iPhone XR: iOS 13

Published on August 18, 2019
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So what is up guys Nick here helping you to master your technology iPhone 10 our iOS 13 so I’ve been running the iOS 13 beta for about two weeks now and this video is gonna be very helpful if you have an iPhone 10 R and you kind of want to know what the experience has been like and you’re not really you know one for the beta’s want to use the beta as well this can give you an idea of what you can expect is only about one month out from the official iOS 13 so I quickly want to just confirm the software earlier today I upgraded to iOS 13 public beta 6 is also the developer beta 7 it’s basically the same software and we’re gonna go into settings and also confirm this in general so you can see right here that I am on iOS 13 public beta 6 as you can see right there no 12 so let’s talk about the experience with this phone okay guys so let’s talk about the very first feature the most important when I think coming to 13 which is the dark mode in the last beta you were able to add the dark mode appearance to the control center and you could see everything gets darker right away but what I really want to discuss here in this episode is about you know how does it do on an LCD screen because this is not an OLED panel and that can concern a few users as they know that an older panel typically gives you darker colors well I can confirm you so far that it’s still enjoyable to use the night mode even here on iOS 13 for the iPhone 10 R you can see it’s still rather dark even though it’s LCD I still think this is gonna be easier on your eyes at night if you are using iOS 13 on the iPhone 10 R so I’m happy to report that while it’s not as dark as on the OLED screens it’s still a very enjoyable experience and I’d rather it be there than not be there so good stuff here with dark mode on 13 ok guys so I want to further talk about the night mode on the 10 R as we talked about how it’s gonna be fine without CD and this what I’m gonna talk about here goes a lot for most of these iPhones when you go into the control center you’re gonna see that it’s not fully dark like there is a translucent background right here typically on other dark mode phones you know Android devices they usually have the whole entire background on the control center area or the notification center darkened fully on iOS is still translucent here so just keep that in mind also it’s mostly all of your Apple based applications that are going to be fully darkened out here like the App Store for example or if we go over into another Apple based application like the new shortcuts that come standard in iOS 13 you’re gonna see it’s all darkened out however if you go to YouTube for example that is still gonna be lighter until you go ahead and manually turn on the dark mode in YouTube now I will see if Apple and Google can work together to get this thing or maybe Google can update the app to get it to work with the dark mode automatically in iOS maybe that’ll be down the line at some point but right now a lot of third-party apps are not gonna respond to the dark mode it’s mostly gonna be just your Apple stuff also the folders got a little bit darker here in the iOS 13 public beta 6 as well as developer beta 7 just keep that in mind it got a little bit darker overall I gotta say the experience has been stellar with this new feature and it looks very polished which I do like here and my last note on the dark mode when you raise up the brightness because it’s an LCD panel then you’ll start to see that it’s not fully darkened but again at night time if you’re gonna use dark mode why are you gonna have dark mode turn on with full brightness it kind of doesn’t make sense so you’re typically probably gonna have it really low anyway because it’s late at night you don’t want your eyes hurt and it’s gonna look very dark on a lower brightness but you will see it a little bit more if you do raise the brightness up here for the 10r also there’s a few way to access this you can go over here into just hold like a haptic press onto the brightness go to the dark mode there you can go there or you can just go into settings here go to display I accidentally hit accessibility and then you could go and turn on dark mode there you can also schedule this thing which I think most users are gonna do and that’s about it we don’t need to discuss this anymore I got that brightness way too high right now we don’t need to discuss that anymore that is the night mode 13 ok so last year Apple nailed it with the performance with iOS 12 in iOS 13 says let me get a little bit quicker with the combination of the a 12-7 nanometer Bionic chip that is geek talk for beast mode this phone is a champ and it’s not even really slow at all on 13 betas you would think what a beta is gonna be really buggy and I’ve ran into a couple of bugs but nothing serious so it’s looking like it’s gonna be another stunning performance here for the 10r I do to notice a little bit of slowdown when I’m scrolling through the multitasking sometimes it just pauses for a second but overall I gotta say that the performance is looking very good and Apple is claiming that animation speeds gonna get even quicker here and 13 and I’m seeing that already one thing I’m also noticing his face ID gets much quicker here in 13 let’s take a look at that right now you can see just right open again just right open so very fast upgrade to face idea it just seems faster here to me the whole time I’ve been running 13 for my 10 are so wrapping it up here with performance I gotta also mention that it’s still very smooth still want to see a higher refresh rate on future iPhone series devices but looking good here 413 also it keeps that smoothness but what a snap your animation I really think this is gonna take down a lot of Android phones this year on 13 again in speed tests so stay tuned for the official speed test that I will deal with upcoming iPhones maybe some comparisons to upcoming Samsung phones and others out there so let’s talk about this amazing new feature the quick path type keyboard so essentially swype keyboard hey what’s up guys hope you’re enjoying I think I spelled your wrong enjoying the video the video so you can see very accurate I missed you I put you same thing hey what’s up guys hope you enjoy in the video YouTube and really just it’s looking good so far I’m really liking I’m really liking liking the quick path keyboard so I think you guys are gonna enjoy this as well it’s very smooth very snappy and it’s quick but not only that Apple also wanted added something else here in 13 so Apple went ahead and added something else momochi stickers here which allows you to create your own custom emoji sticker basically called momochi stickers and I think this is gonna be a hot feature now this an emoji thing I never use it too much but momochi stickers I’m gonna use a lot because those are right there in the keyboard there just like emojis and a lot of us do use these multiple times a day maybe emojis if you are texting quite a bit so I could see this being very useful and there’s many you can play around with here in iOS 13 and 10 are has been great having this feature it available for you know they could easily just put this on the more premium phones to make it a distinguishing feature but I’m glad Apple didn’t cheap out there and they gave it to ten our users as well so you’re getting it there and you should be getting this on other iPhones as well this has been a good experience so far for me the momochi stickers all right guys so let’s discuss the battery life for the iPhone 10 are so over here 91% you know it’s really good stuff here don’t you iPhone 10r has always been pretty good on battery but if I go to battery health there’s a new feature here optimized battery charging so what is this like bro what is that so basically we turn this on and essentially it’s going to learn your patterns of how you charge and it’s gonna stop the charging before it’s a hundred like if you go to sleep for example it’ll stop it at 80 wait till around the time it learns that you wake up and then top it off so you don’t keep lowering your battery percentage a lot of people do not like when they see their battery percentage lower than normal on their iPhones like right here maximum capacity if that thing says like 96 95 people start worrying well I think this is gonna help that lasts just a little bit longer and this is always a good thing to get better battery life for your iPhone I mean on my experience so far with the actual performance of the battery it’s been pretty good of course I pretty much always rock of the iPhone 10 are in the low power mode to basically save battery life but I gotta say that it’s gonna be a good experience I think I don’t I don’t see this really draining too bad and I see that the 10r is still gonna rain routine that very good battery life it’s been known for when it does get this official update so this is a good thing so let me talk about something I’ve really enjoyed with the iPhone 10 are the new volume hood over here you can see it right there very skinny off to the side a little bit bigger on one press a little bit smaller on two presses also if you are doing something in landscape mode that guy also gets out of the way which was something that was very annoying in Prior versions of iPhone you so you could see it’s up there at the bottom still out of the way okay so a new change here to the iPhone 10 are that’s really been a different experience is having the haptic press shortcuts here kind of like 3d touch and it works very well it’s also nicer than the older way of Apple doing things it’s a little bit thinner and you can kind of just see things a little bit better I do like the way they have it set up here now also if I’m in Safari I can use that haptic press to go ahead and press down and use the shortcuts in Safari as well so like peek and pop features are still there so I gotta say that I’ve been enjoying this you know this is one of the main reasons my sim stayed in the iPhone 10’s max but having these shortcuts here for the 10r have brought me a little bit closer to the 10r so I do like using this phone a little bit more now that we have these shortcuts these haptic press feedback I just think it’s useful and it should have been there from the start but it’s here in 13 so talking about Safari like if I go into Safari it looks a little bit different right here if you go to the little haze over here you can see show reader view hide toolbar request desktop site and website settings also if you download a link now you will be able to see a downloads folder kind of over here on the right kind of like a full browser now in settings also in Safari settings you can close tabs after one day one week or one month and I’ve been enjoying this because you have you ever had like tons of tabs up and you kind of forgot about it you went through your tabs and yet 47 tabs open get your stuff together no I’m kidding you can use this feature in iOS 13 and I think it’s gonna be great for those of you who don’t manage your tabs that frequently okay so photos gets a nice overhaul here in iOS 13 and it looks beautiful so just a lot cleaner looking if you guys haven’t checked it out you’re definitely gonna like it here 413 you have months/years all photos also the videos will start playing automatically if you do hover over them right here you’ll see them playing like a little preview of them playing so that’s a really nice touch you seen the basket just go in right there that’s a really nice touch for iOS 13 so if you guys are planning on getting Iowa’s 13 you’re gonna love these new photo updates to this device okay so discussing reminders we get a nice update here as well creating reminders is a lot more clean and also different color coats I mean you had this before but it’s just like it’s just nicer looking like let’s just put it that way it’s cleaner setup you’re gonna be able to use Siri to do this as always and I just like the way it looks I think you guys are gonna be finding this a lot more useful than reminders in the past and overall the experience has been a thumbs up with the dark mode on it also looks plenty dark enough at night time to check out your reminders so gotta say iOS 13 for the 10r here is gonna be something that if you haven’t used reminders before you might want to take a look at it because it’s been all redesigned and it looks great so in iOS 13 the shortcuts app comes pre-installed and on the 10r it’s been a pretty good experience so far if I hit the shortcuts application here you can see that I have tweets set up already I didn’t set up many yet find my keys and some tweets but if I go to gallery here there’s many that you can go ahead and set up there right there you can read through them and see which one do you want to put there and you don’t even have to really go ahead and create it yourself but if you want to just go to my shortcuts and then you create shortcut give you like a sheet of options and that pops up and you could put your context there and many other things so for those of you who like quick actions you want to use Siri you don’t want to deal with finding things yourself your busy person you might like this feature a lot in 13 so it’s been a pretty decent experience so far and there’s some small details I’ve noticed on the 10r and pretty much to all their iOS 13 devices is if we take a screenshot you can see just the Pens they look better and if we click the color icons it pops right up the Pens eraser the stuff just looks better and I’m very happy that Apple is paying attention to the little detail it’ll details on the iOS 13 so that’s just something I noticed in notes that’s also changed also certain just little elements look a little bit different on 13 like if you go into iTunes for example you can just see like little icons appear feature charts and you’ll just see in like other applications the way they highlight things just looks different so I like to see different changes and you get a lot of them here there’s a lot of small things this is more of a speed and just a little polish update over 12 but it’s not like you know total change but the little changes they do make just give it a more of a polished experience and one of my favorite features and all of starts an experience has been the phone dialer now not the phone dialer itself but something related to the phone dialer so in phone settings here and iOS 13 you can see silence unknown callers now that’s a new feature that we just got to love because all these people calling you that you don’t even know these numbers I know what’s happened to you is going away and I’ve haven’t had any trouble in this beta so gotta love this not just blocking the context yourself but the phone will figure out unrecognized numbers for you huge thumbs up here so that’s it with the iPhone 10 our iOS 13 beta 6 I think this is public beta 6 I developer beta 7 we’re about a month away but really the intention of this video wasn’t like a beta review per se it was more of just what you’re gonna expect with the 10r and you’ve seen that it’s looking very positive and the reason why I’m so excited for this is because the tenor gets something like haptic feedback a dark mode and it still gets fast silencing blocking callers automatically which is pretty nice also just better performance better face ID performance so this value iPhone 10 R becomes even more valuable to me after the 13 updates so let me know your thoughts on I was 13 for the iPhone 10 our leave them down below for people who are not about this beta life and they’re just waiting for the official in the fall give them an idea of what they can expect comes up if you enjoyed the video subscribe if you haven’t already for more content like this also note in coming to the channel stay tuned and Nick care up and you to mess to your technology be sure to be well thank you very much for watching and peace.

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