iOS 13 on iPhone 7 – Is it Worth Updating?

Published on August 23, 2019
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What’s up guys my name is Brandon and today I’m gonna be sharing my experience with iOS 13 on the 2016 iPhone 7 so we’re gonna discuss how Apple’s latest software is running on this three-year-old device and if it’s worth installing on your iPhone 7 or 7 plus now if you’re curious about how iOS 13 runs on the iPhone 6s or the iPhone se check the cards and the links in the description down below for my reviews on those specific phones but of course in this video it’s all about the iPhone 7 so yeah I’ve been using the iPhone 7 on iOS 13 ever since beta 2 and overall the software has been running pretty well I mean I don’t have too many major complaints however there are definitely some downsides to updating from iOS 12 but before we get into all the technical stuff and the performance the battery life and all that fun stuff let’s discuss some of the new features here in iOS 13 now if you guys watch my videos you already know about pretty much all of the new features available in iOS 13 if you haven’t watched all my videos definitely check the links down below you will find out all the new features in iOS 13 but I want to explain basically my experience with these features on the iPhone 7 specifically because as you guys know everything performs differently on every different device like the iPhone 7 is going to perform differently than like the iPhone se or the iPhone 6s when it comes to certain aspects of the phone so anyways let’s get into it the first thing I want to talk about in iOS 13 is Safari so Safari has a ton of improvements in iOS 13 so if you use your iPhone 7 or your iPhone 7 plus to browse the internet a lot which I actually find myself doing a lot on the iPhone 7 and 7 plus I’m not really sure why maybe it’s just because I usually decide between the 6s the SC or the 7 and the 7 is always the newer one so I tend to go ahead and web browser on this but anyways you are going to love this update if you use Safari a lot now the biggest feature I think is the built-in download manager so if we go ahead over and try to find and download link right here so here’s just some nocopyrightsounds instrumentals here and you can see this is an mp3 download link here if I go and tap on that you can see here we can actually download straight within the Safari browser so we no longer have to have like a third-party web browser for downloading like we had to in the past and twelve we could just download right here in iOS 13 you see these little arrow there up in the top there go and tap on that it actually shows our downloads right there we have that little magnifying glass we go and tap on that it takes us to our iCloud Drive where it shows all of our downloads in there so you have videos I have audio files images all kind of things that I’ve been able to download straight from Safari no other application needed so that is definitely a huge improvement here for Safari the built-in download manager there’s also some other things in here as well we’re going to get out of this right here let’s go back over here you see these two aids up in the status bar right here so go and tap on those you see we have some new options here we have hide the toolbar which gives you a much cleaner look right there we also have the request desktop website then we have website settings so if we tap on that we have some really cool new settings here inside of Safari and these are gonna be very specific options you can see here while viewing daily I fix com it’s only gonna request the desktop or use the reader automatically for this specific website only so you can set custom options for specific websites you can also allow access to camera microphone and location as well and if we go ahead over to our settings and go down to Safari and scroll down a little bit you will see we have some other new features in here as well now close tabs this is going to allow you to automatically close tabs if you don’t close them very often and I found this to be very useful on a phone like the iPhone 7 compared to like a phone like the 10 are the 10 are is obviously a lot more powerful of a phone so it’s going to be able to handle having a lot more tabs open but on the iPhone 7 you should definitely have this set to maybe like after one week or after one month so that Safari automatically closes your tabs after that set period of time but of course if you’re like me and you don’t have a lot of tabs open all the time if you’re pretty responsible about closing your tabs you can just keep that on manual so that none of your tabs get closed that when you don’t want them to we also have a revamped share sheet here in iOS 13 so if you go to the share sheet you can see it looks a lot different than it did in iOS 12 looks a lot better in my opinion if we go down here to edit actions you can actually customize what shows up where so you can have favorites basically so that the things that you do most like can be copied if you add bookmarks the most we can move this to the top so we have add bookmark and copy always at the top when we go ahead and invoke the share sheet so you can see at the very top at bookmark copy and it’s kind of sectioned off from the rest of the options there so that’s actually one of my favorite features in iOS 13 as a whole not just on the iPhone 7 specifically but it is a great feature to have on the iPhone 7 here as well customizing the share sheet and just the whole look of the share sheet looks a lot better than it did now the swipe keyboard is also a nice feature to have on the iPhone 7 because it is kind of a smaller screen so it’s 4.7 inches but it is small of course when you compare it to something like the iPhone 10 R or any of the plus size phones I’m personally used to using those so this 4.7 inch display is still small to me now of course it’s not as small as the iPhone se but still 4.7 inches you may find use in the swipe keyboard here so using swipe gestures just like you could in G board to go ahead and type out your text there instead of individually typing each letter of course it can get tight especially if you have big hands on such a small 4.7 inch display I’ve actually grown to use this feature a lot on the iPhone 7 I didn’t think I needed it at first I thought it was pretty much only for like the iPhone se that’s the only time it really found use for it but the more I’ve been using the iPhone 7 the more I’ve actually been using the swipe keyboard and enjoying it now that’s actually made me start using it even on bigger screens like the iPhone 10 R just because it’s more effective but I still feel like the keys are so much smaller on this phone compared to the newer phones that it makes me want to use that swipe keyboard so even if you don’t have another film with a bigger display the swipe keyboard is definitely something to check out you may actually like it better than typing now I should also mention 3d touch here in iOS 13 so it definitely acts a little bit different than it did in iOS 12 and that’s because Apple is kind of going to have dick touch or a long press on all devices now instead of just 3d touch so basically what I’m trying to say is that you don’t need a pressure-sensitive homescreen anymore to be able to have the quick actions like you can see here on the home screen so for instance like on the iPhone se the iPhone 6s actually the iPhone 6s can have 3d touch to begin with but on the iPhone se you can actually do these same things you can actually have like a version of 3d touch even though it doesn’t have a pressure-sensitive screen and basically what Apple is doing is taking the haptic touch engine that we saw first and the iPhone 10 R and actually putting that on all devices so you can see now that it’s kind of like 3d touch still it’s pretty much 3d touch but it’s more of a haptic touch then it is 3d touch like you’ve been used to so it will pop up a little bit later than what you’re used to peek and pop it’s gonna be a little bit different so 3d touch just acts a little bit different on iOS 13 than it does in iOS 12 it’s more similar to haptic touch but it will take a little bit of getting used to and we will see when the new iPhones come out if they have 3d touch or not now if we go to our settings display in brightness you can see here that we do have dark mode here in iOS 12 we can go ahead and activate dark mode just like so you do also have the automatic toggle here you can also go into your control center a 3d touch on the brightness toggle right here and you will see dark mode down there in the bottom left you can just go ahead and tap on that and it will go ahead and invoke dark mode so you can see the background even changes on the home screen which is pretty cool now of course this is not an OLED screen so you won’t see the battery life benefits that’s something like the iPhone 10 or the 10s will see but it still looks cool in all applications like the music application your messages everything is going to have that dark aesthetic look to it which is really nice now the blacks could be a little bit darker but you’re really only going to notice that if you compare it to like an OLED screen or like a screen like the iPhone 10 or if you only have an iPhone 7 you’re not gonna be comparing it to another phone or anything like that so you will definitely enjoy dark mode even if it doesn’t give you battery life benefits now we do also have the new volume hood as you can see here on the left hand side of the screen your volume also goes up and down faster than it did in iOS 12 definitely nice to have this less intrusive volume hood right here especially again on a 4.7 inch display that did take up pretty much the entire screen so it’s nice to have a much smaller version of that volume hood now you can also control it with your finger there if you want to now if we go into the App Store and go to our profile if you scroll down you’ll see this is where we actually have our updates and what’s nice here is that we can actually delete applications from the updates page here inside of the App Store so I don’t know about you guys but my iPhone 7 doesn’t have a ton of storage I only have 32 gigabytes so I’m constantly deleting applications and things like that so it’s nice to be able to do it inside of the App Store where you can see apps are getting updated like so because sometimes I can get hidden in folders and things like that you kind of lose track of the applications you have installed now of course there are a lot of other small enhancements changes features but those are just the main ones that stood out when using my iPhone 7 on West 13 as far as performance goes performance on iOS 13 here on the iPhone 7 is actually very very good I was surprised at how solid the performance is here even coming from iOS 12 point for iOS 13 is more solid more fluid and just quick overall than iOS twelve point four was now I will say that the beta stages have been a little bit of a rollercoaster for the iPhone 7 it started out shaky in the early beta stages then it got better then it got worse with betas five and six but now it’s back to being solid again with the latest beta beta 7 and this is pretty much what we’re gonna see when the final version of iOS 13 gets released of course there are gonna be some minor bug fixes and things like that but this is the type of performance and the battery life we’re probably going to see with the final version of iOS 13 here in less than a month and the good thing is that developers of applications have now updated their applications to support iOS 13 so very few applications crash on the iPhone 7 even I did have an issue with Safari when I would 3d touch and then tap on hide link previews and then 3d touch again the Safari application would crash in previous betas but that has been fixed again a lot of the bugs have been fixed here on the iPhone 7 which is really nice to see because this is still an older phone I mean it’s considered an older phone and it’s performing very well here on iOS 13 and one of the big changes are going to notice coming from 12.4 is launching stock applications they’re gonna load about two times faster than they did on iOS twelve point four so when you download iOS 13 you’re gonna notice a huge jump in performance when it comes to not only third-party applications and just moving around the OS but also just launching stock applications it’s gonna be much faster than it was in iOS 12 now the only thing I like better in iOS 12.4 is the battery life so battery life is slightly worse here on iOS 13 unfortunately I’m not sure if that’s because of all the new features and changes but I’ve noticed that it is consistently getting a little bit worse battery life than I got on really any version of iOS 12 now of course that could improve with future versions of iOS 13 but I am noticing around 30 minutes less of screen on time compared to iOS 12 now if we go into our settings battery battery health you will see that we do have a new option there optimize battery charging a lot of people may be inclined and just really tempted to enable especially on a phone like the iPhone 7 you’re really trying to get the most battery life you can but I would highly suggest that you do not turn this on and the big reason is because it makes your phone hot and it still doesn’t work as well as it could in the future it’s still a very new feature so it’s not as effective as it can be and again it does heat up your phone the iPhone 7 does tend to get a little bit more hot than other phones do so you definitely don’t want to do that and damage your phone and damage your battery in the process but yeah like I said just slightly worse battery life again 30 minutes may not be a big deal to you but for me when I test it consistently I notice even if it’s like a 10 minute change so for you 30 minutes of screen on time may not be a huge deal especially if you charge your phone a lot but that is one of the downsides I wanted to let you guys know about with iOS 13 so overall should you update your iPhone 7 to iOS 13 and I say yes definitely update to iOS 13 there are tons of new features and changes that are going to make your life easier and just yeah the OS is gonna be a lot more fun to use because there are so many awesome new features and changes and again you will notice performance gains on a day to day basis you are going to notice speed improvements but of course the only payoff is going to be slightly worse a battery life but battery life isn’t bad I don’t want to give you guys the you know I don’t want you to have the notion that battery life is bad it’s just a little bit worse than iOS 12.4 just keep a portable charger on you and make sure you get that battery replaced if it’s needed and you’ll be perfectly fine here on iOS 13 I know a lot of you iPhone 7 users probably need a new battery so definitely get that checked out but anyways guys there you have it that is my review of iOS 13 on the iPhone 7 I am definitely enjoying it I think it’s a lot better than iOS 12 and pretty much every aspect and I’m glad to say that I can definitely recommend at this update to everybody so I hope you guys did enjoy this video if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up also make sure to subscribe so you can stay up to date with all my iOS 13 videos I will also be revisiting the iPhone 7 and a couple months now to make sure the iOS 13 is still running fine on it so definitely subscribe so you don’t miss that video but anyways guys thanks again for watching and I’ll see you soon.

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