iPhone 5 In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

Published on January 14, 2020
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What’s up everyone welcome back to the channel once again another still right the video I’m still kind of under the weather so please excuse my nasal congestion Ziff I coughed but that’s all gonna be headed out anyway but we’re gonna be taking a look at another phone that actually probably brought one of the biggest shifts recording from one iphone to the other and that is actually the iPhone 5 this iPhone brought a ton of stuff to the table this was the first time that we saw the lightning point for some we saw a bigger screen size a different kind of body style as well and numerous of other things so we’re gonna kind of run through it and at a time I think it was like 2017 ice was still kind of recommending people to use an iPhone 5 if they wanted to mostly because I was ten point three point three at the time was actually pretty decent and I don’t think it’s necessarily that case anymore because Mahone more apps are getting demanding this phone isn’t like the latest and greatest anymore but it still kind of has some value in it for sure and I think the iPhone 5 is one of the better iPhones or at least the better lasting iPhones that definitely came out within the last you know ten years or so now first of all this thing was released in 2012 so this thing will be turning eight years old this year which is pretty crazy just feels like yesterday this thing was unannounced even but even when this thing was announced I didn’t even own it like I didn’t I had like I think I can Nexus 4 at the time I really remember but looking at the front you have a four inch IPS panel on that resolution is 640 by 11:36 and what’s funny is is that this same resolution is kind of still you know rolled over to the iPhone se you know this whole entire phone body the iPhone se is whole entire body was stemmed from the original iPhone 5 design so there’s still a lot going forward for sure you can definitely see that there’s quite a bit of bezel on it you know you especially on the white version I have the black one but on the white when you can see all the black holes and everything and the black one seems to be a lot more sleek which I do like you have a home button on the bottom which I think everyone already knows that no fingerprint sensor on it so you’re kind of already outdated on the bottom we have a lightning port we also have a headphone jack on this phone as well which is super cool a lot of people they still don’t want to go over it but you know we have that capability here and if they lightning port on this phone you cannot just brush it over dude every single iPhone since this iPhones released has used a lightning port which is crazy to hear think about all those iPhones that have came out now the iPhone 11s the 11th Prabhas the 10s says all those things all use that same lightning point that came out in 2012 on the iPhone 5 now I want you to keep this in mind how many phones from 2012 are using USB type-c I don’t think really any iPhone or any phone at the time was using USB type-c they were all using micro USB or probably even that other micro USB point however imagine if phone so nowadays were to still use that micro USB port that’d be crazy right however nobody really thinks twice about the Lightning port like Apple has been using that for so long and I think it’s out of very well so this thing at least has that which is really cool on the back we have a single camera setup and overall what I can tell you with a feeling of this phone in the hand it like this phone still feels like a very very good phone obviously it’s kind of you know it has some bezel on it so doesn’t look like the latest and greatest but for sure I think in terms of the way it feels in the hand it still feels like a very premium phone and I even though the internals might be a little different the external still has held up quite a wealth you know throughout the years that it’s been released so that kind of covers that up in terms of the outside there’s like no IP certification there’s nothing like that but luckily parts to repair this phone or super cheap so you can easily go and fix whatever you wanted this one to be set so that pretty much covers it up in terms of the outside now hitting on the software this thing was released with iOS 6 which you know if you remember that was pretty much some people claim it to be like the best version of iOS I wouldn’t really know say it how far I think it was you know pretty good it was very smooth at the time but then this thing eventually got iOS 7 which you know did kind of mess up some things here and there we are luckily able to upgraded to iOS 10 point three point three but last year we got a random update for this phone which was I was ten point three point four so that was super crazy this phone just randomly out of nowhere I don’t even think that Apple really you know made a news room thing about it or anything like that they literally just pushed the update which is so crazy and they did the same thing with that iPhone 4s as well and that’s just a testament Apple software cycle life system they’re just willing to keep updating phones you know whether you like it or not you know who some people might not like I was 9.3 whatever on the iPhone 4s but this phone has that capability but this phone really goes to show that you know a it’s still getting updates Apple is just such a G for doing that but B there’s still a lot of people or you know a majority of people still using a knife five that apple fell needed to actually push that update you know it was pretty much a critical one like in nowadays if an iPhone 3G exploit came out which I’m pretty sure there’s already one I don’t think Apple would actually go and push an update for and I think they would just claim it okay whatever I like nobody uses that phone or their we look at their data and see like is anybody even using this phone to move on this one Apple saw it they saw that people are probably still using it and I think that’s a pretty crazy thing so in terms of software you’re pretty much outdated but it did get an update last year which is pretty surprising so that pretty much covers it up in terms of that hitting on the performance real quick this thing was released with the Apple a6 chip a dual-core CPU and there were three different models of the iPhone 5 and 16 32 and 64 gigabyte model and all these models had one gigabyte of RAM and this was actually the first iPhone to bring one gigabyte of RAM and we didn’t even get a rim increase until 2015 when the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus came out so this iPhone you know it doubled the ram coming from an iPhone 4s and I do think like when I say this I think it’s really important I think this iPhone really has the same speed per se as the iPhone 5s even though my benchmark scores and everything haven’t really you know showcased that whenever I use them side-by-side whenever I open things whatever I usually get around the same you know type opening speeds and everything I might do another comparison here and soon just to kinda mess with it but I would say in terms of performance it’s pretty much what you expect it’s pretty slow across the board it takes a long time to open apps is on iOS 10 so some apps aren’t compatible per se and if they are compatible you’re going to have to download some older versions of those apps but it’s not as bad as something like a device on iOS 9 so if you’re in 2020 it’s definitely going to be kind of I mean it’s not going to be the best thing ever like I said you’re missing out on a lot of those cool features a lot of loan security updates so those little updates here and there sometimes do improve the speed of your phone and because this phone is a little older it’s not necessarily using the latest chipset so whenever I’m opening apps even if it’s like the App Store for example it is noticeably slow you know I don’t want to hate on it too much it brought a lot to the table but looking at it now in 2020 and trying to be as unbiased as possible it’s definitely a slow phone but what I will say is that I’ve owned a lot of other phones from 2012 I think the Galaxy s2 in 2012 some other HTC phones I’ve gone in 2012 all I said all those phones do not hold up as well in terms of the speed and performance as the iPhone 5 so yes this phone is slow but all 2012 iPhones are looking back at it now are pretty much slower than the iPhone 5 so that’s just a testament to the longevity of the iPhones yes temporarily those phones probably were faster but now I would say the iPhone 5 is still faster overall so I’ll tell you in terms of performance at the iPhone 5 I think definitely still holds up quite well it’s a smooth experience it’s just not the fastest experience if that makes any sense so time to hit on the camera this thing has a single 8 megapixel camera on the back and it won’t play 2 megapixel front-facing camera and that back camera you’re able to shoot 1080p videos no 4k no nothing like that no 60 frames per second on any resolution as far as I know and what I can tell you is is like dude it’s not that bad of a camera still like I think it’s out of quite well and I’ve been saying this for a lot of iPhones there’s just not a lot to hate on it because you’re kind of already expecting it to not be the best I mean for one you can’t shoot 4k videos no 60 frames at any resolution so that’s already kind of a downside but be you know it doesn’t have those ultra light sensors telephoto lenses anything like that so because of that you know this kind of camera is already kind of outdated a little bit obviously but the quality of the photos the quality of the videos as long as you’re in decent lighting it’s actually not that bad obviously if you’re in horrible lighting it’s not going to be no good at all I’ve had my iPhone 11 Pro and whenever I even use that you know and horrible lighting or really kind of shady lighting still not bad like it’s not as grainy as I would think the iPhone 5 if you’re in good lighting it’s great but if you’re in bad lighting or even semi bad lighting it’s definitely not going to look like a good photo so in terms of camera that pretty much covers it now ending it off with the battery life this thing has a 1440 million power battery and I do think the battery life is not bad for this type of phone but I will tell you as this phone is eight years old so it’s not going to have you know like the full 100% battery health it’s probably degraded it’s probably 100% degraded because you can’t necessarily get this phone brand new anymore at least in America and with some other countries around the world they still sell the iPhone 5 sets some carriers brand new which is crazy but in terms of this your battery life is probably not going to be that great but what I will tell you is that parts to prepare this phone like I’ve stated or pretty cheap so it doesn’t cost that much to replace the battery if your battery breaks or it salty or it’s you know a completely dead you can go replace it get the part from eBay and watch it tutorial on how to fix it and it’s really not going to be that hard of a process so that’s one huge advantage of the iPhone 5 parts to repair the iPhone 5 are super cheap you can easily go get a screen for it a camera for it you can literally rebuild the whole phone if you need to for like one dollar if you need to do okay totally joking on to gross under assumption but I think at the end of the day to answer the question is the iPhone 5 still worth it in 2020 I’m gonna be real I’m gonna say no it’s obviously not worth it in 2020 the lowest that I would go and the iPhone totem pole is the iPhone 6s or the iPhone se those are still being supported and those are pretty fast so those are the cheapest phones I would go but if you currently own an iPhone 5 you know and if you’ve been using one for the past month or year or whatever I would love to know your experience with it you know it has it been holding up that well and what’s the reason why you’re not updating or upgrading to at least an iPhone success because I understand if it’s a money thing but the iPhone 6s is you know you can get for less than 100 the SES I think you can get for less than that too so I would love to know why you’re using the iPhone 5 still but for every other person watching this I would not recommend getting an iPhone 5 into 181 it’s so that pretty much covers that if you guys have any other questions or anything leave it down in the comment section as well and I like bundo me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount so don’t mean so much you guys gonna hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those things really down below I really appreciate if you guys could check it out but more importantly and everything else I love every single one of you guys oh fuck at you guys in the next video peace out hold on.
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