iPhone 11 Pro Has Something New

Published on August 23, 2019
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All right what’s up so we got a lot of brand-new things with the iPhone 11 and pretty much the keynote that’s coming out in September 10 to 2019 which is the rumored launch event for the smartphone you’re not just getting the overall device you’re getting like a bigger MacBook Pro which is most likely coming out because it’s been requested a lot lately and people are saying this new MacBook Pro is 16 inches it’s not too small it’s not too big and then you got the iPhone 11 which is gonna be like the bulk of the whole show because this is what everyone is wanting a brand new iPhone and then you got like this new accessory which is a cheaper home pie now Apple’s home pod isn’t selling so hot so they may be making like a miniature version very simpler how other major companies like Amazon’s Alexa which does have like the dot which is a very small version it’s simply like a smaller speaker but it has the same AI system and last but not least you’re getting the watch series v which we also will be covering in this bit and pretty much simply let’s talk about everything we know right now about the iPhone 11 and there are a lot of brand new things about the overall device from bears from leakers and also dummy models out there and pretty much simply iPhone 11 it’s getting a controversial design there’s no doubt about that this is like Apple’s signature thing for all their devices it’s just really crazy looking device that no other Android company has ever thought of and then after a while everyone’s like damn the design looks pretty good so we may be seeing Apple having this really crazy looking camera on the bare back if you haven’t noticed this triple lens camera is all over the web everyone is saying it looks absolutely hideous but it will be packin with some of the best features out there that you honestly can’t get anywhere else and one of the biggest things about the overall camera module is you will be getting one consecutive layer of glass it’s not gonna be two pieces of glass so it will be having a very good finish and there is a slight camera bump on the bare back which is a major bummer I’m not a really big camera bump guy but what’s all that stuff crammed into a body that’s small I guess you could have excuse for the overall camera bump but one bad thing about the overall gorgeous back is you better have a case on it if you crack any areas around the edges of the overall camera module the cracked walls pretty much spread all the way to the very back and pretty much maker cameras virtually worthless there’s a few things on the very back for example you will be getting a really good matte finish which is really loved by a lot of people I’m actually kind of sick of the overall glossy glassy back because it’s a major fingerprint magnet and after touching it for so many times it’s gets really really messy and kind of gross so we may be seeing a brand new matte black that’s anti glare and it will be having some sort of a much tougher glass but simply the main highlight of the whole keynote is simply explaining all the camera features one big thing is we’ll be having a major emphasis in 3d capabilities in ar features if you haven’t seen this one really weird keynote where Apple actually invited minecraft to their overall show they pretty much showed off a lot of AR capabilities what you could do with the overall iPad and also minecraft earth you could pretty much build stuff in the overall grill world and it’s super accurate because the AR the solver and the 3d depth sensing cameras all work extremely well together and with the iPhone 11 in its crazy giant stovetop came on the bear back you’re actually getting some really cool stuff it’s go be well loved and you will be able to do a lot of different things which is very similar to the one on the same Singh galaxy note 10.1 really weird item on stage he cropped it out you could pretty much 3d print it you can add joints to the overall item you could sync it up people’s movements it’s this really fun device and its really nice to see how far smartphones have been so this is enough ranting on about the overall cameras of course you will be giving a usual stuff like the triple lens camera set up the cameras that will take great pictures and low light and bright light conditions you will be having much better stabilization than ever before and hopefully 4k video recording so that’s enough and the overall design front panel it shouldn’t be anything special they’re still going for the over on knotch design which is honestly getting a little bit too boring I would like to see what Apple has to do to spice things up and really persuade the users Dubai and next is pretty much the a13 ship this is gonna be one of the main highlights the show and a lot of times when consumers buy iPhones they buy simply because of the really good GPU so iPhone Elevens 813 SOC will maintain Apple’s one-year lead over the competition yeah if you look at the snapdragon 865 processor it does have a really good benchmark it’s like in the fourth in the 13,000 s which is higher than any other smartphone currently on the market snapdragon 86 and five credit system they’re doing a fantastic job but right now ice universe who is one of the biggest same sun leakers out there and currently a really big apple leaker as well he’s saying that Apple’s 813 chip will greatly enhance the CPU multi-core performance in the GPU and this GPU is still far beyond any sort of androids capabilities and they always seems to maintain this one-year advantage which really makes them really special and if you’re not really that big on benchmarks they’re actually pretty important because they really do tell you how long your smartphone will last and how powerful the overall device is gonna be so you also will be getting other features for example a gorgeous old light display I mean yeah everyone is getting an OLED display but this OLED display will be the one that’s super similar to the one on the Saints and galaxy note in yeah it’s kind of crazy that Apple’s biggest competitor is actually selling the iPhone 11s display but of course everyone wants to make some money you know especially from Apple and it’s pretty nice to see how iPhone leather will be using the same OLED materials of course Apple is gonna be tweaking a little bit to accommodate their iOS 13 software which would be performing extremely well on the iPhone 11 series which pretty much dims all of the back pixel – like really really dark NSA’s a one to two hours of extra battery life which is fantastic so iPhone 11 it’s gonna be a fantastic device of course a few cons here and there if you’re not a really big design nerd like me then this phone is definitely the device for you especially if you’re like a long-term Apple user and you simply can’t switch back to Android so iPhone 11 is a good device I see what Apple is doing they’re mostly focusing on the inside hardware and the major camera module on the bare back whole reason why they’re not putting any money into the overall front panel design is they think it’s already up to perfection there’s no way to put the face ID in the cameras under the overall display and they still want to have this really nice and interesting unique ball major security feature simply face ID because it’s just so much easier face ID is so good the point that you can actually use it for your bank’s transferring money and download apps that’s how confident they are it’s the best in the world and this is what they could actually scrape by a giant little notch on the very top looks unappealing but I see why Apple is doing it then again you are getting an extremely powerful camera module on the bare back it’s pretty compact and of course after looking at it for so long it doesn’t seem too bad and speaking of the iPhone 11 the best accessory to go along with it is Apple watch 5 so the keynote is approaching in less than three weeks it’s gonna be a big deal and watch five will look a lot like its predecessor spoiler alerts and there’s not really much to talk about except there are some insight footages of the overall device so there’s a French Instagrammer by the name of Steven Heumann whose account was set private allegedly posting this image which got caught by slash leaks and this is like the image of the Apple watch 5 you can see it’s very similar to the previous generation there’s really not much really talked about here you are getting like this little crown on the sides but of course I tried on the Apple watch for it it was like a really cool device and it’s gonna look exactly like the Apple watch for it’s not to be much different from the overall device it’s gonna be very nice and you will be getting some really nice finishes don’t keep me wrong if you check out the Apple watch 5 and also the overall leaks you can see they are coming with this really awesome titanium great finish on the bare back which should definitely attract a lot of users so instead of going for some crazy colors are going for some really nice metals seems kind of weird but Apple always likes to be doing colors metals and all sorts of different coloring designs to pretty much make their stuff look new even though a lot of times the overall device is really really similar but this is like the image of the Apple watch 5 looks pretty cool I mean there’s really not much difference but there is some very shiny elements to it hence the brand new design materials it’s going to be very high quality so anyway thanks for watching comment below there’s gonna be two major launches this year for the wearables slash smartphone industry you got the iPhone Levin with it’s crazy stovetop cameras on the Barrett back honestly it doesn’t look too bad features in my opinion are much better than what the overall phone looks like if Apple has to make a giant camera macho on the Barrett back to accommodate all these features then let them do it and then you got the Apple watch Series 5 which looks exactly the same but of course we may be seeing some brand new features being packed in it maybe some very nice hardware features and who knows hopefully we’ll be getting some sort of a AR feature or some sort of a better battery life or connectivity in the overall SmartWatch so thanks watching con glow.

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