Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs Vivo NEX 3 Comparison Review

Published on October 2, 2019
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What’s up guys Joey here fuga Tech and today we’re taking a look at two new curvy smartphones the new one we made 30 pro and the new vivo next three it almost feels like these two phones were made to be compared with each other but obviously the main 30 Pro has a few advantages from the onset but the next three still does have a few tricks up its sleeves so let’s check them out in this comparison review [Music] now before we begin I’m gonna disclose that both these phones we have are the 4G only versions not their respective 5g versions however this does not really affect the other aspects we’re gonna talk about starting with design from the get-go the next three is the bigger form between the two with a screen size of six point 89 inches as opposed to them 830 Pro 6.53 inch screen despite their same exact battery size the mate 30 Pro does feel a tad thinner than the next three of course both phones have really nice curved displays that allow for the removal of the volume buttons in the case of the next three it now has capacitive buttons for both volume up volume down and the power button and for the make 30 pro it still does have that signature red car button on the right side but for volume you can double tap on either side of the phone to bring up a volume slider on-screen though you can just slide on the side of the screen to make the corresponding adjustment but the next three actually still does have a physical power button on top which is nice to have just in case your capacitive power button doesn’t work also found on top for the next three are the noise cancelling microphone pop selfie camera and headphone jack the may 30 pro does not have a headphone jack on top but it does have an IR blaster alongside it’s noise cancelling microphone at the bottom both phones keep their SIM card trays USB C port main microphones and bottom firing loudspeakers in terms of overall look the next three does have a little bit more appeal because of its much less display but it also takes some wins and functionality because of the headphone jack and failsafe because of having a secondary power button but in terms of feel in the hands the maitre d pro does feel a little bit sleeker and easier to handle due to its smaller size checking out the displace the mate 34 has a six-point 53 inch OLED screen with a resolution 24 hundred by 1176 while the next three has a six-point 89 inch P OLED screen with a resolution of 22:56 by 1080 both displays support HDR 10 but the mate 3300 also has support for the DCI p3 color space both displays have virtually no side bezels as they curve extremely towards the edges while the next 3s has a very thin top bezel as the mid 30 Pro doesn’t have this luxury as it has white notch that you can turn off in the settings if need be still do experience on both this place is pretty nice they’re both sharp with the Medford approach being slightly sharper with the marginally higher resolution and smaller screen size and it also appears to have better colors and contrast but only by a little bit despite having a wide notch I feel compelled to give this play advantage to the mid 30 pro but the next three is definitely very close behind they’re both really nice this place either way quickly on audio the mate 30 Pro provides a much better listen experience using the built-in speakers it has a stereo setup using the bottom firing speaker plus the earpiece and it gets loud as clear separation depth and there’s even a hint of bass the next three speaker doesn’t even come close with a sound that feels like it’s missing something however the next three does have a high five DAC built into its headphone jack so wired users are in for a better experience now going back to display underneath both screens are fingerprint scanners both of which work very fast the same goes for face unlock those remember that the next three front camera has to pop up first before I can recognize your face also the mid Fergie Pro works in almost any environment even when dimly lit so for biometric security the main thirty pros is definitely faster this leads us to the internals that provide these speeds the mate 30 pro is powered by Huawei slate is curing 990 while the next three has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plus both of which are seven nanometer chipsets our mate 30 pro has eight gigabytes of RAM plus 256 gigabytes of u FS 3.0 storage while our next three also has a gigabytes of RAM plus 128 gigabytes of U of S three point of storage taking a look at these benchmark scores the next three certainly has the advantage in most of the numbers as expected from the Snapdragon 820 5 plus but that’s not to say that the keren 990 is inherently weak though as its scores are pretty close where the May 30 pro does have an advantage though is in the read and write speeds of its internal storage while the difference is negligible in terms of app speeds having faster read speeds does contribute to overall system snappiness as well as multitasking so for these fronts the May 30 pro has the advantage and since we’re talking about apps already let’s go let’s move on to software the May 30 Pro is running EMU i-10 which is based on Android 10 while the next three runs on funtage OS based on Android 9 pi now as far as the skins go the main difference here is basically just the interface and the user experience fun touch OS is supposed to be simpler and more intuitive while emu is more feature pad and work over play but this is the make 30 pro we’re talking about so the biggest hit it takes for software compared to the next three is of course Google Apps and services yes there definitely is a way to sideload the Google Play Store and Google services onto the main 30 Pro but the fact remains the next three has these natively and there’s almost no chance of them going away unlike with Huawei yes you can get Google but it’s a band-aid solution at most and with the ongoing trade ban the future is uncertain and this is just the present for battery the mate 30 Pro comes with a 4500 milliamp hour battery with support for 27 watt fireless supercharged 40 watt supercharged and reverse wireless charging while the next three comes with the same capacity at 4500 milliamp hours with support for 44 watt super flash charge both devices last very long providing more than a day of moderate usage but since the mid 30 Pro has a lot more charging features the battery experience that it provides is going to be better now let’s check out the cameras where on paper Huawei has the advantage let’s see if the results speak for themselves the mate 30 Pro has a quartet of Leica shooters at the back a 40 megapixel ultra wide cine camera 40 megapixel super sensing camera 8 megapixel telephoto and a 3d depth sensor and in front it has a 32 megapixel selfie shooter as well as a 3d depth camera for face unlock meanwhile the next three has a trio of rear shooters a 64 megapixel main 13 megapixel ultra wide and 13 megapixel telephoto for selfies the pop-up camera contains a 16 megapixel shooter first checking out shots from the main rear cameras the mid 30 pro does provide wider dynamic range preserving details even in the shadows both phones lean towards more aggressive boosting of saturation but it does feel like the next three does this a little bit too much as well as with the contrast Ultra wide shots are about the same though it’s apparent that there’s more detail from the mate for deeper shots which can be attributed to its 40 megapixel ultra wide sensor as opposed to the next three 13 megapixel ultra light sensor and now for telephoto the mid 30 pro can get up to 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom while the next three can only get up to 20x digital zoom quality however leans more towards the main 3d Pro as it gets sharper shots with more natural colors even at 30 X while the next three simulates better dynamic range by upping the contrast a little bit too much now checking out portrait mode subject background separation is more or less equal between the two but then again the mate 30 Pro does something with the colors that makes them pop out more while still remaining realistic however when taking shots of people in particular the next three swarmer tones work to its favor as it preserves more accurate skin tones and moving to low-light with Mike moon turned off for this city shot the next three is actually able to provide a more dynamic shot even able to capture the highlights accurately while the may 30 pro has a cleaner sharper looked even if it isn’t as bright with night mode on though the next three is definitely more aggressive and in this case it sort of works in its favor making the shot look even more dynamic the May 31st night mode shot looks like the next three standard shot but when we get to almost complete darkness the next three is helpless as the mid 30 Pro did its silhouette knee even with night mode off it also took the next three more than a few seconds to expose the same shot and night mode whereas the mid 30 Pro did take a long time also but it made a clearer image overall as if the lights were turned on in this bathroom now for selfies we’re kinda leaning more towards the next three for this one for providing better skin tones and capturing even the tiniest of details but the mate 30 Pro does have a more natural look with its portrait selfies and beauty mode selfies and for video both phones can shoot up to a maximum resolution of 2160p or 4k but the main 30 pro is just so much more versatile when it comes to frame rates up to 60fps in the 4k it’s got 960 FPS at 1080p while the next three can do the same it’s only at 720p and let’s not forget the mate 30 pro slow-motion can go as for a seven thousand six and 80 FPS at 720p and is currently the only phone of the market that can do so so because of its video quality alone the mate 30 pros camera would already win but it’s also coupled by slightly better photo quality compared with the next three but still the next three can still hold its own in terms of cameras just maybe not against the mate Fergie Pro now in some aspects both these phones can be viewed as rough equals especially in terms of design display and performance but when it comes down to it the mate 30 pro will provide a better camera experience and more battery features however even without official Philippine pricing the next three is definitely a lot cheaper plus it has native support for google apps and services we personally believe that it’s not that big of a deal to have to sideload the Google Play Store because of all the other good things you get with the mate 30 Pro especially the cameras but nonetheless it still is a band-aid solution and if that’s simply too much risk for you that another 2019 flagship might be a better option and the vivo next three certainly has enough to be on that list so that wraps up this comparison review guys which one is your pick the huawei mate 30 pro or the vivo next three let us know in the comments down below and if you enjoyed this video please do drop a like subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content it’s labelled I can see don’t miss any future uploads and be sure to visit you gotta come for the latest tech news and reviews this has been Joey and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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