Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review – Can Huawei survive without Google?

Published on October 28, 2019
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Video Transcript:

Hello everyone welcome back to the channel my name’s mark and today we’re going to take a look at the halawi mate 30 pro so this is the first time I’ve used a phone has a wraparound screen and I must admit I’m not that much of a fan I find it a little bit almost sharp in the hand it does look fantastic but I don’t find it as comfortable to hold has just a normal phone it doesn’t seem to adapt websites very well so you can see this is my website you can see how this 3 bar button is wrapping around the side and also that means some of the text can occasionally wrap around the side as well so it takes a little bit of getting used to I’m not sure it really adds that much it initially looks quite cool being edge to edge screen means this there’s nothing on this side and there’s nothing really around this side there’s just the power/lock button you see that full red button there a lock button on the bottom is the USBC charger charging point speaker and the SIM card slot at the time of a review you can see this was running the UI version 10 and also Android version 10 if you like me then you prefer the hard buttons to a digital scroll I found this was a little bit hit-and-miss but it got the job done some of the time there’s an in screen fingerprint scanner which was nice to see most of times fairly responsive if you’re not a fan of fingerprint scanners you prefer old-school you can swipe up and that will reveal a pin to enter they’ve continued the licker Association and they have four cameras on the back of this and that’s really what this bit of hardware is amazing at how our we have done a great job with this being a camera phone as with the recently reviewed iPhone 11 pro you’ve got zoom mode normal mode and wide-angle lens [Music] [Music] so I’m liking about having a bit of a walk with the p30 Pro this is the front-facing camera come record footage in 1080p the front-facing camera can do 4k I mean a little Park areas you can probably see also nice greenery birds tweeting and I’m just walking along so how stable does this seem to you is this a very stable shot let me know what you think this little section I’m walking in is fairly over cast with both leaves and it’s quite cloudy today just another typical day in Manchester and so I’m gonna just exit this area now see what you think – the changing light when I get from underneath the tree is quite quite slippy hopefully notice here we go so how’s it going to cope with this sudden burst of natural light that’s about to hit lens why me on the screen I look like a ghostly white hopefully yeah it turns out this better reveal they said here we go so out in the wide open space how’s it coping with the movement run is it still keep you stable it look like it’s doing a good job of keeping stay watching the reason I’ve come up here is get a good view and going to test out the wide-angle lens and the standard lens see what the difference is so here’s the video at the normal one times zoom let’s swap that to wide love in fact I can do that while recording let’s bring that back in now go back to one time zoom he’s two and a half times zoom it she still seems to be pretty steady a bit too far well it goes 5 zooms first ok here we go 5 times zoom now I can see that says be cooperative on it so that’s pretty good and now let’s put this all the way up how far does this go 10 times move now at 10 times zoom things they’ll look you know a little bit fuzzy that’s a lot of digital zoom going on but even though I’m holding it it’s 10 times in looks like it’s trying to keep the image fairly steady there’s also the stool view mode which is recording the same image puts using the two different lenses so one slightly more zoomed in and that’s 2 times 2 3 times zoom and 5 times soon there’s also a range of a our camera satellites off your head for something else so here’s a little robot version of me here’s a weird fish version is a weird little pink bunny so the screens really good when you’re out and around you want to record yourself the one thing I’m not really like you know is how this feels in the hands and you probably want to get some sort of selfie sticks to put this on as it the rounded corners feel a little bit slippy and a very conscious but I won’t want to drop this I’m over grass at low but if you’re over concrete imagine this screen is gonna cost quite a bit to replace I have just noticed a little setting that says beauty mode so at the moment it is off after all why would I need you to go done well let’s crank it up and see what difference that makes okay so there we go that’s beauty mode set to its maximum it’s a scale of 1 to 10 and it looks like it’s maybe smoothing out my skin or something I’ll have to have a look on a bigger screen when I get back and compare it to the other footage that I’ve taken without beauty mode being gone and let’s see if you think it makes a difference what do you think is this mode better do I look better in this mode or would it be better to just leave it without beauty mode so just out of interest here is some footage from the rear facing camera I’ve got this set to wide mold this should mean that I have no problem fitting into shot even though I can’t see myself still see the squigglies facing away from me I just thought I’d try it out if any of you are vloggers we like to video stuff you might want to try this to get the high quality footage now let’s change this up a little bit let’s make sure it’s not a widescreen and see what the results are like so here we go this is now the standard zoom it’s the winds getting up a bit can you hear it what’s the audio right how’d you find this one compared to the Y screen let me know in the comments below so good camera I like the normal cameras skin tones rather than the ultra wide skin tones and you can see here it does a good job of focusing and blur in the background as well so you’ve got plenty of options if your interview videography it did have a few issues with this little light box it kept focusing in and out but it’s a pretty unusual situation and unless you’re in a club maybe I don’t think they’ll be an issue that crops up a lot maybe 30 Pro offers excellent hardware I can’t really fault the camera I think it does a great job it’s a really great display the big issue that you face at the moment however is you’re in this weird transition period where we’ve had the Google services pulled out from under them and they’re not yet ready with a replacement set of services we have included the app gallery on the phone but that’s got some pretty big names missing for example there’s no Facebook and probably the one that affects most people is the Google Maps everyone seems to like using Google Maps to get around you can’t get access to that as someone who is really plugged into the Google verse I use Gmail as my calendar as well as using the maps and of course YouTube I found it’s a real struggle to do my normal day-to-day activities without those services I did try and sideload some of these apps but it just wasn’t working I just kept getting error messages so if like me you’re a heavy Google user this probably isn’t the phone for you at the moment now in time maybe Huawei will be able to develop some competition to Google maybe they’ll have an app store that has all the big names in it their own version of maps perhaps or an alternative but right now this is a real problem for those of you who have stuff that you rely on Maps Gmail etc I was also concerned that one of the apps I installed from the App Gallery claimed to be a Mario Kart game but when I opened it it was something completely different that’s not something I’ve experienced with the Google Play Store of course if you’re not plugged into the Google verse in the same way I am if you use a different email provider maybe someone like Microsoft Outlook yahoo protonmail you can still use this phone that’s no problem you can set up email on it it just means you can’t use the dedicated Google Apps so a bit of a mixed bag really this is a really great camera phone they’ve got the hardware it’s fantastic I’ve really enjoyed using that it’s just a software that’s letting it down the camera itself has a little AI mode I’ve really enjoyed pointing this at things and seeing if it recognizes them so it recognizes things like greenery and blue sky struggled though when I pointed it at my shoe just out of the tress didn’t cope with that one so there’s a lot of scope here that if you’re looking for a camera and maybe a video recorder that happens to also connect to the internet this could well be a good option however if you’re looking for a really good all-round Android phone it’s lacking all that extra stuff that you’re used to hopefully in time Huawei will come up with something that provides Google with a bit of competition I just don’t think this is the device or the year for that I hope you found this short review useful if you have please hit subscribe the bell button and I will see you on the next review.

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