iPhone 11 Pro & Triple Lens iPads! Exclusive Leaks!

Published on August 14, 2019
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Hey guys we’ve got less than a month to go until the – 11pro yes new naming there is unveiled and it’s been a crazy week of leaks we’ve got some triple lens iPad pros that nobody asked for at first I thought that was a joke but apparently actually very likely to happen new naming for the iPhone the pro series and I partnered with Max Wine back to bring you an extensive report on a bunch of new features you haven’t heard any where else coming to the iPhone 11 which may or may not sway you to buy it I’m excited personally I’m always excited when Apple’s releasing something and I don’t know about everyone else but should be an exciting month alright so let’s get started with the pro naming this makes sense to me and let’s start with where it came from coin X is a Twitter leaker he accurately predicted the last year’s lineup just a week before release and has been fairly accurate with earlier rumors as well he insinuated towards a pro naming on this year’s iPhone lineup now he did in detail what the other iPhone would be called so there are a couple variations here let’s go through those the iPhone 10 our replacement this year would either be just the iPhone or iPhone 11 leaving the 5.8 and 6.5 inch models to be the iPhone 11 Pro or possibly just iPhone Pro to me the naming makes sense I like it I think it’s good for apples marketing too the only problem I have is do the new features justify the pro naming and vania guests can here puts it well the pro should be USBC the pro motion display and of course Apple pencil support this year’s iPhone is only rumored to get Apple pencil support at least on the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Series so what features would Apple be keeping exclusive to the pros that other iPhones have it had before we’ll definitely find out I don’t think the Apple pencil is enough and next year there will be a bigger distinguishing factor between the pro and non Pro Series with all those upgrades happening we’ve got more release date predictions this time from Cena they’re anticipating also a September 10th announcement date with a September 20th release date that one’s being predicted by Softbank president who just casually dropped it in an interview and a new report from Wedbush today is claiming that all three iPhones will be released simultaneously so there won’t be a staggered release like last year on the iPhone 10 are in fact this will be the first year where Apple launches three iPhones and the release at the exact same time okay so let’s start in those exclusive leaks with max wine back first things first is he saying base storage will be rising from 64 to 128 gigabytes better but not as good as Samsung they offer 256 gigabytes based storage on the note series apples never really been about value though past that will be 256 gigabytes and then a 512 gigabyte option like currently exists and this is just for the 5.8 and 6.5 inch he doesn’t know about the budget and 6.1 inch model and by the way regarding these leaks it’s it’s interesting to me because I’ll be going back once the iPhone launches and we’ll be able to compare all this stuff because there’s a lot in here he’s also saying 1 terabyte is rumored for 2020 so next year’s iPhone will have a Mac storage size of one terabyte and a very cool one he’s saying that the rainbow Apple logo rumors we’ve been hearing about are true but won’t be happening in the way that you think indeed Apple will be bringing a rainbow look to certain devices but it’ll be more of a coating so not the old retro style Apple logo like I showed you earlier more like the shimmer on the back of the galaxy note 10 series but a lot more subtle we tried to render that for you it isn’t easy if you understands it as more of a silver aura with some rainbow elements to it very subtle but when you move your iPhone around it’ll have a beautiful look and a lot like the current coating on the tennis max Apple has been playing with them so it makes sense that they’d expand on that with the iPhone 11 make it feel more different and of course don’t forget we’re gonna have that matte coating on the back of the new iPhone which by feeling alone you know it will feel different he also says the gold coloring for the premium iPhone will be slightly different he doesn’t know in which way but it will look different it would be nice for Apple to bring back the iPhone 8 soft gold color that’s one of my favorite all-time iPhone colors and I’d like to see it this year’s iPhone – the 6.1 inch 10 R is to receive improvements in the corner of the display with improved anti-aliasing and then just general display panel improvements it’s apples last year on the liquid Retina display then they’re going all OLED on next year’s lineup so they want to leave that off on a good note apparently they’ve also been testing iPhone 11 are prototypes without a mute switch on the side if that’ll make it to production we know there are general mute switch changes even on the iPhone 11 Pro there will be improved microphones on this year’s iPhones in particular to improve stereo recording and Apple wants to fix any issues you may have during calls face ID will have internal changes which in turn will mean it’ll be as fast as generation 2 a face ID that’s quite fast because right now it lags behind regarding the cameras some features here all three lenses will be used for portrait mode data and this means that there will be certain features restricted just to the iPhone 11 Pro series where the 6.1 inch will have some features left out you will be able to film video with the wide-angle camera although it will be limited to 4k 30 frames per second and generally the wide-angle performance in photo and video is to be better than competitors in many areas so we’ll see about that 120 degree field of view very curious that’s one of my most anticipated features on the iPhone and Apple is to add Siri intelligence in the camera application unknown what this means but it could mean scene identification and respective options because of that maybe you’re filming a certain landmark and it’ll give you some sort of options in relation to that I hope these general camera changes mean that you can actually change the resolution and frames per second with in the camera app I still think their camera app sucks I mean years behind the competitors and the wallpapers in particular to be a treat on this year’s iPhone I hope that means more of those dark night mode respective wallpapers that change also some more live wallpapers may be dynamic wallpapers Apple has been neglecting that so much I don’t understand it but hopefully these treat wallpapers mean that Apple will finally be adding a ton of new ones without removing older ones moving on to the new iPad pros and the last leaked from AX wine back says Apple has been testing water-resistant iPads unknown which specification but ip67 is likely that’s the same rating as the 10r which is one meter for 30 minutes relatively safely certainly see a need for this people read on our iPad all the time maybe in the bathtub even so why not make them water-resistant Apple as the technology ok and those triple lens iPads why when we rendered that up I didn’t realistically think that Apple could do it but I guess we sort of predicted that so the new iPads will have triple lens cameras according to Mac at saqqara according to a supply chain source Apple will indeed be adding their latest and greatest cameras from the iPhone to the new 20/20 iPad probes not only that but the 10.2 inch iPad is likely to get a new camera array as well very similar to the new iPhone 11 R series so we’ve rendered it wrong here sorry about that there was little confusion but it will have a dual lens camera very similar to the 11 arm there is an interesting design change though the interior of the lens is not body coloured and that’s because of the metal backing Apple doesn’t need to make it all glass and body colored here I think it looks good so a lot of people think the regular iPhone 11 should look like so triple lens dual lens camera is happening on the iPad very cool I mean why not have the best camera quality now I personally think this is because of the AR push VR push especially as iOS becomes more and more advanced to augment in reality wouldn’t you want the best tool possible to make those AR dreams happen and that triple lens camera will do that earlier Bloomberg in January said the iPad would be the first one to get the rear time-of-flight laser equipped cameras and this certainly explains that so that could get that technology first and then 2020 iPhones will be getting the same camera array afterwards in a recent report from UBS is claiming Apple is also working on folding iPhones and folding iPads and we’re likely to see one as soon as next year or the year after in 2021 so a Samsung Huawei all those companies aren’t the only ones working on foldable devices Apple is just more of a wait-and-see approach to refine their technology before rushing to the scene like Samsung did and according to Ming Chico Apple will be absorbing all tariff costs for the iPhone this year next year it’s very likely the prices will be going up they’ll be moving production out of China but 2020 and beyond your iPhone is likely to get even more expensive but regardless whether the prices stay the same or go higher people just don’t want thousand-dollar phones anymore there’s been a new study and it basically confirms what everyone knew already why the sales for high-end premium smartphones are dropping is people do not want to pay them money and apples best interest I think is to release an iPhone se – to capture more of the low-end markets because people are holding on to their phones for longer they’re not upgrading this year’s iPhone will be a very tough sell knowing the next one is going to be such a big release I don’t see how it goes things are not looking good and in that study they confirm most people just care about two things on our smartphone camera quality and good battery life we already have pretty decent camera quality on most iPhones battery life is not that great and I say this because Samsung according to Evy leaks will be producing graphene batteries in 20 20 or 20 21 and one of their advices I’m very skeptical of this knowing how much we hear about battery tech that never materializes graphene batteries would charge fully in 30 minutes compared to one hour right now on the note 10 it’s a great improvement but they don’t talk about if it actually makes a battery life any better just that it charges faster I’d love to see a push in battery technology though I think it would fundamentally change so many of the devices we use today and lastly a report from IHS Market says the 16 inch MacBook Pros coming in September as a result of its release Apple will be phasing out the existing 15-inch MacBook Pro Series also this new 16 inch series will be getting the latest coffee-like processors from Intel I think it’ll still be a few years until Apple adds their own in-house processors to their Mac books ok guys that’s everything just under a month to go let’s see what happens here I’ve got a huge report on the 20/20 iPhones coming next and in that video I’ll be having the giveaway results for the air pods stay tuned guys peace.

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