Galaxy Z Flip Review: 24 Hours Later

Published on February 21, 2020
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What’s going on everyone this is DOM and today we are talking about the galaxy Z flip now disclaimer here do not take anybody’s opinion in the next day in the next days or even probably in the next weeks to determine whether or not you need one of these in your life because I guarantee you there are more situations that will unfold as with any new piece of technology so you should just wait it out and hear everybody’s long-term use cases with this phone before running out and drop in $1400 line that being said this is one of the coolest pieces of tech that I’ve seen in a while and I’m pretty excited about it for a number of reasons but I will start off right off the bat to let you know that this really doesn’t do anything better than the new galaxy s 20 series other than the fact that well you can fold it and it’s a folding freaking piece of glass yes this display right here is glass and it folds and absolutely blows my mind so with all that out of the way just using this you know putting it through its paces in my personal life daily use kind of situation stuff it’s actually pretty awesome like I just I like cool technology right I’m a fan of technology I am a technology enthusiast and this is just bleeding edge stuff that I I don’t know I mean obviously we’ve had the Galaxy fold we have the Motorola RAZR those have plastic screens the glass just feels so so much better when you’re moving through the user interface and that’s another point to that we’re gonna touch on but as many of them people have mentioned out there you can see there’s a visible crease in this phone that is permanently there you are not going to get rid of it and you know what when I’m using the phone just looking at a straight on watching content using the camera even swiping it doesn’t really it kind of just dissolves into like the experience now you can feel it when you run your finger over the middle of the screen but for me the phone is kind of long as you can see and I’m mostly scrolling from the bottom part of it so that really didn’t make a huge impact in my daily use but the crease is definitely there so if that bothers you then you should probably sit this one out so with the display not only does it fold but it actually looks pretty damn good in my opinion as well this is a six point seven inch display measured diagonally it’s got a resolution of 26 36 by 1080 so Full HD plus and it has a nice pixel density of 425 PPI which is I mean by my eyes this thing looks pretty damn good it’s a samsung display so I didn’t expect any less than that but obviously doing that is pretty damn cool especially with it being glass it’s very smooth and operation the hinge has been very smooth for me I haven’t noticed anything and I don’t feel like I’m gonna break this like that was the big thing for me it’s like when I’m using it do I feel like I’m going to break the phone by using it I don’t feel that it feels very structurally sound which was to my surprise actually I didn’t think that it was going to feel as good as it did so I mean obviously this is only over the last day or so but I think that overall it’s on point so I’m not getting to get into the nitty-gritty of the specifications here I mean this does not have the latest and greatest you want that go to the s20 lineup and they got you covered but this has a Snapdragon 855 plus in it we have good cameras on the front and back I mean the photo quality here is you know what you would expect from Samsung I mean it’s on point I will leave a full gallery below if you want to check out the pictures that I took with the Z flip but I’m telling you again if you want like the best of the best cameras you know go to the Galaxy S 20 or the s20 ultra for that matter which is going to be like the king as far as Android cameras is concerned at least in my opinion but with the cameras we have a 12 megapixel ultra wide lens and a 12 megapixels standard lens and then on the inside with the front-facing camera we have a 10 megapixel sensor in there and I mean you know it’s it’s a good camera like I really can’t complain I do think it’s cool that we have a fingerprint sensor on the side and you can also use that to kind of control the Notification Center here you can pull it up and down just by swiping on the fingerprint sensor which is pretty nice we do have wireless charging here as well which is obviously a given and it’s cool when you set it down on the wireless charger there’s little display on the front here that I actually tell you their remaining charge time when you have a plugged in or on a wireless charger which is a nice thing another cool thing about this little display here is it does show you notifications as they happen like if you’re getting a call or a text message or for example you can swipe through and kind of get some different displays here like you can see your signal or you can see the time and the date and if you double press the lock button here you actually get a camera view which is nice it’s using the rear cameras and you can actually switch between the standard or the ultra wide lens just by tapping on that little screen right there it’ll actually switch between the two cameras now it’s kind of weird to frame things up in this tiny little screen right here but I think it obviously does a better job when you’re using the ultra wide lens on on this phone because you know obviously you have a much wider field of view that you can kind of frame up on this tiny little thing it’s cool I mean I don’t think it’s something that I’m gonna use all the time but it is handy if you want to whip the phone out and not have to open it and take a quick selfie or something another thing with the folding aspect of it is I’m always nervous closing it because of like debris or something so I feel the need every time I close this to just like blow it a little bit just to make sure there’s nothing like stuck in there that could you know scratch the screen or break it or anything like that I don’t know there is the galaxy Z premiere service with this that will get you one out of warranty screen replacement at like a discounted price there’s a little pamphlet that comes in the box with that to let you know about all that stuff but I do feel the need to kind of blow it out every time now when it comes to software with the Z flip that is everything the user experienced user interface everything that goes into the software here is very very very important in my opinion so there’s a cool modes here where you can actually open the display just kind of 90 degrees like that and have a split screen view between like the camera so for example you could set this down on a table and have a time selfie or a video call and be completely hands-free with it so that props up like a little stand kind of cute and you can use it to take pictures now along with that you can actually do split screen mode and it’s very clever because obviously it uses that crease in the middle to split the two apps top and bottom so you can have it open up just 90 degrees like that or you can have it fully open and have a split screen going on between the two sides of the fold which i think is a pretty genius idea now there are a lot of little things like that in the software that make this I mean if this didn’t have that kind of software integration and it was just kind of flipping open and closed I really would see much less of a benefit in it because you’re not getting any software functionality with that glaring piece of technological awesomeness that is folding glass I mean I think it’s pretty cool that they have that obviously they had a lot of experience with that with the galaxy fold first so it’s nice to see those things trickle down to something like the Z flip now for the sake of one-handed use it’s pretty easy one handle phone it’s a little long but we do have this side bar that you can pop out over here and it’s pretty nice because you can get kind of app shortcuts and you can launch like your app drawer right here off to the side instead of having to go all the way down to the bottom which is a cool little neat feature nothing that’s super impressive or anything like that but I definitely appreciate having you here one thing that I’m not a huge fan of not a big deal but there’s just a single mono speaker at the bottom and for this price point I feel like why couldn’t we use the earpiece as a way to kind of get a pseudo stereo sound you know driver from the bottom driver from the earpiece one thing I will say is like flipping this open with one hand isn’t very confidence-inspiring like I I don’t want to put too much pressure on the glass screen because I don’t wanna break it and there’s really no like actual way to grab the phone to easily flip it open flipping it closed is much different because it just kind of eases into it but opening it up I feel like it’s definitely a two-handed thing that you just want to kind of gradually open it up with both of your hands I don’t know maybe that’s just me but that’s my take on it honestly though I really can’t put it into enough words how cool it is to just watch this thing like fold back and forth like it’s the engineering involved here is just what makes my heart so happy it’s just cool like if there’s any reason for you to buy this it might be because it’s cool and absolutely nothing else because like I said the s20 lineup that’s that’s coming here very soon definitely packs a lot of heat and while this is cool you’re getting more for your money with with those other phones but if you want to have the cool and you want to have it right now well you can order the galaxy z flip but honestly like I said I recommend that you wait this out a little bit to see if there are any problems that arise over you know the next couple of weeks the next month and be sure to leave this video a thumbs up as well if you want to see a long-term video with the galaxy Z flip because I plan on rocking this for a little while seeing how it holds up hopefully we don’t have any issues like we saw with the fold or anything but I think they’ve done a much better job engineering this than that one so as far as performance goes I mean snapdragon 855 8 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of storage I don’t think there’s gonna be any performance issues here but you know only time will tell with that now battery life that might be a concern I’m not 100% sure about that yet though because I’ve only been using it for about a day now so I can’t really give you a definitive answer I can tell you that as of right now I have 26 percent left on the battery and I have about 4 hours of screen on time and I have been using the crap out of this phone way more than any normal person wear because I’ve personally been using it and I’ve been filming it so you know take that for what it’s worth but I don’t know it’s all around this phone is just really really cool to me and I want to know what you think about the galaxy Z flip in the comment section below and let me know all of your thoughts are you gonna pick one up did you pick one up are you nervous about foldables what do you think the future holds in the foldable category drop all this comments down below leave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and if you’re new around here subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to hit the notification bell so you can be notified when new videos like this drop in the near future so thank you so much for watching everyone I really do appreciate it this is DOM and I will catch you in the next video.
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