iWish: $100 P30 Pro Phone (Huawei P30 Pro Clone) Unboxing & Review – TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?

Published on August 16, 2019
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Hello everyone and welcome back to another tech review so six months ago I had a look at a fake Huawei P 20 Pro it was called the welcome P 20 Pro it’s right here if you want to see it I bought this off eBay for $100 Australian and that was doing the rounds for quite a while but now since the p30 Pro has been released a lot of clones of that have been popping up on eBay DHgate and all that sort of stuff this one is from wish and I paid 130 dollars Australian for this one it says that it’s got three cameras it says it’s got six gig of ram 128 gigs of storage a actual teardrop screen which we’ll get to and all this good stuff so for 130 dollars am i actually going to get that for my money let’s find out and see and this might be a PSA depending on how this item turns out if it’s gonna be really terrible or if it’s actually gonna be decent I don’t really know but it’s always a buyer beware situation and if you would like to see my previous video on the yyp 20 pro client and a teardown video the card will be up here for you to have a look at and you can go watch that and all that sort of good stuff so two weeks ago I ordered this on wish it was supposed to be delivered last week but I’m not sure what happened and then I got a message last night and it said it was coming today so no idea yeah two weeks it took to arrive to me also there’s a hole already in the garbage bag here which I did not make that was already there when it came to me anyways let’s open this parcel up and see if 130 dollars got me a decent phone or a hunk of garbage let’s find out so we have this air bubble package here which is very rare it again not only is it slightly better than bubble wrap but it looks pretty cool and you can reuse this if you ever need to send a package put it in this because honestly this is a good shipping method anyways you’ll crack this open I’m gonna open this up in a way that I can save the packaging cuz I might need to go and I all the air is just being bled out of it that’s okay never mind that’s fine yeah some sort of air bubble parcel or something but it’s good and as with the p20 pro clone this is once again in a generic white box and there’s nothing on it except for just some Chinese writing and it’s blue a little blue sticker there should be a shimmery sort of sky blue that’s what I chose anyways no info on the box let’s see what we get inside had a bit of trouble getting top off then there we go all right oh this is gonna be interesting the device is pretty heavy so that is a good start feels solid in the box we get probably the usual dealio a case and all that stuff oh look we get a hey nothing this is not for my country I chose in wish for an Australian plug and they sent me that so we’re already off to a good start this has absolutely no info on it whatsoever and I would not plug this into any outlet even if it was filled with safety switches and everything this is a ticking time bomb right here so guys if you ever get something like this don’t please don’t use it now something that wasn’t clear in which is if it has a micro USB connection or a USB see and the answer is micro USB unfortunately only also get a cheap pair of earphones let’s have a look at them just in case they look cheap of course but the greatest thing is the button on here is ridiculously clicky and loud so if you’re getting me on the bus or something like that and you want to switch between songs it’s really good anyways and we get a case we get a manual – that’ll be great all silicon case which is fine and in regards to the last video of the p2000 clone the case that came with it which looks practically the same does not fit an actual p20 pro because i had my hands on one for a day and no it doesn’t fit so these are some sort of custom size or something unless this case is different on on to shore we also get an extra screen protector which is good volume power lock key function home back all that sort of stuff there so and there you go there’s the little tear drop water drop which will be interest we also get this here I wish you always be happy and a positive life with a smile all the time and these stick out it’s quite nice of them oh ok ok dear customer hello thank you very much for purchasing our products I wish you a happy life if you have any questions you can contact us at the email address and flirty at 163 calm and then a bunch of letters at kuku calm thank you it’s actually 10 or is that a print this is legitimately handwritten which is strange but there you go that’s it I’m pretty sure it’s handwritten anyways because it looks like it not sure but that’s the first time I’ve ever got something like that and there’s also a Katharine Hepburn quote here love is not something you can pick and choose it simply comes to you this is the only one thing that I understood after living almost 100 years Katharine Hepburn I don’t know what that has to do with this but this is a nice little gesture thanks guys we also get a terrible user manual Oh actually it’s a very tiny one simple instructions do this sort of stuff use the internet or okay can’t wait and that’s it now as I said the wish listing says there has three cameras and it says that they’re like a leaker lenses or however it’s pronounced on this but that’s obviously not true pretty basic stuff nothing else in the box now it’s finally time to have a look at this device and oh just clear all this crap off my desk first all right here we go I love how that sticker on there p30 pro yeah okay thanks guys whoa I have not looked at the back of the device yet because I have a feeling there’s only gonna be one camera and not three but the front here there’s little selfie camera there little teardrop but I have a feeling that it’s not actually a teardrop display we’ll take that off in a second but let’s flip it around and there we go this is where cheapness starts to arise up here we have the three camera setup which one camera is correct the other two complete duds this here also looks like a sticker of a flash and this also is just a print nothing else there’s no writing on the back nothing is a gradient blue sort of color as you can sort of see there it sort of changes color in different directions which is okay I guess but yeah three cameras that said that’s incorrect but wait we’ve got to get to the 6 GB of RAM and 128 gig storage I can’t wait for that one there’s also a plastic film on the back as a device here not that we’re gonna need it but I’ll just leave it on just in case so anyways here we go this is the p30 Pro clone we’re gonna take off this here there we go and it’s actually no it’s just a plastic one I was going to say it’s tempered glass but no it’s just plastic and from what I’m seeing here it actually is a teardrop display there’s the drop there and you can see and just a very quick note there is the micro USB port there at the bottom with what looks like dual firing speakers but I would say it’s only with just one and then up the top we have the headphone jack oh and we also have another problem there’s no SIM tray anywhere unless I’m blind but I’m not seeing one so I’m confused ok just another quick test also this felt like aluminium or metal or something but I think yeah it’s just plastic that’s all it is it’s just a plastic frame on here this is actually turning out to be worse than the p20 pro clone oh I see it right here okay just right there there is a little groove for you to slip your fingernail in and pull the back off oh wow okay oh wow oh boy okay well here is the 3,600 milliamp hour battery inside of this device on the listing says that it’s supposed to be a thirty eight hundred million power battery which is close enough but the specs that are on which I’ll just display here so you can see that and it says that the resolution of the screen is 1960 by 1080 and we have an eight-core with six gigs of RAM and 128 gig ROM cameras only two megapixel plus 8 megapixel but it does not have dual as it said so there you go and this batteries also ripping off the older Samsung batteries the ones you could actually remove it’s just not quite done as well and I just looking at it and the weight of it I think it’s probably about a fifteen hundred million power battery but pay proved me wrong inside here we have the p30 pro with the two iame eyes and then we have the manufacturing date which is June 2019 presumably we also have our dual sim and SD card up there and we have this bit of black tape just situated here I wonder what that’s hiding oh okay that’s what it was hiding the Coinstar vibration motor I assure I’ll just put that back over well we’re off to a good start already there’s no fingerprint also it’s supposed to be built into the screen which we will see also but one camera that’s it and the cheap plastic back there’s also time stamps for this as well because I’m rambling a lot in the description and the comments section as well it’s the pinned one and it’s got all the time stamps for more viewers and all that good stuff alright let’s get this thing let’s put some sim cards in it and power this thing on okay with the sim card and SD card installed it is time to power on this phone finally and the back cover also just pops back onto the device like so and that’s it it’s good to go now alright let’s go ahead and power on this device and see what we get this is gonna be very interesting I wonder if it’s gonna be the same as the previous one the welcome and that it is it’s from the same guys who bought you the p20 pro clone welcome taking a while okay that sounds terrific and there we go we have booted up finally Wow well we get a nice rose on the screen which is cool and you can just infinitely scroll okay but the good thing is there’s the tear drop and the mean we get a pretty big chin as well as these really thick side bezels as well but what can you do at least it has a gimmick so I guess it’s pretty good and the earpiece grille is just there so it’s probably only gonna be a little tiny speaker just there but we’ll see if I end up tearing it down I probably will let’s have a look through it and see what we can find so we get a standard menu layout with backup and reset which probably won’t work browser which is cool chrome calculator calendar camera clock contacts downloads email face unlock which will be interesting file manager FM radio at gallery Gmail Google Google Settings maps messaging music phone play store settings sim toolkit sound recorder torch videos and voice search that’s all we pretty much get which is fairly stock all right well let’s hop straight into settings and see what that presents us with well this looks maybe marshmallow Android 6 we’ll see Ione connect it to my Wi-Fi network just quickly and see if anything comes up as well let’s see if it does the same thing and as I said in the last video Christ that was loud we also get a lockscreen magazine as well so every time you lock the device you get a different wallpaper so if I do this different one and then again just for one just like the real deal so connected to my Wi-Fi network let’s go and have a bit of a browse now I’m not seeing any simulated stuff oh ok it’s not picking up my SIM card okay let me go ahead and try and fix that okay and powering it on it says that we have 4G I highly doubt that because it says that it only supports 2g and 3G enlisting but we will see so we’re searching for available networks we get only the 3G options and not 4G so I believe this is only a 3G device we don’t have NFC or anything on this device which is usual in display we have wallpaper brightness levels sleep daydream font size when device is rotated rotate the contents of the screen of course and call flash which I would assume that the LED flash would just flash when you get a call that’s about it smart wake is click on the name to understand the function done oh ok yep so a lot of cheapo devices have this we can just draw a gesture on the screen and opens up something so that’s normal sound of notification yep interruptions sure why not ok basically it has a silent mode ah this looks exactly like the previous one the best odd and best loudness best surround and lossless BT mode I’ll actually have to test out the headphone jack on this and see what it’s like if it offers any enhancements or anything like that I highly doubt it but you never know storage here we go so SD card is 8 gig which is normal and there it is 4 in storage 128 gig and available is 160 gigabytes we’ll see about that one and inside battery as well we have yeah looks battery precent just up the top there battery precent fair enough security there is the fingerprint unlock let’s just set a pin 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 that’s not my real pin by the way touch screen fingerprint ok so let’s just go ahead and do this if I did up here Oh No okay all right okay walk it let’s just use my pinkie okay it’s fake of course there’s no under screen fingerprint sensor it is just ABS one it’s fairly fast though because it’s not real well there you go solve that one developer options is also enabled by default I am unlocking I don’t think what would you want to route this thing anyways why would you want to put a custom ROM on it anyways here we go so we have status legal information model number P 30 Pro the CPU is an MT 6 595 which I don’t think that was displayed in the wish listing I’ll check some Chinese writing which says 8 I’m not sure what that is Android version is 9.0 which should be PI but I doubt it then we have some stuff here listen information here q5 p8 e LW e 3g WB 15 8mm C ddr3 128 16 that might be indicating something but we will see so anyways that is pretty much all the settings in there so now it begs a question the specs of this thing what is it going to be running that is the question with a plastic build and the removable battery and stuff it just is again are you better than the p20 pro clone who knows let’s go ahead and install some applications to see the specs of the device and then from there on it’s a camera and just additional features and stuff just so then we know exactly what we’re dealing with so give me a moment and I’ll install all that stuff so just installing one of the applications the device actually feels quite responsive and quite usable but we’ll see the specs anyways I just want to try the face unlock feature first oh there we go face unlock all right I’m gonna try this and see if it works so you don’t just simply look at the device you got to do this unlock it and then it comes up I mean you’ve got other settings and stuff like liveness check and all that but in the screen unlock there’s also a voice unlock sama lamaa duma lamaa ah ah Summa LUMMA dooma LUMMA Summa LUMMA dooma LUMMA Summa LUMMA dooma LUMMA okay so with some random stuff let’s see if this works Summa LUMMA dooma LUMMA okay it works let’s try something else boo boo boo boo boo hello how are you the voice unlock actually works that is amazing Summa LUMMA dooma LUMMA okay well I’m glad that works that was really interesting before you do the specs I’m gonna load up Chrome and put one of my random videos on here and just play them and see how loud the speakers are as well just in case oh is it crying I don’t think it’s crime like a played in 1080p yeah it was fun in 1080p okay okay it’s lagging a 1080p playback so that might give me an indication of what this thing is actually running probably one gig and a quad-core I would say okay at 480p and it’s slightly struggling with it as well so that’s pretty terrible also the speaker is horrible as well all right now let me go ahead and put the cpu applications on and then we’ll go from there so I’ve loaded up a bunch of different apps onto this so we’ll see what we find but some quick notes the screen actually kind of is okay resolution wise I’m probably going to say maybe 960 by 480 something like that and also I just had a look at the back camera as well the frame doesn’t even match up for the back camera as you can see there so uh hold on guys good job on that one all right let’s open up and through first and we’ll see what it says okay the brand is 87 5cp 30 Pro Android 9mt six five nine five chips set mali-400 MP twenty three forty by 1080 screen eight megapixel camera IMEI we don’t care Ram e6 gig system storage 128 gig all that stuff quad core is the CPU so that’s already a sign let’s try the multi-touch test just here let’s see how many what oh we’ll hang on hang on hang on five-point multi-touch that’s actually interesting so the density is 320 dpi dots per inch which is pretty low for a screen this size so we’ll see recámara 8 megapixel front facing line is 5 megapixel battery level 55% Android 9 it reckons but I don’t think so I don’t see anything there that might be able to tell us what it could be but in some of the other apps it might tell us something differently and if see not supported Wi-Fi and then a bunch of sensors that are not supported which we only get a proximity sensor as well as a light sensor and an accelerometer that’s actually it Wow all right let me open the next one and we’ll see what that one says this one usually tells me here we go p30 Pro you know ok Android version 5.1 lollipop goodie goodie goodie goodie ok system-on-chip we have a mt6582 load is at 99% cause we have a quad-core non 8 core mali-400 MP for the Jeep here which yep that’s normal total internal memory is 16 gig with 12 gig storage available so this is actually a 16 gig device and not a 128 gig like it said ok well at least it’s 16 gig I guess that’s not terribly bad but still it said 128 gig and you get 16 the next is the RAM let’s see it says we have 2 gigs of ram with 1 gig free okay so 2 gig of ram that’s not too bad so 2 gigs of ram and 16gb storage that’s actually not half bad it’s a no-name device I mean we have welcome but 2 gig and 16 gig is actually not terribly bad we’ll see there’s the screen resolution there is 720 by 14 24 so it’s a 720p screen nothing to see in battery thermal 57 degrees Celsius for the CPU temperature and there’s these sensors just there the cameras it says the back one is a 6 megapixel and the front one is a two point three megapixel and in mobile it says GSM only it doesn’t say 4G or anything I’ll ring in anyways and see if it actually comes up with something but I’d say there’s only a 3G device okay and just one more app just for these shits and giggles okay there we go so we have a P 30 Pro as we all know mediatek mt6752 all yet the storage is 16 gig which as I said it’s not too bad not great not terrible and there we have the 720p display so I’m absolutely sure I know these specs now stri cameras six point two megapixel as the image resolution and the video resolution is 2 megapixel wow I better record a 640 by 480 also our cameras installed to which that’s what we expected anyways so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna test the call quality of this I’m also going to plug my headphones in and try that as well as testing the cameras so I’ll stop filming for a bit test all those features and I’ll come back to you guys and we’ll finish this video because it’s gone on for far too long and I’ve rambled too much so the earpiece doesn’t seem to be anything special it’s very muffled and yeah it just doesn’t sound that great so next up I’ll try my headphones and see if there’s any audio enhancements like it says in settings I’ve enabled all the enhancements so I’m gonna plug some headphones in and see what it does and I have found another issue so all of this stuff does work the sound enhancements sort of make it sound a little better just in virtual surround sound and a bit of a bass enhancement that’s about it when you plug headphones into it though it sort of doesn’t go all the way into the headphone jack because the case is true thick or the headphone jack is just too far into the case my guess very very difficult to see see how it doesn’t pop down all the way it says that the headphones are detected and that’s correct but right now it will only be one channel if you do that it’s two channels that’s a problem and now finally it’s time to jump onto the camera test however it’s late at night and it wouldn’t be any good so I’m gonna wait till the morning good ol sunrise and take some photos if I’m awake and show you that conclude this video and just let you guys know if this device is worth the money or if it’s not worth the money so give me a few to test things out and I’ll be back you okay and testing the recording quality for this p30 pro clone and we’re just gonna go into some color and there’s a lot of winter and we’ll zoom into our stupid frogs here okay so it is still nighttime I’ve played around with the cameras and just fiddle around the settings and stuff and it’s very very laggy but obviously you’ve seen the pictures and the video that I’ve just showed beforehand so let me just place a caption here to sum it all up for you it’s either crap great good horrible or all of the above who knows now I mean sim status at the moment where it usually will tell you if it’s 4G LTE or something like that but no in fact this is 3G and that displays it right there HS PDA or HSPA corresponds to 3G so we’ve solved that one also one other thing is that the serial number is the best serial number I’ve ever seen they usually put this on a lot of cheapo devices they never ever put a unique serial number it’s always the same thing so now this part you might want to pause for here are the specs so this is the advertised specs and this is the specs that I got on the device and I’d actually display the p30 prospects but you can just go to gsm arena and have a look at them but they’re far superior than this obviously so overall for $130 Australian which is about a hundred US or so it’s not a terrible device you do get to your RAM quad-core 16 gig storage the cameras the battery life the build it’s just there are plenty of other options on the market for around 100 us that are much better than this and from a known brand as well like Xiaomi or whoever those phones are much better you know the specs that you’re getting and you’re not just buying some random thing off wish you’re just hoping that it comes with whatever advertised specs that it has and for this thing that it has six gig of ram and 128 gig rom and that is incorrect if you’ve bought this you can actually let whoever you’ve bought this off know that the specs are not what they’re advertised as and that you would like some sort of compensation a partial refund perhaps because this is false advertising and fortunately they’re gonna get away with this for as long as clones keep being made this is more just for people who have bought this device they see it they work out that it’s only got two gig of ram and 16 gear on but they’ve paid for something that’s far more superior it’s just something that you should raise up with wish ebay etc etc unless the specs are listed in the description and that you know then that is all fine but if they’re like mine and advertised incorrectly then you might want to do something otherwise as I said not a bad device not great not terrible it’s usable you can get something that has a lot better value for around the same price you just get the teardrop notch and that’s really it well that is it for the p30 Pro cloned from wish review thing that’s went far too long I hope you enjoyed this sequel to the p20 crow clone video that I done six months ago which has been linked up here all along if you want to click that and watch that first but it’s just more of a bi beware situation if you’ve bought something that says it’s got 60 of RAM and 128 gig ROM and that’s what you expect well that’s what you expect but if you get something that’s got to gain 16 gig well it’s another story I might tear this down in the next video so stay tuned and we might see what’s inside of it I just really want to see how big the speaker is and just the layout of the motherboard and stuff like that to see how cheap it is that’s pretty much all I have to say about this device so thank you very much for watching this review if you haven’t watched through it all and just went through the timestamps that’s absolutely fine as long as you get to a point where you know what this device is running and my opinion on it and all that good stuff with that being said thank you very much for watching guys I do appreciate it and I’ll see you all the next video which is either gonna be tech sneakers or something like that it’ll be one of the above alright bigger people take care and I’ll see you next time if you like this content feel free to leave a like or a dislike if you didn’t thanks for watching and I’ll catch you all in the next video.

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