Elephone PX – Cheapest Pop-Up Camera Phone! Unboxing And Review

Published on February 11, 2020
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Hey guys what’s going on so I am back again with another smartphone unboxing and review finally and this is something that I’ve been really excited for this is DLF own px this is a full display phone no not no whole it has a pop up camera for around $100 so this makes it the cheapest phone with a pop up camera that you can buy and the specs we get aren’t too bad so as you can see our specs are right here not bad at all our and it’s a box this alright so we get a nice little presentation so this is called an knowmia purple and actually like this color very much black and purple this is one of my favorite combinations I can’t tell if this is a glass or plastic alright so it feels really top heavy for some reason alright so in the box we have a nice silicone case our sim ejector tool power brick and power cable and this is a USBC so that’s very nice alright it’s powered on we got a nice little vibration there is our pop up camera very well distinguished alright look at that we have a nice full display over here slight chin not a big deal though phone looks gorgeous so I’m gonna set this up and get back to you okay so here is our phone first impressions the screen actually looks pretty nice you wouldn’t even be able to tell if this is an old ad or an LCD by first glance because it’s that good elephant does make some good stuff that’s for sure I mean I wish it was faster they could have added a Hilo piece 60 and not make it that much more expensive you know the Hilo p23 it’s also pretty decent but it is you know it’s not the fastest for daily use so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do what we always do Big D animations faster alright so as you can see that’s way better I mean what do you do like there are some framerate drops but I don’t know if you can see those framerate drops but I mean I wouldn’t complain for the money alright since this is a pop-up camera let’s see I don’t know if you heard that but there was like a bit of it was targeting for a second they started again oh it works it was struggling for the first time that was weird okay it kind of scared me wonder if it has free fall detection nope no free fall detection and the whole thing is plastic so I don’t know know if you wanna push it down too much I’m just gonna it is slow and I don’t know what will happen if I push it too hard too hard and I’m not gonna try that today alright I did set up my fingerprint so let’s see how that is uh-huh let’s write it again three two one three two one okay it spilled the first time let’s read it again three two one nothing for you – one for you to want all right so it’s not the fastest not the most reliable but it works so I’m not gonna criticize it too much all right let’s go and download some games we’re gonna download knife it I’m not gonna download something like a pub G because we already we already tested pub Gianna on this chipset so and if you want to know it’s gonna run decent so put it on the lowest graphics for the best performance yeah let’s open knife it ok I I just love the way the screen looks alright actually not bad alright actually let’s try wind rider so it’s actually pretty pleasant phone to use I’m actually considering using this as my main device only problem is that battery size I don’t know if it’s gonna suffice but we’re gonna see ok if you don’t know what this game is it’s it’s like a mix between a and arcade game in something like pub G because it is pretty graphic intensive but it is considered in our K game based on the premise of the game and as you can see it does lag so so this phone is not OK now not yet wait actually is running pretty good actually ok so playing the game just fine not the fastest I’ve seen like this game is capable of 60 maybe even more than FPS but it performs pretty well so if you want to get this one for light gaming medium to light gaming it’s gonna be just fine oh sorry YouTube now [Music] the speaker isn’t allowed us to have a single firing speaker on the bottom no dual speakers even though the grill is pretty long what I like about the speaker is that it’s not tinny it’s not low-quality there’s no distortion it just works like it’s supposed to so the speaker is actually really nice alright next up the camera it’s these are I just love this pop-up alright first selfie all right time to go outside you okay this is 1080p video on the elephone px rear-facing camera it comes preset to 720p so I said it to 1080p and first impressions I’m having some framerate issues video looks really jittery and lagging maybe on the PC look better let’s surround 720p cuz it looked better around 720p for a second in the preview hold on alright this is 720p and actually maybe it’s work slightly better I don’t know the video here isn’t really that good even though I wanted to be good so bad but unfortunately it isn’t I mean I guess it’s decent but I mean the video unknown like it would I don’t know if you film a lot of videos with your phone than this I guess this isn’t really a good choice you could try a third-party video app or photo app maybe it’ll change some things but this doesn’t look that good alright this is video on the front-facing camera under elephone px and the video already looks way better Chinese phone manufacturers why do you do this why’d you make the front-facing camera way better in video but the rear facing camera sucks ass why do you do it because the based on my impressions right now the video looks way better than the rear so I mean why do phone companies do them I did one purpose or what cuz I don’t know if it’s just me but the video quality looks way better on the front we have rather than on the back so for selfie video I mean I’m only gonna stab it of Boquete in the background either way if most of your video is selfie video if you wanna vlog then sure I guess this is gonna be just fine for around $100 you okay so I guess that’s pretty much it I did test the conning just now and that the earpiece works just fine I think it’s slightly quieter than average so you might have a hard time hearing phone calls in public don’t don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad earpiece but I have heard louder so anyway should you get this phone and I’m gonna say yes you can’t get this phone for around 115 dollars it might be even cheaper today I’m dummy downsize of course is the build quality I mean this is know don’t get me wrong this is like a a pretty premium viewing device it feels heavy you can’t tell this is plastic at first glance I mean when you hold it for the first time and it is cool that we get this full display design with a pop up camera for that cheap two main downsides are is the audio I mean the speakers both the top and bottom it’s not a deal-breaker because when you’re sitting at home it’s relatively quiet you’re gonna hear it just fine worst case you can just get a wireless ear pods or whatever the second downside would be the chipset I mean it is a pretty decent chipset I mean the phone runs it doesn’t lag it just slower then suffering like a p60 but for most people it’s gonna be fine I mean this is a budget phone after all but if you want an overall better phone than I or command that you made dgx this is around 150 bucks and for that we get a middle in glass design and AMOLED display and display fingerprint sensor better speakers and a Hilo p60 and enemy Demi tell you guys this chipset is really fast it is really fast the only downside with this chipset is the phone does stutter it does freeze from time to time but other than that it is it is good it is great but if I want a cheaper phone then you won’t be disappointed with this as long as you’re not used to something like flagship phone around the throne $1000 so remember this is a budget phone so of course there are gonna be compromises but as an overall device to use daily I’d say it’s perfectly fine I don’t know about longevity so I can’t promise you to last for years and years but for now based on how I used it today I mean it’s perfectly fine now I just wish the battery was a bit bigger but I started a video at around 40% and now it’s pretty 1% so the battery doesn’t drain that fast and that is thanks to our power efficient Helio P 23 so yes he should get this phone if you’re looking for something about earned $100 the hungered hungered ten hundred fifteen we heard that price I’d say the phone is worth it so thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video peace.
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