iPhone SE on iOS 13 developer beta 5!! {Full review}

Published on August 5, 2019
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Oh guys I school tech here back with a brand new video today we’re actually gonna be talking about the iPhone se and how it’s been holding up on that iOS 13 developer rate of five guys so with before we get to this video guys make sure to leave a like in this video and definitely subscribe the channel every square means a ton of me and it’s just absolutely amazing when I get new subscriber it’s very much appreciated so anyway without further ado let’s get right into this video so iOS 13 developer beta 5 on the iPhone se has been amazing guys I’m just gonna say it like right now it’s been absolutely amazing on the battery life I’m just gonna straight-up start out with the battery life because I have been highly impressed by the battery life in I was 13 foppery to 5 and the SE not so much the iPhone 7 like I said in my iphone 7 review that’s been you know here and there it’s had its moments but so mostly the same as beta 4 but the iPhone se on I was 13 developer b25 has had by far the best batteries out of all the betas for me my maximum capacity is actually 97 that’s not what I wanted 97% as you guys can see so it’s not low at all and I feel like with that extra 3% if I had it it would actually be even better so honestly on iOS 13 that developer redefined the better if has been great I don’t even have anything else to say other than it’s been absolutely amazing now performance wise I do have to say the fact that it definitely seems an improvement over beta you know for and I’m not going to be complaining at all I’m very satisfied with beta 5 everything’s actually been very smooth on beta 4 actually five not four I mean everything was an improvement on beta 4 as well but beta 5 seems even better and it’s just I don’t know it’s just great performance and you know and as I can see as each beta comes along it’s starting to increase and I started around beta 4 really can increase in performance for beta for beta 5 comes along it’s even better the battery life is great and yeah so overall it’s just I don’t even have any complaints about performance or battery life on beta 5 on the SE which is always nice our animations are really really really smooth everything is just really fast so yeah I mean that’s just great to see I’m really happy about that hopefully as more betas come along more improvements will be made to performance and battery life because that would just be absolutely amazing so anyway um bother I do want to let you guys know that I downgraded my iPhone 7 to iOS 12.4 because well for a few reasons we’re not gonna get to that right now but it wasn’t because of anything bad and I was 13 I just don’t want to you know be doing this whole switching thing between 13 and 12 because you have to wipe the device I know I could just make it back on the stuff but I always I just have this habit of like setting the devices up as new and then loading everything on so I actually downgraded to 12 I’m just gonna stay there for now until the full release comes out in the fall so if you guys need me to test anything on iOS 13 I’ll definitely test it just comment down below if you guys have any like anything you want me to test I’ll do it from my se so that’s not an issue actually downgraded my iPad as well because I am gonna use that for a jailbreak it’s now a twelve point three and since twelve point three until point three point one starting yesterday and no longer being signed my Apple I’m gonna be keeping my iPad at 12.30 so hopefully jailbreak comes out soon and then I can Gio rake my iPad so there’s there’s only one issue that as I gonna figure how to record it because I actually record from my iPad so we’ll figure that out as it goes along and that’s also if by then I can’t jailbreak my iPod Touch 6 dinner shows by the way still no luck but anyway that’s beside the point let’s continue on with the iPhone se ni as 13 so a lot of bugs were fixed and I noticed the same thing in you know the iphone 7 review when you go into the wallpaper settings in beta 5 this bug was it was more like a UI she wasn’t even really a bug it was just kind of not really it did it looked pretty bad this is still a the app icons are still too low like the status bar and then you have the app icons the first row there’s too big of a gap in between if you go to home screen you guys can see that that gap is way smaller it’s not even pretty much not even there but you have a decent-sized gap between the status bar in the first row of app icons that hasn’t been fixed but down here and you can as can see these this bottom row of apps is way too close to the page dots but anyway the buttons down here and the dock so in beta for none of this the dock down here wasn’t dimmed as you guys can see in beta 5 it’s actually been dimmed as it goes down by the buttons it’s just dimmed down there which is really cool it looks so much cleaner because in beta 4 wasn’t dimmed at all that being said the buttons were kind of hard to tell apart from like the dock it just looked really bad but in beta 5 they fixed it by dimming it the only complain on this page that I have now is you know this gap but other than that it looks so much cleaner with a dim dock the buttons are easier to make out and especially if you turn it to light mode yeah okay and that’s another bug I’ll get to that in a second but as you guys can see it’s even more noticeable it’s all dimmed down there so it looks just a lot cleaner a lot nicer so anyway as you guys just saw I do want to mention this bug so if I go to choose me wallpaper and you guys can see it’s in light mode right well if we swipe up and we tap the are going to the toggle go to dark mode OOP that’s not what it good dark mode as you guys can see this switches alright that that’s supposed to do that but if we go back here as you guys can see it doesn’t what I do want to go back here as you guys can see if we get a dark mode here while you’re in the control center it doesn’t change it doesn’t change to light mode you have to go back out the buttons do but the wallpaper doesn’t you have to go back out then back in and there you go it’s finally changed back so yeah that’s uh big it can get annoying because it’s it’s more work to swipe up go to dark or light mode go back Kancil then back in order to see the dark mode where I was just swiping up hold it and Dutton I’m having a very hard time today going into light mode and then going back out still dark except for the buns and you know just be much easier to be able to go control center change to darker light mode and then just have it change along with that I don’t know why it doesn’t do that it’s probably just a bug that hopefully we get patched it actually didn’t do that with the wallpapers when you’re changing a wallpaper in those settings it didn’t do that before but now they’ve fixed that so this is really kind of the last area it still does that but other than that those two things I haven’t noticed any bugs now in my iphone 7 review I did mention the volume HUD was I kind of glitched out anyone like some apps with horizontal like a horizontal mode it does I haven’t had that happen on my se at all it just would not i couldn’t replicate on my IC so i think it was just like i don’t know i couldn’t have been just a specific device thing so i’m actually not even sure if it happens on the iphone se like the 4-inch scream i have something to do with that i’m not sure but it would not do that on my IC at all so I can’t say it’s there for the se but I’m kind of glad it didn’t do that because I have to restart for no reason but I guess there was kind of reason but you know you get the point so other than those things I didn’t notice any more bugs in the operator out the operating system everything’s been really stable on beta 5 and I definitely recommend updating the beta 5 if you are on beta 4 definitely update don’t it not even a question at that point so yeah guys I know this videos short on the shorter side and I just wanted to you know make this review for you guys know how do you want to see it so recap battery is absolutely great on beta 5 performance definitely improved on beta 5 and bugs more were patched and you know it just overall it’s a better experience now if there’s anything else you guys want to see definitely let me know down below you know on the iPhone se if there’s any specific thing you want to see again just comment down below and I’ll definitely take a look at it like I said every recommendation or request is taken into consideration and I will do it if I can and you know everything’s good so without that or with leaving off at that again make sure to LIKE this video if you guys enjoyed and definitely subscribe the channel also I am still I’m still planning a whole jailbreak cool jailbreak tweaks I know by the time I get this video it’s probably be silly no one’s gonna be interested but um I’ll try and do it so you know I have different tweaks and like you know you see on other videos and stuff so you guys can have a different experience then you know everywhere else and because that’s what I like to do is you know have things different so you know sets me apart and you guys are able to see more you know if I have the same ever all the tweaks that I show off would be the same as you know somebody else’s video then there would be kind of pointless to watch but if I have completely different tweaks you guys could have more fun at the jailbreak and more you know experience and just overall it’d be better for everyone so I will but I still plan to have that video so stay tuned I don’t know when it’s gonna be out whenever I can get a device you’re broken again I’m still considering and jailbreak my iPhone 5 on iOS 10 point three point three so you guys can have I can really see jailbreak video for this because it’s still not iOS 10 is what three years old now but are almost three years old but it’s also not to the point where the tweaks are outdated a lot of the tweaks that work on 10:00 work on 11:00 and work on 12 so if you guys do want to if you want to see a cool jailbreak tweak and you guys don’t mind it being on my iPhone 5 or an iOS 10 device definitely comment down below and I’ll definitely do that so anyway for now guys I’ll see you in the next video peace out

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