iPhone 11 Pro, 2020 iPhone SE 2 & Apple Watch 5 Leaks!

Published on September 9, 2019
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Hey guys got some last-minute leaks for you regarding the iPhone 11 Pro iPhone se 2 has been detailed by Mark Garmin and it’s not what we thought the 20/20 iPhone and touch ID got some more info on that the Apple watch series 5 lots of beans have been spilled about this one and the Apple tile competitor design has leaked the functionality it has been detailed looks amazing so got a full plates a lot to talk about first thing I wanted to mention is the mid-mounted Apple look at first I thought it was funny I mean all these dummies clones coming out with the Apple logo planted straight in the middle and then speaking came out with their latest cases I got my hands on these and they actually designed around it so you better betcha that in just a few days here Apple’s gonna be announcing an iPhone with absolutely zero text on the exterior I think this is one of the first times ever for a smartphone where it’s going to be so clean and the brand power so strong that you’ll know immediately what it is and there may be a different reason for this as well I personally think that the Apple logo was placed here as sort of a placeholder to where you’ll be charging your gadgets like the air pods to case you’ll know exactly where to pop it on the back could be just an unintended side effect and personally I like how bold the move is by Apple to make the Apple logo directly in the middle because no one else has done it even the huawei mate 30 which has leaked in full by on leaks it has two words on the back the like a text and the Huawei text apples so confident in their branding they’re not even gonna have any on the back that is awesome and maybe future iPhones won’t even have the logo although very unlikely by the way in regards to the huawei mate 30 I kind of like it I like that these manufacturers are doing very bold things with the lenses as we know Apple has went out and done the square lens now mate 30 is gonna be conquering the circle lens on the back and that’s immediately identifiable you’ll look you’ll see the branding you’ll see that circle lens or the square lens you’ll know exactly what it is the new one plus 70 pro as well and the mate 30 doesn’t have volume buttons that also intrigues me on a smart phone I think that one day Apple may transition to an iPhone without volume buttons just pressure sensitive points on the side because that would achieve that slate clean glass design like Johnny I’ve envisioned and regarding the release of this year’s iPhone MacRumors received a tip by someone at work a carrier store saying Friday the 13th you’ll be able to preorder it and the following Friday the 20th it will be the actual street date so I’m pretty in line with what we’ve heard and coin X a Twitter leaker is teasing that we’ll have a one more thing at this event if you know historically Steve Jobs would save the best for last so we may have a very nice surprise at this event that we haven’t heard anything about could it possibly be some sort of AR headset that Apple has been working on for quite some time we’ll find out and a very interesting theory by Charles Arthur medium as to why iOS 13.1 exists as we know Apple started working on that beta program before I was 13 was even launched and it’s kind of strange he’s predicting that it was because of the tariffs so the iPhone you may receive on September 20th will be running Iowa’s 13 beta 8 very likely and there will be a day one patch probably 13-point 0.12 patch that up and bring it up to the latest so kind of interesting Apple needed to get those phones through the door to the mainland as soon as possible and they couldn’t finish Iowa’s 13 in time so your new iPhone may receive a beta at launch and that’s a first a Geekbench has been posted online from the supposed Apple a 13 processor running on the iPhone 1110 our successor and it’s not very inspiring just a 12% boost on the single core score it confirms it’ll have four gigabytes of RAM yet the multi-core score stays the same I’m hoping this is fake and for the first time ever the new 11 pro will have a new photo settings dedicated to low-light photography this was found by Mac rumors on an internal build of Iowa’s 13 they got their hands on very cool we already knew this but this essentially confirms that also found within this internal build of iowa’s 13 by Mac rumors is the Apple tile competitor the physical actual object it’s a circle very simple design I’m assuming it’ll either have a keychain ring up top or an adhesive pad that you can stick on to certain devices very simple full integration with fine my with a new section in the app called items in here you’ll be able to track certain things that you attach this tag to and there’s that screenshot that leaked of that they’ve also found reference to the fact that this will have a are tracking with balloons where you’ll use your new iPhone camera and be able to see a balloon with a string tied to where that tile is laying around the house that seems ridiculous and that’s very likely what Apple will announce supercool I mean that’s how you keep people attached to that ecosystem just make it impossible to leave tile does not have that kind of integration and MacRumors found an AR icon in the on and off position in direct reference to this tile tracker and a lot of people took that out of context and imagine that Apple would be releasing an AR headset very unlikely and it’s official Apple is working on touch ID technology to bring back to the iPhone in 20 20 or 20 21 Margar Manan bloomberg is reporting that apples been working on this and it’ll be working in conjunction with face ID now it’s very possible that we may see it as soon as 2020 so next year’s iPhones and so far details are light but we know that Apple is working with suppliers to include a fingerprint sensor in the display and they’re trying to do it on a mass scale so that’s the issue here is they’re determining whether or not it’s viable to do on a mass scale and from that they’ll decide whether or not to integrate it into the 2020 iPhone or wait until 2021 so you as a consumer get the best of both ends here not only will you be able to authenticate with your face with face ID also with fingerprint recognition or both your iPhone would be getting even more secure I personally welcome the speed boost benefits in most cases on Android phones fingerprint recognition is always faster authenticates almost immediately even the iPhone 5s with its touch ID is faster than current face ID on the 10s so that’s definitely something I’ll be welcoming that is a huge reason to upgrade this year’s release isn’t that enticing the 5g 20/20 iPhone is just getting better and better promotion 5g technology in screen fingerprint sensing if if they can pull this off in time he’s also reporting that it would work on a large portion of the display so not necessarily on the entire screen surface that would be cool but largely unnecessary I think most Android phones have a very small point where you have to put your finger and this would definitely make things more convenient also mentioning durman’s report is that yes Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone cheaper even than the seven hundred and fifty dollar entry point iPhone 11 so this will likely be a 4.7 inch model that’s modeled after the 1:8 meaning it’ll still have a home button with touch ID with just updated internals the Apple a 13 is likely here I’m guessing it would start at around four hundred five hundred dollars you’d be able to get your foot in the door to Apple but still have a pretty capable device now Nikki also earlier in the week did support this claim they said that Apple is working on a 4.7 inch iPhone 8 like device and will model that up in the next video just to give you an idea it will not be the iPhone se edge to edge design of your dreams unfortunately and developer rambo found reference to this device he’s calling it the iphone 12 eight so it does exist apple he’s working on it Germann is reporting on it it means we definitely will be seeing this in the first half of 2020 and John Gruber of daring fireball published an excellent article regarding the naming of this year’s iPhones he agrees 1111 Pro and 11 Pro Macs are most likely although he would have preferred iPhone probe he does make a good point as to why Apple wouldn’t do that as it would get confusing and Apple still continues to sell some older iPhones without a number in its things would get a key really fast for the consumer and another interesting point he made is what iPhone will Apple continue to sell after this year’s release very likely the tennis and tennis max are getting axed you won’t be able to buy those anymore and the 10r will get downgraded and sold at a cheaper price so the lineup will be the 10r and then the 1111 Pro and 11 Pro max turns out the Apple watch Series 5 will likely not be happening this year more like a 4.5 release Twitter leaker Longhorn has shared details on this saying from what he’s discovered the series 5 won’t be happening it’ll be the same processor in a new casing and from what we’ve heard those will be titanium and ceramic which is still very cool I’d expect that Apple would improve the battery life somehow as the Apple watch is getting sleep tracking now even just a new finish like titanium or ceramic I think will be enough by the way the actual setup for ceramic has leaked also the video looks pretty cool and yes sleep tracking is happening on the Apple watch according to 905 Mac Apple is working on adding this to maybe even existing Apple watches as no new hardware is needed to make it work just existing sensors on the Apple watch so you’ll be able to track your sleep and the only problem here is of course battery when are you gonna charge it they’re saying there’s a solution where your Apple watch will notify you before your bedtime to charge it for 45 minutes then put it on and wake up and be ready to go also found by Mac rumors in that leaked Iowa’s 13 code is a new feature coming to the Apple watch called school time where you’ll be able to put it into sort of a do not disturb mode where it’ll acts all notifications complications just give you the bare minimum time probably while at school so you can stay focused MacRumors also discovered a reference to new complications coming to the Apple watch including an altimeter so longitude/latitude readouts and a new complication for bedtime mode so you’ll have an exclusive one there and lastly just want to take a look at gray internationals new product the van diem titanium Apple card case had mine for quite some time it’s not fully titanium 90 percent and 10 percent aluminum ooh very cool so looks like it’s got some carbon fibre or Kevlar inside and ok that’s the way it works so some tension keeping your cards and stuff in place Wow very cool I do love it the design is fresh you can take it out both ways and of course titanium with titanium match made in heaven thank you for sending me this I’m gonna enjoy it and there you go that’s the latest Apple news we’ll be seeing this guy in the flesh just a few days here so hyped I can’t wait to see what Apple’s been cooking alright guys peace.

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