multi-core for both of them here’s the difference between the Mino Tendo and the CC 9 pro while this run is running six gigs of ram this one is running eight gigs and this doubles the storage capacity here had 256 gigs of storage now that is gonna be a question for you guys who are looking at the global versus the regular version it’s kind of a similar situation that I ran into with the K 20 Pro versus the me 90 Pro and I know a lot of you guys couldn’t find that 8 gig 256 version of the me 90 Pro which is available in Hong Kong it’s gonna be a similar deal with this Mino 10 I feel where you may be struggling to find the CC 9 Pro Premium Edition or Mino 10 / Overton of the phone but honestly when it comes down to it performance on both of these is great and so far I haven’t had any slowdowns whatsoever I will say I’ve noticed the you know the CC 9 Pro premium edition feels just a little hint faster and I you think it has to do with having that extra RAM and just a little bit more storage will make a difference but you can tell here this phone is very fast and I gotta say the Snapdragon 730 G is still my favorite mid-range chip of 2019 by far and I don’t think you should worry about performance if all you’re doing I think is mostly just day-to-day use if you’re not a hardcore gamer and need that Snapdragon 855 plus you should be fine the one thing I will mention though is that when it comes to taking videos and photos there is a benefit to having a higher powered chip but there is also a power draw in that too so I think Xiaomi in this case we do have the unfortunate aspect of not having 4k 60fps because the chip just cannot handle it so there are some gives and takes here in terms of performance but I think both of these essentially offer a really stellar kind of upper mid-range I would say almost performance to suit your needs so before jumping into the quick audio test I just wanted to mention here the me UI 11 situation and how it compares between the CC 9 pro premium and the Mino 10 obviously this being the global version you have a few nice additions you have this kind of area of options in the multitasking which I do like deep clean manage apps and the cleaner and you also have this pre-installed Google suite of apps right from the get-go but I will say it was much easier to download google apps and can confirm they are not working on this CC 9 Pro Premium Edition I just went to be get apps store as you can see the place or is now visible instead of downloading that separate packet used to do in previous versions of me UI I just pressed install and then once it was ready to install the place where it added Google frameworks Google Play services essentially and within five minutes I was ready to go so that was really impressive now we’ll say there’s still a lot of blood on the China ROM versions and I had to delete around 15 to 20 apps just to get it kind of looking a lot cleaner you know it’s something to keep in mind I think the l1 the DRM info asked is something to keep in mind if you value global ROMs if you value multi-language support this is your choice do not get the CC 9 Pro you have English and just Chinese and a few other dialects and that’s it so I highly recommend for you guys who do want the global version a lot of my audience is global so consider this me no 10 or maybe wait for the me no temporal kind of the souped-up edition if you really want the PA lens the specs and the features of this CC 9 Pro premium okay and now quick audio test I think this should be pretty similar on these bottom firing speakers with 3.5 millimeter headphone jacks on both the CC 9 Pro premium and the Mino 10 let’s have a listen [Music] alright guys what can I say I guess what do you expect identical sound from both the CC 9 Pro Premium Edition and the Mino 10 so you essentially don’t have to worry that you’re getting shortchanged on the lower level quote unquote lower level device I think the Mino 10 sounds great now these speakers aren’t like the best that I’ve heard but they do fill up a room and there’s a little bit of loss of detail at the higher volumes but I do appreciate the fact that they haven’t shortchanged the Mino 10 in this case it’ll suit your regular casual play a song you know in a small room or play it at home needs but I don’t think obviously reaches the level of the may 20 X or even of kind of the iPhone or other phones like the galaxy Bowl that just offer terrific audio quality talking about battery are you really going to be concerned about it on these phones Xiaomi has put in a five thousand two hundred sixty milli ampere capacity and is one of the pretty much largest batteries that has been put in a shammy phone second only to the me max three at this point and considering that the display on these is full HD and it’s only six point four seven inches you’re gonna get some killer killer battery life from these phones now I will be fully testing these out later next week probably so stay tuned for that but at the same time I also wanted to bring up the fact that these on top of this fast this long-lasting battery we also have fast charging of 30 watts so kind of matching the 17 in terms of that power draw 58% in around 30 minutes is kind of the estimated time but stay tuned guys I will be sharing my full battery results very soon and so as I mentioned I will be sharing also that full camera shootout I need to go out on the streets with both of these phones and take the same shots and really compare them stay tuned for that separate video I will say though the question you guys have been asking like why why is this such a big difference or is it a big difference I guess the reality is it’s not that big of a difference you have a p8 lens versus a p7 lens on this one versus this one what does that mean that there’s essentially eight layers of this kind of lens this plastic 8p plastic lens over the CC nine Pro premium edition over the regular Mino 10 version which is only p7 now what does that mean it just means better optics in a very kind of subtle way but in an improved way better optics which should allow for better imaging results this is the top-of-the-line version but you should just think about what shammies thinking was behind this I really don’t know that there’s that much of a difference but at the same time Xiaomi felt it necessary to give this version on the phone this one here not the Mino 10 not the regular CC 9 pro 2 DXL mark to score now do I think the Mino 10 would have scored that much lower in DX Oh mark to be honest DX huh mark has a lot of kind of issues I think in terms of scoring some people really don’t believe in it some of you guys just swear by it I really don’t think the Mino 10 would have scored probably much lower but maybe whatever in a few key areas that is why xiaomi made sure that they gave this p8 lens version the premium edition version to DX l mark to test we don’t know though because obviously DX o mark has not shared any results of the regular Mino 10 and it’s a little bit sly I think a little just a little bit kind of strange and ever so slightly disingenuous from Xiaomi that they market this phone as the 121 DX l mark phone when in reality it’s not it’s only one variant of the phone that got that score so show me there’s one quick way to put this to rest get the Mino 10 to DXL mark get the regular CC 9 pro and get a score for this version of the phone and then people can decide do they really want to spend the extra money and get this version are they happy with the regular kind of optics 7 P lens of the Mino 10 it’s really up to you stay tuned for the full camera comparison I will really try to answer that question is there enough of a difference between these two phones [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] rear-facing video on the Meno 10 fairly fairly nice day here in Hong Kong getting cooler looks like pretty good stabilization so far 4k 30fps that’s the max shooting capability of this phone I did hit me up in the comments what do you think and this is front-facing video on the Meno 10 looks pretty good some very crazy things happening right now guys really crazy but looks alright I’m pretty impressed with the stabilization so far hit me in the comments what do you think but my final initial verdict at this point is that I don’t have a final initial verdict for the first time ever it’s too early to call guys and I will say though that the price is going to be a major consideration for you guys the Meno 10 is the global version it still cost me $4,000 here and I paid essentially that amount the cc9 pro premium edition is also around that price but honestly given the resellers right now you still may be charged upwards of four thousand five hundred Hong Kong dollars so closer to five hundred fifty almost six hundred US dollars for this version is that worth the premium that you’re paying for this Snapdragon 730 G you know upper mid-range chip I don’t know and that’s question I need to answer because the cameras on these phones need to be terrific they need to be amazing for me to say okay I pick it over a galaxy fold I pick it over a pixel for excel I pick it over a me 90 Pro which is pretty much a great deal at this point and you can pie get this for under 400 bucks at this point with a Snapdragon 855 it is a great phone to consider so the initial verdict is this is a great phone I can definitely tell there are a few things that I don’t like the vibration motor is terrible it is 1 plus 60 era terrible and that was a really bad vibration motor and made me swear off that phone not the biggest fan of the curved edge display but I do appreciate the design and the look of this thing giant camera bump though and some of you guys asked was this glass or ceramic I really do think it’s just Gorilla Glass but there would be a pretty large piece of ceramic to include on a phone of this price but I will double check that it is though as you can tell it does not sit comfortably on a table it just is always kind of moving around so that for any of you guys who that kind of thing keep that in mind as well and last but not least though the performance while great really calls into question are you getting the best deal to try to get some of shammies best optics and best cameras and then sacrificing in performance that’s really gonna come down to you guys but stay tuned for the full comparison and the full obviously camera comparison this is a very camera centric device so we’re gonna spend a lot of time and I’ll be sharing those samples on Twitter stay tuned for that as well and doing some kind of blind comparisons between these two stay tuned for that as well but that’s it for this video if you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of Frankie text subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon for future updates so appreciate the support guys I really shouldn’t even be reviewing these photos I should be looking for a job I I’m gonna be done with my current role very soon and then I will be essentially unemployed so it’s kind of a tough time right now moving into the Christmas season I do need to kind of step up my job search game and I will be reviewing phones like I mentioned look I have these two phones I’m still reviewing I don’t know that I’ll be able to keep them for very long I’m kind of leaning towards the Meno 10 right now just because it is the global version but I really want to see is there some great stuff that this phone brings that maybe would make me kind of choose it over the Meno 10 we’ll see and stay tuned for that that’s it for this video thanks for watching and this is where I leave you by saying this is Frankie tech signing off have a good one.

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