Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Unboxing (512GB)

Published on August 15, 2019
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Hey guys Michael here with the daily note so you could see that I just got my hands on the Galaxy Note 10.1 gigabyte version right you could see that this is the black and let’s see if there’s any notable features written in the back here you know this one connects to the 5g network arguable if that’s gonna be really useful if you have really great 4G LTE speeds like I do the other stuff is it has three rear cameras and the front-facing camera is finally a surpass that eight megapixel mark so it’s a 10 megapixel front-facing camera maybe you will be able to shoot 4k with the front-facing camera finally it also has that ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that they put on the Galaxy S 10 and let’s see the S Pen with actions it has 12 gigabytes of RAM and I believe you need to get the 512 gigabyte version to get the 12 gigabytes of RAM and also it also says super fast charging that’s gonna be a first for the Galaxy Note series of phones so anyways let’s crack this open okay now it’s open oh there’s something in here okay maybe I kind of opened it weird but oh I think there’s gonna be a case in here alright so yeah this is kind of like a jelly case flexible mostly transparent alright and yeah I mean I like these cases actually especially when I put my phone on a gimbal it’s uh it’s very minimal protects the phone from drops what’s interesting is all the previous Galaxy Notes devices that I bought it would have like features printed on here and then you remove it but however they told me do not make sure you do not remove the green protector on here so yeah they told me don’t remove it use it as long as possible I guess I should put it next to my Galaxy Note 9 so here it is compared to my Galaxy Note 9 the device is actually a pretty much identical in size maybe just yeah I think even the width is pretty much identical the height you know it’s like we’re talking like half a millimeter they’re you know just eyeballing and just feeling the device you know the Galaxy Note 10.1 oh if I’m just imagining it where it’s but there is actually a big difference in actual display size the Galaxy Note 1000 less right all this black stuff you see on the side and you do gain quite a bit of screen from that and you can see that it’s it’s missing a power button you could see that it’s missing a power button this is a combination power and Bigsby button I don’t know if that’s gonna get in the way one thing they told me was that the Galaxy Note Enders not have the iris scanner because what is it the fingerprint sensor on this thing is so fast and so amazing supposedly and you could see that there’s no cut out for the earpiece here of course the controversial headphone jack is definitely missing and I want to make an another video on that I really understand now why it’s missing and why people are so angry about it and I want to make a separate video for that to share my thoughts and why I think that they shouldn’t have removed it and and why they felt like they would need it too so yeah I’ll make a separate video for that I got the black one which is kind of like a very dark blue almost okay and then I looked at the color-changing one and I thought it would be cool would be like conversation piece and all that but the reason I didn’t get it is I always use this kind of case right I’m gonna get one of those you can ask me yesterday he what color is your Galaxy Notes nine I would say I would have said black because it’s been in this case for so long and I’ve never looked at the back that I’ve thought I’ve had the black one the whole time so that’s the reasoning I want to to get the black Galaxy Note 10 just wanted to flow with the case that I’m gonna eventually get for the Galaxy Note 10 and as pretty as the back is on some of the other ones I don’t think I would appreciate it let’s talk about the cameras you know the Galaxy Note 9 those uh blurry background pictures were really good but there was always like that one spot that it didn’t get and you would know oh this is from a smartphone even though it’s get you it’s getting harder and harder to find those spots so here’s the back of the phone it has street cameras one is for portraits one is for ultra wide and you could probably use that for landscapes and the other is the you know the regular camera right not too not too zoomed in not too zoomed out and it’s like optically stabilized and it’s very fast so yeah it’s it’s gonna be the best performing camera in low-light situations and you know when you’re just doing regular photography but for portraits I believe it’s going to use that it’s going to be a little bit zoomed in and it’s also gonna use the time-of-flight sensor which is actually another camera which with a special sensor if you haven’t watched a video on what time-of-flight sensor technology is is i believe it could somehow read the depth but in a much more fine way so this is this is cutting-edge stuff this is gonna really bring us close to shooting with a large camera with the large lens large prime lens like a 1.4 lens the top right this is the sim card right and this this holes for the SIM card eject I believe this one is for the speaker and this is for the microphone and here here is the here’s the s-pen here’s something interesting it doesn’t say Samsung anymore up on here and it’s actually one solid piece always from here to here it used to be two pieces and it does feel more sturdy and I believe has a bigger battery then what the Galaxy Note nine had so anyways yeah here’s the s-pen and you could see the difference right away but I’m surprised it got rid of their branding here now here’s something interesting it definitely definitely fits into the galaxy note 9 smoothly feels snug does it feel tight but it doesn’t snap in there okay so let’s move on to this box here okay charger oh the charger is charger feels hefty it’s definitely bigger and the plug oh it’s a USBC plug it’s like us beats see two USB see this is called super fast charging it literally took 20 years that we’re able to just blindly plug in any end of a USB cable from both ends right so anyways there’s that and this thing right I think we we all got one of these before it’s just the more nibs write more names for the okay it’s a little bit more beautifully packaged but there’s only two so here’s a USBC cable okay and then the earphones oh and this is an interestingly packaged okay these AKG earbuds these a key G earbuds I feel a little bit look a little different I think they pretty much look the same yeah they look the same except oh there is a bit of a chamfer or it might be a bevel whatever it’s called just design aesthetics I guess the cable itself it feels significantly thicker or you could you could probably tell by looking at it I’m gonna get these pretty much sound identical which is a really good thing these earbuds are fantastic so that’s all I have to say about the unboxing and if you like this video make sure you hit that like button and if you 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