Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max, S10 Plus, OnePlus 7 Pro, Zenfone 6, ROG Phone 2, Red Magic 3

Published on August 18, 2019
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What’s up and welcome to another episode of gizmo slip today we’re talking about eight of the very best smartphones we’re gonna be doing a mega comparison we’re gonna talk about a ton of different features as you can see here we’re gonna break them down we’re gonna give a rating to each of the phones for every feature and at the end we’re gonna see how these ratings add up in a value based comparison based on their price and then to finish it off we’re gonna see which of these phones is the very best regardless of price now because we’re talking about eight different phones I can’t talk about every single feature on every single phone but I tried to include the most important features and I try to weight these ratings as best as I can I’m not perfect be sure to let me know in the comments down below at which points you disagree with me or you agree with me I’m really curious what all of you think at home now real quick before we get this comparison going I just wanna let you know it means so much to me if you subscribe to the channel for more awesome tech comparisons as well as wacky tests that I do here on gizmo slip and if you’re excited about this video let’s go down there right now and smash that like button let’s see how many likes we can get on this video it’s gonna be freakin epic let’s get started now which of these phones are really comparing the day first up we have the Galaxy Note 10 10 plus these are think are three of the best offerings from Samsung of course there’s a lot of offerings from Samsung and I can’t just do like all of Samsung phones maybe that should be another mega comparison like all the way back to the Galaxy s8 pros and cons what do you think let me know in the comments down below and then we’ve got the iPhone 10’s max of course gotta have an iphone in this comparison we have the oneplus 7 pro the ROG phone which is like an insane gaming phone that’s like just released in China should be releasing the United States sometime soon here we have the red magic three which recently released to the United States as well and then we have the zenfone 6 now there’s obviously some other great phones out there that I can’t fit in this comparison I think in an eight-way comparisons the most I can cram into any video but like the Huawei p30 pro is an awesome phone though it’s definitely very controversial right now with the the trade war going on with China whether or not Huawei will pull through with that I think they will but for now I’m not going to include them in my top eight comparison the iPhone 10 R is a very interesting phone and worth mentioning and then of course you have the phones from LG which didn’t make this list either so without further ado let’s kick off this comparison and let’s talk about price first up we have the note 10 coming out nine hundred and forty-nine dollars the note 10 plus a thousand ninety nine s 10 plus at nine hundred and forty nine and the iPhone 10’s max at a thousand ninety nine so these top four phones are the most expensive in this lineup and then we have the bottom four phones which are mid-range phones that still provide a massive bang for the buck with some really outstanding features we have the one plus seven pro at six hundred and sixty nine dollars the ROG phone two at eight hundred and ninety nine dollars the red magic three at four hundred seventy nine dollars and the zenfone 6 at four hundred and ninety nine dollars so we’ve got quite a range of prices in this comparison all the way up from eleven hundred dollars down to four hundred and seventy nine dollars it’s gonna be very interesting to see how the top phone compares to the bottom phone considering the cheaper phones are less than half the price of the more expensive phones let’s talk about the display people value the display so much in their smart phone these days you know how big is it what type of display it is how many pixels per square inch is it let’s go ahead and dive into this first of all we have two types of displays we have an OLED displays and we have IPS displays the zenfone 6 is our only IPS display phone out of these eight phones now the primary difference between an OLED display in an IPS display is that an OLED display will be able to get brighter have higher contrast and be a little bit more colorful the IPS display on the zenfone 6 is a really good display don’t get me wrong but it’s not an OLED the other major caveat I will say with OLED displays is that you do have to watch out for screen burnin so you’re gonna want to be careful about that I made a video about screen burnin recently if you want to check that out I’ll have a link in the video description down below the next important factor is the PPI or pixels per square inch and you can see that we have several phones that are only 1080p displays from the note 10 the ROG phone to the red Magic 3 and the zenfone 6 now I personally am just fine owning a 1080p display now there are some of out there that really like to have closer to 500 PPI maybe you hold the phone really close to your face a lot or maybe you use the phone for VR those kinds of use scenarios are where PPI really makes a difference but for most people who hold their phone at like a foot away from their face PPI over 400 is plenty it’s great you really will not see a pixel period and I think the main advantage to having lower PPI at 1080p is that you’re gonna be able to have better overall battery life now the last major consideration is the refresh rate now five of these phones are 60 Hertz displays and we have three high refresh rate high response rate displays the really good thing about a high refresh rate display is that you just see the buttery smoothness when you’re scrolling up and down webpages you’re browsing through menus it’s just easier to navigate and it just looks a lot nicer but there’s also advantages for gaming if you’re playing games that can actually hit over 60 frames per second on a phone then you’re gonna see that advantage in actual gameplay as well and the ROG phone – and the red magic three do cater towards gamers a lot and that’s one of the main reasons why they have that high refresh rate display overall I really value having an OLED display that’s also a high refresh rate display so for me I really like the oneplus 7 pro and the ROG phone – they both have high refresh rate displays and their OLED displays then the ROG found – has the 120 Hertz which is just amazing and the oneplus 7 pro has 90 Hertz but has a higher overall resolution so those two put together basically I think match in the middle for both being awesome that’s why I picked those two phones to have the best overall phone display next up we have the design of these phones now for design I factor in three primary things first of all is the screen to body ratio is the display bezel is the second major thing for design is the weight in your hand which will also be largely determined by the build quality and the last major thing is the overall volume of the device the volume of the device equals the device’s overall size which also indicates how easy that device will be to use in one hand taking look here I think the major winners in design is the Galaxy Note 10.1 percent screen to body ratio and the overall small size and volume compared to the screen size that the phone has the runner-up for design I believe is the 1 plus 7 Pro because it’s a bezel as’ overall experience and so is the zenfone 6 though the zenfone 6 has a fairly large border all the way around taking a look at the ratings here I gave the oneplus 7 pro the highest overall score cuz it does have that bezel list design the note tens are a very close second followed by the galaxy s 10 and the zenfone 6 now the ROG phone – and red magic 3 I docked them a lot of points because they both have large top and bottom bezels and they’re very large in the hand with not great screen to body ratios but there’s some advantages to that – such as gaming so that’s kind of pros and cons and depends a lot on what you value in a phone the next category is performance and let’s go ahead and take a look at the internal specs of each of these devices now the most important internal component of a smart phone of course is the computer processing unit the CPU and we have the Snapdragon 855 on all of these phones except the iPhone 10s Max and the ROG phone 2 which has these Snapdragon 855 Plus which is like an overclocked better cooled version of the Snapdragon 855 and it’s able to run at slightly higher clock speeds giving you like a small performance boost now the a12 bionic in the iPhone 10s max is a fantastic chip and I believe still the fastest and best overall chip the Snapdragon 855 plus an equal score with a 12 Bionic cuz I think those are just like neck-and-neck versus these Snapdragon 1855 is just a slight step behind those other two processors taking a look at the ratings here we can see the iPhone tennis match gets a 9.5 and the ROG phone 2 gets a 9.5 tying for first next up we have battery and this is something that’s super important to basically everyone we want to make sure that even when under a heavy use day we still have enough juice at the end of the day to finish it out it really sucks panicking and trying to get your phone to a wall outlet so how do these phone stack up now when you’re taking a look at bat there’s really three main things first of all the overall battery size the mah in the battery itself second of all what processor is powering the smartphone how power-hungry is that processor all of these phones use a seven nanometer processor size meaning that they’re all gonna be very similarly power efficient the third major consideration is what refresh rate is the phone running at a higher refresh rate ninety Hertz and 120 Hertz is gonna drain the battery significantly faster especially if you’re playing a video game that really is cranking out those frame rates versus something like YouTube where it’s just running it like 24 frames per second or 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second it’s basically gonna cancel out that higher refresh rate and give you the battery life that you would get anyway if you’re running at 60 Hertz ultimately the high refresh rate phones in the bottom left is going to vary a lot more than the other five phones because of that high refresh rate display so how do these phone stack up well all of them will easily get you through a full day and for the most part get you through most of a second day if not the whole rest of the second day all the times on how much you use the phone now my estimated hours listed here reflect a mixture of light and heavy usage think like browsing the web giving on Instagram for a bit watching some Netflix then playing a game for a bit doing a healthy mixture like most people do on a day to day basis now the number one highest rated battery in any smartphone I believe is gonna be the zenfone 6 because we have a 60 Hertz refresh rate along with a 5000 mAh battery size the next up is going to be that ROG phone – at a 6000 mAh battery size but it has a 120 Hertz display so depending on what you’re doing with it you could get more battery life than the zenfone 6 or significantly less if you’re taking advantage of that high refresh rate display next up we’re gonna talk about special features now you’ve got a ton of special features especially on the gaming phones and the Galaxy series let’s break this down so first of all we have the Galaxy series we have the note 10’s having the stylus as well as decks now unfortunately the new Galaxy Note series has no more headphone jack and only the note 10 plus has that SD card slot and you can see that about half these phones have SD cards half of them don’t depends whether you really value that or not I personally love having that ste card slot because I just put all my photos and videos there record on that and then it’s also easier to transfer all those out at the end so it’s up to you whether or not you even taking advantage of it now the sand out features for the Samsung devices of course is the stylus on the note devices as well as decks which is the ability to hook your smartphone up to a laptop or a display using a command module to be able to use it like a personal computer and I personally love the idea of this if you’re someone that just uses like a computer very casually to do emails and watch Netflix or browse the web this should work just fine for you as a replacement for your desktop now as far as special features now fond tennis max doesn’t really have much except space ID which we’ll get to in a second the 1 + 7 Pro again doesn’t have much for special features aside from the fact that it has the pop-up camera which is really cool because it enables the phone to have a bezel it’s displaying now both the ROG phone – and the red magic three have the same feature set essentially we have no SD card slots on either one we have a headphone jack and we have a number of gaming features that allow you to for example hook up controllers directly to the phone and also having air triggers on the edges of the phone as well as having additional cooling for the processor for extended gaming sessions then of course with the zenfone 6 you do have the headphone jack and that flip around camera that enables the phone to have a bezel this display now also under special features we have how each phone is unlocked for all the new Galaxy devices we have ultrasonic fin screen fingerprint sensors these are the best in screen fingerprint sensors they work more reliably and more consistently than the optical in screen fingerprint sensors that is in the 1 plus 7 pro and the ROG phone – the iPhone 10’s max of course only allows you to unlock with face ID which I think it’s a shame that this is the only thing on the iPhone Tenace max how is there not a fingerprint sensor I don’t know Apple it’s time to update your stuff hopefully next month it’s a lot better and then of course we have the red magic 3 and the zenfone only having a rare fingerprint sensor which some people actually will really like and of course all the Android devices have like a face scan that allows you to log in but it’s not as secure as something like face ID and then we have the charging method of each device you can see the some of these devices especially Samsung ones have pretty advanced wireless charging even power sharing in Reverse if you want to charge for example like your air pods of the wireless case or Galaxy buds with a wireless case it’s a pretty cool feature another important feature that a lot of manufacturers are pushing is the wired charge speed if you need a quick top off you can see that the Galaxy Note Templar chat 45 watts though you’re gonna have to buy your own 45 watt charger because it doesn’t come with one in the box overall the galaxy has 10 plus checks all of the boxes even more than the note 10 plus because the note 10 Plus doesn’t have the headphone jack the runner-up of course is the ROG phone – because of all those gaming features it’s just I think the best overall gaming phone out there because of all those additional accessories that you can get for it so I’ve got to give it a 9 as well next up we have the camera this is gonna be a fairly detailed comparison I broke this down into three separate categories you have selfie mode you have photos in the rear camera and you have videos in the rear camera and then we have an overall camera average between those three categories here we go first up taking a look at the specs now I am NOT gonna break down the specs on all of these different cameras now if you want to pause it and take a look at these specs go right ahead but I’m gonna go ahead and just move on to each of the ratings taking a look at the selfie camera lineup we have a 9.1 on all of the Galaxy devices as well as the zenfone 6 the zenfone 6 of course has that flip around cameras you’re using the main camera for the front and back but I mean the galaxy falls just have such a superb front camera on them it’s very similar in quality overall now the reason why I left the ROG phone – and the red magic 3 blank in this particular camera comparison is because I don’t have enough knowledge about them yet I do have a red magic 3 on the way and I’m trying to buy an RG phone – and import it right now it’s just really hard to get your hands on one of those right now so just know that I’ve left those out of the discussion for now but they should be really good cameras I just don’t know if they’re quite add up I’m guessing they’re around 8.5 to 9.1 in terms of what I would rate them but I need to get them in hand to be able to tell for sure so how do these phone stack up when it comes to take photos with the rear camera the Galaxy Note 10 and the note m+ and as 10-plus all have identical camera sensors on the back though the note 10 plus technically has slightly better zoom camera on the back the zenfone 6 I think is is second it has that giant 48 megapixel sensor it’s really great at taking photos the iPhone tennis max is also great and the oneplus 7 pro is also great at taking photos I mean you can’t go wrong with any of these phones when it comes to taking photos but what about video well I’ll say the Galaxy Note 10 and the S 10 series are the best for video you can record video in a wide angle mode main camera mode and telephoto for example the 1 plus 7 Pro I rated it lower because you can’t switch the wide-angle or telephoto at all with the 1 plus 7 Pro when you’re in video mode and that I think just really hinders they won’t plus 7 pros of video functionality now when you put all three of these ratings together this is what you get the Galaxy Note 1000 will have identical scores nine point three seven for those with the zenfone 6 right behind it at nine point one so when it comes to the complete overall photos and videos package selfie camera I think the Samsung lineup is the best now I also want to mention the Google pixel 3 as well as the Huawei p30 pro both of those phones have excellent cameras and are right there at the top if not the top camera smartphones out there today alright it’s time let’s talk about what phone I think is the best overall value when you take all of these categories you average them up and then you compare that with the price of the device drumroll please John the number one best smartphone for the money of course is the zenfone 6 it’s got the overall package and it’s only 499 dollars they’re also shipping directly to the United States now so you don’t have to import this the next best phone for value is the red magic 3 it’s got a fantastic overall display an OLED 90 Hertz refresh rate and a price tag of only 479 dollars that’s insane that’s so good and it’s got a massive battery as well it’s just so much good stuff going on with the red magic 3 the oneplus 7 pro bezel is display and only 669 dollars are you kidding me it’s a freakin steal of a deal that’s ten plus in fourth place represents a fantastic deal for the money as well especially if you can get some kind of major discount and with the note 10 series launching if you keep your eye out you can probably get a hundred to two hundred dollars discount and a lot of retailers right now now the note 10 series has the worst bang for the buck of all the Android phones and that’s simply because they have very high price tags and they’re really not that much better than some of the Android competition you’ll see in a second there are fantastic phones hold on don’t judge me yet it really just all comes down to price and what you’re getting for them it’s just not that great and of course you have the iPhone 10’s max you’re paying the Apple tax if you want to buy one of those I mean I have an iPhone tennis max I really liked it I used it for most of the last year but let’s let’s face it the iPhones are lacking a lot of features that these Android devices have and they have a very very high price tag okay it’s time which of these eight phones do I think is the number one best smartphone let’s find out here we go BAM the Galaxy Note 10.1 but the galaxy s 10 plus has a little bit better feature set it has that headphone jack and there overall very comparable in battery life and of course they have the best overall cameras out of all eight devices and that gives them the cutting edge to outscore the rest of the competition in third place we have the ROG phone – with the insane battery life leave the insane 120 Hertz display it’s hard to argue this thing’s great and if the camera is also great maybe maybe it could actually beat the note series but we’ll have to see I’m really looking forward to getting one of the ROG phone twos in eventually in fourth place we have the Galaxy Note 10.1 bezel design it’s a really fantastic overall phone in fifth place we have these zenfone 6 just that that battery light so many people care about that lower price tag the main reason why the zenfone 6 beats out the oneplus 7 pro is it did a little bit better in my camera ratings it’s got a little bit better video mode and then the selfie mode is also a little bit better if you don’t factor that in the 1 plus 7 Pro does have a little bit higher rating then you have the red magic 3 the gaming features this large battery the 90 Hertz OLED display but the overall design of the device could use some improvement and we’re unsure about the camera if the camera turns out to be really good again the score could go up some more and then we have the iPhone tennis max coming in last at 8.36 and I know a lot of you are gonna disagree and say ah the iPhone should be first here’s the thing the iPhone has a giant notch almost all of these Android devices have a better overall design they also all have fingerprint scanners in some manner or form they also have a lot of additional features like the Dex on Samsung or the gaming features of the oneplus 7 pro or the bezels display of the oneplus 7 pro and the zenfone 6 I mean there’s just the iPhone 10’s mags it’s just really hard to recommend it right now I really hope Apple comes out swinging hard next month and releases a fantastic phone with a much improved design though I highly doubt that all the leaks and rumors are indicating that face ID is here to stay at least for now come on Apple time to get your head out of your buttocks and get back into the race make a bezel this phone already you really really need it if you want to be able to compete with these new Android devices well that’s it for this mega comparison I hope that you enjoyed it hope you found it informational and be sure to correct me on all the mistakes and errors I made in this video because I’m sure I made a ton and forgot a lot of features on your favorite phone and I’m really sorry about that but I promise to do better next time and improve this is the first time I’ve tried this format so if you enjoyed this video smash that like button and let me know and if you want to see more awesome tech videos hit that subscribe button tap the notification belt and I’ll see you in the next one.

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