Google Pixel In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

Published on January 13, 2020
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What’s up everyone welcome back to the channel as you can see bro I need to start doing more Android phones I’ve been talking so much about iPhones and today we’re talking about none other than honestly one of my favorite phone lines ever created I know they’re kind of an iraqi space right now but the google pixel line that kind of stemmed from the nexus line are one of my favorite android phone line ups ever and it was kind of a blessing when google actually reached out to me and actually like wanted to send me a phone which is kind of weird because like i used to use their phones before i even cut them for free kind of a weird flux i understand but we’re gonna be talking about the original google pixel and this thing if you guys know came out right after the Nexus 6p and I thought the Nexus 6p was probably one of like the best phones at the time and I thought it looked so cool but then it had those huge issues that you know people really kind of look down upon the 6p rightfully so but the Google pixel kind of picked it up from there and this is a classic case of software over hardware okay cuz this thing I’ll be honest I hate to say it but it’s you know pretty apparent this thing is not the best looking thing in the world especially in today’s standards but it still has a lot going for it which is kind of funny to say this thing literally looks like a phone that like a demo phone in a way like it’s just supposed to be like a really good software on a phone that’s just like temporarily in a phone like that that’s the best way I can put out or you know but this is the smaller Google pixel we covering the pixel excel later on and this thing came on in 2016 in October so this year it will be turning four years old so that’s pretty crazy it doesn’t even feel like it’s four years old on the front you can see we have a five inch AMOLED display and it’s 1080p and I actually think it’s a pretty good panel I don’t think it’s like a bad panel at all like it’s actually pretty decent I would still say like the Galaxy series phone I came on a 2016 is better than this like this galaxy s7 that definitely has a better looking screen than this but I think it’s pretty good for what it is and what it brought so I kind of want to leave it there it’s pretty average but it’s it’s not bad however what I will say is that the surrounding area of the phone and that’s what kind of gives it the you know the appearance that it might not be as good as it is because you know it’s kind of like having like a really amazing like a meal or something like that or like amazing dinner but it looks really bad I don’t know explain it but the bezel around the display is just not the best looking thing for this phone it has a 69% screen of body ratio which is so crazy there’s so much bezel on this thing and there’s really no need for the bezel at all like there’s no home buttons there’s no front-facing speakers like there’s really no reason to have this much bezel high so that’s probably the worst thing about this phone I’ve had the black one I’ve had the white one I’ve had many many versions of this Google picks I’ve had so many Google pixels I have kind of stemmed down to the black one I kind of like this one more if you like the white one you’ve got that ability as well it looks like the Moto G 2 if you guys remember that phone it literally looks just like that one what’s really cool is we have USB type-c on this phone as well as a headphone jack so that’s awesome on the back you have like this kind of glass back on the top third of it and then the rest is just like this aluminum build you have a fingerprint sensor on the back as well which is really cool as well as a single camera setup you know there’s no multiple cameras but I’ll talk about the cameras in a second so to kind of just solve the whole entire body obviously the worst thing about it is the way it looks but the best thing about it is what’s inside so at this time in 2016 phones still had a little bit of bezel on it so it’s not the worst thing ever so I totally understand but nowadays you know when we have phones that are like so bicylist they have very little bezel on them looking at a phone like this it just does not make this thing look like the best thing ever so that kind of covers it up in terms of the outside hopefully you guys followed me with that if I didn’t confuse any of you now hitting only software this is probably the best thing about this phone and the thing that actually surprises me quite a bit this thing started off with the Android 7.1 you get we are able to upgraded to Android 10 point o which is just Q I guess it didn’t want to do anything more desert names and that’s probably like I said the best thing about it we are able to get the latest and greatest version of Android on this thing and that’s a testament Google and just you know Android in general Google has been very very nice into supporting their pixel line which is awesome and to think I got all of Android 7 it got all the Android 8 it got all of Android 9 and it’s going to get all over Android 10 that’s pretty insane meant to be honest and sadly though it’s probably stopping at Android 10 I don’t think it’s going to go any further than that but it’s completely ok by the way my voice is kind of hoarse because I have but in terms of software you’re going to be set even after it’s done being supported by stock because here’s the thing this thing has so many people using it even now and there’s such a huge development community behind it that there’s going to be a ton of people having support for this thing I mean first of all it’s the first of its lineup it’s the first Google pixel but on top of that it’s the you know the bread and butter of the rest of the pixel line its stock Android there’s not too many bells and whistles with it which is a good thing and a bad thing and because of that because there’s such a huge demand for this phone still people are going to be developing for this phone like crazy people are still developing roms for like the Nexus 4 and like the Nexus 6 and phones like that so you know I’m kind of happy to say that so this phone without a doubt will definitely still suffice it don’t think you’re going to get it and it’s going to be outdated or anything like that it’s probably gonna get security updates here and there as well so in terms of software you’re going to be said so don’t even worry about it now moving on to the performance side of things this thing started off with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 1 you know it didn’t start off with it it still has a pod comes Snapdragon 820 one chipset has quad-core CPU and Adreno 530 GPU and there were two different models of the Google pixel a 32 and 128 gigabyte model and both those models had 4 gigabytes of RAM now what I’ll tell you is what that about do not pick up a 32 gigabyte phone in 2020 don’t even I would be kind of hesitant to pick up a 64 gigabyte variant as well my 11 pro is 64 and I really haven’t had too many issues with it but to kind of be you know on the safe side try to get more than 64 if you can but definitely do not get a 32 gigabyte phone now but in terms of performance this is what I’ll tell you I think this phone is still a very good performing phone for the price age and the timeframe it was released you know and it wasn’t trying to be like the best performing phone at the time but the sad thing and the scary thing is is that this phone has the same amount of RAM as schuylkill pixel 3 Excel which just came out last year or in 2018 so the RAM side I mean I don’t know I it doesn’t really require a lot of background processes and everything to run this UI its stock Android there’s not a lot of things going on in the background so in terms of you opening apps and closing apps and keeping them in the background it’s kind of hit or miss there’s been some you know people who have had issues with that specific grant management side but it’s 4 gigabytes if Google put like a much bigger amount of RAM in it tomates ends I think that would have been really cool and they would have had a huge success on their hands I mean is a success regardless performance isn’t bad or anything it’s just it’s just a little bit choppy here and there it’s a little bit slow which is expected you know it came out in 2016 but compared to other phones that came out in 2016 like the galaxy s7 this phone is not that bad I think it has more in tune with like the iPhone sevens and a way to but if you think about it the iPhone 7s have had huge problems as well with their whole reboot and audio I see issues the cool pixel has been pretty decent there’s really hasn’t been many like crazy drama with this phone since it’s been released besides the screen issue I think but other than that performance wise it’s it’s really good still you know and I attribute that a lot to the UI and the whole entire interface being stuck and what I will say is that the galaxy s7 I think had four gigabytes RAM it probably had three but the Galaxy s8 had four gigabytes of RAM so in terms of that that was a time frame this phones being released now we’re having phones with like eight gigabytes of RAM so I feel like the RAM would be the only issue on this phone other than that performance really isn’t that bad you know it’s pretty much what you would think and what you would expect out of a phone like this so in terms of performance I think it’s definitely good for this phone and the price and everything so that’s definitely a good thing now moving on to the camera side of things this thing has a single twelve point three megapixel camera on the back you have a single Eitan megapixel front facing camera what I can tell you about that back camera is you know you can shoot 4k videos at up to 30 frames per second 1080p at the 120 and I do think overall this camera quality is still pretty good you’re able to do a lot with it the quality is good the video quality is pretty decent the audio quality is not that really that good which is the biggest downside of this thing but the thing that I always tell people at this time in frame and it has a lot to do with all these older phones that have been coming out it’s not necessarily the quality of the photos or the videos it has a lot more to do with the actual hardware of these cameras so there’s only a single camera set up it doesn’t have a telephoto lens or an ultra wide sensor and going into 20/20 that is something that a lot of phones to have a lot of phones have at least one additional camera sensor and I feel like if you don’t have a one either a telephone or an ultra-wide you’re kind of letting yourself go and you’re kind of not future proofing yourself in a way and that’s probably the biggest downside you know I hate to say like that but the quality and everything is kind of you it’s definitely the main thing there’s all these other little things that are on top of that that we have to kind of watch out for now so I wanna tell you is in terms of the overall quality I think the quality is great for the phone for the price and everything it was very like praised for the camera quality but I do think the one thing that’s a limiting it is the hardware itself so it’s not a horrible thing I’m not saying it’s the worst thing ever but that is something that you might see yourself kind of you know saying here and there if you look at all these other people who are doing like crazy things with their cameras and you only have a single camera that might make you feel away so that’s pretty much it I don’t want to go too deep into it now ending it off with the battery life this thing has a two thousand seven hundred and seventy million power battery and I think it’s a pretty good battery life you know for the time being of this phone however this battery has degraded a little bit it’s not a crazy amount but it has degraded at the end of the day and I do think it’s probably I like 85% or 90% of what it used to be which is actually not bad so I’ll tell you the battery life is pretty average at the end of the day it’s not horrible it’s not bad it’s not great either so it’s like in the middle you will probably have to charge it by the end of the day though because it is kind of like a smaller sized battery but this phone doesn’t require the most amount of power to run on top of that it doesn’t have a human like a screen to power either so I think battery life is pretty average it standby time is not really that great for some reason but I think at the end of the day it’ll probably get you through a day but you’ll probably be pushing it towards ends up at least on my specific unit so to kind of sum up this video and to answer the question is the Google pixel the original one still worth it in 2020 this is how I would tell you I think this phone if you have to go this far deep into it I think this phone is probably still worth it I think it still has quite a bit of you know a life left in it and there’s a lot going for it too software is there it stock software so you don’t have to rom it or anything to keep it stock you have pretty decent performance you have a pretty decent camera you’re lacking some things but I think this phone is a pretty basic phone at the end of the day what I will say though is that if you can spend a little bit more money I would probably tell you to at least go for a Google pixel – or Google pixel – Excel probably the Google pixel – that would be a little bit of a better phone and that one is at least getting an extra version of Android on top of the Google pixel so I’d probably recommend you going that way I will be having a video soon talking about the Google pixel – so keep it locked down on the channel so you don’t miss that but if you want to find the cheapest coolpix or Google so – eBay is probably your best bet but I will find the cheapest ones on Amazon and lay it down in the description below so you guys can get it from there and I’ll support the channel at the same time but that is pretty much it if you guys have any other questions or anything let me know in the comment section below that like button only so much but definitely that subscribe button every single subscriber that we can’t really discount so to mean so much for you guys can hit that also check out the other things down in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those things going down below I’d really appreciate it be guys to check it out but more importantly and everything also love every single one of you guys I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace out.
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