Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL – UNBOXING & Impressions!

Published on October 19, 2019
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Okay so this is going to be a pretty special video why well because Google has just sent over this this is a mystery package from Google I have no idea what’s inside but constraint that’s you know Google has just finished your pixel 4 event where they announced quite a few things including the new pixel buds 2nd generation well who knows what’s inside the box definitely a pixel for I would say and maybe a few other things so grab some snacks and popcorn some drinks and here’s what we have inside [Music] case I’m gonna grab my knife my trusty knife which isn’t even mine that’s Harry’s butt okay let’s open up this package and let’s see what do we have inside I don’t even need the knife to be honest Hey okay this is quite cool so we have a very coloured Google box well this is awesome and as you can probably tell from the video it says team pixel on the front so let’s open this baby up but first let’s have a look a closer look at his box so on the top we have the Google logo we have all the traditional colors that Google has and a few more this pink one that Google normally doesn’t use let’s see on the front like I said we have hash tag team pixel then we have blue then we have blue again and on the back we have blue again okay okay so now let’s open this up okay hey this is pretty cool so first of all obviously these are two pixel four is the box itself was magnetic so it has this magnetic tab and here we have what appears to be the pixel forward a small one and the pixel 4xl so this is very similar to the pixel three mystery package that we got last year is there a go this is the pixel 4 and orange so let me just put it to the side and then we have the pixel for Excel and probably white yes it is white Hey okay so I’m gonna put it aside for just one second and see what else we get inside also I want to mention and you can probably tell Google has only sent this to us today like 30 minutes ago I’m not even joking said this video is not scripted this video is literally a live unboxing of everything that I sent over so usually we unbox these first and then I script the video and then I do it again but this is literally one of the first and only for you live in boxing’s we’ve ever done okay so let’s open up this pool tap here hey this is cool okay so hopefully you can see this well enough but we have this jar here and this one includes a few things so we have the pixel four box right so to see actual box which by the way is empty so we totally get we don’t get to pixel for it we just get one but there we go this is the pixel for box and then we have the pixel for excel box right here there you go thank you for Excel box so let me just put it back inside the box and then we also have some goodies now as far as I can tell there’s nothing left inside the box hopefully you can see that as well there we go the box is empty okay so I’m just gonna put this to the side for this one second and have a closer look at the phone boxes and these goodies okay so starting off with a goodies first we have one two three four I’m not sure what this is it’s probably chocolates should I open one okay let’s open one so let’s open up let’s open up the blue one I feel so bad about okay let me read what it says here so it’s definitely something let’s see hey there we go oh it’s a fortune cookie hey this is pretty cool should we open it let’s see oh it definitely says something so you will gain very precise perspective from a great distance so I think all of these are literally pixel for fortune cookies and they all show a specific feature that a phone has and you know stuff that phone can do I’m not really going to open all of these on camera so I think we might open them off-camera eat these and maybe post something on Instagram so if we follow on Instagram adds enough tag for a closer look at these okay next up we have Daniels star map let’s see what’s this is this for the astrophotography mode hey let’s see your story’s called Daniel star and you can find it in the Lacerta constellation okay so what’s this Daniel’s star map hashtag team pixel see into space with night side pixel four can take a picture of the Milky Way with just a tap so we’ve named the star after each of the stars in team pixel oh okay find yours with your pixel for tonight okay so they pick the star Daniel star oh yeah obviously they haven’t renamed it so it’s probably a random star that’s they have on the map yeah I really got to ask Google about this have they really named a star after me or is it literally just a coincidence that oh there’s a Daniel star and you know all the other guys in the team pixel and the influencer team that got this also have maybe random star so I’ll need to ask Google about this but still pretty cool okay next up we have ten things about 10 things to love about a pixel for one the phone made the Google way to capture the cosmos 3 all the helpfulness of Google for a new way to control your phone 5 point-and-shoots for a perfect photo hashtag gift from Google so you’ve received the new pixel it’s important to disclose the relationship on your shows filming at channels yeah Google send this over basically we haven’t been paid or anything they just send us over but still it’s pretty cool thanks google hashtag team pixel 6 brilliant colors and dual exposure 7 a phone that’s fast and responsive AIDS perfection on display 9 battery that lasts all day and 10 or doing less worrying okay and next up we have some Google hey there got some Google pops all kits I don’t they use these they’re not really into pop sockets but there you go if you use pop sockets then these are some really really cool ones all of them Google branded so we have two of them team picks so and then we have this one which has basically the same texture the same material and the same colors we add on the front of the box ok next up we have some stickers there you go team pixel stickers with a pixel four and a few more with hashtag team pixels so yeah thank you google this is pretty much everything that we get inside a box aside from the pixel force okay so I’m gonna put this to the side and let’s take a closer look at your actual pixel phones okay so I want to start with a pixel for first so let’s see so obviously we get the phone inside the box okay which is quite it’s a very very compact phone I do you like this orange it’s more of like a pink it’s not really orange yeah I really like this color okay and then let’s see what we got inside a box so we get we got a sim eject tool and this booklet we get Quick Start Guide the warranty and safety guy it’s a pretty much standard then we get the USB type-c TSB type-c charger we also get the USB type-c 2 USB type a adapter so this is in case you want to transfer some data from a different phone like an iPhone and so on or if you want to use you know our USB Drive there you go you can do it with this and then we also get a charger which from the leaks this should be the same one that we got with a pixel 3 got ergo the same collapsible charger in the UK Italy the same fast charger that we got last year with a pixel three okay now in terms of the pixel for Excel it should have the same accessories I’m guessing inside a box as the smaller pixel four so again we have the phone and then we get let’s see we get the Quick Start Guide to manual yeah I think we get the same things we get the charger inside here which is again the exact same one yeah so same accessories for both the pixel four ends the pixel for Excel okay now taking a look a first look at a pixel for phones I do like the way they feel in the hand so they got is textured the same frosted glass material that we got on the pixel three last year it actually feels a bit a bit more grip here than last year because that one was really slippery which is are the actual phones we also have this aluminum wow this feels really nice it’s aluminum but it’s also polished frame so it’s very very smooth to the touch it feels like plastic but it’s not plastic it’s actually metal and then we also have the colored home button so we have the red one or the pink one on the pink or red or orange I’m colorblind so you tell me button and then on this one we have there we go the same color as on this one so there we go we have the same colored power button on both now interested of camera modules this is actually quite a bit smaller than I expected so if we compared to the iPhone 11 Pro for example take a look at how much smaller or how much bigger the camera module on the 11pro is so quite a significant difference and now if we take a look for example the iPhone 11 mock-up there we go it’s actually very very similar to the mock-up okay so now I’m going to put these up and I’ll be back in a few minutes with my final impressions my final first impressions actually of the pixel force okay so when it comes to the actual phones themselves the pixel 4 got leaked like crazy as in it definitely gets the crowd for the most leaked phone in history I’m not really sure if this was intentional or not but I think it probably was to some extent at least but yeah long story short pretty much everything that I’ve already said in our final easterners episode on a pixel 4 turned up to be true in the final units the design is just as we expected with the same dimensions the same camera module and even the exact same colors that were leaked just black really whites and oh so orange so yeah even the names were leaked we don’t have the black one here but we do have the white and the orange one and I actually do like George one Allah I don’t know there’s something about it that just stands out so much at Matt orange back the black Kara module de Matt’s aluminum frame which just feels amazing in the hand and of course the matching power button even though Google has killed that dual tone look of the back that it had up until the pixel three last year they have brought it back in a bit of a different way now yeah so honestly just like with the iPhone 11 design seeing this in person makes me realize that oh it’s not that bad to be honest in real life is definitely not a prettiest phone out there once again but I do think that Google’s on the right path when it comes to balancing features and design the pixel four comes with a 5.7 inches play while the 4 XL comes with a six point three inch panel both of them all lid and both of them now with a 90 Hertz refresh rates so just like with the oneplus 7 pro the 70’s and the razor and the Asus RG gaming phones the pixels now display 50% more frames when compared to the competition and the display definitely feels absolutely amazing so it’s very fast and very very smooth and fluid so 90 Hertz is really what all the phones should be adopting so I’m really glad to see that Google has included this in theirs as well okay what else have I noticed well the cameras are a bit odd just like I already said before in our pixel for leaks timorous video the front camera only has one module now so no more wide-angle module in the front but we do have the ability to zoom out digitally on the sensor and zoom in crop and basically just like we can on the iPhone 11 Pro the back camera now has two modules up from one but just like in the leaks unfortunately the second module is a telephoto module or a zoom lens and not a wide-angle lens I mean we’re in 2019 now and why nagas lenses are pretty much a requirement at its points plus you can always zoom in digitally and achieve a similar result to an actual zoom module but you cannot zoom out unless you have a wide-angle lens you need a wide-angle lens in order to do that why Google why why do we not have wide-angle module on this one even low-end smartphones in 2019 and pretty much all the high-end ones today now have a while ago module as well also for whatever reason Google is capping the camera frame rate once again when recording videos so you can only do 4k 30 and not 4k 60 like pretty much all the flagships can do from the iPhone 8 in 2017 again why Google so ya know 4k 60 and also the front-facing camera can only do 1080p 30 where we now have smartphones that can do for Kate and even 4k 60 on the front so in many ways Google is stuck in early 2017 when it comes to some features which I’m quite sad to see but we do get that astrophotography mode that we’ve heard about and we also get some updates to our interface where we now have two sliders actually so we have one for shadows and one for highlights or than just you know a general one for the general exposure so most of it is just like I’ve already said in our leaks or wrist videos before however there are two unexpected changes so first of all the processor is now the Snapdragon a 55 and not the a 55 plus like it was rumored to be and I really don’t know why that is the case like the 855 was announced back in December 2018 almost a year ago so yeah by the time the pixel 4 actually gets shipped to customers on October 24th the processor in this phone will be once again almost a year old the 865 will be unveiled in December and the 855 plus only came out in late july 2019 so I have no idea why Google hasn’t included that chip bid 55 plus into these phones however the good news at least is that the pixel fours are not as expensive as the leaks were predicting so the pixel for that started 800 dollars and the excel starts at $900 so essentially the same prices from from last year with the three instead of getting more expensive so that’s pretty cool and aside from that ninety Hertz refresh rate display we also get features such as face unlock which was extremely extremely fast like wow take a look at this this is by far the fastest face unlock on the market and we also have motion sensing capabilities now thanks to that so light raider chip that allows you to skip songs or even animate a home screen without touching it so that’s quite cool gimmick city but cool however the sole eye Raider chip is actually what makes face unlock so fast on this phone since it actually lights up the display as soon as it sees you and there we go face ID or face a lock gets activated okay so in conclusion the pixel fours are two very very unique phones and that’s because you see they’re not the best looking phones out there definitely not they’re not the most powerful ones either and they don’t have the best camera overall since the video recording capabilities are quite limited but they do have stock Android support if you get they one updates literally they want updates they do you have the 90 heard to afraid panel an even better camera for photos than before also Google was known to be in the top three manufacturers when it comes to photos we also get delimited photos and video storage in google photos at full resolution for free so yeah there’s many many reasons to love these phones so yeah if we stay tuned for the ultimate count comparison between the pixel 4 and a bunch of other top smartphones like we did before so basically 30 different test categories each with multiple test samples so yeah definitely stay tuned for that comparison and everything is going to be a blind test you you won’t know exactly which one is which and then at the end of the video you will find out just like this one right here speed tests are also coming and everything you need to know about these phones so definitely stay tuned for that subscribe notifications if you want to see more detailed tech videos like this one hopefully was and let me know the comments what do you guys think about a pixel 4 and the pixel for excel especially if you already have the pixel ok I think you’re watching I’m Daniel and I’ll see you guys in the next one is enough tech signing yawns Cheers

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