Honor V30 5G Review – Everything but the Display!

Published on December 15, 2019
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Hi guys it’s Frankie from Frankie Tech good to see you guys again and I’m here with my three-day review of the honor v35 G I spent the entire weekend with this phone and I got a lot of thoughts about it well let’s go down the list here design display performance quick audio test share my camera sample and we’ll wrap up with some pub G as well now I got it in this gorgeous really gorgeous color pearl white it’s called and yes is a bit of a fingerprint magnet but when it hits the light at a certain point it is just beautiful it’s the 8gb version 128 gigs of storage and so let’s go through this and share my thoughts and really one of the main reasons why I might not be keeping this file in long term now one thing ahead of time guys there is some drilling going on you know on and off here so if you do hear that apologies ahead of time for that but let’s get started but before we do that let’s look at what’s inside the box now prices for this phone start at around three thousand two hundred and ninety-nine Jiwon I got the 8gb version which starts at around three $6.99 or 525 u.s. dollars so it’s in that Meno ten Meno 10 Pro range let’s show you what is in here and inside here is where the TPU case came pretty standard plastic case nothing too special there and you see very basic unboxing we have our USP C cable and we have this super charger and this is up – that’s right max a lot of 40 40 watt super charging quick charging there that’s pretty solid and pretty standard I think with what we’ve been seeing from Huawei in the past we also have a little dongle though that’s a nice bonus included in the box for this funk let’s talk about it design 8.9 millimeters 213 grams so these phones are getting thicker and they’re getting heavier as they move towards or as we move towards an industry of larger batteries and just accommodating the 5g aspect of it this is a 5g phone and his Huawei honours first 5g phone so they need a larger battery to deal with that 4,200 mill amperes looking at the sides here you see that beautiful shimmer of the pearl and I gotta say right now it’s a little bit of a fingerprint magnet let me wipe it down and show you guys through the magic of editing look at this color and it’s hard to explain what this color is but what I can say is that it changes with the lighting you’re in at night it just looks pretty pearly but at in the daytime it can go from purple to orange to yellow it’s a really mesmerizing look and I think in this lighting it’s really not giving the justice I think in really deep sun strong sunlight it has just an amazing Sheen to it but I do also like the orange color of the phone as well I love how that kind of the bluish hue has also been translated to the edges where you see an IR blaster at the top Michael we have a pretty clean edge here except for the antenna bands and we do see though went Wow for some of you guys know 3.5 millimeter headphone jack but we do have a u.s. PC and we do have a speaker with the SIM tray at the bottom and on the side here we have the volume rocker and obviously the side mounted fingerprint scanner and what does that mean side mounted because this phone is an LCD panel we’ll talk about that in a second but from a design perspective let’s look at the front because this is where I think a lot of the concern is we do have very minimal bezels it’s not the tiniest bezel on the bottom side bezels are good and then at the top we got that punch hole and it’s not just a single punch hole it’s a dual punch hole now nolo – you guys really are not a fan of that but let’s face it it’s been seen in other phones like the s10 plus and I don’t think it was too badly done there it doesn’t bother me as much but I think for you punch hole haters this is gonna be probably the worst version of the phone that you’ve seen and now transitioning them into the major elephant in the room for this phone display and this is got an IPS LCD 6.5 7 inch full HD display 400 PPI and yes it does have some sort of protection although it’s not specified what type of girl Gorilla Glass is being used 20 by 9 aspect ratio so very tall phone butthey let’s face it guys this is LCD and LCD is a technology that is mature it is a much older technology it is really great in many ways like resolution for example you will not see any pixels on any 1080p LCD display colors are actually pretty solid as well I’m using the vivid mode and as you can see the colors look good they don’t look they don’t pop off the screen the way they do with AMOLED but I think they look alright but what is the major negative with an LCD display like this it is the contrast ratio and I think that’s the major thing I’ve been pointing at when you compare this to a mullet the blacks are just not as black in the daytime like this you don’t notice it as much when you’re in low-light when you’re like ready to go to bed and you’re using this phone check out the tweet I dropped yesterday it is so obvious it just does not look modern and it just feels like you’re using a phone from 2016 considering the flagship specs of this device it really is a letdown and I I’m almost gonna say this kind of controversially here I think the time of LCD displays is coming to an end and I think that smartphone manufacturers really should only be using LCD if they can put it in a phone with a price that is appropriate and that means phones under 150 US dollars 200 at the most if you’re in the mid-range or upper mid-range and you’re putting LCD in your smartphone I don’t think that’s a good move and I think a lot of the market a lot of the Indian market a lot of the just kind of the mid-range global market is really wanting AMOLED technology in their phones now so this is like kind of my major rant with this phone and so we’ve heard the argument Samsung is hoarding the punch hole cutouts with their AMOLED displays well that’s not exactly true we’ve seen now this new Viva phone that’s come out and it is now offering this kind of punch hole look with an AMOLED panel I think eventually Samsung is gonna have to concede and start giving this type of panel to the rest of the market but for now you have honor Huawei and even Xiaomi with their upcoming K 30 series kind of choosing this type of panel I don’t mind it but I don’t love it and I think when it comes down to it I will choose an AMOLED phone over an LC display phone nine times out of ten at this point anyways that’s the rant over but it is a decent display designed display are pretty rock-solid I love the looks of this thing the premium metal edge does feel great as well and you’ll love the experience using this phone as well even though if once you compare it to an AMOLED panel phone you will notice it immediately and now let’s fly through performance with the Geekbench five scores we see it is at the top of the line compared to the other phones on the market here you see next to the s 10 plus and the note 10 plus our single core scores are very competitive handling multi-core scores are top of their class this phone is a screamer with this clear $9.99 this phone is a beast with the Kiran 990 it is only the second series now after the mate 30 series to come out with this chip and it’s a 7 nanometer process so you’re gonna have terrific performance on this phone and so far that has been the case also with UI I’ve had no issues with using magic UI 3.0 and obviously the inclusion of Google Apps obviously using the kind of workaround method and shout out to my guy Lampa was able to do that for me no problem and a quick look at the antutu scores solid scores as well this phone is truly a performance beast but in drm info went where there’s not even an l3 security level to speak of just a clear key CDM version of 1.2 and nothing else here so this phone is not going to be your choice if you want HD Netflix out of the box and a quick look here at content consumption on the device the speakers do sound pretty good for voices you can see it there and the punch hole is gonna be a concern for all you punch hole and all chatter you can remove it but it removes such a large portion of the display I really just don’t recommend it look at other phones if you’re gonna do that I do think though that this punch will being on the left side is a bit strange I’m kind of used to it being on the upper side with the other kind of Samsung phones that had a similar type of punch hole but I think look it still looks good yes it is a bit of an eyesore but to all you guys fan of the red-meat K 30 series this is kind of what you’re gonna experience if you’re watching content on that phone and you can kind of see it here with the B 30 it’s a compromised viewing experience but it’s still exalted viewing experience nonetheless and now quick audio test I’m gonna bring the mic down let’s listen to some clouds over my city here on Frankie Tech so what can I say pretty middle-of-the-road performance I think here on the honor v35 gee it’s not that Boris sounding speaker but it’s not the best sounding speaker I really do think though when I do compare this to the me note 10 Pro in an upcoming video we’ll see how those two fare but for now I think for just general listening of music and of just other content it’ll be adequate for your listening needs and one other quick thing I wanted to mention was the 5g nature of this phone so this is the first 5g phone that has been released by honor and as you can see here I do have a SIM card install but right now we don’t have 5g here in Hong Kong I wish I could test this but I think it will be probably limited to whenever the 5g is released to the bands that are kind of most relevant to China and to kind of this region so don’t think that you’re gonna buy this phone now and be able to use it on 5g networks in the States I just would not bet on it for now but as you can see we already have a preferred network mode 5g being enabled as an option and I will be playing around with my kid on my main sim in this phone as well I want to see if there’s any chance of that right now though 5g is in its early stages and so it’s really a non-issue for me to recommend this phone based solely on that and a few other quick factors I wanted to consider here we’re kind of the additional columns of this phone so we have Wi-Fi 802 dual band we also have bluetooth 5.1 in this phone to top line here and we also have very importantly NFC is actually something you can use on this phone now I have struggled previously with the mate 30 to enable this and use Google pay on it so I will be testing this out later this week on this phone and share my findings with you probably on Twitter stay tuned for that and last but not least we do have USB 2.0 though but it is the type C version on the bottom but it is not the faster kind of version of that and talking about battery we have a 4200 mill ampere capacity on this phone and that fast battery charging of 40 watts so that’s gonna bring you up to 70% in 30 minutes that is kind of the proposed amount I think it’ll probably end up somewhere in the range of 1 plus kind of in that 59 1 hour sorry 1 hour it’s kind of 10 minute range for charging I will be doing battery charging test soon stay tuned for them and this phone will feature in that as well but I think for kind of general use one one and a half days easy can be done with this phone LCD also is a technology that in some cases if you use it a certain way can kind of reduce power but for my battery drain test has always been an Achilles heel especially because you’re using so much of the display so much at the time for kind of watching video there’s just something that LCD phones cannot take advantage of and that is you know all the kind of the black areas of any display when you’re not using them on AMOLED panels its off whereas on LCDs it’s on and it’s on all the time that’s why we can’t really enable always-on display on this phone and it is a pity and so battery life is great but just know that those kind of features that you typically see with AMOLED are just not going to be implemented or as appreciated on this phone and wrapping up with camera we have 5 cameras on this phone three on the back and two on the front talking about the back ones we got that 40 megapixel F 1.8 aperture the wide-angle and that is a great camera it’s been featured on a number of their phones as you can see there and we also have that 8 megapixel telephoto and 8 megapixel ultra wide and I this will do a solid job when it comes to kind of just taking great quality shots so let’s throw bb-8 there and as you can see the Caron 990 has no problems taking photos it is a fast shutter and we can also go to wide ma it can also go in to 5x and all these shots do a solid job here now is this as robust a camera as the one we’ve seen from the May 30 series or even from the P 30 Pro it is not and let’s face it the pro version of the phone also has kind of some enhanced cameras like an additional camera but it is not going to offer that periscope type zoom at this price range you’d have to go to the flagships if you want that kind of super zoom that you see from the p30 Pro and from other models but have a look at these samples guys and have a look at these video samples taking quite a few over the weekend and let me know in the comments what do you think [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this is rear-facing video on the honor v35 G shooting in 4k coming too late yet fairly late afternoon here in Hong Kong so I can make sure I get this video now before it gets too dark looks pretty good see how it deals with the sunset there looks decent but hit me up in the comments what do you think and this is front-facing video on the owner V 35 G getting cold here in Hong Kong getting cold looks pretty good decent stabilization the viewfinder but we’ll have to see in post what that looks like beautiful sunset over there see but hit me up in the comments what do you think and here we are to wrap up with pouchy high specs recommended checking out the graphics settings how high can we get in terms of quality on this device HDR ultra realistic that is looking good and let’s enable anti-aliasing disable auto adjust graphics and as you can see at least there using the entire display I can’t stand it when smartphone OEMs actually cut off the other panel here at the punch hole just to make it a more even experience just embrace the punch hole I would say if you have it in your phone and just use the entire display it’s a non-issue to me at least and it’s time it’s time for the classic Frankie Tech swim test just keep swimming just keep swimming whoa oh yeah kind of a hazy swimming day here in the game but it’s doing great and swimming good and a hazy day in pub G land indeed but in the plane jump this Kieran 990 with the Molly g76 MP 16 is gonna make minced meat out of this game it is not stuttering and it is top of the line here in terms of these GPUs let’s get down to the surface get some guns get some action and I think I saw someone already and someone’s shooting at me already let’s see where the action is oh there’s someone oh my gosh and they killed me already oh my gosh what a travesty did you see that that was crazy I think I’m one of the first people to die in the game that is too bad so we’re gonna have to save a more kind of and there’s the this is I’m spectating my opponent and there he is he is good he’s let’s see how he kills someone else here that is unfortunate because I really didn’t want to have a decent gameplay we’ll have to save it when we do the Mino temper over comparison here but looking at the display how is this playing it’s playing great and it’s cool to the touch it’ll stay cool to the touch for the majority of this gameplay gosh and what is this guy’s name here man he’s making short order of a lot of people and I guess I was unfortunate to have landed right next Sam why does he keep walking backwards that’s just oh I see he’s trying to snipe people you know what guys sometimes when you spectate really good players it’s actually more fun to watch than watching me in my middle and you know attempt to try to get kills and this guy is doing really well he clearly knows what he’s doing let’s see him get one more kill here in the game oh wow this guy’s sniping from a distance oh my gosh that lady just killed him and I can’t believe I didn’t get it I did not get that on film oh gosh he was there he was and now this person has taken over well guys apologies for that I’ve kind of kind of lousy game play there with pubsey but how’s this fun feeling it is feeling very very cool to the touch and we’re running Ultra HD are the Cure 990 is gonna have no issues with this game whatsoever so stay tuned I will hope to have a better showing during the Meno 10 Pro comparison so that’s it for this video and my final verdict of the VIII 35 G after three days what do I think of this phone if I could sum it up I think my title really explains how I feel about it because this phone is great it is terrific in fact it’s terrific in everything but the display because when it comes down to it guys it is in those evening hours it’s when I’m out at a restaurant it’s when I mean a chill with my my buddies or chillin with my wife you know then I look at this phone and I’m using it when I was at Ocean Park this weekend and I was taking photos I was doing all this great stuff with it and yet I just could not unsee that LCD display the LCD display just makes me feel like I’m using a phone from 2016-2017 now granted there are phones out there that do you have LCD technology that are still being sold like the Asus zenfone 6 like the iPhone 11 those phones use that technology and guess what it’s the same deal for those phones as well that’s the reason why I carry around an iPhone 11 Pro max over the 11 I do value having AMOLED in my phones and I do think now LCD is really being relegated to the lower tier of smartphones in terms of price point when you’re at the mid-range and the kind of upper mid-range the way that this on or v30 is trying to compete in LCD is just not going to cut it and that is my major worry with you know an upcoming phone release that is going to try to attempt the same compromised LCD is still a great technology and yes there are certain things that it does better at like resolution some people think that the burning issue is something that they don’t want to deal with some people say that the colors are too punchy on AMOLED well a lot of those reasons may be valid but that you can’t discount also all the reasons that AMOLED is better like contrast ratio just better colors darker blacks and better features dark mode on this phone is just not the same when I use dark mode and you can kind of see it and see it right here in absolute brightness it looks okay right there but when you turn down the lights that’s when you really see the difference and it is things like dark mode always-on display that you really just can’t enjoy on this phone at this price point it’s going to be hard to recommend if LCD is also a deal-breaker for you but what I’m going to try to answer in that next video is what is been a guess a bigger sacrifice performance or panel and in the case of the Mino 10 Pro it’s completely the opposite story you have a display that is just killer you have this gorgeous inky black AMOLED panel and yet you have the Snapdragon 730 G which cannot stand against the keren 990 or any other flagship chip in terms of just raw performance so that’s gonna be kind of the question that I’m going to be answering in the next video stay tuned for that but if you have any questions about the honor the 35 G hit me up in the comments would you pick up this phone do you value LCD over AMOLED let me know and I think there’s still a lot to like about this phone from design display that just raw awesome performance you may want to overlook it but in my case it’s a lot harder to do so and so that’s it for this video guys if you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of Rangi tech subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon for future updates so I guess I’ve revealed it stay tuned guys that’s the next thing I’ll be working on is that comparison between these two bad boys right here you know we’ll see if we kind of spice things up what other phone might make this comparison even more interesting oh yeah that’s right stay tuned guys cuz I think it’s gonna be a fun one stay tuned that’s it for this video thanks for watching and this is where I leave you by saying this is Frankie tech signing off have a good one.

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