Huawei Nova 5T vs Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Comparison Review

Published on September 9, 2019
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What’s up guys Joey here if you attack and we’re here for another comparison review this time we’re putting up the Huawei Nova 5 T up against the Xiaomi me 90 Pro starting with design the Nova 5d has a glass back panel that produces some sort of glare effect whenever the light hits it and to match that a nice metallic frame the unit we have here is a midsummer purple meanwhile the me 90 prospered so 3d curved glass back and glazed your blue they also have it in carbon black and pearl white for a more minimal look compared to the flame like a peel of the blue here’s the back the Nova 5d has its quad rear camera setup and LED flash and for the me 90 pro you’ll find it’s triple your cameras placed in the center of the back with the holographic accent and telephoto lens on the top of the stack up front the Nova 5d has thin bezel surrounding the display that curved at the edges and in the top corner of the screen you’ll find the punch hole that houses 832 megapixel selfie camera for the me 90 Pro you get a true all screen display thanks to of course the pop-up light-up selfie camera moving on to the sides four buttons and ports both devices power and volume buttons can be found on the right but for the Nova 5d the power button doubles as the fingerprint scanner the me 90 pros fingerprint scanner meanwhile is under the display on the left for the Nova 5d you’ll find the tray for two nano sized SIM cards the me 90 pro and the other hand has an empty left side on top for the Nova 5d are the secondary microphone and IR blaster while for the me 90 Crowe it’s a headphone jack noise cancelling mic and a pop-up selfie camera at the bottom of both devices you can find the USB C port speaker grille and microphone the SIM card tray of the me 90 pro is also located here at the bottom so for design I actually personally like the me 90 probe more because of its all screen display and that glacier blue color is just sick it also has a headphone jack and generally it just feels like a more well-built device now let’s move on to display the nova 15 gets a six-point 26 inch IPS LCD display with the resolution for 340 by 1080 while the me 90 pro gets a six-point 39 inch Super AMOLED also the resolution of when 340 by 1080 and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection both are beautiful sharp displays that offer vibrant colors and get sufficiently bright under direct sunlight however the me 90 pro has the advantage of a Super AMOLED panel which creates even more vibrant colors and has deeper blacks also while the punch hole camber on the Nova 5d isn’t super distracting it’s still nice to not have any obstructions at all so while both displays honestly look good the me 90 protects to win in this department now let’s talk about performance the Nova 5d is powered by the quirian 980 chipset and eight gigabytes of RAM it also asks GPU turbo 3.0 onboard for increased gaming performance on the other hand the me 90 / is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and six gigabytes of RAM plus 64 or 180 gigabytes of internal storage the Nova 50 is more than capable of handling all the tasks thrown at it but the me 90 Pro definitely seals the deal especially when it comes to gaming as you can see in our benchmark scores the me 90 bro is definitely the clear winner here despite also having tested the Nova 5d in its performance mode the me 90 pro still performs better evident in the higher benchmark scores so if you’re into heavy productivity workloads or heavy gaming we definitely recommend the me 90 Pro if you want flat-out better performance between the two but that’s not to say that the Nova 5d isn’t a good performer it has a carrion 980 after all that’s the same chipset in the p30 and p30 pro 4 battery the Nova 50 sports a 3750 milliamp hour cell with support for Huawei’s 20 2.5 watt supercharged while the May 19 probe packs of four thousand milliamp hour battery and utilizes Qualcomm squid charge for plus an hour standard video loop test the Nova 5d a total 15 hours of Clay back while the me 90 pro got a whopping 27 hours now the video loop tests the spot 100% indicative of railroad performance but that’s still a huge gap welcomes the day-to-day usage both devices can last the whole day or more but if you’re a heavy user this might be a different story especially in the case of the Nova 5d but in any case charging for the nouveau 5t takes about under two hours on the other hand the me 90 pro is faster taking about just one hour so for battery as well le’me 90 Pro has the advantage now for software the Nova 5t runs emui 10 on top of android 9 pi on the other hand for the me 90 pro we got me UI 10 on top of Android 9 try as well personally I’ll say it I like me UI over emui but both these skins have different looks and different features so each may appeal to different people now let’s check out the cameras at the back the Nova 5d has a 48 megapixel Sony IMX 586 a 16 megapixel ultra wide a 2 megapixels depth sensor and the 2 megapixel macro lens placed outside of the camera module meanwhile in the punch hole you get a 32 megapixel selfie camera for the me 90 Pro we get a forty eight megapixel Sony IMX 586 as well and at megapixel telephoto camera and a 13 megapixel ultra wide camera the pop-up selfie camera is a 20 megapixel shooter now let’s take a look at the sample photos it’s evident at first glance with our first three sets of photos that there’s no big difference and we just come out sharp and detail this is because both devices have the same sony IM x5 x6 sensor so the difference is in the image output are in post-processing the shots from the my 90 pro tend to be on the softer more natural side with more muted colors the mid-nineties portrait mode does a better job comparative nuovo 5ds as you can see walks here in the Novo 5d shot it makes his face look smoother even when not applying beauty mode unlike the me 90 pearl it’s more natural and realistic looking for night mode the 5 it does a lot better than the me 90 Pro it’s sharper and has more details and it’s just a cleaner overall in this selfie comparison the number 5 D wins as the me 90 pretends to overexpose the subject while the Nova V of T is able to retain the worm thats been observed across the shots in this comparison overall for the cameras it’s a close game both devices offer good quality images detail colors and sharpness are good from both so it’s a tie for me now before we end this comparison let’s talk about price the Nova 5d is priced at eighteen thousand nine hundred ninety pesos while the Xiaomi me 90 Pro is also priced at eighteen thousand minor ninety pesos for the 64 gigabyte variant while the one her 28 gigabyte variant is priced at twenty thousand 490 pesos and in our opinion if your budget is under 19 K well both devices aren’t bad at all if you want a flagship Xiaomi phone with an all screen display big battery and top-notch performance when the me 90 pro is an amazing Buy but if you’re looking for a flagship Huawei phone and don’t have the budget for a p3 or p4 the pro honestly cameras aside the Nova 5t is a great substitute so that wraps up this comparison what do you guys think is Xiaomi number one or a Swamy number one let us know in the comments down below and if you enjoyed this video please do drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content get labelled icons you know what the future uploads and be sure to visit you get a calm for the latest tech news and reviews this has been Joey I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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