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Published on December 26, 2019
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This is the gab z1 phone which comes from gab wireless gab Wireless is a company which started off on kick-started starter and the whole goal was to create a phone which was safe for kids so that they didn’t get into social media and get pictures sent to them and all those sorts of things so the special thing about this phone is it has absolutely no way to connect to the internet it doesn’t have mobile data it doesn’t have Wi-Fi you can’t connect via the USB port there’s absolutely no way to add any apps to this phone and so it comes with a very limited number of apps which is exactly what some parents would like for children depending on their ages could be anywhere from 8 to 15 who knows so the gap Wireless phone it retails for around $99 plus tax sometimes it’s on sale sometimes there’s a discount and it comes in this box which has a few details on the back as far as the processor in the screen so this is about a 5 inch screen the resolution is 480 by 854 so that would be like kind of semi high definition that’s called fw vga plus it has 2 gigs of ram to run whatever apps it has which is a small number and then it has 16 gigs to store photos and videos and audio recordings it has a removable battery and it has a camera on the front 5 megapixel 2 megapixels on the I’m sorry 5 megapixels on the rear and 2 megapixels on the front so let’s take a look once you have the phone in hand all you need to do is put the battery in turn it on the power switch is just here you hold it in for about two seconds little red indicator light will come on and it’ll buzz and then it’ll start up so this background here this is one that I selected if you just hold on the screen here then you can go to wallpapers and you can see there’s several different wallpapers there’s like the original gab wallpaper that’s on there but I kind of like this one because it’s a nice nature scene and so I set that for my home and lock screen there’s also a few widgets here I haven’t turned down any of the widgets but you could like put the digital clock right on the desktop something like that which might look nice depending on what you like to do but let’s talk about the apps that are available on the phone and a couple other features first of all there’s the phone dialer so this is just a regular phone dialer it’s got my name in there and my wife’s name in there so if I want to call my phone there’s my number I’m calling and the network it’s using is actually the verizon network and so if you have good verizon service and you can see my watches ring in there gab phone is ringing if you have good Verizon service then this phone should work fine it may work with other services too this phone is known as the gab z1 but the model number is the z5 v 9 DL which is marked in several different places I think it might be on the box here even it’s not on the box but it’s not like on the back on the inside it’s marked in several places and this is the same foam that is sold as a tracfone under the name the ZTE Blade t2 or the blade t2 light so if you’re looking for other reviews on this phone that would be the place to go so there’s just a regular dialer and this phone can dial anybody I believe us only but it that’s a nice feature that it can dial anybody so if you want a phone so it’s not a flip phone but it can dial anybody there you go master gene it can do just regular messaging and that’s SMS messaging it cannot send photos so if you attempt to send a photo it will not work so if we go to my thread and we can just type in a little high and then we could add emojis and send and so you’ll see there’s no way to attach a file I don’t think this audio button does anything so that’s been disabled so you can send a text and I can see on my watch that the text is coming through so you can text with it so basically this phone allows you to text whoever you want you can call whoever you want let’s see I’m not sure why I have the file manager down here on the home screen but just like other apps you can just drag them and you can remove them or you can put them in a folder there’s a camera and again the camera as I mentioned before is five megapixels on the back and two megapixels on the front so if we go to the camera and I will flip it around so you can see me recording yeah I can see my ceiling hello you see me so it has just very basic features it only has two choices here selfie or video for the selfie mode but there are some like filters so you can choose from any of these filters as you’re taking a photo just go and go back to normal and then there there’s some basic features in here since it’s a too much megapixel front camera you can set it for one megapixel or 0.3 megapixels it does have smile detection mirror image geo-tagging so this phone does seem to have GPS but the only thing that it seems to be used for is for the geo-tagging of the photos and you need to turn on location services as far as the video goes we can record a video real quick OOP so recording video one feature I do like from recording the video is that it does have a pause button which of course on a video cam you don’t necessarily have it creates a separate file so I kind of like that this camera from the little I played with it you need pretty highlight so outdoors sunny day probably fine but low light it’s not going to give you a great great picture because I think it adjusts the shutter speed based on the brightness let’s see if we go to the front camera I’m sorry the rear camera of course the phones facing down right now but you can see that there’s an HDR setting I’ve been played with that very much and there’s also a flash and we can see the flash if we flip flip the phone over well apparently I just took a picture so the the phone has a flash let me see if I can zoom in on that so there’s the camera camera module that’s the 5 megapixel camera module and the flash and/or flashlight so that was one of the features I was gonna mention later that you have a flashlight right there which of course it’s kind of nice to always have a flashlight on you apparently focus lock a few features like that in here got it got it expose your lock so you’d be able to play with the cameras more if you want more information in the camera that would probably be a separate video there is a panorama mode which again you want highlight for the panorama and you don’t want a lot to be moving around so as far as the foam for my sons who are 9 and 12 it has a camera it has a voice recorder we can open the voice recorder you can record your voice hello I’m recording on the voice recorder and that’s pretty cool and you can name the file and it can play back just by tapping on it so that’s kind nice too if you and when I was a kid we had Duke I have a tape recorder to record audio so and we had a hair separate camera if we wanted to take pictures and the phone of course had to be plugged into the wall so if you if you think back this this has already got more features than most people would imagine 30 or 40 years ago let’s see so we can look at our videos we can go to settings we’ve already looked at phone and messages the music this app does not work and apparently they have gab has tried to remove the app but then I don’t know if I accidentally turn the app back on if you delete the app I think it could be deleted but if you do a factory read a tree appears so this is one of the things that still probably Gavin needs to work on to get that out of there either that or allow a way for mp3s to be installed on the phone but there is no way to do that you can plug the phone into a computer but it acts as a digital camera and it only allows you to read files from the phone to the computer so if your phone this phone fills up with pictures and videos and audio files you can of course copy them onto a computer but then you can’t transfer them in the opposite direction so I attempted this and there’s no way to load the pictures on there ok what else do we have in here so FM radio is a thing that my son was most excited about when he played with the phone yesterday but what you do have to do to get the FM radio radio to work just like with any phone is you have to plug in a set of headphones or earbuds whatever because it uses the cord basic basically as the antenna or the aerial so now that I’ve got that plugged in I can tap on FM radio and let’s see if I can turn it up the volume control rockers over here and it probably gets a tad overly loud right now I think I have yeah I have a audio coming out of the speakers but you can switch it to the speaker’s that are on the device but the truck tonight there yeah and we don’t necessarily want to listen to the commercial and their basic features in here one of the features I do like is that if you go up here to the three dots and then you go to all channels I already programmed the channels in but the way you program the channels for the radio it’s pretty simple you just click on scan and it’ll scan every channel that the phone can receive and as of scanning it’ll add those to that list of channels the ones that you favorited it will keep those but it will delete any other ones that and so you’ll see these are the three that I starred it did get rid of the little name I’d put on them though now gab has told us that the FM radio can be deleted but then you need a factory reset to restore it so I haven’t attempted deleting it the one reason I’m thinking about deleting it is because of course if you’re looking for a device where you’re minimizing the objectionable content you know there’s certain radio stations that do have some objectionable okay uncheck Noble content so you might want to consider whether or not to keep the radio app on there and especially if you were going to have a child use this phone you would want to think about do you want that even to be on there when they open the phone for the first time so that’s quite a consideration I think I’m still wavering between whether I want to leave that on there or not contacts of course just basic context the clock has the features you would hope to have on a clock so it does have alarm clock so it could be used to remind somebody to you know go do something I know on my phone I have seven or eight alarms every day just to remind me of various stuff there’s a timer where’s our start timer well we got to set the timer so let’s do a ten-second timer there’s a stopwatch and apparently we can do lap on the stopwatch there’s the timer have it add one minute on their lap lap lap lap lap ok that’s kind of nice currently we can use it for a screensaver and we have a few settings in there as well and it looks like we pretty much exhausted everything we have a calculator or the calculator go okay so the calculator 50 plus 60 so it looks like a basic four function calculator but actually if you push over from this side it does have a few other features so we’ve got triggered trigonometric features and the PI key and the e key parentheses I wouldn’t call this a scientific calculator when I looked at the app information and you can look at the app of information just by holding down by holding down on the the app and then you can go to app info I don’t remember where it was exactly but it said that this is this is an app from actually the 90s when it was built I don’t I don’t know where it is that I found the information on that it’s in there somewhere anyway let’s go back so you’ll notice there are a few things that you’d be like hmm this phone seems to be missing a few things like it doesn’t have a notepad so there’s no way to take notes now you could I suppose write something into a text message and I don’t know can you text yourself so I guess that would be one way I mean you could text to a friend the note that you wanted but there’s no notepad in here so that’s kind of strange there’s also not a compass so if there’s location services it would make sense that there’s a compass on we’re or at least so you can get your GPS you do have the flashlight so I mentioned that earlier that’s pretty easy you can turn it on airplane mode so you’re not getting calls and it does have bluetooth so the Bluetooth is kind of cool I didn’t expect the Bluetooth to be on there because since it doesn’t have Wi-Fi but the bluetooth is enabled you can wirelessly hook up to a Bluetooth speaker let’s see if I can get into the settings there we go so I paired it with one speaker and it worked just fine I haven’t tested with other speakers but that’s okay feature now I did notice that I was not able to using the radio output the audio from the radio app to the Bluetooth speaker so I could only output the audio to the headphones or to the speakers that are inside the phone and there’s actually two speakers on the phone there’s one on the top and one I’m kind of the bottom back alright let’s see if there’s anything else we could go into the file manager or the photos to look at the photos and the file manager is kind of funny too because it says documents archives favorites downloads and apps and none of those as far as I can tell you can do anything with but you can go into your audio files your video files and your photos and then you can kind of look at the different photos and you can do screenshots so the screenshot you hold I think it’s the bottom of the volume rocker plus the power key at the same time let’s see if I can get it it’s always a little trick to take a screenshot yeah so the screenshot is the bottom of the volume rocker plus the power button I’m not sure exactly oh so right a couple of screenshots I took one shows just that apparently you can use not just the Verizon network but depending on if you have other out work networks available you might be able to use the AT&T; towers I don’t know what this 31 31 zero is meant to show you like in the setting some stuff but let me show you the other pictures for a second because there are in the photos you can do some editing most as a photo one of my sons took yesterday and he used some carp sort of filter on it apparently he took several pictures while I was theirs my younger son there’s a bad hair day for me there’s the panorama shot you’ll notice this panorama didn’t stitch all that well so you really have to do a careful job of it and this one worked a little bit better doesn’t look bad but then there’s also you can do editing on the photo and there’s various what you can do what you would expect as far as editing you can put on a filter you can crop it in different ways so it’s got all those things alright let’s let’s go up to last thing let’s look at is the the menu or the settings so settings again for the network I see if I can lighten this up a little bit darken this up there we go so for network settings you can just put it in airplane mode devices features so you can schedule the on/off time I don’t know how the on time works so I mean it must be in some sort of super low power mode I didn’t actually test that yet so I’m not sure how that works battery percentage and there are some power saving modes which I haven’t played with very much again you can change the wallpaper you can change the font size nightlight is like the blue filter so you can turn the blue filter and you can change the intensity of the blue filter so you have less blue light coming out of the screen it turns down all the blue sub pixels I’m gonna skip over a few of these and go down to system so system shows again this is the z 5 5 9 DL which gab calls the z1 which verizon calls the blade teacher light and you can go into your various system settings I did not find in any way any way that a kid could go into developer settings there didn’t seem to be anything like that so I think it’s fairly fairly unlikely that any kid is gonna be able to add anything to this any apps to this so again it has no Wi-Fi no mobile data the monthly charge on this is $20 a month plus tax so I think I was close to $22 a month if you go on the internet and log into the account you can see every call that’s made and every text that’s made but it doesn’t tell you what the text is it just tells you from where to where so from what number to what number and I think it was also showing incoming texts and incoming calls so you can even if you’re not with the phone like if a child has a phone or a young teenager then you can still see what calls are being made the website seems to update the next day though so if you want to see what calls are being made today I wasn’t able to see that so I’m guessing if I went on now I’d be able to see yesterday let’s see if you were to buy the same phone from from tracfone the main difference would be with the tracfone it would have data so that means that the kids would be possibly you know going on to some stuff that they that you don’t feel comfortable with as a parent they’d be adding apps and games and things so this phone just makes it a basic phone now it has like ten features which we went over but it’s it’s it’s a basic phone but it looks like a smart phone it is a smart phone it can technically the processor and the memory everything is capable of doing everything a smart phone can do but the apps are just what’s on there so this is the that’s the whole selection apps that’s that’s all that’s going to be there and again the music app doesn’t do anything so you can erase that one so that is the gap wireless phone my intention for this phone is I used to have a we have a Verizon SmartWatch so the SmartWatch is called like a gizmo gadget – or something by LG and it costs like two hundred dollars but the service to add it to existing plan is only five dollars so you can call on this but you can program it with only ten numbers and so if the person that has the phone wants to call they can only use those ten numbers and I have it set up in the Tron configuration it has like some little toys and bells and whistles but the main disadvantage number one is if you’re giving a phone to a kid they might not necessarily think of this as a phone number – the speaker’s not quite as good number three I mean it doesn’t have a calculator number four it doesn’t have a radio I mean it does have like a step counter and a stopwatch but and I talked to my son and I said my 12 year old myself well which one would you rather take if I needed you to take something when you normally take the the watch would you take the phone instead and I think the main thing he liked about the phone was that he could text anybody you know so he could text his buddies when she figures out their text number and he can take pictures with it which you can’t do with the watch he can call anybody but again there’s no games there’s no social media there’s no way to add music or videos he does like the radio though so I’m sure he would want to listen to the radio as well if he was on the bus or something if you have questions go ahead and put them in the comments and I will try to respond also go to the gab website you have Wireless website and there’s more information my understanding is that sometime early in 2020 maybe March they are gonna have a mother model phone this one clearly has a couple things to fix up for example that music app there if you go into the files the calculator could definitely be updated it’s missing a notepad it’s missing a compass the SD card slot has been disabled which might be a good thing because if you think about it the back comes off fairly easily and it wouldn’t be difficult to swap in and around an SD card which could have questionable music or videos on it so it’s it’s not a bad idea the fast d card slot is disabled although I wouldn’t mind my son listening to certain songs I mean that would bother me and if he was watching educational videos on it that wouldn’t bother me either but apparently this is not the device for that so again if you have questions put them in the comments and if you have want detailed video on one of the apps or something just let me know and I’ll make a detailed video on that thanks for watching I hope this has been useful I hope you have good luck in finding what you are looking for bye-bye.

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