First phone review: Sony Xperia 5 II

Published on February 8, 2021
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Welcome back to this channel i haven’t put any videos to this channel for a month now i have just been really lazy in this January and i have been focusing to the school and other things that are that are also important but now it’s again time to make more videos to this channel and i hope that i can make more content for YouTube i was going to do an unboxing video about my new phone but the unboxing itself went really bad and i really want to make good unboxing at the first time and not open and close the box again and then it will just be fake i want the surprise be real but i’m still going to review my new phone and then my new phone is this Sony xperia 5 mark ii and it has filled all my needs that i could ask for a phone at least for now and i believe that this phone will be really good for next to 3 years so let’s get to the review itself let’s talk first about the design of the Sony xperia 5 mark ii the phone is a little bit narrower to its screen ratio i believe it was 21 by 10. if i remember very correctly i put the real information it’s really nice that it’s narrower than other phones it fits really good for my small hand and yeah it ain’t that large this phone is considered as compact nowadays it’s only six one six point one inches and it ended large i think the normal in 2020 and now it’s 21 but still it’s about six and a half inches and i think this is the best size for a phone at least for a day driver back of the phone is glass it’s red really glossy it’s weird that ain’t matte and i think that the matte surface back plate is the thing now for the premium bones and this phone is a premium [Music] premium device back panel i think is the worst thing about this phone because it’s glossy and it really takes fingerprints on it [Music] it looks really bad i wish that they would have go went with the matte finish to the back planet panel but this is also a phone that you really need to use a phone case with and i have always been using a phone case with this phone because the phone is really really slippery without a phone case because of the glossy pack panels it slides in every surface and you could easily break the phone because of the slidiness if that’s a word i think so xperia 5 mark 2 has four buttons on the side there is a volume rocker on the top it has fingerprint scanner on the right side of the phone and it’s also a physical button that you can open your screen and close it by just pressing then it has google assistant button under the fingerprint screen scanner i think that that is really unnecessary at least in finland because the google assistant doesn’t know been finished language really well but it still has it i haven’t ever pre pressed it press it by accident i have only press it if i want to use it for one reason or another for a trying and for the left and then there is one more button under the google assistant button and that will be camera shooter button and it it feels like real camera shooter button it has two positions in halfway and at the bottom of the press it feels like a real camera shooter and you can easily open your camera with it just press it even though the phone is locked you can take pictures with it and that’s really nice thing to have if you have to take your phone quickly and take a picture if there is some kind of nice car or something you might need to have a quick access for your camera but only thing is that it doesn’t use the Sony’s own camera program when you press the shooter button it takes the basic camera program that is on that phone the specs of this phone it this has 4 000 milliamp hour battery snapdragon 865 and the Arduino 650 is it can remember i will put it on the screen the real information [Music] it has three main cameras on the back side one ultra wide the normal camera and one telephoto lens and that’s really nice that you can have all the three lenses that really matters with the photographing and not any macro cameras that only sucks at least almost every macro camera let’s see what 21 years comes with if there’s going to be any good macro cameras and yeah and then the phone has front camera of course that you can take selfies with it i think that the front camera is really isn’t that good as the other cameras of this phone it only records in full hd resolution and the other cameras can take the 4k resolution video the phone has notification light in the right corner of the phone in the right top corner of the phone and that’s also a thing that i really like to have on my phone and i think that most of the phones doesn’t have the notification led on them the phone has ip68 rating it can be underwater in one and a half meters and that’s a really good thing to have in a phone at least in this price point chat you that you still pay a fortune and of course the phone has usbc charging port [Music] and and this phone has really big advantage to the other phones at least in the high price point and it will be 3.5 millimetre headphone jack [Music] you don’t see these bad boys in modern phones anymore about headphone jacks that somebody says that you don’t need those anymore nowadays everyone has Bluetooth well my serial system is from the 90s and i really need the aux cable to listen to music from my phone if i cook or do something else and want to listen for music the main reasons that i went with this phone was that it has good cameras ip68 rating well of course the usbc it has a good chipset and what else and a headphone jack i don’t know is there anything else and of course it’s really good and the song is really good phone maker it has really stepped its game at least in 2020 uh in the 21 they announced the xperia pro and i don’t really i don’t like the phone i think it’s too expensive and the price point is really much the biggest part of the sony phones they are really expensive i think the asking price at least in the start for this phone was [Music] 899 euros and that’s really big money for a smartphone because you can get the oneplus 8 te that has almost the same specs for 300 euros less can you really make a point why you should pay 300 euros more for for better camera and ip 68 rating and a headphone jack but yeah but i’ve i bought this phone from the black friday sales and i paid 670 euros for this phone and i think that that was a really good price for this phone for the extra 80 bucks that you could pay from a oneplus 8t you get the ip68 ip68 rating telephoto lens camera and a headphone jack and i think that is enough that you can make this yeah you know what i mean there is enough upgrades for the 80 to go with the sony with the 70 80 bucks more money the other options for me was for the sony vers well samsung galaxy s 20 fan edition oneplus 8t and then there was iphone 12 mini that i was really considering to buy but then i thought that i would have to buy all the chargers charges and things like that for iphone so the price would have been a lot lot higher at least 200 euros that it could make any kind of sense to buy it and i don’t think that’s a good deal but i went to the sony i have had really good memory release about my old sony xperia z2 phone i really like it like at the sad phone and i have really liked this phone and i have used this for two months now i just hope that this phone can take it for next two years this phone comes in really nice white box i think i have it here [Music] the pong comes in this kind of white box that looks really premium [Music] looks really premium and it comes with a charging prick that isn’t obvious nowadays the new samsung s21 and the new iphone doesn’t come with the charging brick they only come with the cable and i don’t think that’s that is nice but maybe everyone follows apple i can and do the same as apple does at least sunny sony have made some their own decision about what they think that is good and what ain’t and now i will say for this point that the phone doesn’t have wireless charging and that is also a pretty bad thing for the phone of this price point but yeah the wireless charging isn’t that big thing at least not yet but in the future i think that it will be bigger thing because every car will have one and everyone will have a wireless charging at their house in the future not right now but the future but let’s go let’s get to the other things of this phone this phone is really strong because of the 865 snapdragon and it can handle everything that you throw at it and believe it or not i have enjoyed playing phone games with this phone i have played some call of duty on this and the game comes pre-installed in this phone and i think that was really weird but i think that the sony wants to promote the benefits of the 120 hertz screen of this phone and yeah this phone has 120 hertz screen there is two options on the screen it’s 60 hertz or it’s 120 hertz there isn’t any middle crown i think it would be really nice that you could use like 90 hertz because then you could get a little bit better battery battery life for your phone but the battery life is still pretty good i have had at least four one day battery when i’m using heavily this phone and when i use heavily this phone i mean i watch youtube i scroll the online medias and social medias and then i play the call of duty and take pictures and videos i haven’t had any kind of problems with the battery life and with the low usage of phone i have had over three years three years i mean three days of battery battery life with only one charging i think my record is three and a half days with a small usage of a phone there is sony’s own programs on these phones see cinema pro and photo pro and they are sony’s own [Music] own programs and they are so they are on it they are the orange camera and a yellow camera on the screen and they are really nice it’s really similar like let’s go to the photo pro the system looks really almost the same as in the in a real sony camera you can not just the lightning and face tracking and things like that that sony uh a serious camera uses it has really similar interface on it and if you and this is really easy to use if you have used sony cameras and then there is a cinema pro app that looks pretty much the same as the sony cameras you have almost every same every same thing is that then in a real sony camera in the sim pro and photo pro but i think that’s have been stayed already these are really good they say your phone every angle and if it’s straight or not the bad thing is about this is that you cannot change the lens while you’re recording a video and i think that is pretty pretty bad but you can really take professional trade videos with this and professional create photos with this and i think that is really nice to have with the phone and i think that the biggest user base of this phone is camera people that needs to have a secondary camera always with them and i think that that this is a perfect choice then the bad thing about cinema pro and photo pro also is that it doesn’t work with the selfie camera you can only use the normal camera app for the sale of phase and i don’t think that is nice and it’s a selfie camera of this phone isn’t that nice [Music] but i think it’s still good enough for most of the users but it’s pretty sad that it can cannot record 4k that would have been really nice but you cannot have everything sony has its own game enhancer program that you can block your notification and calls and things like that while you’re playing if you’re a hot mobile gamer you can use it and you can also use the game and enhancer for screen recording and that is my biggest use of case of the game enhancer you just need to manually manually have permission for broke programs that you can use the game enhancer that is pretty clumsy but it works i can manage with that the phone comes with the android 10 and it hasn’t yet get the android 11 upgrade for the interface and i don’t know [Music] the 10 has been good and i think that the 11 android 11 will come soon and then i think that this phone will be even better phone than it’s now but it’s already a really good phone and i don’t need do i really need the android 11 of course because i’m a tech nerd i want it but i don’t know do i really need it the sony phone has good stereo speakers in it i think they’re really nice and you should really put both the dynamic sound on on your sony phone if you have this because the sound is really much better from the speakers itself when you use the dynamic sound mode on [Music] i don’t put any test because you can you cannot really hear it hear it from the video about i just say that the phone comes with 128 gigs of memory and 8 gigabits of ram [Music] and that is more than enough for at least for me and for my use of case of use or use case or what it is i don’t know but at least for my use it’s it up [Music] and hmm the pros and cons of this phone the pros are a really good camera the main cameras are really good headphone jack the chipset is really good [Music] and the design compact design of the phone is really good and the cons are there is no wireless charging there is no 4k rig video recording on the selfie camera the classic class panel and the high price they are the cons and by the cons i mean they are the bad things and the pros are that they the good things if you didn’t know what i mean by the pros and cons but yeah i think there isn’t that’s much to say about this phone anymore [Music] this phone is so buy this phone if you can find it on sale don’t buy the full price of this phone but unless you really need to have this phone for photographing or something like that and yeah i will give this phone 8 and a half out of 10. a really good phone and there i think there wasn’t really really much any better phones while i was buying my new daily driver i think that’s enough for this video and butter subscribe for this channel if you haven’t [Music] and yeah see you in the next one bye.
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