iPad Air 2 In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

Published on January 26, 2020
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While everyone you already know we have to talk about the successor to the original iPad air that I talked about yesterday which is actually the iPad air 2 and this iPad came out back in 2014 and it’s definitely an interesting device overall it’s definitely lasted longer than I thought it was going to be in terms of software so that’s always a really good thing when Apple’s you know supports their devices for a next role or a period of time and I do have a cold so please apologize if I sound a little weird right now but it’s all good you know the iPad air 2 actually came out in 2014 which is kind of funny because really nothing has changed with the iPad air lineup until like last year where the iPad air 3 came out so we really haven’t seen a successor to the iPad air until 2019 which was super crazy or at least the iPad air 2 and that one is pretty much just the iPad Pro temperature we coordinated into an iPad 3 but regardless this is still a super cool device and the fact that it’s still getting software updates is literally beyond me I love it when Apple and just for many factors in general support their devices for longer wink-wink a samsung who doesn’t do that at all and hopefully they will at some point looking on the front of the iPad air 2 you can see that we have a nine point seven inch IPS panel and that one is actually 1536 by 24 years now in terms of the overall panel really we haven’t seen any iPads go with a OLED display yet so it’s perfectly fine as an IPS panel I don’t really want to hate on it too much there but really one thing that I actually like about this iPad and the thing that’s held up that most is probably the screen with the panel itself there’s not a visible air gap between the class and the LCD there’s just you know it just seems like you’re just touching the display itself and I’ve owned at the iPad air the first one as the main tablet not just to review it but you know I owned it to actually use it and I never really noticed it until I bought the iPad 2 there was quite a bit of difference in the panel so that’s a humongous thing to note the panel this panel specifically could potentially be better than even like the base model iPad of the last year or whatever came out that $299 iPad that this panel technically is better than that one which is a huge thing to note this thing also has a lightning port which is cool headphone jack super cool thing to note and on the back a single camera set up and that really covers it up in terms of the outside there’s really nothing too much going on with it there’s really nothing to hate on it obviously with the front there’s quite a bit of bezel on it and that’s one thing that if you compared to the iPad pros or something you might notice you know obviously the iPad pros of 2018 look much better than this thing but it’s really not that big of a deal I don’t really think people are getting this thing they’re gonna complain about you know my god this scene doesn’t look as good as anyone they can easily go and get the new ones if they want to or even get the iPad pro template fibers that I’ve already reviewed but this thing regardless in terms of the design and everything you have touch ID and everything which is really cool too so that kind of sums up the outside no IP certification or anything but I don’t think any iPad has IP certification so I think the design is still pretty much out there I don’t think it’s a bad design tablet at all now hitting on these software updates this is where things get kind of interesting and a little weird to be honest this thing was released with iOS 8.1 we were able to get iPad iOS 13 on it which is the latest version of iOS I think it’s thirteen point three right now by the time you’re watching this the next version I already be out was taking their time with iOS 13 which is kind of annoying but in terms of software updates I’m pretty sure it’s not getting any more software updates it’s pretty much done an iPad OS 13 it really makes no sense for Apple to I was surprised this thing even got I pad it was 13 because this thing has almost the same chipset as the iPhone 6 and the 6 plus this one has the Apple a8x chip the other iPhone 6 has the a8 chip so I thought at first probably it wasn’t going to get it but it eventually did so I guess it’s a cool thing but I think this had more things to do with the RAM then with the chipset itself you know but in terms of software you know it still handles it pretty decently you know you have 2 gigabytes of RAM on this device so the whole entire UI you know it seems to be pushing things pretty well it’s not a bad start for this to end on either I’ve always found that for some reason whenever a bad software on an iPhone usually on the iPads it’s pretty decent with iowa’s 11 we kind of know that it wasn’t really the best on iPhones but on my iPad it was pretty decent you know I was actually pretty happy to say that and with iPad OS there team it’s more of the same at first it was a little rocky in the beginning with but now it’s actually perfectly fine and even on an air 2 or anything like that it’s gonna run perfectly fine as well so in terms of software that really pretty much covers it but there is a humongous thing to note that’s actually the check range o break this iPad is supported with that Jo break which is a really cool thing so it’s an unmatchable jailbreak you can easily go and just keep using it and jailbreaking it whenever you want to on any version of iOS or iPad OS which is super awesome and that’s a humongous development that we’ve seen them actually the last like couple months so last year we really didn’t see it but this year we do have it which is an awesome thing so you have that capability on this I pad which a lot of other iPads you know some of them are compatible but some of them aren’t as well so you have that capability on this iPad which is a really cool thing so that really pretty much covers it up in terms of the software nothing really much else to hit on here now moving on to the performance side of things this thing was released with the Apple 8x chip like I stated a 3-course CPU this is really weird we don’t usually see three cords we usually see dual-core quad core but this thing had a triple core CPU and there were a couple different models of the iPad air 2 there was a 16 32 64 and 128 gigabyte model and all of those models had to get good bytes of RAM so there wasn’t like one specific model that held more RAM they add the same amount of RAM which is really cool so you can get the base model which I wouldn’t recommend you to do if you’re getting an iPad at least go for the 64 gigabyte model but all those models had two gigabytes of RAM but I can tell you in terms of the performance is it’s not a bad performing iPad I mean really it’s more of the same it’s yeah there’s gonna be some glitching this here and there and like I stayed at iPad OS 13 it’s it’s definitely smooth and it’s definitely you know has some cool features here there but it does kind of take up some resources in the background here and there sometimes on some iPads and even though it’s pretty stock for the most part there’s still some weird little bugs here and there like one for example as the location services but that’s kind of a minor one it doesn’t really affect a bunch of people but this iPad for sure in terms of performance is actually really really good whenever you’re doing something minimal like if you’re a student and you’re just needing to write notes all the time or something I think you’re going to have a perfectly fine experience with it I don’t think you’re going to be hating on it because oh my god this thing can do this and this this thing does not support the Apple pencil which is a pretty big deal for some students so if you’re in need of that and then you can go for the next model of iPad which the iPad pro 10.5 inch does support the Apple pencil which is really cool but in terms of you know if you’re writing papers and if you’re going to go to the next app and you know keeping apps in the background and everything it’s not bad and I think you might have a pretty decent experience with it which is good of course the newer iPads are much faster and everything but this one for a student case wouldn’t be that bad if you need it for like a work or something like I don’t really know what you’re gonna use an iPad for for work when you can MacBook or something but it’ll get the job done for the most part it is a little glitchy here and there though that’s the only major issue is that sometimes it does get a little glitchy whenever you’re doing some things with it but going through the UI and keeping apps in the background is not as bad as you might think for a device I came out at 20 14 so in terms of performance if you’re a student it’s gonna be okay if you’re trying to you know do intensive games and all that stuff you might have a little bit of a different experience with it but it definitely will get the job done at the end of the day like I’ve stated so in terms of performance that pretty much covers it now hitting on the camera this thing has a single 8 megapixel camera on the back and I won’t play 2 megapixel front facing camera and I can tell you about this camera as at least the back one it’s not bad it’s pretty much like the iPhone 6 camera pointing over to an iPad and it’s not a bad camera I mean I guess it gets the job done you can do 1080p videos no 4k videos or anything like that and you know it’s an iPad camera you know I don’t think you’re expecting it to be the best thing ever it gets the job done so I think you know that’s more than enough for it to go to hook the front camera like I said it won’t point to megapixels and it’s really just mainly used for FaceTime I mean like I said this is an iPhone 6 camera for the most part ported over on to an iPad so take that as you will but I definitely do think you know at least it has a camera you know at least it has a front camera or even a back camera so I think in terms of the camera quality that pretty much covers it there as well now ending it off with the battery life this thing has a seven thousand three hundred and forty million power battery within it and that is actually a very very good sized battery for an iPad and what’s kind of weird though is that the iPad air the original one had a bigger battery than this I think that one had like 8400 but regardless this thing still gets the job done for the most part and this battery I mean think about it this way okay this thing came out in 2014 even if the battery has degraded let’s say like a couple thousand milliamp hours you’ll see you’re still at like five thousand million powers or like six thousand even some cases so you’re still going to have a pretty decent battery life device overall and that’s one of the best things I like about iPads is that the battery life and the battery size is just super respectable for the device and it’s not even that think of a device I mean it’s like a pretty thin device overall of course it’s much bigger but this devices battery will definitely get the job done standby time is great and overall the battery segment of this device is probably one of its biggest pros especially in 2020 going into 22 and to kind of sum up the video and answer the question is the iPad air 2 still worth it in 2020 I will say yeah I think it’s still worth it in 2020 I think it has a lot going for it still it’s still cleaning software updates are just super respectable it’s still getting all these little cool bells and whistles and features from iPad OS 13 it’s built pretty decent it’s pretty cheap to get it’s one of the oldest supported iPads right now performance-wise is still pretty respectable it has a lot going for it in that department it has cameras which is cool and that battery life and battery size is super respectable for the a price and age that you’re going to be paying for this phone so yeah I think it’s still worth it if you can spend a little bit more money I would rather you get an iPad pro 10.5 inch that might be the better way of going into 2020 especially because that thing will get a couple more years of software support over the iPad air 2 but regardless I still have a lot of respect for the iPad air 2 and and it still has a lot going for it I’m happy so that pretty much covers that if you want to pick up an iPad air 2 or the iPad pro 10.5 inch I’ll find the cheapest one on Amazon and link it down in the description below so you guys can get it from there and help support the channel at the same time but that is pretty much it if you guys have any other questions or anything leave it down in the comment section as well hit that like button that would mean so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that would get really discount instead of me so much you guys could hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those things going down below I’d really appreciate if you guys could check it out but more importantly than everything else I love every single one of you guys hopefully I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace all.
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