HTC Vive Cosmos unboxing, (Initial Thoughts) from the Coffee & VR guys

Published on October 6, 2019
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What’s up guys my name is Tyler this is Sean from runnin reality and today we’re gonna bring you the vive cosmos yep finally unboxing this thing I actually got this thing in on Thursday it is now Saturday if you don’t know we do a coffee envy our show we talked about this a little bit today I traveled to Ohio so I haven’t even got to open this thing yet neither one of us have got to try this we talked about on the show there’s definitely some mixed reviews so we will probably do some kind of follow up video talking a little bit more about it but we really just want to unbox it and see what was in there see what it looks like felt like neither of us have seen this yet yeah where’s new to this as you guys right so we teased opening it up on the show we didn’t do that so if you haven’t watched your coffee in the our show make sure you subscribe and check that out it’s a livestream show we do every weekend so alright let’s get to it slow days package it does have some instructions for setup and everything that looks like I think you get a free year of five port as well yeah so let’s go and get the headset out of here oh yeah I don’t say that yeah that’s awesome let’s move the box and we’ll bring the box back up for the controllers love new headsets smells new actually weight-wise actually pretty light that’s not bad no yeah actually pretty light it’s nice to see actually yeah that’s cool does have looks like I mean that feels quite a bit lighter than the index surprised yeah yeah yeah with the full adjustment strap and the flip up and it’s actually still lighter yeah it does actually have like the faux leather or like kind of a rubber material on the back in the front of the headset the gasket the face gasket or the facial interface is still you know just the cheap foam which I don’t know why more companies don’t go to like the VR cover styles though see that this one’s a little denser maybe than oculus is it’s a little bit denser that’s just a bad thing of that foam just soaks up so much sway into it these headphones are improved from the deluxe audio strap headphones a lot of what I’ve heard people say is they’re pretty much sound the same and but I mean I thought they sounded pretty good and I do like the flip out aspect I much prefer this style of headphone and then the built-in audio of like the quest in the rift I know it is nice I do like I do like these click out and everything and I think we have seen some videos of people taking these off yeah so I’m curious if they’re gonna sell these separate if they sell these headphones separate I think they would be a great add-on forward or if that’s just like the deluxe audio strap to the quest and stuff like that and it does give you the option of putting over your headphones on as well right if you do want to remove him and use your own you know if you have some really good headphones I mean I don’t think this is gonna be indexed level quality I mean the index audio sure it’s hard to be an ass that’s top of the game right now so yeah but I think I mean I’ve definitely think these would be a lot better than oh you want to try it on real quick give us at least some comfort yeah I wonder I actually haven’t heard of glasses fitment either yet myself so I’m curious to know if it actually does fit glasses inside your glasses aren’t you know the smallest glasses in the world either do you have on right now so so I’m curious if they will go over it is like I actually pretty impressed with how light it is I’m kind of excited is that tight Justin I guess that cord actually pulls a little bit not on the thing so when the cord hangs I was having trouble and you do have the weight of the whole cord actually go over them doesn’t it oh you can see actually on the inside of the phone there is actually a cutout I do feel something it does hit the corners if I lift it up a little bit it does go on well they’re all going to and glasses are gonna rub kind of going in so the cord is heavy which you know they’re always heavy but yeah it’s no bug comfort wise actually it’s I like it I’ve had phones do the headphones have forward and backwards adjustment as well on the strap I’m actually not sure about that I think we do they just swing they could you swing back and forth Y is actually pretty good yeah this was actually the feature has most excited right although it does actually you kind of get in your way I mean it’s not right where’s my car oh yeah good it would work it would work but it’s not it’s not as freeing as I thought it would be to be honest I mean there’s a lot of blocks a lot of your visuals you stole and it does put the weight out farther – yeah oh it does then feel pride a little more front heavy and the other bad thing is is that there is no adjustment so on the actual screens there is no way to get those closer or farther and they’re not hitting your glasses though it does hit when you first when you try to flip it in I actually have to lift it up a little bit and then swing an issue but once it’s on it actually fits really well around the nose for sure a little bit here which is gonna be different for everybody based on your face and stuff but there’s a decent amount of likely yeah that’s that’s what I can kind of tell just by how I can’t get this in any closer so I could if they gave us that adjustment I could get rid of some of that but or maybe if you tighten the strap on the back I don’t know it’s pretty tight uncomfortable I mean I could go tighter but hmm yeah I don’t know yeah that’s I do I mean I like the flip up aspect though it’s not I mean it would be nice to have a little bit more out of your way you know it’s still in your visual so you know drinking eating and stuff like that it’d still be but the developer side though if you’re a developer that would be fantastic dude I mean that would be a fantastic feature because there I mean usually what they do is they prop it up on their head and they’re in and out constantly so it’s comfortable though I mean I honestly it’s a comfortable headset I would say personally I prefer that over the rift s oh I see mean it even hits up in here just a little bit yeah coming down but but I mean you’re gonna probably have that now see on my face it actually almost seals completely yeah see I think it just depends on your cheekbones really oh yeah there’s a lot of those there’s no leaking any light here just what about checking a cell phone text or something under the nose piece like can you see that can you see under the nose piece enough like if I were to look down here yeah cuz I do that quite a bit yeah just just around my nose actually if I center right and almost I think you honestly have less likely sure I do yeah I can tell on yours and maybe it’s your glasses holding it off – yeah maybe it feels like there is a little more swing to it I wish they had that adjustment in and out I really do I think that I mean if they had that adjustment it could be work that even ah locked so if it came down and clicked into position you haven’t had and then a release that might be a stew but but yeah actually it goes up pretty good out of yeah out of the way for me I mean I get it still here but but yeah I mean especially developers or somebody walk into the room you know your wife or somebody watch it actually fits me pretty good yeah she impressed with us I like the comfort in its act I don’t think they could have done some stuff better I think if the the adjustment in and out that would have been a big improvement I think that would be something that they should have done but I think out of the box it’s pretty comfortable I mean obviously we haven’t got to play with this yet but no we will check that out is pretty comfortable controllers yeah the to our controllers is that is that what the estimated battery seems which yet they look really cool and I don’t get me wrong and they visually like to show somebody or descend they look really cool the thing they’re doing with these compared to the quests with their inside out tracking they use an infrared light so these are actually gonna use a bright light with basically this design pattern is basically like a QR code you know that is gonna track these things and they feel pretty nice though they do they’re pretty hefty there’s no batteries in them right now I’m sure they’re a little top-heavy they’re definitely do get two batteries so that good it’s interesting the the to the r1 and the r2 yeah that’s gonna be weird yeah that’s gonna be weird to see how they implement that because not a lot of developers are gonna use that and if you realize this button on here that is a tactical click like it’s true an actual click we actually touch controller here this is the from the rift s2 the quest is the newer version and there’s no clicking in this grip yeah and it’s more you can actually move that in and out slowly to I don’t think this will I think this is gonna be it on or off which I don’t think is the end of the world I don’t think that’s horrible I mean you can see the size comparison I mean those are they’re half deer definitely hafla they’re heftier definitely I mean they’re bigger and thicker and just medium and feel it too at the top a little bit for sure but I don’t know about that other but that’s gonna be weird and I don’t know how much I’ll actually hit that on accident’ you’re in game thank you I don’t think you would it’s up there well I feel good I mean button locations joystick locations all that seemed good it’s a little bit easier to hit the start button than it does on the index controller for me those are a little bit out of the way and not the button placement isn’t perfect on the end good I think I still prefer the touch controllers in my honest opinion but I think these are better maybe than the index and I don’t have real big hands either right yeah I mean it’s hard to say it’s hard to compare these these are definitely a closer comparison to touch than they are the index controllers but you know that’s so far battery compartment they still have the looks to be almost the same oh no you can’t remove them like you can on the touch controllers so we got all the cords and stuff in this small box I think they’d have to give you batteries nowadays usually always get batteries set up some Toshiba batteries actually I think we have that’s right would you hate me that grip over there while you’re putting those batteries in we do have the remote grip for the touch now I’m not gonna take this lanyard off just and supposedly we’ve heard that this these actually might fit that they might actually fit the and looks like the lanyard that does have to come off that might be a little trickier space-wise though supposedly people have said that they do fit it does look like they will they look pretty darn close okay so with the batteries in they do feel a lot more balanced yeah I mean it’s it’s nowhere near as front heavy right that feels a little better pretty balanced actually yeah that’s that’s a lot better that’s hefty though I mean there’s definitely heavier than the touch controller holding probably hold in Novato washing so it’s probably gonna flash to try to connect to that it doesn’t look as crazy bright as what I thought no I mean I thought it’s gonna be a lot brighter no it probably does once it connects because this outer ring well yeah there’s got to be more to it I don’t know at least it still has the ring where you can set it down nicely kind of like Shura controllers yeah that doesn’t works pretty good no need for staining I like it yeah I think so that’s a right but probably going you name it’ll definitely fit but it should work I’ve seen images that people do that so it should work no problem and it’s gonna be a tight fit I’m impressed yeah I mean the main issues that we’ve heard about so far is the battery life on the controllers and the tracking that’s gonna be the big issue you know the tracking you know the lighting and stuff of the environment is gonna play a big part in the way this is tracked without infrared lights and we will just have to see how well that works it’ll probably be sometime maybe this week before we actually get some kind of impression this video out on the index but try to take the faceplate off I think it like slides down it does have a connector oh now that you broke it yep so yeah so that actually takes off two cameras right when you change that face play and they are gonna have a updated faceplate that you can get that will actually use the external base station is from steam boys are like I do like that because I feel like that tracking yeah pretty superior but you can see yeah see what yeah the release is actually inside by the lens there’s a release button there is yeah okay so one of the big benefits of the cosmos over the rift is a mechanical IPD adjustment which on this instead of having a slider it actually has a knob that you can actually spin that knob it’ll actually move the lenses you know IPD in and out which is side to side to basically it helps with clarity helps us some eye strain you know I do get a little bit of eye strain because I have a smaller eye PD and my rift yes and that is a big benefit I mean a lot of people you know with a really wide lap you do a really narrow IPD that’s gonna be a big benefit if achill one so it’s never usually a big issue for you yeah so the cosmos is 2880 by 1700 the index is 2880 by 1600 I believe 100 difference yeah not a big jump but a little bit it’s a little bit they’re probably not noticeable I mean it’s probably gonna be minuscule the Rif test is 2160 by 1200 so it’s a little bit bigger jump yeah that would read that sure we’ll have to get in there and see what we think about it and I know it’s a big difference going to the index – yeah notice a difference from index to rift as we do it yeah rift test screen is still very impressive still love the Rif test screen looks great that’s pretty much it we just want to do a quick unboxing give you guys a first impression hands on what we thought about it looking at it will happen yeah yeah I mean it feels nice feels quality fits well I like the color and stuff I think the big question is just gonna be battery controller life tracking stuff like that the glare of the lenses I mean that’s been an issue you can see the rings pretty pretty predominantly so which will try it and stuff and yeah next week or this coming Saturday we’ll have a coffee in the our show so you guys can find out their frustrations yeah make sure you check us out on that go ahead and subscribe to the channel keep up today and we look forward to talking about it a little bit more and checking it out absolutely seeing what we think so yeah alright guys thanks a lot for being here we will see you.

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