Honor 9X Pro unboxing and first impressions

Published on October 6, 2019
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I’m Richard Neal win and today we’re unboxing the honor 9x Pro okay so I’m not all that familiar with this device because Y way stuff doesn’t make its way to the United States too much and that’s a real shame because these are fantastic products this is more of a mainstream device so it’s not like you know the the honor 20 pearl that I recently reviewed or the view 20 which I retain before that this got accurate uh hearing 810 ships head in it so doesn’t have the the AI the dual-core AI neural processing unit that the the higher-end model said but it does have a triple camera as a forty eight megapixel main main sensor it’s got eight gigs of RAM so I’m calling it a making calling it a mainstream phone it does have quite a lot of memory on it although it might need a little bit extra to handle the magic UI which is what they call it Huawei phones has emui on our phones have magic UI and so those are kind of similar with some subtle differences so let’s get this open now here’s what I said one of the reasons I say that they’re phenomenal phones the design is so pretty okay so we’re gonna get this it’s a glass sandwich and we have some Chinese stuff written on the back we’re just gonna pull this sticker off alright oh there’s another sticker I thought it was just the one sticker this this phone is full of surprises so far so this one’s actually proven to be a little little there it goes so you can see the way that the light reflects it there there is an X okay it’s awesome and you can sit like that it goes from kind of purple to pinkish there’s a gradient and use that kind of holographic you know there’s an X it’s cool it looks awesome this is a very pretty phone I love it you know the last one I had was the 20 Pro and that that sort of they call that a holographic backhand and that looked a little different and then the the V 20 or the view 20 that was the one that had a V that kind of just reflected up and down the body so this one’s an X because it’s the 9x Pro and it just it looks lovely and this is why it’s a real shame to me that that well what one of the reasons that it’s a real shame to me that Huawei devices don’t come to the United States is because they look cool other than that they’re great devices they look cool and I think American companies or companies that do sell devices in the United States aren’t doing things that are cool when it comes to design you know I actually I haven’t well I’m not gonna pull it out the iPhone 11 Pro I have and it’s like it’s the same thing like yeah there’s a matte black on instead of the glossy glass back it’s like a frosted glass like cool what the thing is when they do like oneplus has a cool gradient design that some of its new phones and the thing is like why we started that trend with gradients with p20 and and they keep doing cool stuff and here’s more cool stuff and it’s like like none of the phones that are sold here on that leading edge of design that that Huawei is and it’s it’s a real shame the real shame because people you know when you pull out a phone you want it to look nice you want you wanna you wanna look cool with your phone I don’t know it’s it’s just it’s just the thing I guess let’s see what we got in here Huawei guide there’s a case and so many phones these days come with cases it’s so weird to me and they’re clear cases which is presumably because they put so much work into this design and maybe if they didn’t come with a clear case you would just end up buying something that cover it up that design and then they people won’t be able to see what they put so much work cuz obviously why we wants your friends to see this so you so your friends can go hey what phone is then you go oh it’s a long way and then people can buy it it does come with the u.s. charger although it’s does it not say it just says Huawei on it and there’s no oh there we go this is actually a 10 watt charger so no super fast charging here and then of course we have a USB type a 2 type-c cable which I’m not going to take out I’m gonna leave these right here so they’re safe and I rarely take Chargers out of the box I rarely use the stock charges and they feel the reason for that is just because it makes life a lot easier when I have to ship the device I obviously have a ton of USB C charges so when I shipped the device back it’s got all the stuff in there and I don’t have to worry about it so we’re gonna boot this guy up and looks like there’s a fingerprint sensor on the side which that’s what it usually means when there’s a hole in the case and there’s a flat power button otherwise the case usually covers the button like it does with the volume rocker here okay so we’re wrapping this up over here I am restoring the backup while I’m restoring from another phone actually because it would seem that it would seem I’m not 100% sure yet is that this phone does not have Google services or where it’s all I guess it’s a Chinese model or what kind of you know like the new mate 30 doesn’t have Google services at all because American companies currently aren’t allowed to do business with Huawei for reasons that I’m not going to get into here but they’re really dumb I’ll tell you that but um so so yeah I don’t think it says Google servers I haven’t yet signed into a Google account so I’m usually phone and clone to to restore stuff for my p30 Pro so yeah this is should be almost done I I’m I’m kind of excited that it doesn’t have Google services though this does this will be the first wow wait phone that I’ve used without Google services so so that’s it’s actually kind of interesting to me I’m I’d almost call myself an a OSP nerd where where the like these types of devices intrigued me I was a big fan of like I was actually you know people are gonna crap on me for saying this but I was a big fan of the Amazon our phone I still have a nokia X which was not not you know the this was Nokia X was like when they were making Windows phones and no he wanted to try their hand at Android so they just had this look more importing videos now okay so this is still taking a little while but yeah Nokia decide they want to try their hand at Android and they made these non Google Android phones and I liked it because it was it’s just something that’s different from the norm but we will obviously be missing Google services okay I think this is finally done transfer to full 23 gigabytes all right there’s navigation just we can try out the gestures okay if we swipe in from the left edge that’s I guess taking us to photo gallery or something maybe maybe it’s the same thing yes it takes us to the home screen swiping up which is oh and I guess for doing it oh if we swipe open these are Android 10 gestures by the way this actually runs EMU I will stick with gestures and I’m not sure which version of EMU I it runs which is interesting cuz it looks a lot like magic it’s going to about emu Y 9 ok cool so it isn’t the latest one and thanks world for updates I bet there is it’s brand new well we’ll let that check it’ll it’ll pop up if it’s there so yeah some of the the subtle differences that you see between this and like regular EMU I see how the the settings icons a little more colorful you know a little stuff like that we haven’t had no after off to turn that on yeah but no no Google Play Store as you can see so we’re gonna I guess go into Huawei app gallery and hopefully we can find some oh my my current country region is Germany okay now we’re gonna agree to all this stuff lots of pop ups there no I don’t want your recommended apps so yeah I guess is it what’s cool to me though about a OS he is that that you know I have a background in Windows Phone I used to review a lot of Windows Phones back in the day and and that was a big project Windows once you ever reviewed Windows Phones you know the big problem was apps and we all knew this and there were no Google services that was a big deal and Microsoft something on something called Project Astoria where they were actually gonna bring Android apps over at one point and you’d be able to sideload apps and everybody praised that as a solution so I mean and Google app still wouldn’t work but I mean like I I appreciate the ability to do something different you know with that without being beholden to Google and I don’t like popups like that so yeah here we have the camera happened it’s it’s pretty standard for awhile way device now if we go to the front camera yeah we have a little bottle a pop up camera and a pop up on the screen which we all love all right so yeah that’s pretty cool you’ll notice that there is no notch on the display okay and it’s very narrow bezels it’s a 1080p display coming in at 6.5 nine inches okay it’s nineteen point five by nine it’s a very common aspect ratio in today’s phones it’s very tall and ya know notch which I love that that Huawei is doing these things with with no notch where the the view 20 and the honor 20 Pro which I talked about earlier that has a hole punch cut out for the front camera rather than a knotch and why always been doing that a lot on honor phones wai-wait proper phones haven’t really done that at all so I love the pop-up camera I I love the innovative things that companies are thinking up to not put a notch on the phone there’s a bunch I have two over here that I don’t know what they are like things like that and that way they’re just written in Chinese but that’s fine I’m gonna install my own apps on here and so hopefully I can get them all you know there’s there’s a lot that I don’t have used for a leap a Weibo I don’t know a math I don’t know what this is you know I was recently that I’m not gonna find out what it is I was recently in China and and Google immaculate ears like Google services don’t work in China at all well I shouldn’t say at all they work if you have an American SIM card in your phone so I was able to use it for walking directions a little bit and but it wasn’t very good so it wouldn’t track me if I walked on wouldn’t know if I was walking the right way I’d have to walk around a little bit so so I’d love to try add something if I was in China I’d love to try out their actual mapping technologies a lot of these apps are similar to what you’d find on any Huawei phone phone phone is there which is what I just used to restore from a backup the recorder app comes in handy which apparently have four gigabytes of recordings that I I always use a phone as a backup recorder for for audio in videos so I guess I have four gigs there’s an optimizer app which yeah Afghan I want to go back here because I want to see what kind of apps they they had because I’m worried that that some of my apps will be available I’ll deal with not Jesus so many pop-ups on this phone we’re gonna have to change the keyboard at some point I’m you’re right I’m not going to do this right now yeah we’re not we’re not messing with that but yeah it’s pretty standard just no no Google services you know that we can’t take one more look at the back of the phone you see it’s picking up fingerprints pretty easily to take the case off but it is a beautiful device like seriously I wipe the fingerprints off but seriously you’re not gonna see anything like this in buying in the United States and it’s a real shame that they don’t sell these here it’s a disservice to American consumers if you ask me triple lens camera like I said 48 megapixel ai camera so with the AI means that it’s supposed to be able to tell what it’s looking at and adjust settings accordingly so if you put it on food it would Oh saturate the image more so you get those brighter colors make your food look more appetizing in your pictures that is an F one point eight forty eight megapixel sensor have inch has faith detector autofocus so it should be pretty good a half inch sensor should have pretty good low-light capabilities and then also it’s going to use quad bear technology where it combines four pixels into one to create a 12 megapixel image and obviously that that it’s basically taking the light from those images and putting them into one so there’s also an 8 megapixel ultra wide sensor and a 2 megapixel depth sensor so it’s not a zoom the third lens is not a zoom sensor it’s a depth sensor you know one other thing that I noticed while just while setting this up is that the the display actually catches finger prints pretty easily but that’s okay and well isn’t okay I don’t know I I don’t know I have to spend more time with it to really really feel that you know I have to say I’m excited about this phone for a mainstream phone it’s it’s sexy it’s a really sexy device and the camera is going to be pretty solid it has a 1080p display no not eight gigs of RAM and you know like given the price point which I don’t really know because that’s China it’s only China like that but there’s a lot of value here so it’s it’s it’s got a solid processor it’s it’s curing eight ten like I said so that it’s not the flagship processor but the other thing that I say I often say about flagship processes that they do they provide more performance than the most people need so so this one is gonna be good actually I’m not just fine it’s gonna be good so I’m excited about it I I’m excited about not having Google services because because not having Google services also gives an OEM more freedom to create the kind of Android that the more the kind of experience that they want to provide and that’s actually that’s cool to me things that are different or cool to me so this is something that’s a little different so I’m also hoping that Huawei sends me May 30 they haven’t yet which is a real bummer because I’ve reviewed every Huawei flagship phone for the last few years and you know I think they’re not seating those phones to American journalists because you know no one in America is gonna be able to buy it so yeah so so I got this one and and I’m happy with it so far well I have to use it I mean here’s the thing you don’t miss Gmail because there are plenty of mail clients they can all hook into Gmail right there’s I’m sure a web browser on this phone it’s probably called something along the lines of Internet which I don’t actually see well oh here we go it’s cold so let’s see and I can’t browser it’s called browser okay so you know I mean there’s a browser and and yeah it’s not gonna sink my my bookmarks and my passwords from Chrome there’s one thing okay calendar you probably want miss Google Calendar because any calendar client will sync to your Google Calendar you know I looked like it all kind of works out the only thing that I really missed and I missed this back in my Windows Phone days with Google photos was just you know being able to automatically backup your photos to Google’s cloud because Google photos is awesome you know but other than that you know it works it you’re gonna be able to do what you want to do and it’s also very easy to sidelobes apps on an Android device the only problem is that if it uses Google Play services it’s not gonna work right unless you do some jiggery-pokery to get Google services Google Play services working which is also kind of possible so yeah I’m gonna play with it so yeah I want to review on this and probably about a month I’m starting to have a lot of devices on the backlog here so yeah so stay tuned for that I’m Richard mio and have a great night

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