iPhone 8 Plus Vs iPhone 7 Plus In 2020! Comparison Review

Published on January 22, 2020
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Well guys another year another iPhone set of comparisons I’m going to have a bunch of these coming out so keep a lockdown on the channel so you don’t miss those if you’re even interested in them these literally get like a hundred views the first day and then by the end of the year they get like hundreds of thousands so I know there’s a huge interest of people wanting to see these specific phones and how they compare and you know different years and today we’re gonna be talking about the iPhone 8 plus and how it compares to the iPhone 7 plus and vice versa looking at the pros the cons of owning both of them the longevity of them and these phones are super interesting because I feel like there’s going to be a lot of similarities between these phones and there’s a lot of first for both of these phones as well and right now they’re both sitting at different you know price ranges especially in the used market the 7 plus you can buy it around the 250 price mark on Amazon for the iPhone 8 plus they’re selling for around 340 so there definitely is quite a bit of percentage-wise you know difference between the prices but I will say whether you have the 7 plus or an 8 plus they’re both very good phones you know so they’re both getting softer updates for a little bit longer and and there’s only a year difference between these phones but within that year there were quite a bit of changes so but these 7 plus it was released in 2016 the iPhone 8 plus was released in 2017 and looking on the outside really there’s you know they both had the 5.5 inch panel on the front some said the iPhone a-pluses panel was a little bit better but I think that might only be because of the true tone display that was brought on it I don’t think these 7 pluses display is that bad they both lack the headphone jack these seven plus was the first to bring that out but we still have touch ID on the front which is something I really really like both home buttons there’s really no difference in the bezel or anything like that on the back is one of the biggest differences though we have a glass back on the iPhone 8 plus with the iPhone 7 plus we have that standard you know whatever matte texture they use on some iPhone 7 plus –is but my favorite iPhone ever probably design-wise was probably the iPhone 7 plus jet black that one was one of my favorite design phones and it fits between a jet black 7 plus in design or an iPhone 8 plus I would probably pick that 7 plus jet black but most probably you know I don’t have a jet black version anymore and those are sometimes hard to find those are usually one of the first ones to get out so the iPhone 8 plus in terms of design is much better we have wireless charging on the iPhone 8 plus as well which is really really cool however one thing to note the A+ with that glass bag is we’re really easy break and as you can see with mine mine is broken on both of them it’s not a really a big deal but it is what it is these seven-plus did not have a glass back but no wireless charging on it either in terms of design like I said they’re both similar but with that glass back on the A+ we’re able to do wireless charging which is a humongous plus for that phone they both have dual camera setup so they both look kind of the same but that capability of having wireless charging is a humongous Pro and being in 2020 every single phone has a wireless rating literally every do it a toaster has wireless charging nowadays and these seven plus did not have that in 2017 or 2016 for that matter that’s a humongous thing to note so with the A+ you have that capability so design wise like I said did they both look the same even though deaky wireless charging on the A+ definitely makes it that much better and you know every single way pretty much looking forward they both have ip67 dust or water resistance you can go one meter of water for 30 minutes and that’s really pretty much it on the outside nothing too crazy they both have forced touch a lot of similarity there that both panels are almost same but like I said you do have that but like I said with the iPhone 8 plus the design is a little bit better overall so that kind of covers it up on the outside now one of the biggest changes are definitely going to be with these software with the iPhone 7 plus it started off with iOS 10 with the iPhone 8 plus it started off with iOS 11 so technically speaking even though these seven plus is one year less older it’s one year older you would think that technically they would end at different time rates they would you know these eight plus would definitely not last it but I’m thinking and that could be totally wrong and I probably am wrong because I’m wrong all the time but I do feel like the iPhone 7 plus will match the iPhone 8 plus his software life cycle pretty much you know like we’ve seen with the iPhone 5s and some other phones back in the day I truly feel like that might happen and the reason I say that is because with the iPod Touch 7 generation that just came out it uses the same chipset as the iPhone 7 plus so I feel like because of that Apple might extend you know that specific version of software with the iPhone 7 plus this version of software and make it so those specific devices you know match up in the seventh gen iPod doesn’t necessarily you know and early in terms of software so if they’re already going to do it all those 810 fusion chip devices could you know get an extra version of software which would be really really cool yeah if when they plus those software wise is still very great it’s the same thing as these seven plus one iOS 13.3 right now Apple is really taking their time with these software updates right so we haven’t gotten update in a minute but in terms of the software that really pretty much covers it the really cool thing about both these phones is that you do have that check range jailbreak capability on both of these devices which is really cool so that’s something these seven plus has as well as the iPhone eight plus so you could get either of these phones and feel like you still have a great device you know with all those cool jailbreak tweaks and everything I’ve even made videos talking about specifically for these type of older designed iPhones some really cool tweaks and things that you can have I might link that in a card or below I might even forget but if you just type in simple package jailbreak you might find it that way so in terms of the software that really pretty much covers it now hitting on the performance both these phones are kind of similar but not really only seven plus we have the applet infusion chip a quad-core CPU and there were three different models of the iPhone 7 plus and all those models had three gigabytes of RAM the iPhone 8 plus had the Apple a 11 Bionic chip a hexa core CPU and only had two models and both those models had three gigabytes of RAM as well these seven plus was actually the first iPhone to bring three gigabytes of RAM which is really cool so you know every single iPhone since then cutting off the iPhone 10s and so forth the 10r included has the three gigabytes of RAM which is cool except the iPhone 18 and I will tell you in terms of performance they’re both very similar you know when you’re using them day by day I don’t really think you’re going to notice a humongous difference between the both the seven plus is still pretty decent first age yes it is a little bit slower here and there the only times I’ve seen it slow are sometimes when I’m like loading up an app and then I kind of like have to go back sometimes the RAM management could be better on these seven plus for sure I think that has more to do with the a10 fusion chip rather than the RAM because the RAM is the same on both these devices and I actually compared both of these phones to the iPhone 11 and I saw that RAM management wise these seven plus almost match the iPhone 11s which is not good because the 11 has a really bad right management for now but the iPhone 8 plus was doing better than the iPhone 11 which is really cool so in terms of actual performance we’ll see how he uploaded in everything if they’re both they both might be around the same but I do think that the iPhone 8 plus is the you know overall no silly better phone for sure and I think there’s a little bit of a noticeable amount of difference I think if you’re using both phones you’re going to be fine you’re not going to complain about them too much but the iPhone 8 puzzle will definitely do you better in terms of the longevity of both of these phones so what I will tell you is in performance wise the iPhone 7 plus is right up there with the you know great phones you know three gigabytes of RAM is a lot for an iPhone it’s not a lot but it’s good and it definitely will get the job done and oh definit last you as long as you basically put it up to Tasker when you exceed your performance levels and you can go to an iPhone 8 plus that’s a really good performing phone for the time being they’re still selling the Apple source 2 which is really cool so in terms of performance I think that covers that the A+ definitely is better but it’s not like world’s about these 7 plus but it is noticeably better overall now we’re talking about the camera the both these phones actually have two 12 megapixel sensors these 7 plus has a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens and the same as X that we have on the iPhone 8 plus as well the main big difference might be the video resolution frame rates you can film in basically just think that these 7 plus can do half the amount as the iPhone 8 plus we have 60 frames per second and 4k on the A+ but only 30 frames on 4k on these 7 plus 240 at 1080p on the A+ only 120 on 1080p on these 7 plus and so on and so forth and in terms of the features almost exactly the same portrait mode all those cool little things there’s really not that many features to talk about but that’s pretty much the same the front camera 7 megapixels on both so they’re almost exactly identically the same camera but that back camera with those video resolutions that’s a really cool little thing and I do like that a lot having that capability at 4k 60 frames it’s really definitely going to future-proof you there’s really not that many phones that are doing above that I feel like this wave of new phones in 2020 the s20 the iPhone 12 all those phones they’re going to be doing some crazy things apparently 8k even at 60 or something like I don’t remember but it’s going to be some crazy frame rates were going to be able to film in so between both of these nothing too crazy not a humongous difference but you do have that cool video resolution frame rates increase on the A+ so if you’re into that if you need that capability that is or if you even want to future-proof yourself you have that capability on the iPhone 8 plus which it’s a really really cool thing now and then get off with the battery life this is kind of like a two-way street and it’s kind of weird so these seven plus technically has the bigger battery so as a 29 hundred million power battery the iPhone 8 plus has a 2,690 1 million bar battery so about a 2 to 300 naira difference as actually is about over 300 million hour difference between them now that I look at it and so you would think that the iPhone 7 plus has the better battery life and it does so that’s a really important thing to note but the iPhone A+ has a wireless char which is technically a battery feature so I’ll bump it up in this you know segment and so even though these seven plus has that better battery life the overall better battery features and everything combined is with the iPhone eight plus you have that wireless charging and I think some people might be willing to give up a little bit of their battery life and they’re willing to gain wireless charging which is probably like the most common thing a lot of these phones I used to be a luxury feature but now it’s common and a lot of people still do that so in terms of both of them I hate to say it but this might be one of the only cases where the better battery and the bigger battery isn’t necessarily the winner well that has nothing to do with anything besides the wireless charging so in terms of both in the kind of some of this video which one should you pick up in 2020 this is what I’ll tell you okay I would probably most the time tell you you know get the cheaper phone get a seven plus it’ll do you better whatever the case is but I don’t think these seven plus is technically the better device right now because the amount of problems that this phone is specifically having both the iPhone 7 and 7 plus have tons of issues and I would hate to recommend somebody a phone where it might give faults here anything like that if you only currently and you’ve been made but you know you’ve been able to make it fine my specific device was perfectly fine I had no issues with my 7 plus when I was running it so there were no issues there but some people I would hate to recommend a phone and for some people to you know just to mess it up or them to get a defective device and you know they would have just gotten a plus and save time that way so longevity wise and feature wise I would probably recommend people to buy an iPhone 8 plus if you can get a 7 plus and you think you can make it work and everything that’s fine but again there are some weird issues going with these 7 plus I’ve had sevens that had issues and I’ve heard the 7 pluses are the same way so in this case they’re both very identical almost the same phones but the A+ definitely is the better phone every which way you look at it and that pretty much covers it guys if you have any questions or anything let me know in the comment section below if that like button down means so much but definitely that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount so mean so much you guys could hit that also check out the other things sound in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those links really down below I would appreciate if you guys go check it out more importantly that everything else I love every single one of you guys I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace out hoodlum.
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