Foldable Moto RAZR Unboxing & Second Thoughts!

Published on February 11, 2020
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Hey what’s up guys I’m Kip EHD here and welcome to a first retail unboxing and second look at the 2020 Motorola RAZR so they’re folding phone is finally out and starting to ship to buyers and this is the unboxing experience that anyone who pays that $1500 will eventually get so this is it this is the Motorola RAZR now as a refresher we first got a look at this guy a couple months ago and it was first revealed and I did that hands-on video in the world’s worst hands-on area good times it got delayed a little bit now 2020 and we’ve gotten to the official launch date and they’re trickling out into stores and starting to ship them so now that it’s in hand and now that the shiny new factor has worn off a little bit I can’t help but wonder and maybe it’s cuz I’m not as nostalgic but is this phone or is this form factor even a good idea to begin with so here’s a refresher we have a 6.2 inch plastic OLED display a little taller than 1080p so it’s 21 42 by 876 with that 21 by 9 aspect ratio snapdragon 710 processor 6 3 bytes of ram 128 gigs of storage and one very satisfying hinge so yeah it’s a folding phone in case I haven’t mentioned that yet and holding this thing in the hand again I’m reminded how thin this phone really is and how complex the hinge mechanism is I mean we knew it was complex but it’s really very unique and generally ends up giving you less of a crease then say the galaxy fold because of the way the display bends down into the frame and then unfolds and stretches which is really smart Ben’s taught over the middle keeps it flat but also there’s a moment during the folding process where you can see like straight through behind the back of the display which is potentially interesting for durability we’ll have to keep an eye on that and of course tune in to the inevitable jerryrigeverything test also one handedness is something I always talk about in smartphones as they get bigger and bigger and with this one it’s a multi-part answer so when it’s open I think it’s perfectly one handable so you can reach the corners you can get down to the bottom of the display it’s not super uncomfortable now it is a bit different than normal because you have a hinge in the middle and you can feel it and there’s all sorts of ridges and bumps along the sides in the back while you’re holding it so it does feel different from a normal phone but you can still reach what you need to thanks to the narrower aspect ratio it’s not too bad but then I absolutely cannot open the phone with one hand or at least I wouldn’t want to like this in everyday life maybe it’s the shape of my finger I don’t know what it is but that means every time I want to open the phone or at least get past that outside screen you need to have two hands-free I don’t know if that’s gonna get annoying yet but that’s just the truth for me right now which brings me to just my general overlying question which is of all the ways to do a folding phone is this way the 6.2 inch screen but folds in half to be more pocketable is this the best way to do it like I know not everyone can say this but I can already fit a phone around 6.2 inches in my pocket just fine but even if you can’t at the moment the choice is between getting a phone that folds in half versus just getting a slightly smaller phone I think I would rather have a fold to enable putting something in my pocket that I couldn’t before like a 7 inch or an 8 inch screen like an iPad Mini like a small tablet size this to me is just a normal size phone getting even smaller which is more pocketable sure but but this is the razor and so it’s got to look like the iconic razor in fact that’s basically what Motorola told me is they first picked the iconic razor design and then went to engineering to try to figure out what they could fit in this crazy thin form factor in order to achieve this razor not the other way around so that’s why we have this crazy cool thin design but also while we have some of the crazy specs and the weird compromises that’s why the battery cells are split into two parts to keep the weight of this foot phone fairly even not too top-heavy not too bottom heavy and then this thinness means you’re combining those two cells for a total a total of just over 2,500 million powers that’s very small it’s also why the buttons are so thin you know the power and volume buttons on one side they can’t be much thicker than they are or they wouldn’t fit on the phone and this design is why you ended up with the chin the original razor had the iconic chin and the curved gently to that chin so that you could flip it out and it was natural-looking so this new razor also has that curve and it puts as many of the electronics as it can in that chin like the display drivers the fingerprint reader and the downward facing speaker and this one also maxes out at 15 watts charging which normally isn’t considered really fast but then again the battery is so small that that’s actually debatable no wireless charging too thin for that no SIM card only e SIM and no expandable storage no dust or water resistance I mean don’t get me wrong it’s definitely still an impressive phone the folding display mechanism is this wild engineering that you’ve ended up with to have less of a crease but you know there’s two sides of every coin but you know what the real question is does it end the call when you slam it shut and I guess there’s only one way to find out is to connect them and just end the call and it does so I I mean I guess that’s worth it I don’t know it’s 1500 bucks there really is only one way to find out if it’s worth or not and that is to use it so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna daily drive the razor I’m gonna use this as my phone for a while if you want to follow along with how this goes that’ll be over on Twitter so that’ll be updates on things like battery life how well durability ends up being camera quality and probably just some rants sprinkled in there but more importantly let me know in the comments what you want to see in the full review I know scene that just did a robot folding and unfolding it thousands of times I won’t be doing that also because we didn’t really see that actually demonstrate the durability of the galaxy fold so I don’t see why I would work on other folding phones but what else do you want to see actually talked about maybe its battery life maybe its camera quality maybe it’s the ratio between using that outside display for notification management versus the inside screen all of that I’m curious for comments and we’ll get to that pretty soon catch you guys in the next video thanks for watching see you soon.
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