Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars Special Edition – Unboxing and Review

Published on January 12, 2020
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All right so let’s turn off the phone and see what kind of effect that we get when we actually turn off the phone as the postal other Sam signal devices so if I tap on power off I’m going to tap on power off tap it again and look at that that’s the way the Star Wars Edition powers off and let’s see how it powers on all right so I’m going to turn on the power button we have the regular screen samsung galaxy note 10 plus let’s see if you have anything special going on with the Star Wars Edition Wow look at that this is absolutely gorgeous let’s watch the video hey guys soccer from sake check it in today’s video we have something really special we have the note 10 plus Star War Edition so in this way I want to do a full unboxing and show you everything you get in the box as well as turn on the phone and set it up for the first time alright so let’s dive right in so let’s slide the box from the side so that’s a really nice effect and as you can see it says I’ll show you the dark side so let’s lift up the front and underneath we have a case and a metal badge now that’s a gorgeous leather case let’s take that out real quick inside we have really soft nice material that’s not gonna scratch your phone and take a look at the back beautiful let’s put that aside for a second and over here we have the user guide and the sim card ejection tool and then on the other side we have the metal badge the Star Wars metal badge it’s heavy and it’s high quality so let’s look at that one more time and put it aside as well and let’s see what else we have alright the phone actually hides in a drawer underneath the whole thing so let’s pull that out so it’s like a jewelry box and it’s coming right out look at that we have the Galaxy Note 10 and the galaxy buds and they’re all gonna be Star Wars Edition so they’re gonna be in black color so that’s the box and that’s the galaxy buds let’s quickly unbox those as well so first we’re gonna remove the galaxy buds let’s take that put that aside for a second let’s move the galaxy note m+ box as well coming right up okay let’s put this thing aside and this is everything we have in the actual box the leather case that note m+ the Galaxy bots and the metal badge all right so let’s plot the phone and see what that looks like so that’s the Gaussian no ten plus case slides right out just as a usual boxes okay there we go just a couple seconds here there we go so that’s the Samsung OC no ten plus let’s take a look at the back all right we’ll look at it in more detail in a minute the back all right so we do have that red rim around the camera and let’s quickly look at the galaxy box box as well okay so let’s lift it up and there we have it the Black Star Wars galaxy buds so let’s remove that little packaging and there we have it gorgeous black color all four components of this experience all right so here we have the actual Star Wars smartphone I’ll let you know you have the logo back here it says Star Wars at the bottom it says Lucas arts says Samsung and of course I was talking about this right over here we have a red rim around the three cameras that we have and of course over here we have the power button and the volume rocker also in red color which makes this phone look absolutely fantastic not the only thing the only complaint that I would have is it’s too shiny I would have preferred it actually to be like the metal bed so as you can see this metal badge is more on the matte side so it does not pick up any fingerprints it’s not that reflective this was a little bit reflective but regardless it’s a gorgeous product everything about this phone as far as overall design is concerned is the same as the other note M pluses as far as dimensions are concerned the thickness and all that on the weight but then you have the red accents which give it a really nice and unique look and of course well the biggest highlights is the red s-pen the Star Wars s-pen at the bottom here now I will show you all the ports are exactly the same so we’ve got the USB type-c the speaker grille the microphone and the s-pen right here let’s pull this out real quick all right there we go that’s that gorgeous little red s-pen with the button here a little clicky thing right over here great fantastic alright let’s move on and over here we have that leather case I was talking about again this is a very nice case this is leather inside here we have a soft fabric which feels really nice and smooth I’ll put this inside and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna turn the own foam on for the very first time and we’ll see exactly what it looks like now one more thing I’ll show you guys is the case over here also it has on top of us having this thing right here which is of course the ELC earbuds in the black color which is gonna be the Star Wars Edition by the way the inside is red so that’s fantastic I love the way this thing looks it just makes sense the way they have it set up so those are the galaxy bucks with the red color on the inside and the matte black on the outside and I do want to let you also have the wired headset in the box as well as the superfast charger right over here and of course it’s gonna be in the black color so again the metal badge okay this is very nice and very heavy okay you take a look at that I’m gonna drop it on the table look at that nice and heavy the galaxy earbuds that look amazing alright and of course we’ve got the actual smartphone which is very reflective and that beautiful leather case in this full package alright let’s turn on the phone and see what’s up alright so I have the phone turn on right here but I’ll show you something really cool here so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna actually turn off the phone alright I want you guys to see the effect that we get when we turn off the phone in the star wars edition of this smart phone so when I tap on power off then I’m going to tap on that look at that we’re gonna get tap again there we go that’s the way you turn off the Star Wars Edition phone and then we try to turn it on let’s take a look at that let’s see what kind of effect we get with that one okay so we get the usual Galaxy Note m+ logo in the very beginning but then we have this nice effect that’s coming right up just a couple of seconds here there we go so that’s how you turn this on and off alright now let’s go ahead and set this up for the first time and see what our surprises to expect alright so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to turn off the Bigsby over here so the it does talk as I’m setting this up so let’s tap on let’s go I’m gonna say I’ve read and agreed to all the terms click on next for now I’m gonna skip this for now I’m not gonna import anything from another device so I’m going to tap on that as well I’m gonna login to my Wi-Fi right here let me dump in my password so that should be up and running in a second all right so we’re good to go with that one I’m gonna click on next and of course it’s gonna check for updates that might take a few seconds or nothing at all let’s just wait for this to happen installing the updates so that’s all done so let’s login to my gmail account I’m not dumping my credentials be right back all right so we’re good with that it’s getting my account information setting me up in the background says just a second okay so all right so it’s asking me do I want to restore this from a backup no I’m not gonna do that this is this is a Google backup all right so I’m gonna click don’t restore and the next thing is gonna ask me to do is it’s going to see it’s gonna check what’s trending with Google assistant I’m gonna say next so that’s fine I’m just gonna click more more except that’s fine as well it’s adding the finishing touches this may take a few seconds all right so it’s getting the recommended applications I’m not gonna send to my Samsung con just now I just want to go to the home screen and show you everything that’s happening so I’m gonna skip this for now but you should actually log in so we’re all done I’m gonna tap on finish all right and then we’re gonna go right back into the home screen looks like it’s installing and applying the dark side theme okay that’s a Star Wars theme that comes with the actual phone when you buy it and as you can see it looks gorgeous if I go to my phone over here Wow look at that that’s a beautiful little thing let’s just do a quick browser on so it’s uh updating installing stuff so let’s just go over here go to the let’s look at the panel okay so we have red when it’s active black when it’s not active or dark gray actually and black on the background we got the rocker here the the brightness slider right here also in red buttons are also in red as you can see go to the settings beautiful looks very futuristic nice and smooth all right let’s tap on this one see what happens everything is in Star Wars theme so you’re not just getting hardware and the Star Wars accessories you’re also getting a theme specifically built for the phone now when I turn this on when I when I open this up right here these are the galaxy buds so it should bring up the Gussie about sign up screen let me just pop this in here okay let’s tap here all right so let’s do that as well let’s click on connect and that’s how easy it’s gonna be to connect your Galaxy wearable device which was which are the earbuds okay so it’s gonna ask us to update this so you can tap on that it’s going start the update process set up the phone and all that good stuff let’s see what happens so that’s all good now I can actually use these to listen to music that’s how quick and easy it is and remember you also have your wired buds if you like wired instead of Wireless all right so let’s pinch the screen over here basically everything else is gonna be the same all right so this foam right here is not even updated to 1ui 2.0 just yet let’s tap on about phone we have the software information and we have Android UI 1.5 let’s set check to see if there’s an update available software updates oops go back software update tap on download install see fencing is anything is available it says registering the device checking for updates or right let’s wait a couple seconds alright so we do have some updates so that might that’s not the one UI 2.0 but after a couple updates it might actually bring that up automatically so that’s great you’re getting updates but like I said everything else is the same if I go to my icons are different if I go into the messages again you’ve got the black background by default you’ve got the night mode you’d have to turn it on now if I were to go here and turn the night mode let’s just see what happens out of curiosity so where’s that night mode let’s go to these settings let’s go to the display let’s look at that when you have this team enabled actually when you have any theme enabled you cannot use the night mode that’s what it looks like and obviously with this kind of theme you’re not gonna need the night mode you always pinch the screen go to themes all right tap on View all and switch to any other theme that you want but the darkside r/c theme is the one you get with this smartphone but everything else is the same as your other Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the note M plus devices except for all these goodies that you get on the side with a large box special galaxy buds star wars badge the metal badge the red S Pen and the beautiful black phone with the red accents alright so if you do have any questions comments or concerns drop them down below and let me know and for now guys have a fantastic day alright alright so if you found this video useful make sure to subscribe to sake tech by clicking that button and also click that Bell icon on the side to make sure you get notified every time I upload a new video and if you do use Twitter Instagram or Facebook you can follow me at sake tech online to get the latest updates as well alright how a fantastic day.
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