iPhone XS Vs Samsung Galaxy S10! (Comparison) (Review)

Published on August 5, 2019
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What’s going on everyone welcome back to the channel bro first things first I already know you guys gonna ask I should have done this video like a year ago but I never did and you know what it’s better late than never you know at least in my book in my religion that’s one of the core findings is it’s better to do a video later than had to do it at all and that’s what we’re doing right now and the next thing you guys gonna say this one has a skin on it whatever you guys already know the story if you don’t Lord alpaca does not have to say he or what is going on there all right but I’m serious stuff aside we’re going to be looking at the iPhone 10s and we’re gonna compare to these samsung galaxy s 10 now I’ve had an s10 ever since it was released I bought it the same week the 10s I bought it the day came out and then I used it for a little bit that I returned because I didn’t need anymore but I would say I have just as much history with both of them you know I’ve used 10s since then and all that so and I find it even interesting now though because in the use market is so crazy both phones have depreciated so if you’re going to buy this I would recommend buying them used or certified refurbished or whatever but right now the s10 is actually selling for cheaper than what the iPhone 10s is selling for and that’s pretty hard to say in the used market I’m talking about and it’s crazy because the 10s actually came out before the S 10 but the s10 is newer and all that and they’re selling for around the same price I think there’s about $100 difference between them but in the use market they’re selling for way more like their base iPhone 10s the 64 gig model is going for like 750 I think the cheapest one I’ve seen 700 750 the s10 base model the 128th model is selling for about I would say less than 500 which is pretty crazy you know it’s hit some mass depreciation and I feel kind of bad because I kept it and you know I should have probably sold it in there but another one but it is I just dropped my 10s but looking on the front of both devices they feel somewhat similar in the hand but you can definitely tell the s10 feels overall bigger because it is overall bigger that has 10 has a 6.1 inch display the iPhone 10s has a 5.8 inch display and looking on the front you have a 1440p panel on the S 10 an 1125 p panel on that iPhone 10 s it’s kind of weird it’s kind of awkward honestly but the S 10 has 550 pixels per inch the iPhone 10 S is for 59 pixels per inch Oh what I’ll definitely tell you is in terms of the display I do think the estin has the better display overall and I’m looking at colors when I’m doing things with it you know compared to my 10s touch compared to my tennis mags compared to my 10 even like all those displays I do feel like the OLED display on the iPhone 10s just isn’t as good as a dynamic AMOLED display that is on the as tan you know I’m not saying this displays bad or horrible or anything I’m just saying that I think Samsung get a really really good job on the display on the Samsung Galaxy has ten in my opinion in terms of overall build quality you know like I said both phones have been released for a while and what I can definitely tell you it was like one phone doesn’t feel way more premium than the other one in my opinion but one interesting thing though is that because the s10 does taper off so as you can see the screen kind of bleeds off to the edge it kind of gives the illusion that it is thinner even though it’s not the iPhone 10’s doesn’t really have that I mean the screen I guess kind of does bleed over a little bit but not as much as you would expect the s10 does a really good job of making the phone feel much thinner than it is because in reality that then this is actually you know at the top right here before the display actually edges out like this definitely 10 s is more thicker as you can see and it’s definitely heavier as well and it’s weird because the s10 overall is the bigger phone it has technically better specifications in the inside but we’ll wait until the speed test comes around to actually test that out but I’ll definitely say in terms of the way they’re built the Samsung Galaxy S 10 might actually have the advantage here in my opinion now one cool thing about the s10 is that it does have the headphone jack where we do not have anything like that on the iPhone 10 s we have a USB type-c port on the s10 as well where we don’t have that on the iPhone test we have a Lightning port you know it’s not like that bad either but you definitely USB type-c is more versatile especially now we’re seeing a lot more things being used for USB type-c and things looking on the back though this is where we might have a humungous comparison or difference as you can see on the s10 we have a triple camera setup where we only have a dual camera setup on the iPhone 10s now this is why I tell you I think the iPhone 10s and s10 they’re both very good cameras I honestly don’t think you’re going to notice that big of a difference obviously people probably want to say that the S 10 is better or the 10s is better but I think they both shine in different areas and what I mean by that is that the S 10 does take better photos and I’ve said this with a lot of other androids and I said this with the 10s versus s 10 plus as well but the iPhone 10s I think does a better job at handling the video and and audio so when you’re recording audio and video at the same time I feel like it displays better on the iPhone 10s then on this Samsung Galaxy S 10 and that’s kind of my opinion but I think that’s as accurate as I can put it you know I don’t think one is just better overall but I think they both kind of have their pros and cons I think phone manufactures really need to start putting up audio quality into their phones you know I feel like it’s been the same for years now hopefully they can improve it and you know and do something crazy for once in terms of the microphone and the audio quality now I have the same exact apps on both devices I don’t know why the ton of screen keeps getting brighter but I’m gonna go ahead and run a speed test and show you guys which one is faster when loading apps and everything but I’ll go ahead and run over the specs real quick the iPhone 10’s has the Apple eight twelve Bionic chip X core CPU and four gigs of RAM but the Samsung Galaxy S 10 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and octa-core CPU in Adreno 640 GPU and depending on the variant either have eight guys for RAM or 12 guys the RAM on my specific one I have eight gigs but you know as always just depending on which one you have so now that we have the specifications out the way let’s go and see which one is the faster device between both of them as you can see we are going to go and clear on all the apps in the background that’s probably going to take a second and I have exactly the same apps on both devices obviously the s10 probably has more because of all the built-in Android apps and all that stuff but let’s go ahead start loading up some basic ones so let’s do Quizlet three two one as you can see the s10 literally just like went into it straight up like literally no hesitation which is crazy I’ve noticed that with a lot of different apps as well as ton just crazy for us Dropbox three two one and again Dropbox literally all these minor apps open up so fast on the galaxy s 10 and even that has ten plus even the s 10 a which is pretty crazy but that iPhone tennis you know isn’t horribly slow it definitely gets the job done but it’s definitely interesting to see let’s do Bopha three two one and this is one of those apps that like at first it seems like it’s going to take forever on a device but I’m actually kind of curious because it’s like such a minor app as well it’s just of banking up probably sound like an idiot there but you can see again the galaxy has ten won that specific comparison as well let’s do thank you three two one and this is actually pretty interesting game actually love this game a lot it’s like one of the games up button you see you see the galaxy s10 dig it into it faster let’s go ahead and kind of get some gameplay and let’s see if there’s a difference in between them as you can see they play almost exactly the same as you can see they’re almost identical you know obviously this games for iOS this game is for Android so the kind of optimize it for their systems but it’s pretty good I mean the gameplay is almost identical on both of them let’s do snake versus blocks three two one as you can see the Galaxy S ten did win that specific comparison as well let’s get in some gameplay here and usually this game doesn’t it stutters on older devices for sure as you saw the 10s actually stuttered a little bit much I’m kind of surprised that and I died on both times but I think definitely so far the s 10 not only is better in terms of just the app opening speed but also just like the gameplay you know I’m kind of shocked about it I wasn’t expecting this much of a difference in my opinion let’s do fruit ninja 30 to 1 as you can see that kind of started a little bit on the galaxy s 10 that’s all one thing I noticed right there not a big deal but one thing that I did see let’s go into some gameplay in here let’s see there the difference at all and this is such a minor game that I don’t think anything is even gonna happen and if it does it’s probably not even the performance-driven it’s not product performance based it’s just like I just said glitch in the system or something glitch and it came probably let’s go ahead and do Real Racing 3 3 2 1 now I wonder if we’re going to have to download on any of these devices because sometimes you have to and it’s so annoying no I don’t think so but you can see Real Racing 3 on the 10s is actually kind of ahead and you see the 10s on the Real Racing 3 actually beat the Samsung Galaxy S 10 and we eventually get into it on the edge 10th but that is actually pretty crazy I was not expecting that usually I was home I was almost expecting the s 10th to win every single comparison there but for some reason all that had very intensive game it actually was slower which is kind of weird let’s do the camera again three two one let’s see which one loads are actually the 10s I think won that one and you keep getting these stupid popups on it and I don’t want it that’s the submitted or whatever but you saw the 10s actually beat the I Galaxy S 10 there so let’s go into some rain management now I don’t have too many crazy apps in the background but we haven’t enough to kind of go back and see what the differences are and I don’t think any of these apps are going to restart maybe the heavier intensive ones but as you can see so far we’re doing a pretty good job on both systems and this one no restarts yet okay let’s go into temper or whatever game that was they force blocks through to one no they didn’t restart yet okay that’s really good so in terms of the performance I’ll definitely say the Samsung Galaxy S 10 is the faster device in terms of RAM management they’re probably the same the S 10 might be that they’re a little bit especially if you have the 12 guide variant but in terms of the speed and performance I will definitely tell you there’s there’s a huge advantage for picking up a Galaxy S 10 but the iPhone tennis isn’t that much slower but I’m actually pretty shocked that in the user market the galaxy is 10 is actually cheaper even in the brand new market it’s a cheaper device – now I want to quickly hit on the battery life on both devices and it’s actually pretty interesting because usually I would say the iPhone at least the iPhone of that year has the best battery life so if we’re comparing these two phones they’re pretty much competitors in every sense of the way I’ll probably say the 10s usually would have better battery life but I don’t really see that right now so the iPhone 10’s has a 2659 million barrel battery the samsung galaxy s 10 has a 34 hundred million power battery and I do feel like you know that increase in battery size on the s10 is a humongous thing I love that so much but also what’s really interesting is that the galaxy is 10 because the battery life is so good in the battery size is so big you can actually reverse wirelessly charge other devices as well so you can technically charge an iPhone 10 s from a galaxy s 10 but you can’t charge a galaxy’s 10 from an iPhone 10s that technology doesn’t exist yet an iPhone so I will probably say the battery life advantage goes for the galaxy s 10 and I do think there’s a little bit of a difference here it’s definitely noticeable you probably get in my opinion like an extra hour out of the galaxy s 10 then out of an iPhone 10 s on my specific usage which is a pretty big deal because you know I don’t even use my phone that heavy but sometimes you will be able to see that the iPhone 10 s just kind of I don’t know they decrease the battery sets going from an iPhone 10 to the 10 s which is really weird I don’t know why they did that but again I guess it’s whatever so ultimately this is what I would probably tell you you know if you own either of these devices obviously keep them I don’t think one is like 100 times better than the other one but let’s say you’re walking into Best Buy next week or something you’re like you know what which one should I get I would probably tell you eh I wouldn’t buy it brand new but if you had to buy a brand new or whatever I would say you know pick up a samsung galaxy s 10 I think this device is the better one out of the two you still have that microSD card so you have the headphone jack reverse wireless charging faster device photo quality is better okay whatever but I do think you have an overall better device on the samsung galaxy s 10 then on an iPhone but here’s the biggest advantage for the iPhone 10 s you know if you’re in the Apple ecosystem already this is just a humongous upgrade I’m going from like an iPhone 6s or seven to this that’s a humongous deal in my opinion performance still isn’t slow on this device it’s still very good software support is killer on the iPhone 10s you know compared to the s10 this is probably going to get like three versions of Android or whatever this could potentially get like five or six versions of iOS which is insane so it’s a humongous advantage for the 10s but you know the choice is yours I think if it was between both of them that s10 might be the better choice if you’re coming from a clean slate but I think the iPhone 10s definitely has its pros as well I don’t think one is astronomically better than the other but I do think one kind of a shines the other sometimes so I’ll leave links to the cheapest tennis and Galaxy S ten that I find on Amazon if you want to pick them from there you can that’ll mean so much you can help support the channel at the same time but that is pretty much it guys if you have any other questions or anything leave it down in the comment section below hit that like button on me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really does counsel me so much you guys get hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those things are linked down below I’d really appreciate if you guys could check it out but more important than everything else I love every single one of you guys hopefully I catch you guys in the next video peace out

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