iPhone 12 & iPhone SE 2 (2020) – What We Know!

Published on December 25, 2019
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So since our latest leaks of our episode on the 20/20 iPhones quite a few new leaks have emerged including some regarding the iPhone se – so without any further ado here’s everything that’s [Music] keep your Mac running fast and secure check out Integra’s premium bundle x9 that includes a number of very useful tools for your Mac easily below to get a 60 percent discount so do you guys remember the iPhone se you know the iPhone 5 looking phone that Apple released in 2016 but would I phone success internals yeah that iPhone well it turns out that customers have enjoyed that iPhone so much that they were eagerly waiting for the iPhone se 2 for the past three years we’ve seen a ton of reports on this we made countless videos on it as well and we’ve had even many many lease including actual hands-on component leaks of the alleged iPhone se too but nothing really came out of it we’ve had reports that Apple has canceled the iPhone se T we made a few videos on that as well and yeah pretty much you know the end of the story right well not really back in October 20 19 min Chico was had close to a perfect record so far reported Apple is planning on launching the iPhone se 2 in early 2020 with a similar design to the iPhone 8 with the Apple a 13 processor as well as three gigabytes of RAM this is very very interesting because you see I was expecting Apple to use an old iPhone design with the SE 2 in this case the iPhone 8’s design which yes was released in 2017 three years ago if you’re counting from 2020 however this design is actually older than that because it came out with the iPhone 6 in 2014 from the front at least so yeah this is technically a six year old design ouch yeah when IC came out in 2016 and featured the icon Fox design from 2012 so that was a four year old design while this one would be an even more outdated design however I’m very glad to see that Apple will be putting essentially the iPhone 11 specs inside of this phone and that’s insane this is actually similar to what they’ve done in March 2016 with the original iPhone se which had the exact same specs as the latest iPhone success which came out in September 2015 also another reason that I believe Apple wants to include the Apple a 13 chip inside of this iPhone is because of the upcoming Apple AR glasses which are all said to be pushed to 2021 or even 2022 however one of the minimum requirements that we’ve seen leaked in terms of the Apple air glasses was an iPhone with the Apple a 12 or preferably the a ploy 13 processor by selling this affordable iPhone see to the masses many people will already have an iPhone that would support the air classes when those are due to be released miss iPhone will only have one single Kara module touch ID instead of face Eddie so pretty much a carbon copy of the regular 4.7 inch iPhone 8 from the outside and reports from economic daily news Nikkei and Bloomberg have all reported the exact same thing on the iPhone se too with economic daily news even reporting that it would come with 128 gigabytes of base storage which to me sounds too good to be true but of course that that will depend on how much this iPhone will cost now in mid-october 2019 coal released another report saying that the iPhone ec2 will actually start at $400 and it will offer the Apple a 13 CPU 3 gigabytes of RAM 1 gigabyte less actually than what the iPhone 11 offers 64 and 128 gigabytes of storage no 3d touch and space grey silver and red color options there go this seems way more believable the iPhone 8 is adamant with the most affordable iPhone that Apple offers and this one starts at $450 and realistically Apple can easily drop the price by $50 next year considering that they would be using exact same iPhone 8 body so the manufacturing costs will go down even more next year and Japanese tech blog Mecca Takara which has also had some pretty good track record in the past they claimed that according to an informed source the iPhone se 2 will actually be called the iPhone 9 garden the iPhone se 2 and a new thing that this is actually a very good idea you see the iPhone se name came from special edition mostly because that’s what it was it was literally a copy a carbon copy of the very popular iPhone 5 design which a lot of people loved and also you know the really small form factor which is some more modern specs and an improved camera but now since Apple decided to skip the iPhone I named they actually do you have it available and that’s a perfect name for this phone because it’s still an upgrade from the iPhone 8 but it still features that old pre iPhone 10 style design so there you go the iPhone 9 maangchi cool also reported that the iPhone 9 would enter mass production in January and launching at the end of March barclays released a similar report saying that the iPhone 9 / iPhone ECT would start production in February so there you go pretty much all the sources are pointing towards the exact same thing regarding the iPhone 9 / – I see – and therefore I would really love to hear your thoughts on this below is this something that you’ll consider getting especially at the rumored four hundred dollar price point or they see this design being far too outdated like this is a six year old design this is how how they did it will be in 2020 so let me know to comment on you guys think about everything regarding the iPhone se – slash 509 okay next up I do have some interesting updates regarding the main iPhones Mexico reports that Apple plans on launching a completely wireless iPhone without even the Lightning connector as well as the iPhone se2 plus with a touch of the power button in 2021 Wow ok ok this is a this is interesting Apple is literally the only smart phone manufacturer in 2019 the only major one that still uses a non USB type-c port which in this case is the Lightning port and you have no idea how frustrating it is for myself and also for probably you guys as well just needing a specific cable to charge your iPhone when all the other high-end devices released in 2019 in a way earlier than that have been using a USB type-c ports and you know recharge those by USB type-c I mean even Apple to some extent they have fully embraced USB type-c and this is this is a really strange one because you see Apple was actually one of the first companies to embrace USB see back in 2015 with a 12-inch MacBook they removed all the ports of the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air in favor of just USB type-c ports the 2018 iPad pro also had a USB type-c port but not the iPhone so you’re probably wondering why on earth is that like why that Apple switched USB type-c on most of their devices but not the iPhone you know their most popular one and honestly we don’t really know like only Apple knows that but I have my own theory and here’s what I think you see Apple owns lightning so they develop a standard the ports and they hold all the rights to it so when someone wants to make and sell a lining accessory they need to pay royalties to Apple and judging by how insanely popular the iPhone is and you have you know multiple models of the iPhone Apple is making some serious profit from this just licensing lightning and by serious profit I mean literally billions of dollars USB type-c on the other hand is an open standard which means that Apple would basically be making $0 from AIDS as it’s not a standard that Apple owns and if you take a look at the Mac Macs have never had a proprietary so to say port inside from the Mac safe adapter but no one was really making accessories for dots anyways so I do believe that this is the reason why Apple hasn’t switched USB type-c yet and it’s very annoying when you’re traveling and your MacBook Pro has USB type-c your iPad Pro has USB type-c but your iPhone doesn’t and ironically if you have a samsung phone a Google phone or anything else that’s not an iPhone it would work perfectly with a macbook and an iPad pro thank come on Apple and we’ve had so many reports that Apple will finally be switching to USB type-c in 2020 which even this is extremely late by the way but now it seems that even that’s not happening in 2020 or even at all but Apple would be moving all the ports in 2021 and switching to a full wireless charging system hmm yeah it does make sense you have no ports on a phone especially since phones are pretty much always used for social media taking photos and consuming content but never really for actual work like you don’t need to connect any external accessories like hard drives or displace your phone so yeah if there’s a device that can you need to remove all the ports then that device would be your flower also the same thing applies to a SmartWatch and if you take a look at the Apple watch yep it doesn’t have any ports at all and it only charges wirelessly okay so what are the advantages and also the disadvantages of not having ports and relying solely on wireless charging well the advantages is that aside from the speakers which can be easily sealed we don’t really have any openings at all in this device and in that case this means water and thus resistance can be significantly significantly improved if you take a look at the iPhone 11 Pro for example it features water resistance of up to 4 meters of depth up to 30 minutes which is very very impressive this is by the way fun fact the highest on any smartphone right now but you see the Apple watch features an insane water resistance up to 50 meters of death so by removing the charging port Apple could improve the water resistance significantly on the iPhones even though I don’t think that it is really a requirement like most of us don’t really submerge our phones in water anyways and those that do are still protected up to 4 meters of depth so unless you’re a scuba diver you know there’s pretty much zero advantages to having a phone with an insane 50 meter water resistance now when it comes to the disadvantages the biggest one is the charging speed which would be Milt ibly slower via wireless charging than compared to cable charging and yes that’s true wireless charging has gotten much faster in the past few years but still it just doesn’t compare to good all the cable charging which cannot charge a samsung galaxy note then plus for example in just over an hour now in our downside of wireless charging is that it cannot really use it with battery banks I mean yes there are a few battery banks that you support while they’re charging however the phone is to be rested on top of the power bank so you can forget about just leaving it in your bag or in your pockets unless if you have some velcro straps to you know keep the phone on top of the power bank so yes it’s a slower and a more inconvenient charge when it comes to at least using the power banks which does silk however if Apple manages to somehow make the world is charging faster then I’m pretty sure that at some points in the future maybe not in 2021 Apple will need remove the charging port and replace it fully food world is charging like I said I’m not fully sure if this can happen by 2021 because I still believe that there are a lot of the improvements that still need to be done in terms of all this charging that won’t really be ready by 2021 but yeah we’ll just wait and see what happens but service with a headphone jack I do believe that Apple does indeed have the courage of doing this and when they do then the rest will follow as it’s been the case in the past with the knotch or the dual camera modules or the headphone jack and your smartphone manufacturers here’s a thing Apple does make some good choices sometimes and also some bad choices sometimes don’t follow the bad choices if you want to copy something just copy the good choices and I don’t just just innovate like Samson did like Samson made so many innovations on their phones there were the only ones that didn’t really have the knotch everyone else out of the knotch as big as Apple did but yeah let me to come into your thoughts on an iPhone with no charging ports and any advantages and disadvantages that you see what is wireless charging based iPhone so yeah what I guys think about it is now going back to Ming Chico’s reports he also claimed that Apple will be releasing an iPhone se 2 plus in 2021 with a full-screen design no face Eddy instead touch ID built into the port button we’ve also heard some recent reports about Apple planning on including and under the display fingerprint reader made by Qualcomm in of their upcoming iPhones so Apple is definitely considering bringing back touch ID one way or another and speaking of that it seems like Apple already uses an optical in display figment reader on the 16 inch MacBook Pro where the touch ID sensor is actually sitting inside of the touch B button more than itself being a capacitive touch ID sensor like we had before on the 15 inch model now on December 17 2019 apparently Apple reported that Apple s now want a patents for an optical in display fingerprint reader that can actually be used inside feature iPhones and more and from the patent it seems like you would be able to just touch the display pretty much anywhere and the display itself would be able to recognize your fingerprint so yeah this is truly next-gen this is the true full screen Franken reader now Qualcomm has recently introduced a brand new generation of your in display fingerprint technology with a significantly larger surface area but Apple’s patent is just next level as it covers the entirety of the display and here’s an interesting one Apple has recently bought British camera firm spectral edge and they actually specialize in removing the blur and the fog from images and making them look sharper it’s not just a yeah the spectral edge uses they also have their own specialized hardware that helps boost the quality of the photos when in foggy situations the way it works is that they actually use infrared light which unlike visible light can actually pass through fog and this can significantly prove the picture quality in situations such as dad’s so it’s looking very likely that this is the camera or at least this is the image processing ai that would be included to some extent in the iPhone 12s cameras but overall this is how the 20/20 iPhone lineup is looking to be so five new iPhones in 2020 with the first one being the iPhone se to you / the iPhone 9 in March 2020 this will come with a 4.7 inch LCD display the iPhone ace design the Apple a 13 processor and three gigabytes of RAM as well as one camera module and no with IG then the second one would be the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 this will come with an OLED display dual cameras on the back the outlay 14 processor four gigabytes of RAM and 5g supports a third one would be the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 with an OLED display dual cameras the Apple a 14 processor 4 gigabytes of RAM and 5g supports the fourth model would be another six women in chief own this time the pro with an OLED display a triple camera module with a 3d depth sensing camera Apple a14 processor six gigabytes of RAM and 5g me later wave support this is the true five GM which is significantly faster than you know the regular 5g so this is the true true 5g would up to you one gigabit per second speeds or even higher than that in some cases and then finally the fifth model would be the new six point seven inch iPhone pro iPhone 12 Promax with an OLED display a Troopa lens camera module with 3d depth sensing capabilities the Apple a 14 processor six gigabytes of RAM and again 5 gm lunar wave supports all five with lightning and no USB type-c yet unfortunately see how it looks to me like USB type-c is actually never coming to the iPhone and said Apple will very likely remove it so learn in comments your thoughts on everything that I covered in this video the only describe notifications if you want to see more and if tech videos like this one hopefully was and more leaks or as episodes like this one was goodness like have enjoyed it and the answers been pretty much it so thank you for watching I’m Daniel and I’ll see you guys in the next one is it up thanks I mean out.

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