HTC Advantage X7500, Touch Pro2, Dream (TMobile G1) overview

Published on January 5, 2020
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Hey guys how’s it going today I’m gonna look at a few of my older retro devices and today we’re gonna be looking at a few HTC phones I think HTC is one of the pioneers of the smartphone industry they started with Windows Mobile and they shifted gradually over to Android later they were actually the first adopter of Android more on that later right now I have a phone in front of me yes this is a phone believe it or not it doesn’t look like one but this is the HTC advantage X 7500 which came out in 2007 it runs Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC phone Edition I’ve actually shown this device and the later devices you’ll see in this video I’ve shown it to you another – I’ve shown it to you guys in other older videos I’ve done before but I’ve never actually went really into depth with them and I never actually turned them on so you guys couldn’t really see what the operating systems were like so I’m gonna do that with you guys today so yeah this is the HTC advantage X 7500 it is a really unique device you can tell it kind of looks like a mini laptop type of device and this is one of a few devices that HTC released in the mid-2000s that looks and performs like in laptop but it’s actually a phone the other one I’ve shown you is the HTC Universal also known as the I’m a jazz char and I’ve shown you guys that when booting up into Windows Mobile five as well this one’s the same operating system I believe I can do a quick spec rundown but I don’t really care about these older phones and their specs but yeah intel xscale processor the X scale was a really popular mobile processor before Qualcomm Snapdragon 624 megahertz hundred twenty Meg’s of RAM and eight gigabyte hard drive and this one actually had a successor to it which was the x70 510 and they look pretty similar I think the only thing updated about yes 75 10 is the keyboard is replaced with a more membrane type of keyboard and the operating system is updated to windows mobile 6.1 otherwise they’re quite similar I think you might have more like Graham or storage or something like that but the the form factor doesn’t change all too much but the four factor is quite unique about this phone isn’t it I mean just imagine holding up this device to your face I mean it’s just it’s a massive looking device and yeah this is a five inch screen I know five inches doesn’t seem like much you know going by today’s standards but I think what makes this device so huge is the fact that it’s a five by five inch screen so yeah this device has a almost perfectly square screen which is five by five inches and that’s what makes it so huge now when you think of a 5 inch screen you’re thinking of okay that’s the diagonal right is five inches but in this device is actually a full five by five which is that’s a massive screen area which is why it looks more like a tablet than an actual phone but yeah going device functions we have an OK button right here we have a Windows button right here again this is running Windows Mobile Internet Explorer button crazy we’ll have to see what that does later on we have a VGA camera for video conferencing yes which is I think this is meant for business users of course and take it out of the case but what I have to note that this keyboard which comes with the x7 500 is meant to only work with the with this device and it’s permanently attached to this leather case so I can’t really take this keyboard off okay we can take a look deeper look at it but anyways you have to attach it with this magnetic connection here you have unique to this keyboard is the ability to accept and decline calls on this keyboard I mean when was the last time you saw a keyboard that could accept and decline calls right so it makes it kind of unique and Internet Explorer button as well because that was a primary browser from Windows Mobile back then windows button I’m not sure if that does when mail okay get contrast brightness that’s fine and the keys feel very very I don’t know they’re not they’re very stiff they’re not really easy to type on but what do you expect this is a this is way before any of the hybrid laptops and stuff came out in the later 2010s right so yeah what do you expect is mid 2000s right and this was actually pretty unique idea for the time okay so this device let’s take a little look more at it on the side here you have the power button along with this is I’m not sure what this is actually some kind of looks like some kind of connection status or something like that I’m not sure if this actually has bluetooth or not if it does it’s a very primitive version it’s bluetooth 2.0 okay and it has Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802 1 1 G which is standard for the time it’s not sure what that is this is camera button looks like so you can take pictures with this thing this has megapixel camera yeah stylus of course because this is a resistive touchscreen this is before the iPhone so or rather just right after you die from came out yeah sweet megapixel camera on the back I have to keep it connected because the batteries really bad on these devices and you have a mini SD card slot you don’t see those often there’s a mini SD card slot okay yeah you seem you know you have micro sd in your full-size SD mini SD is not very common at all ok anyways guys yeah this is a very very tablet like looking device but it is actually a phone so believe it or not you actually can’t hold this up to your face and call people with it ok let’s boot it up enough with the chitchat okay show me what you got HTC now I’m guessing this will be very similar to what we saw in the I met Josh chart with the HTC Universal which is you have the HTC bootloader and it should go into Windows five Pocket PC mode yep runs the same version as the universal so I don’t expect it to look too different again what’s unique about this PC is really the fact that I mean this is like pretty pretty much the biggest PC biggest phone that came out at the time I can’t think of any phone that would be bigger than this one that came out in the mid-2000s but yeah you have a not backlit keyboard right here attached to it okay let’s uh we’re gonna need a stylus for this oh it’s really annoying how it has to be attached for this case let me use the keyboard yeah how do you stylus for this resistive oh right so yeah you have your standard Pocket PC functions here Windows Mobile was one of the more popular smartphone operating systems before Android and iOS showed up the two leading I would say smartphone operating systems before before actually there was more than two there was okay there’s Windows Mobile and then there was BlackBerry OS and then there was Palm OS I think those were the big three smartphone operating systems pre iOS okay you know ok opera and stuff not gonna connect it to the internet though it won’t even display any pages anyways cuz again you can’t really use old outdated mobile browsers on today’s internet anymore it just won’t work because of all the security issues we have we’re in mobile search pocket MSN Emison in my pocket excel mobile I remember how excited I was back in the day Jack Pocket word pocket excel pocket PowerPoint or whatever slide show slides to go I think that was named ActiveSync and what games what games do you have okay of course this being a smartphone you can always get apps for it and Windows Mobile has a decent amount of apps the palm and Windows Mobile blackberry actually had some decent amount of apps not as much as Android or iOS obviously but they did have a decent amount of apps back then I’m play solitaire in Gears so I don’t even know how to play this game but anyways you can always load more games and stuff onto there if you want adobe reader calculator man you know how interesting would it be if I whipped out this in public in what is it almost twenty twenty now yeah and use one of these devices well PDA PDAs man wait what’s the internet explorer button do I bet it launches Pocket Internet Explorer it isn’t it pocket IE oh it does it runs all know it’s opera it’s not even I and watch his opera interesting okay we can launch Internet Explorer though that is Pocket Internet Explorer as a front-end software engineer I can tell you I hate Internet Explorer enough the fact that there was pocket Internet Explorer just gives me the chills I’m glad I didn’t have to develop for that Windows Media Player pocket media player I mean that’s all on here anyways yeah this is just puck it’s Windows Mobile I mean they’re pretty much all the same you’ve seen this on the universal you’ve seen this on countless other smartphones of the era the HPI pack right you’ve done another video on that the Toshiba protege g9 10 they all run Windows Mobile is you guys having a good idea what what you expect here and that’s basically I just want to show you guys booting it up into this into this operating system and just you know show you guys how it works and stuff like that yep and the keyboard works fine I’m actually quite surprised the magnetic connection works quite well if I use the oh I yeah I can go into the phone screen right Start menu works ok I’m just I’m actually quite surprised the keyboard works as well as it does given that it’s it’s using like this I thought this connection would be really bad you know because this device is so old I wouldn’t wasn’t sure if it’s still functioning but it does keyboard still works let’s actually just test it out don’t have a notepad just use um mobile here yep works I want to say it’s a it’s not really great to type on but by mid 2000 standards I think a businessman would quite appreciate this overusing you know one of their old home style devices without any keyboard you actually had to like scribble your hand white writing into there this will be preferable to be that too preferable to that you’ll be preferable to the eye pack or Dell Aksum or Palm all those devices have no keyboard you have to like scribble something into the there was like a section where you scribble your handwriting called graffiti I think and that’s how it recognizes and then on the I pack in Axum right you have get to bring out this keyboard right in this keyboard you know how bad it is with a resistive touchscreen so I can imagine that this keyboard the physical keyboard is actually quite appreciated by professionals back in their day and didn’t have many phones with with this kind of physical keyboard I mean they had the small physical keyboards right on the blackberries and stuff like that but those were super cramped HTC advantage X 9500 very unique very very unique it has this very I would say large even by today’s standards physical keyboard it’s quite roomy so good for business users and travelers I guess so very unique device all right up next we have the HTC Touch pro2 which came out in 2009 and this again I’ve been really showing you guys the interface of this device yet it was a custom version of windows mobile 6.5 and the specs are pretty obviously pretty standard for the time 3.6 inch display yeah like 3.2 megapixel camera which is standard for the time nothing really to special about this device other than that it’s an HTC your device with a physical keyboard that can slide out that runs when windows mobile 6.5 so that’s what’s special about it I guess all right so I don’t care about this wizard I think this is a resistive touchscreen because Windows Mobile doesn’t support capacitive touchscreens which is uh you know you can tell how laggy the screen is and that’s just because it’s using a resistive touchscreen with Windows Mobile that’s just how it is I mean this is windows mobile 6.5 and the one I just showed you with the advantage was Windows Mobile five so you can see there’s a massive difference already with the interface right there’s no more start or these the Start menu button I should say yeah but it’s a completely different Start menu it doesn’t launch into that PDA type of menu anymore it’s more like smartphone like it’s more it’s got the Android iOS type of interface circa you know 2009 so I mean it still you know still looks out outdated by today’s standards but it’s definitely more modern than the old palm OS Windows Mobile style of interface right that I just showed you on the advantage yeah so I mean this is fairly responsive but it’s not gonna be like the iOS or anything nope right so this is the Start menu yeah I can see how different it is it’s very heavily customized by HTC I think home people wish the calendar settings there were apps for this of course because still running Windows Mobile will we’re mobile okay let’s test out the physical keyboard this is where mobile we’ve got a physical keyboard here a lot of smart phones back then have physical keyboards physical keyboards were actually quite common all the way up until maybe 2013 I think they started dying out yeah I mean you saw the Motorola Droid I think the Photon Q HP even released they kept the palm name and they released the Palm Pre stuff like that uh so can physical keyboards were a thing until like probably until all the way up until 2013 because I know up until 2012 they were still releasing phones for physical keyboards and it’s decent to type on but you know that was back when that was back when the iPhone iOS or Android operating systems didn’t have very like they had the on-screen keyboard right but it still was a very accurate and I think that’s why physical keyboards remained a thing up until iOS and Android improved and then they improved to the point where people really didn’t feel like the physical keyboard was much more accurate anymore and that’s therefore they won’t need it anymore but still some people myself included we still prefer you know to have the physical keyboard just for the tactile feeling right just something you don’t get with the on-screen keyboard that’s why I still have a blackberry key to write the only phone left on the market right now with the physical key well the FX tech pro is coming up but blackberry there’s a yuna Hertz Titan there’s um oh the Cosmo communicator right the Gemini PDA so a few smart phones still on the market with physical keyboards but they really really niche yeah they’re not common anymore well what the heck okay well anyways this is a power button right here on top you can barely see it then you got the call hamp button so you got physical buttons for this you know windows button for the Start menu back button charges via a mini USB connector not micro mini USB headphone jack oh they do give you a stylus I think yep that’s how you know it’s a resist a touchscreen they give you a stylus of course we still use stylus as these days it’s just called the Apple pencil but you know they’re different now I think that’s it you can only you got volume rocker ease on the side as well it’s about it you have to use the stylus you can still use this as a PDA do your calendar pin stuff internet isn’t that the best browser name is just browser oops don’t think this phone would actually work very well I mean does have to eg the thing is um 2g is doesn’t really work anymore because most of the cell phone carriers in the u.s. right now deactivated 2g and in Canada as well they deactivated 2g and I think 3G might still work if you have 3G only phone this one’s the HS PDA right who runs I HSPA might which is 3G enhanced fujita might I’ll be okay anyways guys this is the custom HTC windows mobile 6.5 interface with the physical keyboard which is it’s works right well I mean it’s um yeah it’s ok not the best physical keyboard on the phone I’ve used not the worst it’s all right who is it even dialing I don’t know okay visual voicemail with an MSN icon interesting Bing that’s still there opera I’m not sure how popular opera is still camera it’s not gonna be very good YouTube probably won’t be able to work with that anymore you can install more apps on this obviously it’s Windows Mobile so you can still download stuff and sideload windows mobile apps onto it I’m sure there’s still community of people who support Windows Mobile even though it’s a discontinued operating system it’s uh there were a lot of devices sold with Windows Mobile so I’m so I’m sure there’s still a community for it just like there is for Palm OS right and even webOS or will even Symbian right alright anyways guys h2c Touch pro2 with this custom windows mobile 6.5 interface that’s how it’s like and other than that the you specs are nothing home to really write about this is just another chapter in HTC’s history of their smartphone business the next phone I’m gonna show you is very interesting this is the HTC dream also known as the t-mobile g1 this is the very first Android phone that ever came on the market for consumers and that’s what kind of makes it special I think it runs Android one point it can be updated up to Android 1.6 yeah a really old version of Android but if you guys are interested I’m gonna boot it up and show you guys which came with one Android 1.5 I believe and when I bought this phone it basically came new in the box sorry I threw away the box but at least I’ll show you guys what the original Android at 1.5 came linked which was like when it came out which is like basically the first version of Android and show you guys exactly how much things have changed I mean you guys are probably using an Android phone right now so y’all put it up and show you guys the interface just a quick spec rundown on this things nothing too special it’s running a Qualcomm very early Qualcomm processor with I think honey 20 Meg’s of RAM 3.2 megapixel camera on the back notice ask Google branding on the back with Google it says it has all these physical buttons on the front here we don’t have physical buttons for Android phones anymore but this was the first one and might even had a menu button had a menu button had this little optical not optical but it has a it’s not optical because it is actually you can roll a it’s kind of like a rollerball thing so you know those mice with uh I forget exactly the name for it but it has a rollerball on it I don’t know how else to call it but has like a rollerball this exact same thing on a miniature scale has a Septon decline calls homescreen back all physical and still this this form factor is quite unique it’s kind of like it’s not exactly like the HTC pro right it’s completely flat and it has the keyboard that just pulls out that slides out like this right just fairly common team LG one has kind of a slant right here maybe to make it more ergonomic for calling people and then the keyboard actually slides up like this it’s not exactly a straight slide out it’s kind of like it kind of like you see this it’s kind of like a hinge right hinge mechanism which is still unique I think I haven’t seen money as phones do that and charges via a mini USB and not Micro and I’m looking for the headphone jack I’ll be surprised it should have headphone jack because everyone had a headphone jack back then very interesting if it doesn’t has volume rockers on the side camera shutter button something missing from phones these days as well and interesting might not even have a headphone jack which I’m completely surprised by since this was 2008 alright well let’s turn it on sure you guys the t-mobile g1 yes I’ll show you guys the first version of Android which is the first Android phone running the first version of Android Wi-Fi G Bluetooth 2 + edr enhance data rate how long has it been since I’ve seen that GPRS and edge connectivity but it has UMTS and HSDPA so it means it does have to be juice support yep 2008 I think most phones have to be G support at that time even the iPhone yeah Android look at that the very first branded by Google it’s kind of like when Google started making their own devices like the Nexus tablets and stuff like that and they just brand everything Google it’s got to be like in your face like that I don’t think is this a resistive touchscreen there’s no stylus touch the Android to begin ok I’m gonna skip that so if I press skip here then it’s just gonna force me to create an account or sign in with a Google account there’s no option just to not sign in I mean at least with modern Android devices you have the option not to sign it with a Google account right seems like this one I don’t have an option I have to use an account which is pretty much impossible because I can’t connect to the internet so if I go to menu only Wireless settings here yeah there’s no option to really connect it to Wi-Fi even so and obviously this is not going to work with my current SIM card so ok I’m sorry guys I can’t really show you the operating system seems like this phone kind of stops me there its dialer ok so this is definitely a resistive touchscreen it’s not as bad as the old like pocket pcs or Palm Pilots but it’s obviously not as good as a capacitive touchscreen or like modern-day touchscreens when the roller works right it I would say it’s very similar to that Blackberry optical trackpad that they have you know very similar to that kind of feeling yeah so anyways the roller ball works and it’s decent enough for operating I think that they had to do this at the time because people really didn’t know how to use Android at the time this is the first you know device I used it so they had to transition some of the older folks who are using HTC’s Windows Mobile devices into Android and that’s they kept all these physical buttons and stuff like that yeah this really sucks well I’ll show you guys a keyboard at least oh good it’s a keyboard okay backlit that’s good yeah it means an okay keyboard I think I might prefer the one on the touch pro2 more but yeah it’s just all right it’s just got a cool swinging mechanism but virtual keyboard has it too but it’s really bad because it’s a resistive touchscreen you’ve got a press hard don’t they don’t give you a stylus either okay you know that’s why they give you a physical keyboard here and it’s just okay it’s like the ones you’re the ones you would use on a t-mobile Sidekick very similar to that kind of feeling yeah this is just not gonna work alright so I guys can’t show you this operating system unfortunately but anyways at least you guys see the t-mobile g1 that’s why guys that’s all the HTC devices I want to show you today DC right and let me know if you have any questions thanks for watching.
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