iOS 14 Beta running on iPhone 11 and iPhone Xr – Widgets, Home Screen Redesign, PiP and more!

Published on June 23, 2020
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Hey guys soccer from sake ticket in today’s video what I have right here is an iPhone 10 R and right over here I have an iPhone 11 and in this video we are gonna be taking a look at the brand new features of iOS 14 running on these smartphones now it’s practically the same on both phones so I’m going to take this and put it aside and do the demonstration on this guy as you can see we now have the home screen widgets with customizable redesigned home screen so as you can see we have iOS 14 point O so I’m gonna put that to the side and I get if I go over here into the settings and if I were to go into general and software update you’ll see again that this is also running iOS 14 point O so let’s dive and explore and see what’s happening so normally when you go over here you have a bunch of side screen widgets they’re still here but they’re all redesigned with a more modernized look and if I go down you’ll see more and more and more so basically can take these guys and actually put them right here so let’s talk about those I’m gonna go over here I’m gonna just press anywhere on the screen I can press and hold and it’s gonna start the wiggle process and then you see a bunch of new things this one is one of them if you tap this you can see all your home screens and the great news is you can disable a home screen that you don’t want so when I click done now I only have two home screens that are gonna be visible to the eye when I click done again all right there we go that’s the only two screens and then let’s just try to add a widget to the screen see what happens if I press and hold and if I tap on plus here I get access to my widgets menu I can also search them if I want to search for a particular widget now right now we have all these widgets available for many stock applications but as developers upgrade their applications you’ll get more and more widgets that’s not a problem so let’s go over here let’s look for the reminders widget right here now when I tap on a particular one I can swipe over and go through the different sizes okay so have multiple sizes so let’s say I like this one what I can do is I can tap on add or I can just press and hold and then drag and drop it somewhere now as I drag and drop it onto the screen the applications automatically move away to the next home screen to make space for this particular widget so that’s nice and easy to use now if I don’t want to edge it I can press and hold it ok and I can remove it from the screen tap on remove it’s gone now we also have something known as these stacked widgets so again if I press and hold and if I go into plus if I scroll down we have a smart stack so I already grabbed this smart stack and I popped it on the screen that’s a smart stack widget right here that allows me to browse through all kinds of widgets that’s not bad at all ok so I don’t have to have all the various widgets on the screen I can just have one little stack and I can browse through them for a quick glance and all these we just are gonna be data rich so get a lot of information at a glance so that’s that let’s swipe over and talk about another new feature at the end of your final home screen if you swipe over it takes you into the app library on the app library we have three sections for sections we have the search application then we have the suggestions that auto populates based on what the phone thinks you’re using a lot and I can launch any application directly by tapping it this is a folder and I can tap on any application it’s gonna launch the application directly in that folder of four and over here we have the recently added applications and over here we have automatically arranged applications so the folder gets created it is renamed automatically to utilities and inside it what iPhone does is it dumps all the utility based applications now this one here is a folder within a folder the big ones can be tapped and it’s gonna launch the application the folder in a folder if you tap it it’s gonna launch a subfolder that has even more utilities but the phone intelligently knows that these apps should be on the outside because you use them more than the ones inside here so I go to settings a lot that means the settings gonna show up right here and of course we have all these separate categories productivity entertainment reference and reading if I tap on this one here I have all the reference and reading related apps again automatically and intelligently categorized in the app library section so those are that’s a new redesigned home screen with with more customization and widgets which is absolutely fantastic I think iOS users are gonna love this now one more very important feature a brand new features the picture-in-picture feature so let me launch an application here to demonstrate so let’s go to Netflix let’s just play a video here I’m playing this video right here now when I exit I can continue to watch that video anywhere on the screen as I work on my phone I can even go to any website I can read and watch at the same time reading notes and whatever I can resize this as well put it in the top or the bottom or if I have to do something big I can put it aside for a second perform what I want to do maybe read something important and then when I’m done with that bring it right back or I can just keep watching it as I read if you can multitask that way okay it’s all up to you can pause it here I can exit out I can go back to full screen this is a good feature alright this was available on the iPads now it’s on the iPhone with iOS 14 the next thing that we have that is brand new is the messages application so basically when I launch the application what I can do now is I can actually pin messages to the top so have a bunch of examples here if I press and hold it I can say pin gets you to the top and it’s gonna appear as a circular icon on the top and if there’s a photo that’s gonna show up as well this is gonna make me it’s easier to keep track of important conversations you can do multiple conversations no problem as you can see you can also unpin them if you so desire by tapping on pin now when you’re in an application if you go into your emojis or emoji you have some new variations of each emoji so if I pick an emoji at the bottom you get all these preset variations so we have this fist emoji that is brand-new as you can see that you can use to send over to your friends you can do it with all these various different emojis as you can see right here okay whatever you pick you get that fist icon now somewhere in here so that’s that let’s move on now we also have a very new capable Translate application so let’s launch that real quick let’s just go to my finder look for translate I tap on it pops right out now when I go to continue let’s just say not now so let’s say I want to enter something on a translate to another language first and foremost you pick your source language in this case going to be English and let’s say that you are out there in Spain and you want to talk Spanish which you don’t know how to so you pick your target language to be Spanish okay and then all you do is either type here hi how are you okay and then click on go it’s gonna translate that to Spanish right here and as you can see or what you can do is you can tap on this one I’m looking for some directions can you help me and it’s gonna automatically convert that to Spanish and also you can tap on the play button here iPhone will speak that in Spanish so you can actually talk to the person directly like that and then the person can use it too so they can reverse translate the language to you so you can get some answers in a foreign country or even some with some locals in the area so that’s the Translate application it’s gonna be very useful I like the fact that you can pick a source language and then do a target language very easy to pick you have a lot of options they’ll be adding more and more as the application develops further so click done let’s move on now we also have some new features with the Maps application so if I launch the Maps application it’s hard to demonstrate but these are the new features so you have to look around feature you can explore certain cities like New York Los Angeles you know Tweedy environment okay so it’s gonna look amazing you go to your favorites and collections from here you can actually create those and Siri is able to make suggestions based on the app usage so if I was in New York right now I could tap on look around here and you get a really nice refined way to look around and just move around in the actual city okay so you can act like you’re virtually there as you’re in New York so that’s just fantastic okay again this is a feature that’s been more refined looks better look at that you can actually feel like you’re in the city so that’s one of the new things with the Maps application as well now when you go into Safari we have some new stuff so I’m at here what I can do is I can tap over here and now what I get is I get a special tracking report for any website that I’m visiting and Safari will tell you how that website is actually tracking you guys it also monitors your passwords securely so it’s not involved in a breach and stuff like that but again that’s the tracking report built into Safari that you might some people that are concerned about their privacy are gonna love this stuff okay so that’s another thing that’s new we also have a new feature where when somebody calls you the incoming call doesn’t fill the entire screen let me show in a quick example now let’s say you that you’re inside an application and somebody actually calls you let me call myself from another phone and I want you guys to Claire what happens on the screen you’re in the app you’re studying something somebody gives you a call and now what’s gonna happen it’s instead of the ball phone well the whole thing taking the whole phone the phone application it’s on the top I can actually swipe it away or take a call from here so that’s brand new let me call myself one more time here all right let me kill the volume and again I can swipe it away or I can take the call from here or I can swipe it down it’s gonna expand so that’s just fantastic new little features now obviously the biggest features are the widgets and the homescreen redesign so let’s say for anybody that’s wondering let’s go in here and look at a couple more widgets just to see what they look like so again if you pick a given widget right here you get a bunch of different options okay get have different sizes as you can see so if I were to grab this one again I can just put it right here okay let’s do one more tap one plus let’s go down here let’s go for the music again I get all these various options so I grab this guy press and hold or let’s just tap on add so I can just add it the screen automatically configures everything but you can move things around if you’re so desire okay look at that you have all these different ways to do it and again press on this tap on that tap on this hide or unhide your homescreen screens okay click dump all right so that’s iOS 14 running on the iPhone 10 our and the iPhone 11 it works great but remember it’s a beta so there’s gonna be some crashes some bugs the public beta is gonna be available in a couple of weeks and of course the full release is gonna come down and fall so either you get to wait or you can go and install it I have a video on how to install it officially and I’m sure there’ll be ways to do it unofficially as well very soon any questions comments or concerns drop them down below and let me know and for now guys have a fantastic day see you in the next video alright so if you found this video useful make sure to subscribe to sake tech by clicking that button and also click that Bell icon on the side to make sure you get notified every time I upload a new video and if you do use Twitter Instagram or Facebook you can follow me at sake tech online to get the latest updates as well alright how a fantastic day.
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