iPhone XS Max Vs Samsung Galaxy S10+! (Comparison) (Review)

Published on August 5, 2019
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As you guys know I recently picked up both the iPhone tennis max and the Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus literally like so long after the release dates I know I should have picked him up actually I picked up the tennis max when it was released but I never did a comparison between both of them and so I realized a lot of people still you know these are some of the biggest competitors right now in the Android and iOS marketplace I mean if you want the highest end model of phones really that ever exists I’m see the galaxy fold that other iPhones are much better and much better Android some more expensive ones but these are the ones that are usually at the store when you go to pick them up when you go to Best Buy or t-mobile or AT&T; or Verizon it’s usually these phones that are one of the best phones you can get inside of that store I know there’s other ones but besides the note line these are the ones that people are looking for so I figured it’d be kind of you know borderline work harassment if I didn’t actually post this so I figured I would go ahead and do that and I’m gonna come up with a new joke I’ve said that like three times in the last week I need to come up with something else but I’m gonna talk about a little bit of the build quality a little bit of the cameras all those good things and I’m gonna go do a little bit of a speed comparison as well nothing too crazy I mean both these phones are still extremely fast but I guess we’re just gonna go ahead and see what’s up between them now one thing I will say the tennis max this is the last time I’m gonna bring this up I just have a skin on the back this one does have a little bit of a cracked back but I didn’t want you guys looking at it so I bought a skin and just to replace it it actually looks really really cool I might actually put this on my main phone instead of rocking in case because honestly it adds a lot of protection but that’s besides effect I don’t even know what if you guys want to I’ll leave a link in the description if you wanna pick it out but let’s go ahead and talk about the body for a second one thing I would definitely say is that both of them feel very very premium in the hand there’s not one that feels like a hundred percent more premium than the other one and in terms of the bodies they feel almost identical in the hands as well but one thing I want to note is that definitely the Galaxy has ten feels more thinner on the sides I feel like there’s a little bit less bezel on the samsung galaxy s 10 plus then on the 10s max which you might make sense you know there has a notch up top that makes total sense but I think in terms of the way they feel in the hand it feels much thinner of a device the Samsung Galaxy has ten plus in terms of the width of it compared to the iPhone 10’s max and that’s something that I’ve seen with a lot of iPhones even going back to the iPhone 6 plus that phone was such a wide phone and this one kind of follows the same suit but this one is much thinner in my opinion now looking on the front we have a six point four inch dynamic AMOLED display on the samsung galaxy s plus we’ll be happy 6.5 inch OLED display on the iPhone 10’s max now in the hand like I said before I mean this one definitely feels like a much bigger screen even though it is a bigger screen it feels like it’s noticeably bigger but you also have to remember that because there’s less bezel and also on top of that the iPhone tennis max has that notch up top whereas on the samsung galaxy s 10 plus we have the dual camera setup which is a really cool little thing and a lot of people don’t like it a lot of people are like why don’t they just go I would rather have a notch or more bezel like the no.9 or whatever but I kind of like this because this is kind of like a stepping stone just like how the notch was yes this isn’t going to be on there forever like of course it doesn’t look perfect but it’s good enough and if you have a certain wallpaper on it then it doesn’t look bad of course when you get into apps you can kind of see it but I kind of like it it’s kind of growing on me since then of course it could have been better but something like an iPhone tennis max where it has that notch up top I think honestly this is also fine I mean I never really liked it either but they’re almost in like the same realm you know it’s like they’re almost perfect but not really I think on the next version of both these phones within the next like couple years I don’t think the 2019 iPhones getting no notch but in the next three years you’re going to start seeing completely bezel as phones with no notch no nothing I’ll just screen on the front which is a pretty crazy thing and that’s totally gonna disrupt the phone mark in my opinion now one huge advantage of the samsung galaxy s 10 plus it would definitely be the headphone jack I think a lot of people are still kind of you know salty about them removing it as you can see we have the headphone jack as well as a USB type-c port we only have a lightning port on the phone that’s really the only port we have we don’t have expandable memory we don’t have anything like that but we do have it on the samsung galaxy s 10 plus but on top of that another crazy thing is that the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus has a feature that’s literally crazy and I hope fall and start bringing this feature on to and that’s reverse wireless charging and basically the iPhone 10s max has wireless charging of course you put on a wireless charging planet it’s good the with the samsung galaxy s 10 plus you can actually go and charge under their phone by putting your phone just laying it on the back now I don’t have an enable here actually I might actually have it enabled but you can charge the iPhone Tenace max at any two wireless charging device just by placing your phone on the back of it and because the samsung galaxy s 10 plus has a pretty big battery it’s not going to take a humongous hit depending on how long you charge it for and all that stuff but it’s just a cool little feature of my opinion and I literally that you know Samsung is always putting those little cool little features and their devices so my opinion that’s a humongous win for the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus but again with the tennis max you have that Apple ecosystem which could be a pro could be a conned the probably does even depend on you if you’re not even involved with it but I’ll definitely say in terms of thickness in terms of everything in terms the build quality I think they’re almost a tie but I do like the way the a stem plus feels as you can see these tennis max is just a little bit thicker I think it feels like it might just be that skin that I put on the back but I don’t feel like one phone is like way worse than the other anything like that they’re both in like the similar category in my opinion on the back we have a triple camera setup on the samsung galaxy s 10 plus and a dual camera setup on the iPhone 10s max and I’ll definitely tell you I’ve always liked Samsung cameras you know ever since the beginning if you watch some my earlier videos I always said that Samsung cameras are awesome but iPhone cameras are very good too and depending on what you like you know it’s all up to you you have a wider angle lens on the s10 plus but you do sometimes have better video quality and audio quality from an iPhone so it’s kind of a trade-off I don’t want to do humongous camera comparison price say that for a different video but in terms of both of them they’re almost in the same league I think the photo quality is better on that time plus I think the video and the audio quality is better on the iPhone Tenace Max and in terms of the front cameras I would say almost that same exact thing she’s my phone just one crazy but I do like the technology of the dual camera setup on that as 10 plus I think that’s a really really cool little thing now that kind of covers up most of the stuff I wanted to hit on but I want to do the speed comparison now I downloaded most of the same apps on both these devices so we can go and load them up and see which one is faster but I’ll tell you the specifications right now the iPhone 10’s max has the Apple eight twelve Bionic chip a hex of course CPU and four gigs of RAM with the samsung galaxy s2 plus has a call comes that dragon 855 chipset Knox of course CPU and Adreno 640 GPU and depending on the variant you either get eight gigs of ram or twelve gigs of ram on this variant i have eight so it’s a smaller version but it’s still very very good in my opinion so but before we load the apps let me go ahead and hop out of all the apps on this device on both of them actually I think this one’s clear okay so we’re all clear let’s go and load them up let’s do Facebook three two one and actually the iPhone tennis max got into a faster there I was not expecting that that’s actually really interesting and in case I didn’t say before the iPhone tennis max is on iOS 13 let’s do Netflix three two one and the Samsung Galaxy S n plus one there 100% so it was much slower on Facebook than I was on Netflix through Twitter three two and again the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus is way faster than the S 10 then the 10s max they’re interesting Quizlet three two one the Samsung Galaxy has 10 plus literally just like instantaneously opens that app which doesn’t say the iPhone sinus max is a little bit edgy in terms of iOS 13 in my opinion Dropbox three two one and again the Samsung galaxys template and you guys can see I don’t have these apps open in the background still Bopha 32 and again instantaneous on the Samsung 10 Plus almost which is crazy let’s do thank you 3 2 1 as 10-plus opens that up faster let’s see if the gaming performance is different and it’s almost the same on both from my opinion I think they’re almost identical it’s not even that intensive of the games to begin with Snape versus blocks three two one and again the s10 plus dude this is crazy I was not expecting it to be there how much faster like I was expecting it to be like you know obviously maybe a little bit faster here and there but it seems like most of the yes or faster on the s10 plus then on the iPhone sent us max which is funny because in the beginning what I thought Facebook you know because Facebook loaded up slower on that SN plus I thought it was going to be slower overall but that’s not really the case which is crazy let’s do stack 32 and again this one eventually essentially got into it this one had the ad come up but you guys know it number one three two one and even for just loading up this thing it was like a faster on the s10 plus let’s click main menu three two one and it’s probably going to be exactly the same yep let’s see if the difference in performance which is there’s not going to be it’s going to be exact because and actually kind of started a little bit on that as time plus that’s kind of weird going yeah they’re almost going to be identical in this game fruit ninja thirty two and again as 10-plus is the winner here and so now that we have those apps in the background let’s go and see how the RAM management is on both of these three to one okay Facebook is almost the same Netflix three to one and it looks like it restarted on the S templates but I think that’s just the way the layout is in the multitasking Penn Twitter three two one yep I don’t think there’s going to be a difference here in terms of the multitasking let’s go to a little bit of a more intensive game so thank you three two one yep identical no problems at all pruney Jie three two one it actually kind of started a little bit on the sm+ I was not expecting that to Temple Run 30 to 1 it seems like it’s a little bit slower on that stunt plus when you’re loading up apps from the background which is kind of funny so that kind of covers up the speed things altima T s 10 plus is definitely a faster device but the tennis max can still hold its own but I’m surprised that it was that noticeably slower like I was expecting obviously to be it may be a little slower but it was quite noticeable like if you’re not comparing them side by side you won’t notice but once you actually do you can see the s 10 Plus is a much faster device in my opinion now I’ll just hit on the battery life for a second the S 10 plus has a 40 100 million power battery the iPhone tennis max has a 3100 74 million power battery and and I’ll definitely tell you the S 10 plus probably has the advantage here I found that the as 10 plus has a very very good battery life even though it’s powering a ginormous screen and has you know better specifications than the iPhone I still found it to have better battery life in my opinion however the tennis max isn’t a horrible battery either it’s 3,000 174 million powers and I’ll be honest like it’s not horrible but they could have done a better job apparently the iPhone 11 this year is going to bring a bigger battery but that’s actually not a big battery for a phone like this I mean large screen pretty heavy internals for an iPhone and I feel like ultimately they could have done a better job in my opinion in terms of the battery life so ultimately were so many months almost a year into the iPhone lifecycle and you know if you ask yourself like which one should you pick up you know the S 10 plus or the iPhone tennis max and this is what I’ll tell you in my opinion I would probably pick up an S 10 plus if it was between both of these and if I wasn’t already like in the Apple ecosystem like and that’s basically because of a it’s a faster device you have you know cool little quirky features you have a reverse wireless charging in my opinion a better screen better photo quality even the video quality I think is a little bit worse but and a micro SD card slot where you don’t have that on the iPhone 10s max but what you do have are a couple of things you have still a very premium phone iOS you know iMessage FaceTime all those things a very nice screen still iOS support software support for a very very long time I mean this phone you get it now it’s going to last for five six years it’s still very very fast there’s really like nothing wrong with it but at the same time there’s really nothing crazy special about it either besides the size of my opinion so this is pretty much what I’ll tell you out if you’re planning on picking either of these phones up I would say get them used or certified refurbished or something I mean I’ll leave links in the description all the time for certified refurbished devices that are much cheaper and I would mingy doing that over here getting them brand-new because you can pick up an s10 plus for like five hundred six hundred dollars versus like that over a thousand dollar price tag that is for the base model even the same thing with the tennis max you can probably pick one of these up in the used market for probably like eight hundred but then again you have to remember like iPhones to retain their value a lot more than even their Android counterparts T as 10 plus came out after the iPhone but this one is selling for less money than the 10s Max’s which is crazy but and retail they’re almost selling for the same price so that’s pretty much what I would tell you I’ll leave links to the cheapest and Tenace Max and NS 10 plus that I find on Amazon so make sure you get them from there if you want to help support the channel as well but that is pretty much it if you guys have any questions or anything leave it down in the comment section below hit that like one that will me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount so than me so much of you guys could hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those things rolling down below I would really appreciate if you guys could check it out but more importantly everything else I love every single one of you guys hopefully I catch you guys in the next video

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