Huawei Honor Band 5 vs Honor 4 which is better !?

Published on October 6, 2019
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Hello everyone and welcome back to New Tech and today we are going to compare the new hunter five versus the other four may have here both of the devices from Huawei under 504 and you are going to see the difference between these two smartwatches so let’s go ahead first with honor five we have here in the first page the time welder and steps if you press you can see the welder and the percentage of battery next we have steps heart rate blood oxygen sleep workout hearing workout we have auto run indoor on outdoor walk indoor walk indoor cycle elliptical power pool and free training next we’ll have a loop a more here and more we have timer stopwatch phases fine phone brightness screen on battery system and next we have the messages in the end in the left we have the honor for we have here same the time welder steps and we have the date and the honor for next we have steps heart rate sleep workout here in workout we have auto run indoor water run of the rock indoor cycling pool swimming and free training next we have la pay more here and more we have faces fine phone timer stopwatch brightness reset and power off and we have messages in the end as you can see they both have similar or if I don’t want to say the same options the honor 5 has some upgrades we have more sports mode and we have the blood oxygen which came with the last update and the last update gives gives the honor 5 a very beautiful theme if we go to the phone we have the Hawaii health which is used by both of these devices so let’s go ahead to the Hawaii health we have here in the first page the steps minutes miles or kilometers and the burn calories in this port of the first screen they we have today’s activities next we have exercise recalled heart rate sleep weight and stress we can add this order we can order them how we want but just by pressing the Add button next we have exercise we have auto run walking cycling those three use the GPS navigation so you can see yourself where are you running or walking indoor run and training doesn’t use GPS next we have the device here we can add the device for we add the honor band from previous videos now it’s not connected we are going to connect it later with 105 and 104 next and the least is me which is the profile page we have here messages achievements weekly or monthly reports my plans profile settings and about here in profile you have to fill out all your information and in the settings you have more options to customize for your own preference so as I said here in device we added vulner 5 we have here now let’s go add the honor for as you can see we have both of the honors here let’s go add on or for now as we can see it’s paired we press done we way to connect and launder for is ready to be used now we can see here the nerve for that is connected the percentage of battery we have here steps burn calories and distance we have help troubleshooting for a true sleep activity reminder continuous heart rate alarm to a disturbed notifications while the report Bluetooth disconnection reminder function customization raise screen to wake up rotation to switch screen out of them load file where update restore factory settings and in the end we have unpaired button so we have here both of the devices 105 and hundred for they boldly was the same app so we can see that these options works in both of these devices so guys this was all for today’s video on our 5 vs. 104 if you have any question or suggestion feel free to comment down below and we will try to reply to you all and I want to thank you for your time and for your support if you want to do more videos like this hit the like button subscribe our channel leave a comment so I can know thank you for your time and we will see you in the next time you.

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