CRAZY 7,000 MAH BATTERY MIDRANGER! – Samsung Galaxy M51 Review (PHP 20k / US$ 400)

Published on February 13, 2021
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Hey what is up guys alex rivera here from tech inspected and today we’re reviewing the samsung galaxy m51 come on please unlock it hates oh there it is samsung galaxy m51 this is a mid-range device with a snapdragon 730 g and a full hd super amoled display so you get the always on display which is always appreciated in samsung phones um and you might ask what is so special about the m51 well one one thing is that it’s uh i believe online exclusive so you might not be able to find it offline and in southeast asia only generally so if you’re in the united states you might not be able to find it it’s priced at 19990 philippine pesos or about 400 us dollars now you might ask what else is what else is special about this phone well it’s got a big big big big battery 7 000 milliamp hours in this dude right here which surprisingly it’s not that big in terms of uh actual size and it’s slightly heavy but not that heavy uh it’s got 7 000 milliamps in here uh that’s almost twice as most phones it’s almost twice as my s10 for example so that’s crazy battery uh but they did compromise a little bit with the back it is a plastic bag but it’s not bad looking uh but yeah 20 000 pesos or sometimes you can get it cheaper so what is this is this a good phone let’s find out in our review before we get to that lcs please like comment and subscribe see you on the review [Music] all right so let’s talk about the specs of the m51 first it’s got the snapdragon 730 g processor a large 6.7 inch 2400 by 1080 super amoled display with infinity o cut out for the 32 megapixel front-facing camera it’s running android 10 with one ui it’s got eight gigs of ram yes eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of rom with the micro sd slot the aforementioned seven thousand milliamp hour battery with 25 watt fast charging and it’s got a side mounted fingerprint scanner all right so on the back you can see we have the white variant here there’s another i think slate gray variant and we have four cameras on the back 64 megapixel main camera 12 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixel macro and 5 megapixel depth sensor so in terms of camera this is a lot of camera for this phone and unfortunately this is a plastic bag and it’s sliding out of my display thing this is a plastic back in way in a way they’re trying to combat the heaviness of the 7000 milliamp hour battery by changing it into the patented samsung glass stick back i don’t know if you notice it though but it does have scratches now because it is plastic i’ll show you in just a bit but those are the specs of the m51 all right guys so here is the samsung galaxy m51 and i showed you the phone without any fingerprints but now we’re gonna put our grimy hands on it and it’s gonna have lots of fingerprints so that’s why i showed you the intro without fingerprints so uh this is a 6.7 inch full hd super amoled display it is a gorgeous display as most expected from samsung and it has a 7000mah battery which surprisingly doesn’t really show in terms of thickness it is somewhat thick but not thick and we got it in white and it might be hard to see this color i will try to lower the brightness later but here is the white variant there’s no like sort of pattern going on in the white it’s just basically like a pearl white we have four cameras in the back a 64 megapixel a 12 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixel macro and 5 megapixel depth sensor with an led flash it’s an attractive looking back at least the camera module is there’s a samsung logo right there and on the right side we have a power button with a volume rocker on the top of it or above it which is kind of weird because i’m used to power being up above it and the power button also doubles as a fingerprint scanner so uh th this sort of puts it on the right side which kind of gets a little iffy if you like to open your phone with your left hand i’ve signed it with my left middle finger and sometimes it’s hard to trigger with it so as you can see i’ve started the lockout but i assure you it works if you you know sort of contortionize your hand in a proper way anyway on top we have a noise cancellation microphone the left side we have the sim tray dual sim 4g with the third slot for microsd so it is a triple slot great for value you don’t have to do the hybrid sim problem and on the bottom we have headphone jack 3.8 usb type-c charging and data transfer port microphone and speaker it does not have a stereo speaker pair it has just has the bottom firing speaker all right so let’s briefly touch on the display here we have a 6.7 inch on the galaxy m51 there’s as compared to 6.4 inches from the s my s10 plus and you can see that it looks like a flagship display even though this is 1080p this is qhd over here and the bezels are relatively small though it is a flat display and it is a 60hz display and it doesn’t have the fingerprint scanner on the display it has the fingerprint scanner on the side here plus you get the always on display either way i think it looks like a premium device the display makes it look like a premium device so props for that before we move on i want to give attention to the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack of force this is getting rare these days with most smartphones but also this supports microphone in for vlogging so if you’re a vlogger you just plug in a headset and you can use that as an external microphone for vlogging which is always a great thing for samsung phones okay now this is extremely hard to show on camera given that we have a extremely white phone but you can see that the plastic bag has many many scratches now especially on this bottom part where you put it on table for example obviously the camera module sort of sticks out so it sort of prevents any scratching on top here but on the bottom area since this is a glastic back you can see that it’s got many many scratches there unfortunately this makes this phone prone to scratches so you got to do something about that by putting it in a case or you know not caring about the scratches in any way but as you can see not only is it a fingerprint magnet it’s a scratch magnet as well a bit unfortunate but it goes with the territory of having the plastic back and the large battery all right guys so here is the user interface of the samsung galaxy m51 and it’s running android 10 with one ui i believe one ui 2.5 this is an excellent rom i this is uh samsung’s roms from the one ui 1.0 up towards you know 2.5 3.0 it’s completely excellent extremely excellent as you can see i’m loading all these apps from scratch no none from memory and this ui is just buttery buttery smooth now it could you could complain that it’s only 60 hertz because the display is only 60 hertz but in this mid-range segment of course you don’t get a lot of high refresh rate displays yes there’s may there may be a few outliers out there in the china brands and whatnot but as far as you know big brands are concerned you know south korean brands or american brands you’re not going to get 90 hertz or 120 hertz and for 20 000 pesos i think this is an excellent excellent display an excellent ui with eight gigs of ram there’s little to complain about in terms of multitasking performance and uh swapping between apps there’s not a lot of problems there okay so here are screenshots of the first boot as you can see there’s no blower here and it only has possibly lazada netflix spotify which you normally install anyway but you can uninstall them if you want and it also has microsoft apps which you can also uninstall and some samsung apps uh you could say that is technically bloatware free though some uh signups or policy notices you have to uncheck the marketing material so that you have you opt out of some of the ads that samsung does serve so technically it is almost blower free pretty much 98 bloatware free and then you have to opt out of some ads but very clean rum either way all right so quickly the performance of this guy with the snapdragon 730 g and eight gigs of ram this is a 6 gig version but the one that is available for 20 000 pesos is or 400 us dollars is the 8 gig ram variant and i have no complaints with the user interface performance of this switching apps is basically a dawdle to this processor and this rom this ram so no problem there now 730g gaming though uh it’s very good but the 730g is not the newest processor in the world it is in fact about one and a half two years old one year maybe if you’re generous but processor is good eight gigs of ram is good gaming performance is quite good as well we did test this on 14 games and it ran really really well on your video on your screen right now are some of the games we tested we tested it on pubg high frame rate almost constant 40 fps very smooth uh play gameplay on wild drift and mobile legends uh certain super demanding games like genji impact or shadowrun legends or marvel future fight will lower the frame rate but for the most part all of your esports type titles will run at the best frame rates that they can at 60 frames per second pubg hfr for the fps nothing above 60 fps because the display is only 60 hertz but for the most part gaming is very enjoyable on this it’s not its forte but it can still game like with the rest of them as long as it’s only 60 hertz and it’s as long as it’s the eight sports games like mobile legends or league of legends wild rift and pubg mobile no problem all right so here is the camera module of the galaxy m51 and it is pretty standard samsung fare camera module uh and i’ve stashed all the other bits over here it can do macro live focus slow motion blah blah blah but it does not shoot 4k 60 or 1080p 60 it shows 4k but it doesn’t shoot 60 fps of that variant it’s probably because of the snapdragon 730g not being able to process frames at 60fps though slow motion and super slow motion is available on the app now the galaxy m51 has one of the best cameras i’ve seen in this price point it has four sensors uh 64 megapixel main 12 megapixel ultrawide 5 megapixel macro not so useful in my opinion but it’s still better than other macro sensors out there and 5 megapixel depth which sort of helps but i don’t use portrait mode that often but portrait mode looks good too now images from the main 64 megapixels are surprisingly surprisingly capable of competing against the galaxy s10 plus if i had to decide it i think the s10 plus is slightly better in the main camera and also video of course but the m51 is hugely better on the ultra wide camera crazy even in low light night mode shots seem to be better on the m51 [Music] so [Music] [Music] i’ll show you a few pictures of comparison between the s10 plus and the m51 and you can clearly see that the m51 really holds its own and maybe even beats the s 10 plus which is kind of crazy i know [Music] okay finally we’re talking about the battery life of the galaxy m51 and of course it’s gonna last a long long time because it has a seven thousand milliamp hour battery there’s no crazy you know battery draw here the 730g is very very optimized and very efficient uh so it doesn’t use a lot of battery and for me it lasts about two and a half days or maybe three days uh screen on time is about nine hours uh generally you know eight to ten hours screen on time that’s basically two days uh depending on your usage depending on how powerful you need the device and you can see that it does have battery saving as well and you can see right here at uh how percent 51 we have one day and one hour left based on battery estimates so yeah screen on time about nine hours so crazy battery on the m51 now even though the phone has a 7 000 milliamp hour battery the phone isn’t heavy at all it’s heavier than other phones but it’s not extremely heavy it’s heavier than my s10 plus for example but it doesn’t feel like it has a 7 000 milliamp hour battery inside now keep in mind 7000 milliamps is like a tablet sized battery inside here but it’s housed in this small casing and let’s compare the thickness with my s10 plus there you go it’s not that much thicker maybe one or two millimeters thicker um but of course the reason why it is able to hold that 7000mah battery is the plastic or glass stick back as you can hear right there it has 25 watt wired charging i wasn’t able to test the charging speeds because they didn’t give me a charger in the review package but 25 watts you know if you do the math you’ll find out that maybe it takes a little time at 25 watts to charge the 7000 milliamp hours but thankfully you have 7000 milliamps to play around with and you generally don’t charge as often as you would normally with for example my s10 plus i just want to point out that yeah what did you expect it has a seven thousand milliampere battery this thing is a beast and it doesn’t look like it has a big battery it’s great because you can surprise your friends and tell your friends that at the end of the day you still have half the battery on your phone and it doesn’t look any bigger or small or or heavier than their phones but yours still takes great photos has an amazing display and still has half the battery at the end of your first day you know maybe on a road trip eventually once we are able to go on a road trip again anyway that’s the m51 what do you think i’ll do your conclusions in just a bit so what do we really think about the samsung galaxy m51 well i think it’s a great phone our overall score is 8.6 out of 10 and i think that sits it at a great point in the market 20 000 pesos are about 400 us dollars you can probably get it lower if you get for go for like a sale or use some vouchers or something like that great battery life sometimes it lasts a week for me because it’s pandemic time you don’t do a lot the cameras are surprisingly good even though they don’t do like 60 fps and the display is great it’s a great device to last you a while now the plastic back is kind of you know a little bit sad but you can get you know past that by getting a case or just not caring about the scratches on the back of your phone twenty thousand pesos now uh you might consider something like a chinese brand with the snapdragon 865 because it is a four you can get snapdragon 865 for 20 000 pesos but typically those brands have bloatware have ads that you can’t disable because apparently customers you know don’t have a choice when it comes to that but samsung has no bloatware has an extremely beautiful one ui and it’s not that expensive uh now the snapdragon 730 g is not the newest processor in the world so unfortunately not the best at gaming but as you have seen in our gaming test it can handle itself quite well 20 000 pesos score is 8.6 i think it deserves that quite nicely so great phone check it out at lazada or shoppi i got a link for you if you want to buy it there so i’ll see you guys next time for another review and thanks for watching like comment and subscribe if you enjoyed this video.
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