iPhone XS Max vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Published on December 27, 2019
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What is going on everyone my name is Jason and this is the iPhone 11 Pro max versus the tennis max showdown okay prior to September 2019 you may have been one of those people that said you know what to hell with money I’m gonna go ahead and get the most expensive iPhone available and if you did you would have gotten your hands on this guy the iPhone tennis max coming in at a starting price of around 1200 us for most I’m sure it was quite an investment but the good news is the tennis max has really proven itself to be a great device a masterfully refined design premium materials all-around and a user experience at the time that was hard to beat making most people who shelled out the dough to buy this phone pretty satisfied myself included but alas for the debut of the iPhone 11 Pro max Apple’s new flagship King the long-term satisfaction of current tennis max owners is undoubtedly going to be put to the test so if you’re in that camp and you’re wondering if you should upgrade or if you’re on the fence between both phones thought I’d put together a comparison review to help answer the question that’s likely on your mind is the iPhone 11 pro max worth it now before we get into the review if you’re into checking out the latest consumer tech products before you buy them are free just a tech head like me and make a video like this every single week so make sure that you hit that subscribe button and turn on that Bell icon so you could be the first to know when a new jsr reviews out and you don’t miss anything and real quick before I get to my thoughts do you guys think that the iPhone 11 pro max is worth it especially if you already have a tennis max curious to get your thoughts let me know what you guys are thinking in the comments down below okay first let’s talk about how these two phones stack up against each other from a physical design standpoint though the iPhone 11 for max is an iterative upgrade from its 2018 predecessor making majority of the look and feel of both phones virtually the same there are some key differences first is the finish on the back panel the both phones use glass the tennis max has a glossy finish representing more of the classic glass on glass design you’d find many flagship phones as it feels great in the hand and actually feel like I get good grip on the phone with this glossy finish but the downside here is that it’s quite reflective and an extreme fingerprint magnet not good if you’re one of those obsessive compulsives that need to have your phone clean of all smudges at all times the iPhone 11 problem max on the other hand introduces Apple’s first swing at a frosted matte finish last back on the phone which is way less fingerprint prone and ultra clean with the removal of the iPhone text logo at the bottom and I have to say it’s quite impressive the frosted glass gives the phone more stealthy physique without making it look or feel any less premium and I like the contrast between it and the Polish stainless steel frame it’s subtle but it makes the phone stand out in a very unique way it is a bit more slippery in the hand but stays a lot cleaner despite getting your fingers all over it and though I definitely do prefer this look over the tennis max especially in this midnight green color this alone wouldn’t be enough for me to switch over I mean that’s nice as it looks doesn’t take away from the fact that the tennis max is still a gorgeous phone in its own right and it’s something I’m still pleased to look at and hold today now one of the main reasons why folks decide to pull the trigger on the more expensive plus size iPhones is their displays and when comparing between the max versions of the 11 Pro and the 10s it’s like 99% the same both are rocking six and a half inch OLED panels that come in at the same resolution of 2688 by 1242 making for 458 pixels per inch both support the wider P 3 color gamut and true tone capability and as it can see here they’re both fantastic displays that look virtually identical to each other the only differences are number one while the tennis mac supports apple’s 3d touch technology the 11pro does not and utilizes haptic touch in its absence number two while the tennis max has a contrast ratio of a million to one at the max brightness of 625 nits the 11pro edges it out with a two million to 1 contrast ratio and a maths brightness of 800 nits which actually could be bumped up to a staggering 1000 nits when consuming HDR content this makes for one of the brightest displays in the market today and it is a quote unquote better display than the tennis max in that regard but look are most people going to notice the difference in day to day use the answer is no and again to me upgrading or choosing the 11pro max over the tennis for the display it’s not something I would do or recommend given how similar they are okay so let’s top performance well yes the tennis max is rocking an older processor with its 812 Bionic chip and comparison to the pros 813 Bionic ample is pretty overkill with its processors and the performance of the 812 is still exemplary navigating around the UI is still super snappy intensive activities such as gaming or taking advantage of smart HDR is still no problem and even with multiple software updates the tennis max is still a freakishly fast phone and though the 11 pole mats will likely last longer from a future proofing standpoint you’re not going to really see any significant improvements in speed or a performance and day-to-day use that would make it more compelling than the tennis max now where you will see a meaningful difference in performances battery life the tennis max gives users a healthy 10 and half hours of average battery life which is above average when comparing it to other flagships out there even the newer ones today and while the battery life is great the 11pro max blows it and essentially all other competitors out of the water with a battery that on average gives an additional 5 plus hours battery life which makes for a significant and noticeable difference in day-to-day use now I’ve always able to pull this off by increasing the size of the battery mainly by removing the 3d touch that I mentioned earlier is not on the 2019 iPhones you pair that with a class-leading efficiency of Apple’s processors and you have a battery that can very comfortably get you through the day no matter what you throw at it and look I’ll say even power users could still be comfortable with the battery performance of the tennis max it’s still great but the battery life on the 11pro max for lack of a better phrase is insanely great now most will be fine with either choice from a day to day usage standpoint but the major improvement to the 11pro Max’s battery is something that needs to be singled out as a key difference between these two phones and that brings us arguably to the biggest difference between the 10 s and the 11pro max and that’s sort of cameras now let’s start with the front facing cameras as there’s not as many differences there you are getting a better megapixel count on the Leventhal max coming in at 12 megapixels instead of 7 and though it is higher you’re not going to notice much of an improvement if you’re looking at most of your images that you took via your phone where you get the biggest difference with the front facing cameras is the video shooting capability while the Tenace max tops out is shooting 1080p video at 30 or 60 frames per second the 11pro max can shoot 4k video in 24 30 or 60 frames per second which is kind of incredible for a front-facing camera this could be a big deal for you if you’re heavy on Instagram stories snapchat or tik-tok is you’re going to get noticeably better video quality on the new iPhone now as far as the back cameras are concerned the most obvious difference is going to be the addition of a third ultra wide camera pomaks making for three rear cameras total as opposed to the older models dual camera setup and to be honest it’s kind of a big deal the ultra wide-angle lens is awesome for a lot of different uses and it really enhances the overall utility of the camera suite as you have a lens for almost any occasion I would say it’s not critical in terms of having but it’s definitely a nice to have now when it comes to the other two lenses there’s not that big of a difference both come in at 12 megapixels and similar max apertures both support portrait mode photos but the 11pro max can shoot in wide-angle portraits which is actually super nice and though they both support Apple Smart HDR image processing the 11 Pro max utilizes next generation smart HDR and apples diffusion now at the end of the day are you gonna notice a night and day difference in image quality between these two phones and the answer is no not most of the time in most cases you’re gonna have to really punch in to notice differences in image quality and the good news is is that both do an incredible job Apple really stepped it up last year in terms of computational image processing after getting bested year after year by the pixel and though I will say that the images coming out of the 11pro Macs are better the improvement is incremental and more of a fine-tuning than an in-your-face type of improvement that being said though there is one area of the 11pro Max’s camera that does substantiate a jarring undeniable improvement and that’s night photos with a night mode available on the newer iPhones it’s able to capture images in the dark far better than those captured with the 10s Max and it’s a super big difference though it’s Apple’s first time debuting this feature they really did do a good job with it it’s well integrated into the camera app and the low-light images come out looking clean and not overly processed and the tennis max just can’t compete here now it may not be a make or break feature for you but once you collectively look at all the camera upgrades that are on the 11pro it makes for a much more compelling package and all that being said in my opinion if I picked up the tennis max last year I probably wouldn’t upgrade to the oven pro max don’t get me wrong it’s a great phone and it is better than its predecessor in almost every way but not enough to make me feel like my tennis max is an inferior phone and I would rather be patient save my money and see what Apple drops in 2020 as that’s the year that the iPhone will most likely go through a design overhaul which is way more exciting than an incremental upgrade hey that’s just me and I want to get your thoughts if you guys have a tennis max did anyone upgrade to the 11pro whether you did or didn’t let me know in the comments why you went with your decision okay that’s about it for this review don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up if you guys find it useful it really helps me out if you guys have any questions about the tennis max or the 11pro max weigh them down in the description now be sure to get to you thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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