iOS 13 Public Beta 1, Dev Beta 2, and iPad OS – Follow up review

Published on July 6, 2019
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Hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo tech & iOS 13 public beta one has been out for a few days and iOS 13 developer beta 2 which is the exact same thing same build number has been out for almost a couple weeks now and have been running both of them on different devices I’ve been using my tennis Mac’s primarily with iOS 13 on it I also have the iPhone 10 R and the iPad pro 12 point 9 the current generation so I wanted to talk about my experience with it your experience with it based off the YouTube community poll and I’m going to split this video into a couple a couple different parts so I’ll have an iPhone section iPad section and then at the end we’ll cover the YouTube community poll comments now the first thing is this is a fairly buggy experience for me and many people keep asking me should I install it and the answer is very different for a lot of people Apple has said there’s over 100 known bugs and for me there’s probably about four or five in particular the main one being that iMessage doesn’t even work so I message on my 10s max that’s why I took my sim card out of it I’ve actually restored this it hasn’t worked and if it doesn’t continue to work after beta 3 comes out I’ll just wipe the phone and start over again and that’s the dangers of betas sometimes you have great experiences sometimes you don’t and I expect beta 3 or developer beta 3 to come out probably on July 1st or 2nd the 4th is a holiday in the United States so I would expect the 1st or 2nd unless they push it to the 8th which would be very unusual for three weeks between betas so I’m looking forward to that but I’ve had a OK experience as far as battery life goes that’s kind of not as relevant as far as the experience of a beta since this is an early beta and Apple isn’t going to focus on battery but I’m getting about 5 hours it’s not very good and it’s very bad on an iPad about 5 hours as well so that part in particular is not great I’ve also had Wi-Fi issues in fact Wi-Fi connectivity is pretty good most of the time as far as the signal strength but even on the 10r it really doesn’t matter switching between LTE and Wi-Fi seems pretty buggy this time around for me where I could have a great signal try and go into something as is the AppStore and it just won’t even work so it won’t load I’ll have to turn on airport mode or airplane mode and turn it back off now quite a few of you have asked me as well before I cover a couple other bugs how do I go from the developer beta to the public beta and if you want to do that there’s really no reason to do that right now but if you want to do that all you need to do is remove the developer profile install the public beta profile and when the next version comes out you’ll get the update so it’s pretty simple to move over if you want to do that now another bug that I have is changing wallpaper so sometimes when I change wallpaper maybe I go into an image like this one here this is the wallpaper from today of course I’ll link it in the description as I always do but this particular wallpaper looks to be working fine but if I go in here and maybe want to go into wallpaper and say use as wallpaper and set it sometimes it will respring the phone so that means the phone essentially reboots the home screen and then comes back up also sometimes when I go to the same thing maybe in a web browser it will show up black and white so there’s some weird bugs in there for me that’s nothing that’s going to stop me from using it other than this iMessage issue and where I just can’t get it fixed but there’s that issue and then also when I use voice dictation which I use it off and everywhere from messages to Twitter to replying to comments on YouTube after about two or three sometimes five tries it will crash the app it’s consistent I can reproduce it probably one in five or one in ten tries it will crash the app every single time other than that though it’s been ok for me so it’s been fine for me on that and then on the 10r the experience is the same the same is true of the 6s plus for me they’re all about the same as far as bugginess for me personally now as far as what you are saying about iOS 13 is whatsapp is having some issues some people are saying there’s text overlay issues also people are saying Spotify is crashing after every song and then they have to start it up again now I don’t use either of those apps regularly so I haven’t experienced that but that’s where this YouTube community poll comes in and quite a few of you have experienced this same issue so I took the top issues and put them in list and also many of you have said you’ve been unable to use the cast feature to a chromecast so maybe you’re in a video apps such as YouTube and you want to play the video and cast it to a TV or a chromecast it’s not working for you also the YouTube app has been buggy for many people and a lot of banking apps aren’t working as well and then the last thing that a lot of people are saying is the stock mail app if you’re using the Apple Mail app it keeps giving them problems as well so there’s a lot of little bugs some of those may be a big deal for some not as big of a deal for others if you wanted to downgrade I did make a video on how to do that so if you want to downgrade make sure you have a backup and then you can downgrade now let’s talk about the iPad for just a moment there isn’t a lot of bugs that I have but I do have a major bug in the major bug that I have with the iPad is touch responsiveness so before I went to make this video I always change the display so it doesn’t shut off I’ll go and touch settings and you’ll see there it didn’t work for a second and in order to fix that I actually have to turn the display off turn it back on unlock it and then it works again so it’s kind of strange sometimes the scrolling won’t work sometimes it just locks up all over the place and that’s the main issue that I have with the iPad also I find that the iPad restarts a lot when it goes to sleep so I use this with the keyboard cover the keyboard cover will be on when I’m not using it I’ll come back and it will make me log back in because it his set is restarted that could be while I’m plugging it in and using it which I think was an issue around iOS 12s release but this keeps having that issue now as well other than that though battery life on it this has been on iOS 13 since it came out and let’s go to battery life quick and I’ll show you what it’s like it’s not great for me with about 50% left I’m getting about 3 hours of usage 3 hours in 17 minutes and so I use it for YouTube a lot and other things and I’m giving about 5 hours on an iPad which is actually quite bad now the YouTube community poll had record responses which is great because it gives us an idea of how it’s doing for so many people so 17,000 people voted on this community poll so I really appreciate it you’ll see let me refresh it it’s at 17 thousand four hundred and sixty-one responses and I’ve read every one of them in fact before I made this video it took about an hour or so and read through every single issue and that’s how I compiled that list with a bunch of problems earlier so it gives us an idea how it is for everyone and it’s really hit or miss it doesn’t depend on the device that you have it just seems to be buggy overall or quite good for some people eighteen percent of you here said that it was great so 18 percent of people have had a great experience with iOS 13 public beta and then five percent said it was terrible which is actually pretty average for betas so that’s not bad and then 27 percent said okay but some bugs and then 50 percent said I’m not using the beta and I put this option here to give us an idea of how many people are actually not using it so 50 percent that respond to these polls are using it 50 percent or not and overall 17,000 votes is pretty good so I really appreciate that response now like I said I read through every one of these but I’m going to read about ten comments and I’ll just pick them randomly because over 450 of them there are varying experiences some people are having a great experience quite a few people are and then quite a few people are having bad experiences with everything from battery to other things so you’ll see here I’m on iPhone 10 and it’s okay but some bugs but okay roll on beta 3 anyway hope 3d is not gone so I think you mean 3d touch I’m assuming that’s what you mean but anyway if I hearted your comment you’ll know that I actually responded to it as well so YouTube is not working well like I said I’ve got quite a few people saying that let’s see beta 2 is pathetic as it has a lot of bugs in mail call drops and hiccups man new apps man I think that’s supposed to be many apps crash at all times or at times so quite a few issues like I said I’m on dev beta 2 on my iPhone 10 and it’s awesome upgrade from iOS 12 but have some bugs and crash it apps but it’s usable very well wait for next beta using on my iPad 6 gen performance is great battery life is good to me multitasking is also great also pretty good but few bugs on apps like the app store crash while playing fortnight I don’t know but YouTube app is so buggy and laggy maybe it’s just me one thing I didn’t mention is performance performance has been really good other than those stuttering issues I’m having with the iPad pro their performance is quite good face ideas it’s very very good and super fast so they’re doing a good job there especially for an early beta overall it’s been great on my 10 are a few bugs but nothing majorly annoying battery life is still stellar so like I said I’m not having great battery life I’m having ok battery life but some people are having different experiences now I wanted to show you this at the top here these are the most voted comments or most popular 38 people voted said they have literally zero problems on the beta on my 10 are the battery life is phenomenal and the swiping keyboard is better than any I’ve used I’m very pleasantly surprised then 21 people said 10s max really buggy on connections Wi-Fi LTE and Bluetooth work really bad then we’ve got others at same night using the public beta but dev beta 2 which has been supposedly confirmed to be the same it is exactly the same actually I find it has a notice amount of bugs on the 10 s Harvard is still more usable and overall my experience is better than 12.4 despite the bugs so here’s what I’m finding through going through all these comments like I said before is if you have one of the newer devices that has faced ID I find that it’s more buggy than if you don’t if you have a device such as iPhone 6s plus 6s 7se most people are saying it’s less buggy I don’t know if there’s something to do with face ID there or not let’s read a couple more eight-plus can’t get on my mobile bank that is the only complaint right now everything else runs smooth so those who are saying they can’t watch YouTube on their own playlists just swipe right then it should work I panicked when this happened to so that’s a nice little tip there appreciate that and let’s read two more it has improved the overall speed of my device the iPhone 6s the keyboard freezes sometimes what it is expected in betas my Wi-Fi and cellular connection is good so that’s a good sign and then running an iPhone 7 plus and an iPad air 2 just a few glitches in third-party app and OS otherwise it is fine to use so this is a great experience for most people like I said I think most people are pretty happy with iOS 13 and iPad OS and it seems to be a good experience for most but thanks again for voting in that YouTube community poll I’ll continue to do those since so many people seem to like to participate in it and of course like I said even if I didn’t read your comment here I have already read it and let me know if you’d like me to just give it a heart after I’ve read it and then I mean I’ll go through all of them they’ll take me a while but I do read them like I said so let me know your thoughts on that and if you’d like to see a different device next time let me know in the comments below as well maybe a different iPad or a different iPhone let me know in the comments below if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and hit that notification bellow if you’d like to see the videos as soon as they come out and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like again I’ll link that wallpaper in the description as I always do as always thanks for watching this is Erin I’ll see you next time

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