Huawei P30 review 45 day’s later

Published on August 16, 2019
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It’s been about one month with the p30 the regular p30 not the pro and I’m just gonna give you my thoughts in my experience using this phone starting off with the physical shape I really like how the shape is I know the pro is a bit bigger but honestly since I have smaller hands I always tend to go towards the smaller phone for the button placement it is placed well where I would naturally hold the phone my thumb is already resting on a power button and volume down keys so I can easily turn on the phone and I won’t have to fiddle with my hand just to turn on the phone the volume up key is a bit of a reach but as I reach for it with my thumb it doesn’t feel like I’m gonna chop the phone and if he goes up his narrow shape it fits in my hands really well and really secured so my fingers actually have a great grip on them there’s still headphone jack on his phone so for you guys do still use wired headphones or the aux cord for your car or speakers or even microphone so you can still use this without any dongho’s the phone does have a flat screen so it’s nice when I’m reaching something on the other side I don’t accidentally hit something on my inner palm it does still happen once in a blue moon because the beds are so thin the phone is really light and thin so when you have it in your pocket it doesn’t feel like you’re being dragged down or you won’t really feel it in your pocket at all the phone does come with the free case and with my expectations I don’t think it’s gonna last very long or it won’t look as good in the next two or three months or so because if you guys seen with my mate 20 video I’ve showed how ugly that free case will look like so I would expect the same quality with the mate 20 case as is with P 30 case in terms of the performance for the case it’s nice and thin and it’s protective I have dropped it a couple of times and it’s still protected the phone it’s still good a case that will last you a couple months so it’s a good amount of time until you would get a new case that is even better than the one then the free one or it will look better now going over my concerns the first thing I want to talk about is the in screen fingerprint sensor it works well but it doesn’t work as fast or as accurate as the older ones or the physical ones that we are all used to I feel like I have to push down really hard or leave it there for a good second even though it’s not a second if used forever to be honest I use the fingerprint sensors at least on his phone my preferred way is the face detection if that doesn’t work then I used to pin and then the last thing I would use is the fingerprint I still have the same problem with the face unlock as I did that made 20 where the sweet brightness will shoot way up high as I turn it on just to try to read my face and if I’m in a dark bar or when I’m about to fall asleep where all the lights are off and my eyes are already accustomed to a dark place as a turn on screen the brightness just shoots up super high and it just hurts my eyes that’s where the speaker’s is not as loud as other competitors out there so if you’re the type of person that just love blasting your music or play volume at a high level while watching your YouTube videos then this one may not satisfy you when I go out to take pictures the first one I’ll grab is the p30 or if I have multiple phones on me the first one I’ll take out is the p30 the cameras really well-rounded it works well from they like all the way down to really really dark situation and I gotta say the telephoto lens on a p30 is such a game-changer for me before this phone I never would have used any telephone lines I would not zoom in at all because automatically I know that the quality’s gonna degrade what the p30 that changed my mind and ever since then I do start using telephoto lenses on other phones and then I just realized it’s not gonna be as clear or as sharp as the p30 the telephoto options on the p30 is just right it’s 3x and 5x it’s just good enough for people who are just walking around the city and want to take a couple zoom in snapshots when I had the pro back then the 5 X – 10 X was way too much and I always find myself zooming out a little bit more just to get 3x because that’s how I initially how much I wanted to zoom it and if you want to see more about the p30 cameras I have plenty of those on my channel next up is battery life the battery management on this phone is really good and it will notify you when anything intensive is running in the background so you can actually turn it off sometimes it could be knowing where when it tells you that instagrams running in the background and you already know this and you don’t like it or don’t want to hear it you can just swipe it away or turn it off because the battery measurement is already so good on this you won’t really need to worry about it the battery can compete with them 820 I wouldn’t say it will last longer than ma20 but it does get pretty close I would say it’s a good 5 to 10 percent difference it really depends on how much you use your phone so that’s pretty surprising because the battery on repeat there is smaller than the one on mate 20 lobby gestures are by far my favorite gestures on any Android phones it just feels the most natural and I can just go back anywhere on any side of the phone whether it’s on the left side right side top the left top right bottom it doesn’t matter I can just easily go back to my previous page naturally without needing to struggle to reach anywhere just to go back for everyday use this is a great phone I would say the biggest obstacle is the UI it does take some time to learn and every year it is getting more simple and better so that is the plus for them then again when you’re used to something or when you take time to learn it you can use this everyday like nothing honestly the UI isn’t my favorite but the gestures by far is the game changer and what makes me want to stick with the hallway the only thing I wish I had was while it’s charging but that’s more of a personal need overall I would recommend this phone to anybody even though the P on the p30 stands for photographer or the phone is aimed towards photography this is a great phone to use as a general phone and it’s a plus if you do like taking pictures of family friends or even yourself the phone does really well on that aspect which is great and a lot of people do like taking pictures so that’s my one month review of the p30 remember these are just my experiences and my opinions using the p30 for a month the huawei p30 Pro holds the undisputable best indisputable undisputable indisputable undisputable indisputable the Huawei P 30 pro holds the best camera on the smartphone market so let’s see what it can do if it’s even really that good but before we get into the testing make sure you subscribe for new videos every single week let’s get into it the P 30 Pro comes with a Leica quad camera and boasts an incredible three times optical and 50 times digital zoom it can film in 4k with no limit on file size which is probably why the phone itself comes with 256 gigabytes of storage with an inter built lens kit including super macro Pro aperture night mode and frame rates of up to 924 super-slow-motion there’s not a lot this camera can’t do first let’s have a look at its different mugs even has a portrait mode to generate background blur for a digital effect it really does look good but honestly nowhere near close to a top-end lens for a DSLR the super macro lens impressed me I personally drop the words super from it but check out the detail on this closer there’s almost no blur until you’re about five millimeters away from the subject video does not use macro but for photos it’s possible as a pro macro lens now to video it shoots in 30 and 60 frames per second in several resolutions it shoots in 4k naturally this can only be 30 frames per second it has many filters but as a videographer I can’t stand is Edel enhancements so I shoot as a roar as possible and worry about the rest in post this is super slow-motion now had some problems with blur for short-range objects but it’s very smooth I also haven’t found a pal option for filming so unless you’re in a well-lit environment it can flicker quite badly in these higher frame rates now for the zoom this is what everybody has been talking about and was really the only thing that let me down here’s the zoom of one times here at 5 times and here at 10 times very very distorted but you can’t expect much from a digital zoom it also comes with the wide lens which is actually awesome and not terribly fish-eyed now let’s do a real-world test and comparison this is the p30 pro compared to my canon m 50 with its standard 15 to 45 millimeter lens notice the p30 is naturally zoomed in more but i have to say in darker environments like this hallway the p30 really bought out the color compared to the canon so that’s it guys in summary it’s a great phone and camera wise if you’re looking for a phone specifically for the camera I definitely go with the p30 Pro as far as using it day to day if you’re a videographer maybe not maybe as a quick sidearm something to use in convenient environments I’ll probably vlog on it and do some videos on it as well but I’m probably going to stick to the Canon most of the time.

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