Published on July 3, 2019
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Hey guys it’s me again Mary and welcome back to my channel guys I’m very excited for this unboxing today it’s been a while I thank him last one in unbox night and it’s Diwali y5 the entry-level smartphone and the nettle name someone would while we stuck again in the game anyway back to the phone who have we launched another unique smartphone graphic a super excited Nepal veto f-ck seen from the tiger pneumonias we’ll be unboxing the newest Huawei wine line prime 2019 Natalie no bogeys in the gun box I know Bobby y9 last year got a big rabid in abuse no and Rebecca yo but anyway sanim Oksana first of all we by name prime 2019 ain’t no you guys will like this phone demand don’t know how I am Pina have bank ok yy9 prime 2019 yes it has a motorized pop up camera take note it has a motorized pop up camera back the price sober on Babylon you guys how to stick until the end of this video param element of amok I know and it also comes with this Bluetooth speaker co-founded pre-order kayo so all of those details preorder price and which one any Bluetooth speaker I’ll be telling you guys later on so topics at a cafe amongst a until the end got it upon your children unbox new Huawei y94 I’m 2019 I really like the holders Nagina Manila sub box NATO and of course just the usual Huawei box all white and then the details are here salem and then on paper it says that we have the 4 gig of ram with 128 gigabytes of internal storage and it is also available for 4 gig of ram with 64 gigabytes of internal storage so you have two variants and the horror that I have a sapphire blue it is also available in midnight black and lastly emerald green so later on on this video we will answer the question if this is the best entry-level smartphone that has a motorized pop up camera I know you deserve it hesitancy of a village named elephant’s Nomura motorized pop up camera Katrina of course hindi naman did you know Cagayan pressure Magana donovan motorized pop up arrow him be friendly and price so later and we will figure out later no nothing so go to Panera know the macaron non-motorized pop up camera samara Malaga so upon opening the box or brown the Delco and an economist I have a new personal phone of course we have your the phone itself oh I really like the color blue it’s been a while since my gun box Tainan color blue in a smartphone and of course maritime smaller box and size and let’s see connie morella – and it comes with the fridge le gives so this is how the free jelly kiss looks like and how buggers are looks like we have a triple camera setup mmm interesting lava sequel camera setup meryl kappa motorized pop-up Cambria and then of course we have paperwork’s we have the Huawei warranty card and we also have the Huawei Quick Start Guide and lastly young active panel dot the sim ejector tool and then beneath that of course another diamond accessories hazama so we have here the Huawei power adapter I’m very impressed while because if you have a USBC cable I don’t know guess what I did you like about phone stammering Xiang USBC connector or USB support net at least I know might have to worry about its correct orientation and lastly we have earphones so complete accessory cy away grab base of your jelly case earphones and of course the USBC cable and the power brick now let us now proceed to the phone so this is how the Huawei y9 prime 20:19 looks like and I really like the setup in Drupal camera set up near the Sabine pitaka place Rania it’s very unique and first impression the phone is quite big parylene be shallow begun it actually has one hundred ninety six point eight grams so guide no 196 grams shrine India ho India phenomenal in how akansha it’s very easy to hold even with just one hand and then InDesign is a liquid gaze I really like mirror effect or mirror finish yet although the gas and channel fingerprint we always have a choice like an attentional transparent gel akikusa departing issue of of course on color before we open the phone began : : of course overall Sonia farm eieio so at the back of the phone again we have a triple camera setup that’s 16 megapixel for the main camera 8 megapixel for the ultra wide and lastly 2 megapixel for the depth sensor and then under that we have an LED flash and of course the fingerprint scanner so Boonton an 11-time fingerprint scanner and I really like the placement of its atoms acto at about knob kokapetl on companion phone and then on the lower left of course we have the Huawei logo and then on the right side of the phone we have the volume rocker and the power and lock button and then on the left part one up on the holodeck I hit I know it’s very clear and then beneath we have we have a headphone jack a microphone a USB C port of course thank you very for that and of course the speaker grille and then on top we have motorized pop-up Pomerania sub and an Kahlua and then we have on the right partner in the mantle on the same card 3 and of course another microphone case on the box and Corning phone as éponine attention and base collections Aneta : looking problema so you knuckle-dragging do something a try kappa kinda open canadian foulness of course you can yahoo fingerprint scanner oh the revenge of disappointing you are a wine in prime 2019 when it comes a fingerprint scanner so grumble s subrin after a soliton agin problema so this phone has 6.59 and shares full HD plus LTPS display with 2340 by 1080 pixels it definitely has a true bezel s design I really like the colors so we have an authentic three experienced engine design aesthetics Nia very distinctive now a total again beanahab uncle geisha motorized pop up Cameron yes so let’s see first impression dental in the net in case of motorized pop up camera and you are way why names rhyme 2019 has 16 megapixels for maritime pop up camera definitely in a maximize your screen ratio noooooo wine in prime 2019 and what I also like about this fold is mention protection against gravity so what does it mean guys knee fall detection shaft he wants an elegant young phone more at muharram dimension and impact it will automatically flow so behind column senior they are engaged for mask shot guys and it’s a snap to prevent damage the camera was automatically retracted continuous in the family of course continue and what I also like about the chimera is AI enhanced photography Narendra so I have a few sample shots that I will be showing after this clip and of course sample shots non front camera and also the front venue while riding from 2019 in so far so goo Goo’s to uncut allagash a family man trikonasana to try out my blog a debacle delegation from vlogging and yes make uri yes right that Anaya Pina hammer on smartphone let me along motorized animal – angkor shots not and I really like how the photos turned out it is detailed and it has great color reproduction and we stunning low-light performance and just slow motion video NATO guys 40 fps netted against Toronto I was a pop-up a I can be random phone at oh it has 16 megapixels Sabra knock refresh shut to the point Nandini Mannion Abu Bora into nanaka I still look like myself pero must looming the bass episode sample shots nominated Nagina meat and corn and wide angle it produced great details and clarity Chagas gusta mucho para maana phones no Maryland white onion Telugu I say it captures the whole frame from a broader perspective next nominees for the chipset this phone has the high silicon terrine 7 1 0 F but 2.2 gigahertz octa-core CPU I actually downloaded the few games on this phone guys we have as fascinating and TRAI home of Larry over 15 minutes and also the mobile legend still arena whole the phone definitely runs smoothly even if you are playing graphics intensive games also this phone has the emui 9.0 with Android 9 pi so we have here a few pre-installed apps impact bosco phnom phones we have netflix messenger camera 360 and and also we have a Gorda facebook and right mode actually minimum gain Academy are installed apps Nia if you want you can just uninstall a few go in Dino Gaga meetin him in yo Kalin and I really like it yes it has a simple yet and reactive decide initial mahira p.m. eaten the thing it has intelligent functions for an easier use contingent apps new guys they work perfectly fine don’t need to worry or even panic about the Facebook and Google Apps elastication battery capacity is a yachtie to subpoena convening featured on phone at all can say it has four thousand milliamp hour battery capacity 4000 mAh case is really big it can definitely support your daily tasks that was petting a pompous oaken and gimmicks in the middle so we have finally reached the end of this video so Sasha gotten an Iranian question yes guys for me the huawei wine in prime 2019 the best energy level art phone where they pop up camera where they truly basileus design equipped with a high performance low power Kurian 7 1 0 F chipset and an intelligent emui 9 operating system another good use case is Maryland pitaya 100 leaders and offered on special warranty program when you purchase the Huawei whining Prime 2019 or even as a huawei smartphones these retailers guess it’s their initiative no macaron Huawei warranty program Casilla D have enough confidence and trust with what we that’s why they decided to have that kind of program so what is this special warranty if humana apps for example we have email Google Apps in unison an alert you can 100% refund abandoned a passing trust and confidence nominal retailers nothing Kiawah we again guys some variants the marina collision for Giga from with 128 gigabytes of internal storage and it retails for $12,500 sauce guy sittin in Peter hamona smartphone Nomura motorist pop-up camera that was my passion 4000 mAh CC USB type-c Pasha you guys can actually pre-order on July 5 to July 12 pyrometer on Lincoln on Bluetooth speakers so I suggest no pre-ordering hai paura merely brilliant bluetooth speaker from Huawei and guys some retail price Paula Newton bluetooth speaker s 1790 purse was too bad ok sovereign Palestinian each children on speaker in person but I knew telekinesis a Picasso Braque gotta know speaker in at all you speakers is on the LOC vibe I own alone yeah and so my sebaceans a vietnam music nappy-nap adopted new so i really do suggest among pre-order guy on July 5 to July 12 our Emil implicating speaker guys I on-demand so that’s it for this video guys and like in JK’s unboxing and first impressions ko kya winery prime 2019 santa monica no to TuneIn and for more details i’ll be putting it down below para maybe I ought to an uncle bye guys see you on my next unboxing

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