Google Chromecast Unboxing, Review & How To Set Up With iPhone | Affordable Alternative To Apple TV?

Published on August 18, 2019
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Welcome to my channel gadgets for gentlemen I’m super excited because today I’m gonna unbox and give you some first impressions of the Google chromecast I have a very old fashioned television it is HD I believe but it’s not 4k and it’s not smart so if I want to watch a movie with a friend on this television I usually connect my MacBook with the HDMI cable to this old-fashioned TV and I have been investigating whether I should purchase a Google chromecast or a Apple TV and I decided to give the Google chromecast a fair chance because it’s super affordable and I think it will meet all my needs so let’s jump right into it start unboxing this box and share with you my insights if you find this video helpful interesting enjoyable then please hit the like button if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below please also subscribe to my channel that helps my channel to grow I also have a website which I will put in this screen right now and also have a look at my Instagram page thank you for watching and enjoy this video so here we are back at my desk this is the Google chromecast this is the most affordable option only 35 US dollars and this is the version featuring 1080 P so this is not the 4k version which we can see here and for me this is enough I have a very old school flat-screen television which does not have 4k display so for me this chromecast is more than enough for my setup and I bought this device because I want to use these apps that you can see here below namely YouTube and Spotify as well as Google photos and the Google Chrome web browser to display these apps from my iPhone iPad and MacBook to my television so how it works you connect this device to your television in the I believe the HTM I port you connect it to your Wi-Fi and then you can simply cost which is basically the word used by Google to send data from your mobile phone or your tablet or your computer to your television so this device works both with the iOS with the Apple system as well as Android this box as you can see is specifically made for the market here in the Netherlands so all of this is written in Dutch but basically it’s saying like you know you can use this device to work with your Android and iPhone devices to send videos and images to your television as well as listening to music and you can also set this device up with using the Google home app so this is the Google chromecast only $35 and I’m super excited to get started so let me open it up okay maybe it’s just me but I have no clue how to open this box I guess maybe it works like this okay so this is just a sleeve and here we go so yeah neat package I thought it to be a bit more complicated than Apple products but here we go so this is the device we are going to use to set up to my TV and let’s see what else we can find in this box so here we have a USB cable and we have a wall adapter up next we have some safety instructions and finally we have user instructions how to set up this device so here we go with the setup right here with my old television I have two HDMI ports unfortunately I don’t have any USB ports on this television so I can’t use the TV to charge the device but I will just use a old-fashioned power adapter so that’s plug in the chromecast once again we have the chromecast right here with the HDMI cable and I’m going to just plug it into the HDMI port so that was super easy I have the chromecast insert to the HDMI port now step two is we need to connect this part this is the USB cable into the adapter like so and this one will go into the your power outlet later on now all we have to do is insert the other side of this USB cable into the chromecast so here we have the chromecast and we need to insert this cable like so that was quite easy and finally as I said I’m going to connect the wall adapter to my power socket now I need to find the signal of the Google chromecast so make sure you you so make sure you turn on the television and find the appropriate HDMI port where you connected your Google chromecast now what we need to do next is download the google chrome app on your telephone so this is the app on the Apple Store now let’s download it downloading the app only takes a little while I think about one minute so this is the first screen let’s press get started in the next step you will need to punch in your Google Account and in the following steps you can further go through this setup so in this step I’m going to select the Google chromecast which we can see in this section so let’s create a home and press next and here you can write down a name and now the device will look for now the app will look for devices and now you see that the app found the Google chromecast so let’s press set up and there’s a bunch of other steps that you can follow in this app where here you can locate the Wi-Fi networks as you see it’s connected to the Wi-Fi and it’s further setting up the device and on the TV we can see that the chromecast is picking up some updates the chromecast is resetting itself and as you can see here my phone you can see that with these Google home app we have set up the chromecast as well as the linked apps Google Play Music YouTube music as well as the Wi-Fi network and again as you can see it’s like updating some of the software and updates I think very easy setup of course it takes a few steps to run through this stuff and I’m super excited because it looks like everything is working and I wanted to say that yeah I have been looking for Apple TV versions but I found them to be quite a bit more expensive and for my day-to-day things that I want to do I think this Comcast is more than enough all right so let’s see almost done that’s great the dining room TV which is right here in front of you is ready let’s get started press Continue well let’s skip this tutorial here it’s explained how the costing works so what I like to do is skip this tutorial and just look for something on YouTube so here I am on the YouTube app on my iPhone so I’m here on the channel gadgets for gentleman my youtube channel it’s playing on my iPhone as you can see and what I’d like to do next is press this button and connect to a device dining room TV and as you can see the YouTube app is opening on the TV [Music] and you can see the video is playing so that’s pretty cool and this is what it looks like and this is what it looks like on the iPhone so we can see kind of like a back a black display and we can still use the iPhone to operate the video on a television so I think this is really cool and really easy now let me look for some music to play so here I have the YouTube Music app on my phone and let me just press the song again you can see it’s like playing on the iPhone and oh I need to do if I want to see it on the television is press on the only screen like so and here in the corner you will have this little icon come up and I will press it and again I will select my TV like so [Music] and again I can use the phone as a remote basically and also I can use it to to skip the sign and I can even use my volume buttons to control the volume so this is really excellent so I think it’s really cool to use the chromecast with your iPhone to listen to YouTube music you can also use it for Netflix you can download the certain apps to mirror your iPhone and I will also use this chromecast with my macbook to cast things from the Google web browser let me demonstrate that in a minute so here I have my macbook and I’m running the Google Chrome web browser on the macbook and what I like to do is cost this web browser to my TV so let’s say I’m with family and I like to show them an article that I read on CNN for example all I need to do is press the button to cost the website to my television so there we go so for example I have this article that I’d like to show to my family I have my macbook here as you can see and when I scroll through this article you can see it also only TV and I don’t see any lag so this really works like a charm of course I can also load another page for example Apple so with the Google Chrome web browser you can easily send things for to your television so it’s super easy and again then you can easily control the video with your MacBook for example you can skip parts it works very easy and I think you can even use things such as Netflix I think you can even use the Spotify app your iPhone so let me try to do that so I have to do is look for this icon [Music] [Applause] [Music] press my TV and as you can see the Spotify app is opening on the TV and again and again I can use my iPhone as a remote so all know I think this is a great product so cheap 35 US dollars 1080p you know you’ve seen a setup it only took like a few minutes and I can’t wait to use this for Netflix I can’t wait to use it to watch documentaries so one final thing that I like to show you this is the Google Photos app on my iPhone and what I like to try is cost these photos to my television so again connect to device dining room TV chromecast and there we go it’s like super easy and then again I think I can use my phone to swipe through these photos and meanwhile you can see these photos on the screen so I mean it’s would be like perfect to show these photos like now these photos would like my private photos like to my family to my grandmother’s I’m just showing you here are some content from my youtube channel which this is really cool this is a really cool way to go through and have more make more out of your photo album I think it’s really cool it’s so easy to use so that is the Google photo app on my iPhone I think really excellent so although I would say the Google chromecast is a very easy to use affordable product for both your iOS and Apple boy but also for Android people so yeah I can highly recommend this product I will leave a link into the description if you have any questions or comments then hit me up I own this product I could maybe try to help you if you have any questions if you liked my video then please hit the like button subscribe to my channel and see you soon.

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