Honest review of FT Funtor iPhone X Max Companion

Published on July 8, 2019
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Hers pandora boxx where dream begins hello I’m back again hello all my friends and followers I’m sorry yesterday I uploaded not yester that was day before I uploaded a video and that was terrible quality I didn’t realize that that picture wasn’t great so I’m Napoleon for that hopefully my next video I’m not going to do that so I’m going to do some unboxing again I got some free stuff on my nail you can see again and that was sent by ft font our days and my wallet let’s see what’s inside this looks like a lady’s back in fact [Music] looks good too back in the hood was hich good can you see it it’s nice it’s nice the feeling is very good let’s see what is inside this is they have another chain there that’s nice this is the belt and you get something from the phone tall you go to Amazon and check out this name and buy from them what is say thank you dear customer thank you for your purchase from ft phone to our we are glad your new wallet has arrived and truly appreciated your business this wallet is made of genuine leather material because each leather pieces is individually crafted the color may vary slightly there may be a big smell of new leather aroma when you get this wallets in its new and on ears let’s see if I can get some smell of leather yeah I can feel it I like that point of the smell of new leather it’s nice very good let’s see move on to that and where I was we hope you’re pleased with our purchase if not please give us an opportunity to improve it right way we’ll do our best to service for you meanwhile we are welcoming you to post a kindly review so that other can benefit from your experience as a growing business we know how scared time can be so our service doesn’t end without with your purchase if there is anything else we can do for you please also contact us thank you very much for your support EFT font or service name that’s nice that’s a very nice so this is nice looks very good what do you think do you like the color if you like the color or if you like the stain just hit the like button and subscribe button to get more gift from me I’m going to give you a lots of things so if you like to get some just share and share and share if I get more than thousand likes then I’m going to give with it wallet that’s good that looks good maybe I can carry too so if you like that product if you wanted to buy the description is the pillow so hit that description button and hit on that link if you want it to give it as a gift to your loved one that will be really good gift for in budget so stay update with me and don’t forget to subscribe and I’m going to give you a kind of these in future so subscribe and subscribe if you get if I get more subscribe and more likes and more comments you guys the subscribers will get more and more give way so stay up to date and don’t forget to give me more love so let’s begin with the analysis of this wallet we are going to measure and we are going to see whatever they said in their website it’s correct or not so in the website they have in the Amazon it’s the FT font or the company name and it’s sold by this is the okay let’s begin with that wallet analyzes it’s made by phone tar ft phone table and sold by moon ck one six egg so let’s begin with the inside what they said then we are going to match up with this so they have one two three four five six six colors one is black another is green and this one the pink one what I got and they have purple one red one and the other one it’s a it’s high-quality material our zip wallet for women is designed with luxury and high quality PU vegan later and meticulous watermark ship durable and comfortable to use with the stylish look and labor goes out of fashion so they said this is made with nice ship quality so I’m going to check out the zip how is the zip this looks pretty good and strong I’m going to like this that’s looks good so this ship is good too and inside the zip will be the same thing [Music] one two three four five six seven eight nine they have nine apartment inside to keep your stuff just then they say it’s made with what they made with made with PU vegan leather what is PU vegan later let’s check it out p yo vegan leather age centric PU leather is vegan but many product that say they are made from PU leather are actually not paying a hundred person PU synthetic leather fake leather made only with poly or you then PU so this sell later but it’s not real leather it’s fake leather but you can smell like a later so the next thing they said you can decide what is the size seven point six seven inch height and 4 point 13 inch wide so the height seven point six seven inch will make it to stairs so it’s seven point six seven inch yeah that’s the high D seven point more than seven half and with with is four inch let’s check out the width is four inches the weight is four inch that how much wide Oh the wide five inch wide that’s one day but they say the same and depth is 1 inch if you close it without doing anything yeah it’s just one inch normal depth so you can not of stuff inside they said this is good for your iPhone 10 I don’t have icon time right now but I’m going to put that inside there it’s going to feed or not it’s going to fit perfectly in nicely you see it speak perfectly and nicely so oh oh and the prize at the end the prize is $14.99 so this is a very good price you can get from Amazon oh I’ll put the link on the description below so you can get that from the Amazon if you like to buy it you can buy from them and you can get that’s the good price you cannot get for $15 that’s nice thing so I think very strong durable and nice looking fashionable I hope you like it if you buy it that’s good ok that’s all for today please don’t forget to subscribe if you subscribe opinion-based and other product to what I get you get to bye bye

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