iPhone 4S In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

Published on January 13, 2020
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What’s up everyone welcome back to the channel once again another still with a video and this time around I’m actually sick so I’m gonna be like coughing up a lot my nose is basically congested so please excuse my voice sometimes but we’re gonna be talking about one of the phones that probably point zero one percent of the world is using and if you are currently using this phone then you’re a veteran of phones and that phone is the iPhone 4s this thing is a trooper and you know what honestly there’s been some pretty weird revelations that happened last year after my swipe video I did last year so we’re gonna be hitting on that too it’s pretty rare that that happened but the iPhone 4s came on in 2011 so this year it will be turning nine years old in October that’s pretty crazy dude this phone it doesn’t even feel like this phone is that old because in a lot of ways the build quality wise it’s definitely held up quite a bit you know this thing doesn’t feel like a cheap phone it still feels I mean there’s phones coming out now that don’t even feel as premium as this thing which is pretty crazy to say Apple really knocks that out of the park with this phone but looking at the front you can see we have a 3.5 inch IPS panel this one has 640 by 960 pixels and it’s funny because the PPI which is that pixels per inch that screen density is almost the same thing as the iPhone 11 that we have now I think the iPhone 11 has like 326 or something like that it’s actually this one actually has more pixels per inch than now and possibly or maybe they’re about the same or whatever but that’s pretty crazy obviously the iPhone 11s display and screen is way better than the 4s but that’s still pretty crazy that that’s the case you know we haven’t really seen any improvement since then but the screen on this thing isn’t bad at all I mean I you know this one had the Retina display that the for kind of Pride and I think this phone’s still you know it the screen of it isn’t a horrible thing obviously if you kind of zoom out of the screen and you look at everything around it that’s probably the thing that ages it the most we really don’t have screens that are 3.5 inches anymore a lot of them even like a 5-inch screen is considered like small nowadays but think about it this time this was the only phone apple sold that they only sold one iPhone 4s like don’t when there’s only one model now they have multiple models of the same year lineup which is pretty insane and obviously we have that home button on the bottom that if you held it down it brought in Siri which is cool all that bezel around that display all that beautiful looking bass oh ho it’s weird though because even just a couple years after that like I just talked about the cool pixel just before this one and that one literally you had the same amount of bezel on it as this one that one had a 69% screen ‘nobody ratio this one is 54 percent because obviously there’s a smaller screen on this but now we do have that older 30-pin connector on this phone this was the last I phone to have that old charging port on that iPhone eventually the iPhone 5 brought in the Lightning port which is awesome that we still use that we have a headphone jack on this phone as well volume buds on the side power button up top and I really wish they went back to having the volume button up top I think it’s really weird that they have it on the side still because ever I go to turn the volume on or off when I try to turn my phone off with the power button I always end up taking a screenshot on my phone which is so obnoxious but when I was up top we never had that issue on the back of single camera set up a glass back and like I stated dude this phone still feels like a very very premium phone it’s like I’ve owned so many phones and this one still is up there which I’m really really happy about so in terms of the outside that pretty much covers it now hitting only software this thing was a trooper at the end of the day and it didn’t deserve to go down the way it did but it did bring a really cool thing last year so this thing started out with the iOS 5 at the end of it it got iOS 9 so we were able to go to I was nine point three point five which really wasn’t the best thing ever it was kind of more basic and you know it really shouldn’t have gotten it to begin with but Apple decided to push it and that’s probably one of only like one time that Apple should have never pushed the latest and greatest software on this thing I feel like they could have probably just skipped it and went on with their life but I was number 3.5 kind of you know made this phone very choppy it didn’t make it horrible like it wasn’t like a completely unusable experience but just made everything choppy and unsmooth but the weird thing is the last year Apple actually pushed an update for the iPhone 4s which you know what took a year it took like a three year gap for them to push an update for this thing but it was I was nine point three point six I believe and that was literally just a security update it was not an update to where it was like adding any more features or anything it was strictly just a security update and for them to do that is actually super impressive the fact that you know some people are still using this phone and there was a huge issue with that they decided to go team go back edit the code all that stuff code the new security update and push it for that phone is so insane I still can’t believe they did that but that’s just a testament to Apple software system so even though there’s really nobody using an iPhone 4s they still push that update which was insane and maybe we’ll see another update today – or maybe this year who knows I don’t know like it’s a possibility but that’s definitely crazy in my opinion man yeah it’s definitely getting softer updates anymore it’s pretty much done unless Apple pushes iOS to nine point three point seven which I don’t think they’re going to but who knows you know maybe it could happen so in terms of software that’s pretty much it there may be a jailbreak out for it on iOS 9 I haven’t really been following jailbreaks up since the check ran one came out and that didn’t even own an iPhone 2 like iOS 9 something on an iPhone 6 plus so I never owned a 4s as I mean phone so maybe there’s a joke out for it I’m not really too sure now waiting on the performance side of things okay this thing has the Apple a5 chip inside of it has a dual-core CPU and there were 50 different models of the iPhone 4s there was a 8 16 32 and 64 gigabyte variant models of the iPhone 4s and all those models have half a gigabyte of RAM and had 512 megabytes of RAM and it’s so crazy to say that in Tony Tony like we have phones with like 12 gigabytes over and I’m like 15 and like this thing has 512 megabytes it’s crazy and what I can tell you about the performances is that it is the best performing device I’ve ever owned in my life no totally joking I mean obviously it’s not that good like I don’t think anybody’s using this phone now and really like expecting it to be good or great the worst thing about this phone is that a ton of apps only been able to be downloaded on this thing so you can’t even go and download apps on this thing and if you can get them they’re not the latest and greatest versions of those apps you can only go to a certain amount of the apps that are still compatible with your device so you have to download older versions of those apps so you’re kind of missing out on features you’re missing out on a ton of things sometimes like for example snapchat it won’t let you even log into those apps unless you’re on a certain version but you can’t get on that version because those versions are for the latest devices or at least I think on iOS 10 and newer where I was 11 in newer iOS 9.3 point 6 is kind of pushing it and a lot of apps are not even able to allow you to install the log into those apps unless you’re on the loose one of the newer versions so that’s kind of stupid but games and stuff will work fine temple run I think is really one of the only games I have running on my iPhone 4s I think I have like real racing 3 and maybe some other ones too in terms of performance across the board it’s what you expect for 2011 phone I guess it’s not bad you know when you consider it’s in 2020 a whole almost 9 years later I think it’s pretty impressive the fact that this phone still even turns on is pretty impressive in my opinion but I think performance it’s more or less what you expect it’s probably like nothing close to anything which you can find in like a hundred dollar budget phone at Best Buy or Walmart or something but I guess that gets the job done if you’re all you’re trying to do is pick up calls iMessage people back FaceTime this thing that’s FaceTime if you want to go on Safari you have that capability but other than that you’re pretty much lucked out on a lot of basic capability that a lot of budget phones have nowadays so in terms of performance that’s pretty much where I’ll leave it at moving on to the camera this thing has a single he’d make a pixel camera on the back and on the front and has a VGA camera I guess it’s not even considered it doesn’t have a megapixel found it’s just a VGA and I think the back camera is really you might be shocked to hear this it’s not bad for a nine-year-old device I was expecting it to be a lot worse than it was obviously it’s not amazing like if I compared it I mean I’d rather have the front-facing camera of like an iPhone 7 and this thing probably but you know it gets the job done I think like it’s none of that camera setup I think they really just I mean really like I’ve stayed out on other older phones the only thing keeping it down is the hardware features like there’s no ultra wide or telephoto lens but this one kind of takes that to another level because the quality of the photos aren’t perfect they’re not great even but they’re good enough and when you consider the age in the price point of this phone I think it’s pretty decent which is pretty crazy to say that an iPhone 4s is camera it’s still pretty decent in 2020 but it’s all things considered you know what I mean so if Apple decided to put this camera on you know this year’s camera or the iPhone 12 camera then yeah I’ll freaking cry but it’s not that big of a deal I don’t think so that pretty much covers it up in terms of the camera now ending it off with the battery life this thing has a 1432 million power battery which actually isn’t that bad of a sized battery for a phone like this this thing is grossly underpowered this thing has a pretty small screen it doesn’t have crazy background processes running on it and believe it or not do that standby somehow this phone is pretty impressive you can get mult but multiple days of standby time on this thing if my 11pro like this thing will die probably within like three days probably if I don’t charge it my iPhone 4s could probably last for like five weeks before he goes and dies I mean it’s not even that big of a size battery but that’s just how underpowered the iPhone 4s is so pretty average when you’re using it but the standby time is actually pretty impressive and to kind of sum up this whole entire video guys is the iPhone 4s still worth it in 2020 I mean if you’re still using this phone in 2020 I want to hear your experience with it okay I wanna hear how it’s impacted your life how it’s affected your relationships with people calling them back texting them I want to see if you even go on snapchat or anything like that like I want to hear your experience with it because if you’ve been able to make it this far then that’s you know worthy of writing a comment you should write a book about that experience to be honest but I don’t think the iPhone 4s is worth it to about every single person watching this video and if you made it this far into the video out on 100% I recommend you picking up an iPhone 4s the lowest I would go in the iPhone totem-pole of phones and I kind of write is the iPhone 6s or the iPhone se those are the two phones that the very bottom of the bottom out go to I would not even pick up an iPhone 6 or 6 plus anymore the iPhone 6s or the iPhone and C’s are both phones out highly recommend so I’ll find the cheapest ones on Amazon and I’ll link it down in the description below if you guys want to get a friend there you can help support the channel at the same time but that is pretty much it man hopefully you guys enjoy the video if you did hit that like button but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount so to mean so much for you guys can hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those things swimming down below I’d really appreciate if you guys to check it out more importantly than everything else I loved every single one of you guys I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace out Willa.
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