Honor 9X Pro Review €250 Midrange Phone WITH 6GB+256GB

Published on June 23, 2020
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Welcome back to another video so as you’ve seen from the title of this one it’s all about the honor x9 Pro so this particular six point five nine inch phone it sells for about two hundred fifty euros here in Europe and it offers for that price quite a bit when you look at the spec sheet so four thousand milliamp hour battery 3.5 millimeter headphone jack support that a lot of manufacturers are dropping it has micro SD card support as well dual SIM of course and well it has a pop up camera so this doesn’t have a knotch or an ugly cut out you get the full screen experience however it is an IPS panel that’s in this one the build of it is good it’s a quality phone and it does have a 48 megapixel camera on the rear backed up with a 2 megapixel for depth and an 8 megapixel one for taking ultra weights this is what you’ll find in the box so we do have a 10 watt charger this is a little low for 2020 mid 2020 standards with other manufacturers offering say 18 or 20 watt charging we do have some 3.5 millimeter earbuds here so these aren’t type-c but using yes a 3.5 million phone jack a type C 2 USB cable and we do have a Quick Start Guide it’s a little bit of paperwork and a case is also included and this one as the TPU style with the top having an opening for that pop up camera of course now let’s take a look at the build quality of this one here the frame around the outside is plastic but it is painted with a metallic like paint job it’s a very dense plastic and it does actually in hand feel very good the quality and the finish in the build of this one so size wise this is six point five nine inches this screen and I’ve got very easy access to that always on fingerprint reader so tapping it and unlock straightaway it works 10 out of 10 times for me super accurate very quick just above it is the volume up and down buttons and they feel good as well they do not wrestle at anything like that so on the left side there are no buttons here or whatsoever right up top that’s where you’ll find that pop up camera so this pop up camera is 16 megapixels then to the right of it is the SIM tray so this SIM tray does have a rubber gasket around it it will take two nanos firms or a micro SD card and a single from there there is also secondary microphone here for noise cancellation and calls and used in video then right down the bottom 3.5 milimeter out so great to see we’ve got some analog audio out on this microphone type c port and a downwards firing singled-out speaker on this particular model overall the phone does feel a very good enhance and we’ve got a curvature of the glass on the rear here the main camera is 48 megapixels we have an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel for depth information so I would show you my typical display tester and information about our display but this application you see it wants Google Play services unfortunately you’re gonna run into this with a few applications they just must have it otherwise they go No No Deal we’re not going to run we want you to have Google Play services in a store which of course is not possible with this particular unit here so about this display anyway it’s an IPS panel and I’ve noticed that there’s a tiny little bit just down the very bottom of what I call like dimmer pixels a bit of shadowing right on the edges but because there’s no punch hole cut out teardrop it’s got the pop-up camera of course it’s a full screen experience with this one we don’t have any of those dimmer pixels all around that particular cutout for the front facing camera so it’s a slightly better IPS panel than what I’m seeing in this around 250 euros category mark of mid-range phone so we do have our eye comfort mode in here but dark mode is not present it is missing it could be because it’s on android 9 only this particular mobile phone now screen resolution this is interesting we can if you really are desperate for just the maximum battery life you’re out some in you don’t have a charger then stick it to 720p and that will really give you an additional few hours of screen on time if you really need it now smart resolution is actually armed by default so when it’s required it will switch between it so be swapping between 720 20 P and 1080 but for the purposes of my review because all the other phones I review at native screen resolutions I’m going to and have kept it all the time on the maximum Full HD plus resolution with this one now look a little bit more about this screen we’ve got our color modes here so out of the box it’s vivid I find that just way too oversaturated I keep it on normal and the white balance it into my eyes looks a little bit more correct now in the Sun how does it feel 516 it says the maximum brightness I have measured on my unit and I can still make out and do things in direct sunlight and that’s the main thing there so it’s not actually I feel a bad IPS panel all that honor have put in this model so screen gestures touch response edge touch response and palm rejection is all actually very good and excellent the UI performance as well very very good I’m noticing that as quick and it is smooth aided by the fact that does have six gigabytes of RAM and well not for I think the six definitely helps 7 nanometre the Karen 8:10 doesn’t seem like over much of a slouch at all now notifications are all coming through in things and let me touch a little bit more on well the app gallery here with quawi so most of the apps you want so you say okay I want to play pub G on and still pub G and oh look pub G is there but it’s not available yet so it looks like the qua way well honor they are letting us know that look the game is going to be on and in the app gallery they’re placed or you could say they’re alternative their own store it’s just not available yet unfortunately and you will find that with many different games now there are workarounds there are websites that you can download the apk files install what you need and I did have to I must admit was some of the apps resort to that just to get them on here my normal testing apps and that’s when you have well run into that thing the problem but ok Google Play services is required for some things which is unfortunate so very good performance the UI really good but let’s go over a few other things here so in terms of the performance so we’re getting a very good antutu score does not bad at all for a mid-range phone for the 250 euros if it gets around this score like others it’s very similar that is actually beating out for example the Snapdragon 720 and the 730 storage speeds good very good sequential reads are great sequential right certainly a little bit lower there but that’s actually not bad at all and the random rights is also very good so that is nice and quick and fast there so he did check out to see if we’ve got Widevine level 1 cert we don’t we don’t have anything it’s just not pulling through anything at all here so that means it doesn’t have it so that means Netflix will be in standard definition so we’ll Amazon Prime video which is very unfortunate camera2 api support is limited so this isn’t great but being a care and chip here and the honor lots of boot loaders and all that stuff as well not that you need it but the Google camera reports if it was level 3 could have worked but we don’t have support with him anyway so that doesn’t it doesn’t really matter ok and here we go wireless speeds they are good when you’re close to your router very good getting 400 for this class mid-range phone not bad I have noticed that when I’m away from the router which is downstairs my spot I always test all the other phones it’s getting a bit of a low kind of speed here so just over 123 megabits per second is what it can get and it scrapes over my minimum 100 if it’s under 100 I’m not happy at all but this isn’t the fastest so if your wireless router is like 5 rooms away then you could struggle a little bit that’s on 5g use 2.4 G and a signal strength and range there’s better there but of course not as fast so you’re gonna have approximately about 400 sorry 245 gigabytes of free space on this one on first boot here ok and the battery time to charge it so this was from 6% to 100% here it took me 132 minutes so why is it so slow well it’s only a 10 watt charger we had 10 watt charging with all the other phones couple years ago and I think it’s they should have really had support for maybe faster like 15 or 18 or 20 watt charging I think would be a little bit better here how does that battery fear well quite average honestly for a 7 nano meter chip I was expecting a little bit better I was expecting maybe 1415 hours this was at the native screen resolution 2 by the way so yeah it was ok that’s there’s a display configured to 200 nits of brightness too by the way so yeah it will last most P people I think two days this phone still I am on the latest software version here so this is EMU i9 and it’s on Android nine still okay so I’ll show you in the settings here quickly but really they do honor need to update this I think we should be on Android tin by now you can see here that yep it’s Android nine so hopefully they’re gonna have a firmware update a big one that is just to give us Android ten with this one and e/m UI 10 so I’ve tested out the Bluetooth tech and I haven’t had any disconnects or anything funny there sounds fine wired connection as well so using 3.5 millimeter headphones in here once it does sound excellent to me it could maybe be a little bit louder there that’s my only tiny little nitpick there with the 3.5 milimeter output voice call quality sounds fine no problems here so we have a single downwards firing loudspeaker right here and I’m going to give you a sample now at 100% volume [Music] [Music] oddball gaming performance now so all your favorite titles out there they are going to be playable on this particular phone but if it’s a more demanding game of course you do need to tweak and lower settings with some of them now the framerate seems to be very good and the thermal so this phone barely gets warm even after one hour of gaming now as you can see with my thermal infrared camera here taking a look at the thermals on both the front and back it is excellent barely warm moving over to our camera so in the photo mode we do have the option to if you tap down here go over to our wide camera which is 8 megapixels and tapping here is 2 times so that’s 2 times the digital from the main 48 megapixel sensor now video mode we do only have 1080p maximum with this one right here portrait and it’s pretty self-explanatory night mode as well and if I jump over here into more you’ll find then our pro mode so under Pro Mode we have a shutter rate that goes right up to 30 seconds and ISO goes up to a very large for a cell phone sensor a hundred and two thousand so with our front-facing camera we do have electronic image stabilization and this quality is okay now it is overexposing sometimes a little bit difficult conditions to for this front-facing tiny little sensor because I’ve got a white wall right here now the audio bitrate is 192 kilobits per second it sounds ok but depending on how I have my hand actually holding it I have noticed that the microphones can sometimes pick up like a little bit of echo and one noise too because well it is windy here so here’s our video I do apologize for the wind noise it’s always windy here at the moment so you can swap when recording over to the ultra wide camera we do have some electronic image stabilization this is 1080p so no 4k option but we do get tuned up here up to 60 times to electronic image stabilization is okay but it’s only probably not the best I have seen nor is this video quality I would read it as average we do have a hundred and ninety two kilobits per second audio bitrate [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so as you saw from those samples with the photos that it can the main sensor take a decent image the ultra-wide isn’t bad either so in that photo Department I think it’s good but video video needs a bit of optimization some of the photos as well still I feel need just a little bit of tweaking and optimization there now the video quality it’s it’s average and the bitrate is good with the audio and but sometimes is there like a little bit of funny kind of echo that comes in just now and then when recording which is another thing I just wanted to point out now the UI performance is very very good it’s very smooth it’s fast it is fluid launch times of app sing really good there too it’s probably aided by the fact with that 7 nanometre chip and the GPU it seems to be optimized quite well this rom the games the gaming performance and in the thermals very good there but this is where I come into the big hurdle with this phone and with this brand and huawei that not all of your favorite your common apps that you’re used to are you going to be able to find and if you do find alternative methods of getting them and installing them you don’t actually know whether they’re going to work or not because some will come up with that message saying it needs Google Play services and you cannot go any further the game will not load that’s it now it’s good to see though with the app gallery that they are actually sorting it out they’re getting more applications getting more developers behind them so it’s all a process it’s going to take time I’m going to get all the major developers to eventually move over and have a separate a segregated version away from Google Play services to have it then running on the Huawei app gallery and it’s good there that they do point out games at a future up-and-coming very popular tiles like pub G I searched it it’s there but coming you can’t install it yet not yet at least and then of course your backups you save games and things like that so really build quality as well as excellent with this phone charge times disappointing a little bit slow battery time as well I was expecting a bit more now for most people this will still be a 2-day phone I feel out of my time using it and normal kind of phone use like you’re not just gaming constantly all day then it will go for the two days but I just expected a little bit better and that fixed battery benchmark considering four thousand milliamp hour battery compared to other phones should have gone for a little bit longer and a seven nanometer chip that this does have so really it all boils down with this phone if you can pick it up and you get one if you can live really without having some of your favorite apps there I know some people out there they want to completely cut ties with Google when this is the phone for it because well because it doesn’t have it none of the honor and huawei phones now do I think the last one that I use the head it was a P 30 Pro and sadly it’s just the way things are with this phone here so thank you so much for watching this review I hope you did like it and I do hope to see you back in the channel I’ll see you in the next one.
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